July 2014


Aries: Feel good! Look good! The time has come for you to spend more energy on the up keep of your physical body as well as on your appearance and your health. With the revelations of the Mercury retrograde you now have a stronger desire to look and feel better. Expect a shift in your diet this month. The planets have been working to control your desires for foods that don’t contribute to your physical wellness and those that internally harm the body. Once attraction-planet Venus highlights your physical body on the 18th, you find lots of reasons to exercise and tone up. You’ve had a chance to purge negative habits and with ‘mind’ planet Mercury assisting you, it makes sense to take better care of yourself. The powers of love and romance are still very strong in your chart this month.



If for some reason you lacked meeting a special person or gaining the attention you wanted from a current relationship, don’t think twice about what you’re missing and look forward to what is to come! You can be enormously surprised by the change of attitude of certain people, the heightened compliments, the attention you suddenly get and the way people respond to you after the 18th.  Why? Because with both the ‘good guys’ of the planetary line up in your ‘love’ sector you are definitely in a win/win situation regarding romance and increased social activities.


Yes Aries, with the Sun and planets Jupiter and Venus happily encouraging your romantic situations, being the passionate person you are, getting attention from others might not have been such an issue for you in the past, but gaining meaningful attention from the right people can be just the thing you’re looking for at the moment! Someone steps into the picture around the new Moon on the 26th  for romance. 



After the 21st, being committed in love can become a problem. Once ‘liberation’ planet Uranus goes retrograde in your sign, you can change your mind about your activities a zillion times and also change your desire to be steady with a certain person. Stay free and keep your commitments loose Aries. There is no need to cause hurt feelings with someone you like…but don’t necessary love. Just be honest about your intentions. Keep a low profile around the 4th of July holiday this year. You can have the ‘nastiest’ arguments with people who have nothing better to do. The full Moon on the 12th can also bring out a few unexpected power struggles with those on the job. Apparently someone’s feelings have been hurt and they’re blaming you for it. You need a more realistic approach to your money management and once ruler Mars enters your financial sector on the 25th; you’ll give more energy to money matters. Best Day: 1,9,10,17,18,27,28. Stressful Days: 4,5,6,11,12,24,25.













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