July 2016



Aries: This is the month to get down to basics! And with the new Moon 'spotlighting' your home situation on the 4th your attention turns toward where you live, with whom you live with and the state of your home life. Actually Aries you'll like the outcome of the planetary synergy this month. With the Moon 'sending' lunar rays providing warmth and comfort in your private space…the  place where you feel the most secure…you can experience a nice change!  Being born under the sign of the 'warrior' carries a great deal of responsibility which can be tiresome at times, even the most active and dynamic person needs room to rest and find peace…and this is the month to do just that…relax and focus your energy on your home life. A great deal of momentum will revolve around your family members and those you share your personal space with. The need for change and adjustment is strong. 'Transformation' planet Pluto joins the intensions of the new Moon by adding more fortitude in handling family issues, or maybe increasing your desire to change how you live? Are you not comfy in your home?


Do you need to upgrade your surroundings, or do you stay with people who upset your peace? The early part of the month is an ideal time to focus on the up keep of your home! With 3 planets entering your 'creative' zone beginning on the 12th you'll be inspired to turn your space into something more enjoyable! On the 12th 'attraction' planet Venus stimulates your inner need for beautification, followed by 'mental' Mercury bringing all sorts of new and brilliant ideas and the warmth of the Sun joining in on your home life energy after the 22nd! 'Innovative' planet Uranus going retrograde in your sign on the 29th sets the tone for being more adventurous with your appearance such as a hairdo change or adding a totally different color to your wardrobe. Keep an eye on your waist line. After the 4th you can be very tempted to indulge in sugary and high calorie foods. You enter a power cycle around the 19th and looking and feeling wonderful is in your best interest! Your career aspirations come to light around the full Moon on the 19th.


Someone you've been at odds with, or a situation on the job begins to make sense as to what's it has been happening without your knowledge. Don't hesitate to initiate healing conversations with coworkers and supervisors. A peaceful attitude prevails and creates a better understanding. Love is 'jumping' this month! Several  cosmic bodies visit your 'romantic' zone by mid month and it seems that you won't have to do a lot of work to get loving attention from a special person. If you happen to be attracted to someone who is a bit shy, 'communication' planet Mercury urges you to start a conversation and get matters moving! Lots of fabulously sweet things can occur in love for you this month! Be on the watch for secretive information to appear just before the end of July. A certain person goes out of the way to let you know a few things about your friendships and a current love relationship! Best Days: 6,7,15,16,24,25. Stressful Days: 3,4,10,11,12,18,19,31.