April 2015


Aries: You're in no mood to 'play' nice this month! The full Moon lunar eclipse on the 4th hits the status of your relationships like a tidal wave causing a few important partnerships to sink and drown! Full Moons act as 'carriers of information' and the news you get concerning the loyalty of a loved one or a friend might not be to your liking and as a result you react quickly by cutting ties from those who dare to mistreat you! Oh no…you certainly are not playing around Aries! You're in the mist of your birthday season and need to find a new direction with those you plan to keep in your life. How is love Aries? If there is dissatisfaction in romance you won't have to prolong making changes that will benefit your heart! On the 6th once 'freedom loving' Uranus sends vibrations of liberation to your love situation…you'll instinctively know when to get rid of leeches and parasites. With so much 'positive' cosmic energy coming your way these days your chances to network and meet others are greater.


Expect a major increase after 'social loving' planet Venus enters your communication sector after the 11th, followed by 'mental' Mercury on the 30th. The season of spring brings in wonderful social opportunities and with the new Moon on the 18th in your sign you'll feel active and motivated to try something new! Just be aware that relationships at work can be in question after the 4th. 'Willful' Pluto steps into the cosmic picture and drags out dirty matters that's been buried. Suddenly little things you never noticed before about a coworker or a supervisor becomes crystal clear and you decide that this situation might not be in your best interest. Avoid 'nasty' power struggles on the job during this time! A confrontation between you and a higher up can end with disciplinary actions or maybe even the threat of a suspension…it's not worth it!  Keep your eyes open and your lips shut. Save your words for making something important happen regarding your work, especially once 'prosperity' planet Jupiter goes direct after the 8th.


Once Jupiter starts moving forward incredible opportunities begin to come. In fact, with Jupiter situated in your 'lucky' sector until August, you might even say that you have 'better fortune' these days! Your mental focus will turn towards earning stronger money after the Sun magnetizes your 'financial' sector after the 20th. A new job will bring in better money!   On Easter Sunday, the planets are a bit combative. War-planet Mars adds annoyances and makes it easy to have picky arguments. Keep your Easter Sunday peaceful by avoiding the company of disagreeable people. You'll have a more noticeable power of attraction as ruler Mars glows with energy until the 15th. People are more prone to give you what you want during this time…so don't hesitate to go after the gains you desire and the goals you've been wanting to accomplish. Best Days: 8, 9, 17,18,25,26,27. Stressful Days: 3, 4, 5,10,11,12, 23, 24. 














































Soap of the Month:



 Ladies slide your body in a provocative essential oil blend of  musky Spikenard, Sweet Orange and other deep vibrational oils to experience the 'magic' of the Moon's lunar energy. Caress your skin with a soapy bath bar layered with coconut oil and olive oil, all intended to slip your mind into the sensuous shadows of the silvery Moon. This soap is for women only…use it and you'll know why! All Wading Water soap bars are 100% natural and colors from the clays of the earth…everything has a vibration! http://www.kimallen.com/#!bath-soaps/ccpx