Nov. 2014


 Aries: Encouraging things can happen with your money! The full Moon on the 8th brings insight into your finances and some brand new ideas on how to better your financial standing! Aries this is surely good news! Over the past year you’ve been burdened with monetary limitations due to the cosmic interaction with restrictive-planet Saturn in your financial arena…and to see more money coming is a blessing! Ruler Mars is stirring up financial energy as well!  On the 10th the planet Mars joins ‘power shaker’ Pluto to assist you in removing obstacles that are in your way for financial increase by motivating you in taking steps to get a better career position or seek a promotion.


Yes Aries you get a ‘green light’ to go after improved earnings! Just make sure you don’t get too caught up in trying to please the wants of your partner once ‘you get more money in your hands.’ The planet Venus is more involved in acts of passion until the 16th and will do anything to win over the heart of a loved one...spending more money can be one of things to be careful of. This is the month to come to a definite decision regarding romance! Now that the Mercury retrograde is over and you have time to sit and contemplate matters that’s been uncovered, discovered or realized, you might actually be relieved to be in the mental position to make clear decisions.


  Watch yourself on the 3rd! You could be blindsided from an unexpected situation between you and your loved one causing a change of feelings regarding commitment. With a shift of planets into your ‘freedom’ sector, you’ll be able to leave behind romance you feel trapped in or obligated to. Venus enters the sign of Sagittarius on the 16th causing you to look into the future of your love conditions and with both the Sun and the new Moon also entering your house of ‘future’ concerns…. after the 22nd unless a person has proven to be in your corner or they’ve been working in your best interest in the past will be allowed to continue sharing your heart and your affections. The Thanksgiving holiday brings added excitement. Your powers of attraction are stronger and the person you love shows more willingness to take romance to a more serious place!  Best Days: 4,5,13,14,22,23. Stressful Days: 10,11,18,19,25,26.

















      Soap Of The Month:

          Sweet Smell Of Success




In honor of the planet Jupiter the ruler of the sign of Sagittarius, this delightful soap was handcrafted with essential oils that are ruled by the planet of good luck and abundance. Bay Laurel essential oil is noted for its money attracting ability and spiritual properties. This soap is so fragrant that you can skip wearing perfume or cologne just so other around you  get an intoxicating  experience of the fragrance. This soap bar lathers nicely and is made with olive oil, coconut oil , shea butter and the minerals in spiralina for the  nature green color. People use this soap hoping to change their luck!

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