May 2015


 Aries: The full Moon on the 3rd strikes right at the heart of your finances! Now that abundance-planet Jupiter is moving forward and refreshing stagnant opportunities for better cash flow, you must make it your business to get finances back on track. Something happens with your money during the first week of the month which stirs the need for  to reorganize and restructure your finances…but be prepared… the situation can be stressful and totally blind side you when it comes to monetary wellness. Full Moons are bringers of hidden information and because something might be awry with your resources, you could learn realistically you don't have enough money to live at the standard you desire? This realization won't be a set back, but a push forward…the truth is  Aries you're not a coward by any means and you certainly don't back down from anything!


There is nothing you like more than a good challenge and you're determined to be free of bondage of any kind and that included being trapped into living pay check to paycheck to keep the essentials in your life in order. With ruler Mars 'charging' your mental sector on the 11th you can forget about the luxury of getting a good night sleep for a while due to all the brand new ideas suddenly popping into your head…especially at night. Your brain will be 'burning' with new information and having discussions with trusted friends will keep you engaged in heated conversations about finances and investing during the new Moon on the 18th. Your 'fact finding mission' is given extra assistance with 'mental' Mercury going retrograde in your 'mind' sector also on the 18th.  With both the new Moon in 'money making' Taurus and 'Mercury' both influencing your energy…what could this mean?  It certainly brings more brain power!


And having a greater ability to make long terms plans for your future can be the positive results of the Mercury retrograde. But in all things there are good and bad aspects…the bad aspect could be that your mind is so full of ideas that you can't concentrate on your daily activities. Your attention span can be very short after the 18th so get use to keeping 'to do lists' around to make sure you stay on point. Be very mindful of conversations with family members this month. One reason why you might be having financial concerns could be your constant generosity to your family and loved ones. Make a mental note of the things you need to  say and save them for discussion after June 12th, when the Mercury retrograde ends and your words will be clear and better understood. Mother's Day celebrations can be expensive if you're not watching your budget.


With the influence of 'more is better' planet Jupiter strong on this day, you can expect to spend more on who ever you're celebrating on Mother's Day, whether that is your natural mother, adopted mother, mother figure or yourself…you can blow your budget. Spend wisely and enjoy your day! Romance is wonderful around the 24th! You can have the greatest luck with meeting someone new or getting very special treatment in a current partnership. Exert a lot more of your time fixing up and tidying your home…chances are you will be doing more entertaining in your private space. The planets indicate that you have a strong need to share your home with only those you love and feel comfortable around. There can be lots of home cooked dinners this month! Best Days: 5,6,14,15,23,24. Stressful Days: 1,2,8,9,21,22,28,29.












































Soap of the Month:

Clear Mind:


In appreciation of the lightness of the wind, this soap

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