Oct. 2014


 Aries: Incredible opportunities for change can happen for you this month! With the assistance of the full Moon lunar eclipse on the 8th you can find the courage and determination to overcome situations that have caused stagnation in the past. In this season of balance… as the Sun visits in the ‘harmony-seeking, moderation’ sign of Libra for most of the month, the question is “what do you need to bring your life into greater balance or make things more harmonious?” This is a question that only you can answer and might require some private time to figure out! But with the aid of transformational-planet Pluto you can dig deep within for honest answers. The good news is that this powerful eclipse on the 8th  acts a trigger for direct action as you have the support of motivational-planet Mars and expansion-planet Jupiter allowing you to  ‘see’ far beyond your boundaries and to have the wherewithal to see your goals through. 


Watch your attitude this month! If you happen to run into a person who has been insensitive or unfair to you,  chances are you won’t be in such a ‘peaceful’ mood, and will  move quickly to express your feelings of just how unfair they’ve been! The Mercury retrograde entering your relationship sector after the 10th can be just the catalyst you need to get something off your chest, clear the air of your feelings or set the record straight when it comes how someone has treated you. The spiritual direction of the full Moon sets the stage for losing indecisiveness and procrastination that may have plagued you before. After the 23rd all attention turns toward your financial sector. Aries…what is happening with your money!!!???


The new Moon solar eclipse on the 23rd demands that you look at the actions taking place in your resources area. To tell you the truth with the solar eclipse joined by the Sun and ‘dollar diva’ planet Venus you might see an improvement in your finances…all because of the changes you’ve made in past months. The new Moon strongly suggests that you are in a fresh cycle for money management and financial improvement! Maintain a strong budget and watch your dollars grow this season! Passionate-Mars reaching the highest point of your chart this month stimulates you to do more with your career. Enhance your career or change career directions for something better! Regarding love…with the Mercury retrograde situated in your ‘love’ sector until the 24th you can change your mind about the person you’re with, about the conditions of your relationship or whether you feel that this is the right situation for you. Lots of mental energy will be spent on trying to figure things out in romance this month. Expect a major change of affairs after the 24th. Best Days: 7,8,16,17,26,27. Stressful Days: 1,2,14,15,21,22,23,28,29.











                          Bath Of The Month:



lovebathsingle.JPG 2014-9-30-17:13:4


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