Feb. 2015


Aquarius: Ready to get back on track? After the 11th you'll be ready to get new things moving in your life. The year is early and with the assistance of the recent Mercury retrograde any lie, betrayal or deceitful thing done against you is slowly being revealed allowing you clearer choices for the next few months. This is the time to change loyalties! If you've discovered that certain people weren't the true friends they were pretending to be, don't think twice about shifting sides, changing allegiances and making new associates! Aquarius you have a fresh year ahead and the last thing you need is a 'snake or a snitch' at your side!…oh hell no! 'Expansive' planet Jupiter aligning with the full Moon on the 3rd gives you strong indication that something different needs to happen in your friendships and in your love life! Lots of pressure is currently being placed on your romantic situations by 'let's get real' planet Saturn and if you're involved in relationships that aren't going anywhere or involved in frivolous romances, a change is slowing happening at this very moment! Nothing but the best, the most honest, the most sincere and the most affectionate situation is worthy of you Aquarius.


You give your all to the people you love and you should expect the same in return! Put more time into social events this month, great opportunities appear. The fact that the planets have been 'reprogramming' your direction over the past few weeks means that something really important is headed your way. What is going on with your appearance? Are you happy with the way you look or do you need to make a few adjustments? Of course keeping your diet and weight in order is critical, but you just might need to spruce your look up with a few colorful items in your wardrobe…and because you have a lot of 'heavy energy' in your 'privacy' sector, try to avoid dark colors. Black and the color gray will only interfere with your vibration of openness, friendliness and wanting to have a new relationship.


Subtle greens and browns are great for you. The color green is very good for your career direction this month. Your finances can do better after the 18th. A chance to get a better job or an additional part time job appears after the week of the 18th. The vivacious of the Sun adds energy and grow to your 'money' sector. Your self-esteem grows brighter once motivational Mars enters your 'mental' sector after the 20th, followed by attraction-planet Venus. Anticipate some very lively conversations with new and old friends and if you happen to meet someone you are considering for a romance 'try out,' the passion of the planet Mars assists you in that area. On Valentine's Day you might be surprised by all the extra invitations you get for dinner or socializing. Of course you  can't possibly say yes to all of them! Whether you have a special someone or not, chances are you will not be alone on this traditional day of love! Best Days: 8,9,17,18,25,26. Stressful Days: 3,4,10,11,23,24. 





















Soap Of The Month:

Love Vortex:


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