May 2016



Aquarius: Something about your work needs extra attention! Either you're not being mindful of what is happening on the job, or you are aware of matters and need to make a serious decision…soon!  'Dynamic' planet Mars reaching a critical point in your chart on the 27th suggests that some kind of action is required to get things in order. The questions are, 'what issues were uncovered during the Mercury retrograde and what situations need emergency care?' You could feel like an 'outsider' on your job at this time and this annoys you! Aquarius you're one of the most 'giving' signs when it comes to helping others, and not being appreciated by coworkers rubs you the wrong way! It has nothing to do with your sense of independence…you are there 100% whenever you're needed, but it could be that the people at work are too competitive or materialistic to see the value in team work? Never mind…they will discover that they have made a big mistake with you…especially  when 'war-planet' Mars gives you 'an edge' on the job before the end of the month…stay away from your 'work enemies!'


  You normally can be a very 'detached' person emotionally accept when it comes to being disrespected! Oh no…you will not be disrespected!  The 'turmoil' factor increases after the 22nd when certain issues are revealed concerning the actions of a coworker secretly done behind your back! Have they forgotten how 'intuitive' you are? Something happens at work and no one has to tell…you just know it! Matters at home begin to settle down after the 22nd.  And, if you needed to have a 'face to face' chat with the person(s) you live with to get a more peacefully understanding of the living arrangements, hopefully your efforts paid off. Around the new Moon on the 6th you'll be able to better determine how things are going between you and house mates, room mates, family members or live in loves. Keep your eyes open around the new Moon to gage the emotional temperament in your home. Expect an increase in your 'cash flow!' Once 'prosperity' planet Jupiter pushes forward in your 'financial' zone you'll start to notice a few more dollars sitting around your bank account after the 9th.


Possibly you've been on your toes about taking care of your resources and now the results are being to show. After the 9th can be an ideal time to focus on improving credit or getting a loan for a car or a new home. The cosmic energies are on your side for advancement. Look for a 'twist' in romance after the 20th. The desire to 'hang out' with other people can create a wedge in your relationship. The full Moon on the 21st turns your attention to someone new who is stirring around in your 'social circle.' If you're in a relationship watch your step! Unless you're ready to face some tough questions about the future of your current love life…you might think twice about your actions. And if you're searching for love, once 'attraction' planet Venus 'dances' into your 'social' circle after the 24th the chemistry between you and this person can be stimulating. Stay peaceful during the Memorial Day weekend. A family issue could change your plans. Be prepared to stay close to home to deal with a certain matter!  Best Days: 7,8,17,18,27. Stressful Days: 6,12,13,19,20,21.