March 2015


Aquarius: Family affairs keep you busy! If you've been doing your normal independent 'Aquarian thing' by enjoying your time alone, or getting out and constantly talking with interesting people to discover fresh ideas, you'll be grounded by the demands of your family members right after the new Moon Solar eclipse on the 20th. All of a sudden siblings and distant family members reach out to you…apparently they need your help in a certain matter and seek your attention. This can very positive Aquarius, it is in your nature to assist others and your aid is needed much closer to home. When was the last time you spent any quality time with people you love away from the pressures of the holidays? The new Moon brings a fresh direction in dealing with your family members and that is to check on them and spend some quality time in getting to know them better.


If you're not close to family, or have loved ones that live a long distance away, you might find your energy consumed with room mates or dealing with the issues of neighbors this month. Try not to argue! If you're faced with a neighbor or a room mate problem things can get nasty and carried away! Whether if it's your 'blood family' or an 'extended family' be prepared to spend more energy attending to their concerns and communicating with them! There is also the possibility that you might have to travel to take care of some family business this month. Because you tend to be the 'family organizer' your assistance might be required to visit a sick family member or check in on someone who is in a nursing home or aid a loved one to get legal help with an issue. A short distance trip is very possible after the 30th. Watch your money! If you've been absent minded about spending or negligent with your financial maintenance you'll get a major 'reminder' during the full Moon on the 5th. Full Moon's often carry messages and warnings…and your message is to 'better manage your money!'


If not you can find yourself falling short of paying bills or having extra 'play money' for your entertainment. Finances get serious this month, so spend more energy in keeping them together! 'Mind' planet Mercury brings some solid solutions to your financial situation after the 12th. Consider seeking professional advice if required! Your social life lightens up after the 14th when 'ball and chain' planet Saturn goes retrograde. Up until then you've been a little more cautious about meeting new people or socializing with individuals you're not sure of! But once Saturn goes on a brief vacation you might go back to your old way of interacting and socializing with different people and the only problem is that you might meet someone who brings some surprising difficulty in your life. People can attracted to you for the strangest reasons, so be on guard for overly possessive individuals or someone expecting a different kind of relationship than the one you have in mind. Refrain from being so care free with others. The last thing you need is a stalker or someone who can't take no for an answer! Best Days: 7,8,16,17,24,25,26. Stressful Days: 2,3,9,10,22,23,29,30,31.




















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