June 2016



Aquarius: The vibrations of love seek your attention!  It seems that you've been so busy taking care of other areas of your life that love and romance has been suffering at bit? Don't worry! The new Moon on the 4th creates brand new situations to improve matters! On the 4th 'affection' planet Venus joins the 'momentum' of the Moon and stimulates your heart to seek the love you need! New Moon…new direction! And if romance matters haven't been doing so well, you get a chance to find something better or make improvements in your current partnership. On the 12th 'communication' planet Mercury opens the way to have insightful conversations with your loved one, or to initiate conversations with someone you're trying to get closer with. How else will you know what motivates the other person unless you talk and exchange information? This will be a great month for finding the details you need to make matters work. Around the 22nd you can get more information than you bargained for as 'abundance' planet Jupiter joins forces with Mercury and conversations with others can be long winded and extremely detailed!


If you need to know something important save all discussions for this date! Your money can get really 'fishy' after the 13th when 'nebulous' Neptune goes retrograde in your 'financial' zone. Oh course this is the last thing you want, especially when the planet who is influencing your 'cash flow' won't be on track until Nov! The planets have a different plan as they magnify matters in your 'work' zone starting on the 17th when 'dollar diva' Venus moves into it! Situations can be plentiful with employment this month! The planet Venus attractions opportunities and on the 20th the Sun brings great growth potential to receiving a promotion or moving to a new job area. Communication-planet Mercury urges you to seek and ask for what you want regarding work matters before the month ends! Be more involved in your health! With the Summer Solstice arriving on the 20th, your planets highlight the need to get in shape and stay in shape!


Get more exercise and certainly watch your diet…you'll want to look firm and trim to get into all those great summer outfits! The good news is that you won't be working hard to look good for nothing! Your social activities perk up around the full Moon on the 20th. People you've been trying to get closer with make it much easier as they seek to gain your attention as well! If you want a change in romance, the week of the full Moon will be a very active time for social events and meeting new people! Career issues might get in the way regarding having enough time to move around and see new folks after the 29th. Avoid having issues with your supervisor before the end of the month. Conversations  can get nasty if you're not mindful of what you're saying. If you're having a legitimate problem with your boss take it up with the right channels. Refrain from sabotaging your summer by looking for work when you can avoid issues now! Best Days: 4,5,13,14,23,24. Stressful Days: 2,3,8,9,15,16,17,29,30.