Oct.  2015


Aquarius: You are on a mission to get better friends! Now with 'structure' planet Saturn entering your 'friendship' sector all those 'shaky and flaky' friendships you've been carrying around for years will start to 'crash and burn!' Consider this a good thing Aquarius! And the reason being that you're too good to have unreliable or insincere folks in your inner circle. Your 'psychic' energy requires only kind-natured, brilliant and those with an unusual personality to be in your space. The planet Saturn takes your need for more quality associates to another level as you contemplate joining a group of people who are doing similar activities or joining an organization trying to do something worthwhile in the world! Also your career path may throw you into a group of career minded people who are impressive and raises your awareness of job growth and promotion. Your conversations are more insightful at the end of the Mercury retrograde on the 9th. The planet of communications nudged a few of long forgotten friends to pick up the phone lately and give you a call…to your delight!


The connection with a dear friend has your mind working over time to find a way to get time off to make a surprise visit because you have missed them so! Actually taking short distance trips is favorable this month! So if you do get a chance to travel, don't hesitate…and the new Moon on the 12th will assist you in making decisions about travel and reconnections! The last part of the month proves to be enormously powerful when it comes to career gains! The Sun on the 23rd 'touching' the luckiest portion of your chart strongly suggests that if you're searching for a job or a new career path something worthy will appear. The full Moon on the 27th stimulates ideas to increase your income and attempt to get a few bills around your home taken care of. Family relations can get a bit touchy around the full Moon. The subject of money is a 'hot button' issue. Avoid all discussion of bills or debt during the week of the 27th due to tempers getting out of control. Its best to throughly investigate the situation before opening up any discussions.


An 'ill tempered' argument can lend to holiday problems within the family. The hidden blessing is that you have great cosmic support when it comes to making ends meet…as 'dollar diva' Venus enters your financial sector after the 8th. Venus joins the concentrated support of planets Jupiter and Mars and if there is something you absolutely need regarding money…something will turn up out of nowhere to give you added support. Avoid getting any further into debt…just because you see that money starting to flow is not a sign to buy or purchase more stuff. Be conservative with spending this month and get your bills under control. Putting more energy into securing your dreams might require a financial investment that you need to be prepared to do! Romance is highly passionate all month all! That special person goes to extremes to reveal their inner feelings to you! If you celebrate Halloween it might be a good idea to avoid a large crowd. The planets suggest that you might not be in the best mood for too much socializing. A private party with good friends would be more to your liking! Best Days: 2,3,11,12,13,21,22,29,30. Stressful Days: 1,6,7,8,14,15,27,28.