Feb.  2016



Aquarius: Get ready to stand out and shine! You have a great amount of planetary assistance this month! And for the first time in weeks you'll have the urge to socialize and make plans to be seen with your friends! This can be an uplifting time Aquarius and you need it! The planetary events of the past few weeks made you a bit introverted and not really in the mood to be in the company of others…but all that changes with the new Moon on the 8th as it inspires you to get out and share your time with friends and loved ones!  Yes, Aquarius, your phone stays busy as 'communication' planet Mercury keeps activities going with friends reaching out to contact you! A change of appearance or a make over might be what is called for! With so many eyes on you, looking your best is important and being comfortable as you network brings out your personal shine twice as bright! 'Beauty' planet Venus in your sign on the 16th encourages you to 'sparkle' from the inside out! You know the old saying that, "Moths are attracted to light."  And being that you will be 'aglow' with so much 'spiritual' light coming from the new Moon in your Sun sign on the 8th that you have to be careful not to interact with old enemies!


Don't be lured into an argument or any type of confrontation! The recent Mercury retrograde could have 'dug up' some bad blood with a hater and staying away from all negative intentions is critical for your well being this month! Yes, Aquarius choose the company you keep carefully! There is a lot of action stirring around in your love life after the 16th. So once you feel good about the way you look, you increase your personal charisma and begin to attract a few new people your way! You'll look great and feel tremendous! Your Valentine's Day can be special as you find ways of showing that special someone your affection…but in a very private way! Your planets suggest that creating an intimate space is just want is desired to increase the energy of passion. If you plan on getting away, you'll choose a place that is very quiet and secluded…cause you want the least amount of distractions possible…as you want your lovers undivided attention and the same goes for those in relationships.


If you have a love and getting away seems to be problem, concentrate on making your home an oasis of affection, especially being that this is a very long weekend! Turn off the phones and don't open the door! Be mindful of monetary spending this month! A financial issue around the full Moon on the 22nd can catch you off guard. Find a way of managing your money better, but it's a good thing that the Sun is bringing more energy in the 'cash flow' area of your chart after the 19th. Spend less, save more and find other ways of bringing in more money! Do what you can to stay away from argumentative coworkers. War-planet Mars is very active in your 'career' sector and you might not be as patient with those at work as you normally are. The week of the 7th can be filled with all kinds of stresses on the job. Stay in control of your temper! Best Days: 7,8,15,16,17,25,26. Stressful Days: 1,13,14,20,21,27,28,29.