Aquarius: Career issues revisit you this month! Not quite sure which way to go with your work? If there is some confusion on employment advancement, 'discipline' planet Saturn comes back your way to put the finishing touches on your decisions. If you're having issues in choosing the right career path? Or find yourself at a standstill and not sure of what you should be doing to promote your career interests, there will be great mental assistance after the new Moon on the 18th as it activates your 'mental' sector and joins the planetary support of 'thoughtful Mercury, 'innovative' Uranus and the confident the Sun. Aquarius with much cosmic momentum this is an ideal time to rethink your way around matters, especially since the full Moon lunar eclipse cleared your brain of faulty thinking! On the 4th the full Moon hits your mental sector allowing a 'brand new attitude' and giving a fresh  perspective on work! 


The reason for this is that the biggest problem could be you! Your habits, the way you view yourself  in relations to others can be a major hinderance in tying up your success. Being stubborn, not  willing to compromise or being determined to do things your way are all issues that need to be addressed this month. Aquarius you might need a few adjustments in your personality so you can arise the ranks on your path to success…also communications can be a bit of a problem as well? It is no secret that you're one of the most intuitive, forward and brilliant thinking Sun signs, but at times you might forget that others are not as quick or intuitive as you?  Avoid being pushy or too 'distant' when talking to others…in fact, a conversation around the full Moon on the 4th sets off a chain of actions that you might regret if you have an impolite manner. Be sensitive to the feelings of others! Being pleasant is always the best way to get positive results…think about it!


Maintain that same frame of mind if you plan on having Easter Dinner on the 5th. The planets warn that conversations can get quite heated and you should step aside and let others express their opinion without getting in the way. Don't worry anything you have to say will be said on another day…just not on this day for the sake of  peace of others! Exactly once 'talkative' Mercury enters your home sector on the 14th might be a good time to give your opinion on something you feel strongly about. The planets suggest that the end of the month would be well spent in the company of family members and loved ones. With Mercury in your home, following by the Sun on the 20th you can be prone to making things 'nicer', more beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Embrace this idea and run with it…chances are you'll be doing more entertaining in your space as your planets of romance are highly activated and once 'abundance' planet Jupiter moves forward after the 8th. Yes, there will be more activities featured around the home…and with  'affectionate' Venus 'gracing' your relationship sector on the 11th the powers of romance are enormous! Best Days: 3,4,5,13,14,21,22. Stressful Days: 6,7,19,20,25,26,27.



















April 2015



Soap Of The Month:


Ladies slide your body in a provocative essential oil blend of  musky Spikenard, Sweet Orange and other deep vibrational oils to experience the 'magic' of the Moon's lunar energy. Caress your skin with a soapy bath bar layered with coconut oil and olive oil, all intended to slip your mind into the sensuous shadows of the silvery Moon. This soap is for women only…use it and you'll know why! All Wading Water soap bars are 100% natural and colors from the clays of the earth…everything has a vibration!!bath-soaps/ccpx