July 2016



Aquarius:  Your attention turns to love this month! After the 12th you can find yourself surrounded by the most delightful people. Be open to accepting invitations or going out with your friends…the meeting of someone very attractive awaits you. If you're in a solid relationship just know that the 'affection factor' increases once 'loving' Venus steps into the picture after the 12th. You'll  be into showing the person how much you love them by publicly displaying your affection to your partner, and with the assistance of 'talkative' Mercury have passionate conversations as well after the 13th. Relationship matters can be very positive with the help of the vivacious Sun on the 22nd sending enormous 'warmth' to your love life. Be sure to take out lots of time for getting closer to those this month! Don't' be surprise if you end up being a 'match maker' this month! A single friend of yours needs some help in finding love. With your social life being so full this month you won't mind taking them around and introducing them to a few eligible people.


The truth is you have the most interesting friends!  In the mean time, your career moves full steam ahead! There's no stopping 'dynamic' planet Mars from making progress in your 'career' zone…and very soon you can expect to see some real employment advancement. The planet Mars has taught you a few enlightening lessons and two of them are to 'form loyal alliances at work and keep an eye on the other guy!' Oh yes, Aquarius the need to compete at any price is very active at your job place and you have to stay on your toes and bring your workplace friends close! But forming alliances is not problem for you! You tend to like team work and being a part of a well organized group. Well, it begins to pay off, especially around the new Moon on the 4th when you'll have a chance to obtain a better job position or land a 'sweet' promotion if you choose to do so!


The battles you've face have been tough regarding fairness at work and not being pushed around or dishonored! You're good at what you do and people view your skills as worthy this month. Don't be afraid to go after something better as the full Moon on the 19th encourages seeking employment gains. You never know what you can get unless you ask for it! The full Moon is an ideal time to see what others in your field are getting paid and make an assessment of your standing. And if money is not an issue, doing a job that is fulfilling can be important to your well being can be important at this time! The cosmic direction is to obtain more knowledge, to excel on your career path, whether it is going back to school, taking a seminar or working part time on a job to get more experience in furthering your progress. Ruler Uranus empowering your thinking after the 29th, there is no subject too tough for you to tackle! Best Days: 1,2,10,11,12,20,21,29,30. Stressful Days: 6,7,13,14,27,28.