July 2015



Aquarius: Now is the time to get your thoughts in order! There are a lot of serious things going this month and having clear thinking and strong plans will take you to the next level! Career demands keep on coming and if you take 'things one at a time' something positive can materialize around the new Moon on the 15th. Your 'employment' sector is highly active and with powerful support from 'hard work' planet Saturn you can get a well deserved promotion or an improved work position!  'Dollar diva' Venus  temporarily stepping into your 'financial' sector on the 18th can bring a nice monetary surprise to the hard efforts you've been putting a lot of your energy into. Yes, Venus brings added sweetness to matters and your money matters need some positive readjustments and increase! Seeking a raise, a part time job or asking for more over time at work can work  well in your favor..even though things haven't been much fun for you lately, as too much is expected in the career area.


But once ruler Uranus goes retrograde on the 26th you'll have a chance to back up and mentally regroup from all the mental stress you've been getting lately! Meditation is very important for your inner well being…the full Moon on the 1st encourages you to seek private places for solitude to rest your mind and make long range plans for the future. Be careful of reigniting wars with old enemies during the first week of the month. An old foe starts 'creeping around' your friends or places you normally frequent with no good intentions in mind! Some people just don't know when to let things go and apparently such a person is headed in your direction this month. Keep the peace and remain in motion is the best advice you can take! Once this person sees that there are no flames available to spark up a problem…they'll soon look for another victim to make miserable…it just won't be you! But enemies from the past aren't they only individuals you'll have to keep an eye on…someone from the past can make a return to you for the sake of love.


An old love has no trouble trying to contact once communication-planet Mercury enters your 'relationship' sector on the 23rd. If you decide to answer the call expect for this person to be sweet as pie and seductive as a 'serpent' to get back into your life! Did I say serpent? Yes…I did and with those words you need to be careful about letting someone from the past back into your heart, mind and soul…until you know what their real motives are! If you're currently in a relationship be sure not to let the past interfere with your relationship…meaning that if you get too distracted with an ex that your current love will be very offended and consider leaving the partnership out of insecurity and distrust. Handle your 'love' business with insight Aquarius or there can be major romantic causalities! The second full Moon of month that happens on the 31st is in your Sun sign and brings light to how you feel, how you look and what personal choices are you considering by the end of the month. Relationship issues won't go away! You can be very busy trying to straighten up love matters.  Just be sure and do everything with a sincere heart. You're not as cold as everything thinks you are…your heart is just a little tougher to get to! Best Days: 3,4,5,12,13,22,23,31. Stressful Days: 10,11,17,18,24,25.






















Soap Of The Month:

Love Vortex:



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