May 2015



Aquarius:  Your powers of awareness are strong! Now is the time to reconsider your friendships. With so much cosmic support coming your way regarding partnerships and allies, the Mercury retrograde arrives to give you greater insight into your social circle and those individuals you spend a lot of recreational time with. Yes, Aquarius things are about to get real…reality arrives with the enlightenment of why certain people are hanging around you and whether they truly have good intentions or not?  Any time after the 18th is perfect  to give yourself a break from everyone by enjoying some 'emotional space' from the needs, demands, wants and issues of those around you!  This is the month 'to do you!' Aquarius you are one of the most brilliant of the air signs and this can be an incredible period for getting more involved in creative ventures. Your soul yearns for something more! The passion of the planet Mars adds to your search for interesting activities to be involved in and even better new people to meet. But, Aquarius trying to separate your energy from negative people will not be so easy…oh no!


The reason is that you bring excitement and 'a breath of fresh air' to every person you meet and those individuals that have existed on your 'spiritual vapors'  go into panic mode and try to find reasons to get your attention in either positive or destructive ways. The week of the 15th can be particularly difficult in maintaining distance from others. Someone in your social circle is irritated and begins some sort of fight or argument…they are dying for some Aquarian 'oxygen!' Avoid confrontations with friends and loved ones. They are 'acting out' like misbehaved children. Continue to seek peace and plunge yourself in creative projects to stay away from the emotional dramas and manipulations. Career issues grab your attention during the full Moon on the 3rd. There is a warning not to get too personal with those you work with, as some coworker can be a thorn in your side as they reveal a few details of your personal business. Again, avoid confrontation…especially since the Mercury retrograde occurs this month and all conversations can take a turn for the worse.


Find ways of ignoring situations that don't constructively aid to your future! Keep your eyes open at work regarding coworkers attempting to form alliances with your enemies. On the 7th 'social-loving' planet Venus steps into your work arena aiding in keeping relationships with beneficial workers agreeable. This might be a good time to go out to lunch with those individuals on the job who are supportive of you, and don't worry! Your work buddies will let you know about the gossip and other underhanded things people are doing to you behind your back. Your relations with family members should improve with the assistance of the new Moon on the 18th. Your Mother's Day celebration can be filled with lots of fun and laughter. If you're a mom or you're taking out a mom or mother figure there can be lots of extra company and well wishers coming along to add to the happiness of this day of appreciation. On the Memorial Day holiday, be sure not to over spend. If you're entertaining company in your home just know that you will need more provisions that usual. Unexpected people arrive to help in your celebration. Your budget can 'crash and burn!' Best Days: 1,2,10,11,18,19,29. Stressful Days: 3,4,16,17,23,24,30,31.




















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Soap Of The Month:

Clear Mind:


In appreciation of the lightness of the wind, this soap

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