August 2016



Aquarius: Your physical well being is important! If you've been pushing yourself too hard or running around like crazy to get things done, the cosmic forces require paying attention to the messages from your body and being sure that you're in great shape! A major reminder comes around the full Moon lunar eclipse on the 18th as it highlights a couple of things you might have missed like eating better and getting enough rest. You become more sensitive to the way you look as the full Moon enlightens you to the how others respond to your image. At this time an updated professional look might be the way to go as there is a great concern about improving your income. And how you're perceived at work can have a lot to do with promotion and job elevation. Ask yourself, 'could you use a professional makeover?' If the answer is yes, the stores are full of people who would love to give you helpful suggestions for free…why not take the advice and freshen up your image a bit, especially if you're on a job where you interface with the public or have a highly visible job.


  Revitalization is what you need. Staying on top of your financial matters  will require great energy and mental concentration. Try to make sense of what is happening with your money!  By the way Aquarius, 'what is really going on with your financial plans for the future?' With several planets all situated in your money 'zone,' the emphasis is on having a stronger monetary vision. On the 30th when the planet Mercury goes retrograde,  all the details you've been over looking about your finances will surface and you'll be able to analyze your 'standing' more realistically. Avoid arguments with loved ones…such as major misunderstandings about spending or loaning money to help certain people out. Declare a 'moratorium' on your finances but placing a 'freeze' on any type of loans, spending or on any other extraneous activities concerning your resources until you figure out your monetary direction!


Don't worry, you'll have a clearer understanding as your brain cells work over time thanks to the 'brilliance' of planet Uranus. Your intuition is heightened this month and you won't mind coming up with innovative solutions to your issues. The rest of your time can be spent on romance as the new Moon increases your desire for greater affection. More love and more time is what you'll be looking for…whether it is in your current partnership or with someone new! At the beginning of the month your search for a stronger physical connection starts. Look for a few surprises in romance. Situations get serious pretty quickly if you're looking for a new love. But the Mercury retrograde can mess things up and bring back a person you've had a crush on a while ago. Take your time and don't rush into anything…the person who is meant to be in your live will wait for you, no matter how long it takes! Best Days: 7,8,16,17,18,25,26. Stressful Days: 2,3,9,10,23,24,29,30.