August 2014


Aquarius: There is no slowing down for you Aquarius! You’ll have an enormously energetic month as motivational-planet Mars continues to climb to the zenith of your chart. Mars is the ‘fire starter’ of the zodiac, meaning that it is the first fire sign and the most dynamic in terms of initiating action. This month, Mars empowers you with great stamina and fortitude to accomplish big things!  What kind of things? Making something ‘substantial’ happen in your career can be the first issue on your ‘to do list.’ Because situations might have been a little difficult for you in past months, this extra momentum grabs your attention and encourages you to embrace every opportunity you get to advance.  The full Moon on the 10th… in your Sun sign brings something extra to the ‘cosmic table’ by allowing a stronger insight into your motives; intentions and pushing you do better in certain areas for happiness.


Your love life, especially around the full Moon can be a subject of concern?  With abundance-planet Jupiter ‘filling up’ your ‘relationship sector’ with many options, it ‘dawns’ on you around the 10th that you might finally be able to meet a person who understands you. Yes, Aquarius, having understanding in love is important. Once the intimacy grows old, having similar interests and liking the same things can keep the relationship fresh and long lasting. “Getting your money right”, can be the next major issue. With 3 planets entering your ‘financial’ sector after the 15th lots of attention will be given to how you hold on to your money, and how strong is your financial condition? If you need to repair your credit, this is a good month for it! ‘Mind’ planet Mercury activates thoughts about long term finances encourages you to do more research on doing something more positive with your earnings.


If you’re in a partnership and money matters are a part of your union, the Sun after the 23 brings a greater understanding of monetary needs. The person you love may not spend money the way you do and vice versa. So figuring out a better way to have financial fairness will keep your relationship in good standing! The new Moon on the 25th motivates you to get an extra job to bring in more money. The greater your resources, the greater your savings! Best Days: 1,2,10,18,19,28,29. Stressful Days: 3,4,16,17,23,24,30,31.










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Soap Of The Month:

St. Michael Soap


A heavenly scented soap blended with the essential oil of Angelic Archangelica, named after the Guardian Angel St. Michael. This essential oil was so prized in the middle Ages that it was grown in the courtyards of churches and was thought to rid negative spirits. This wonderful soap is blended with Frankincense and other protective essential oils in addition to olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, layered in this amazingly luxurious aromatic soap.!bath-soaps/ccpx