Nov.  2015


Aquarius: Money matters begin to straighten up this month! If your resources have been tied up, messed up or in a state of disrepair, the planet Neptune gives you the faith to face matters and handle them with clarity after the 18th. This is good news! Because being responsible for your actions is the only way to avoid repeating the same mistakes twice! Luckily for you 'abundance' planet Jupiter is stationed in your financial sector…this provides a chance to get your head above water if you are having a few financial concerns. But there is a warning here…having more money doesn't mean you should buy more things…this is the month to get a grip on your resources, especially since the holiday season is right around the corner… and if you're not mindful you'll dig a deeper financial hole.


Everyone knows how generous a person you can be with your family and friends,  But, Aquarius…you can change this! The new Moon on the 11th creates new career opportunities if you're searching for a better position! With communication-planet Mercury at the highest point of your chart on the 2nd you'll have the mindset to be curious enough to see what else is available on your job or in your career field. If you don't look…you won't know and if you don't ask…you won't get an answer! This is the month to be assertive about improving your work conditions. Expect a dramatic change in your love life around the full Moon on the 25th. The revealing 'light' of the Moon turns your attention on something you need to know about a current love or a love hopeful! Someone is telling your personal business to the wrong people and this could be due to trusting a deceitful person regarding the details of your relationship. A certain piece of information comes your way during the week of the full Moon and you'll know instantly who is trying to sabotage your love life!


Don't be surprise to find that an old lover is behind these shenanigans. If you have a past lover still trying to be 'a friend' because the romance didn't work between the two of you…just know that they are secretly creating situations to bring you back. Cut the tie! Its time to find a neutral friend who has no self interest in you being alone! The energy of travel is very strong in your chart this month and because Thanksgiving is happening on the 26th you might have a chance to leave town for the weekend and have a marvelous time if you do! If you plan to stay home and enjoy your turkey dinner just know that love matters get very complicated as a few people show interest in spending time with you! But before you get too involved in holiday plans make sure business matters are taken care of. 'Structure' planet Saturn has the added support of the 'mental' Mercury and the Sun this month, meaning that you can figure out a few problems, make great plans for the upcoming month and consistently maintain your sense of discipline. Messages from a loved one brings a glow to your heart when the planet Venus 'arouses' conversations after the 8th. A sincere  romantic message put your month on the right track! Best Days: 8,9,17,18,26,27. Stressful Days: 3,4,10,11,24,25,30.