April  2016



Aquarius:  Personal relationships are under scrutiny! The planets want you to be sure of those you have in your inner circle and those you rely on this month. Being that you are a very compassionate person and often extend yourself to help people who may not have your 'best interest in mind' is a problem…and the Universe provides lots of help to rectify this matter! This is the time to strengthen your home base! Family and loved ones are everything this month! With 'unpredictable' Uranus being your ruler you can be considered a loner, but this may not always be true…you simply pick your times for close emotional encounters and you may not need them very often…you know where your heart is! If you've been having issues with family members or those you live with, you'll have the cosmic tools to work on bettering relationships! Conversations are more inviting once 'communication' planet Mercury enters your 'home' zone after the 5th. Yes, Aquarius those things you've been wanting to say come forward with mindfulness as the planet Mercury urges you to express yourself! Loving situations bloom as the Sun empowers your ability for growth and understanding of loved ones.


Do be careful not to venture into 'sensitive' subject matters around the 28th when the planet Mercury goes retrograde. Words can be misunderstood and your intentions misread if you attempt to 'push' matters that have been 'touchy' for a while. Stay on solid ground and deal with things that people are not ashamed of talking about or getting clarity on! One more very wonderful thing can happen during the Mercury retrograde and that is…family members you haven't seen in years suddenly materialize! Yes, cousins (first, second and third cousins), uncles, aunts and people you've considered to be family can all show up! Wow!!! This can be heart warming to reconnect with those who have nothing but love for you! Your knack for making everyone open up and relax is strong especially around the new Moon on the 7th.


Be prepared to hear from more than just family this month…there are a few ex's who are trying to get in touch with you! With 'romantic' Venus in your 'communication' zone after the 5th, emails, text messages and phone calls begin to flow in from those who miss seeing and being with you! And this goes for friends as well! After the 17th when 'momentum' planet Mars goes retrograde you begin to cross the path or old friends and acquaintances. Be careful not to go places where old enemies are know to frequent, as you might run into them as well. Keep your temper on the job when it comes to handling the nastiness of coworkers around the full Moon on the 22nd. Negative comments can be made and you might not be able to ignore them! The issue of being in 'control' is a big one!  'Control' planet Pluto goes retrograde in your 'privacy' zone on the 18th. This is the month to manage those parts of your personality that get you in trouble…such as anger, talking too much, eating and spending too much or not being on time. Focus on positive expression and positive thinking! Great things come your way! Best Days: 2,3,10,11,19,20,21,29,30. Stressful Days: 8,9,14,15,16, 22, 23.