Sept. 2014


Aquarius: A good conversation can be your best ally this month! Don’t be surprised if you find yourself surrounded by inquisitive thinkers. Aquarius your planets place you in the mist of wise and innovative people. Lots will be happening with your career after the 27th, but before then you gravitate towards those who know more than you, have more experience in a certain area than you, or someone who can teach you a few things! This is perfect!!! Your mind is active needs a lot of positive stimulation and you might be considering taking a few courses, finishing your career or shifting careers all together and starting a different path in your education.


If school is fine…then you’ll replenish your brain cells with lots of things to read or engage verbally with mentally bright individuals. If you didn’t get the chance to travel this summer because you were too busy, the fall offers lots of chance for short get aways! Don’t think about this too much…just do it…because you really do need to find new territories to explore and new people to interact with. How does your fall start off? It starts with adventure!!! The new Moon on the 24th brings a phone call from a friend who either needs encouragement or craves some personal attention. If you have the time, you will be there and create the most marvelous time with this person! Love is very active around the 29th, but chances are it will be with someone who is very different than you or a person who lives in a different city!


Physical distance means nothing!!! You are a fast moving air sign so jumping on a plane or train, bus or car suits your personality…plus you like the added adventure! If you’re in a current relationship create an adventure between you and your loved one…take a secretive weekend trip and tell no one!!! The privacy alone will make the sparks all worthwhile!!! Watch your spending this month! Not having enough to do fun activities will be a like a wet mop on your plans. Having a budget will guarantee longevity with your fun! Oh yeah…back to career….yes with communication-planet Mercury in your career sector you can talk yourself into a great opportunity or a new job. Just make sure you have the experience and know how to back up your claims…a new position can arrive just before the end of the month! Best Days: 6,7,14,15,24,25. Stressful Days: 12,13,19,20,27,28.














Bath Of The Month:



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