Oct. 2015


Aries: You'll have a change of focus with the change of season! Now that ruler Mars visits your 'health' sector a great deal of energy is spent toward feeling good and living better! How is your energy level these days Aries?  Do you find yourself running out of breath or exhausted after doing a few tasks? If the answer is yes, the good news is that you'll have plenty of assistance from 2 additional planets there to help you get your health in balance. Yes, the fall season embraces the action of finding balance and regaining equilibrium. 'Enthusiastic Mars' brings the intensity needed to get serious about exercise workouts! And yes, you may have spent a lot of time in the gym during the summer months to tone muscle and slim your waist line, but the motivation for working out during the fall is for a different reason and that is for improving health and gaining greater stamina. Work with it Aries!  Changing your diet can be a strong concern with 'sweetness' planet Venus in your health sector. Your desire for sugary foods could be a battle any time after the 8th and especially during the week of the 25th.


If you have a 'sweet tooth' this is the perfect month to find fruits that are naturally sweet, and nourishing for your body and not so hard on the teeth. The ending of the Mercury retrograde on the 9th leaves you free to make adjustments…such as going after an advantageous job or seek a higher position. 'Abundance' planet Jupiter in your 'employment' sector gives a certain amount of 'luck' when it comes to occurring new work! So, if you're desiring a new job, get busy and rework your resume so that it makes you shine in the eyes of a potential employer. The full Moon on the 27th adds insight on alternate ways of increasing your income. This is a great time to rely on your hidden talents. Are you a good bargain hunter, or are you great at making deals with friends and family to get rid of unneeded clothing to make extra income? Whatever your hidden talents are will certainly come in handy. The ability of forming a 'partnership in monetary activities' is also very strong around the full Moon.


You and a certain person might see the benefit of joining alliances to sell things on eBay or have a garage sell to clear your homes of stuff you no longer want. So being an entrepreneur will feel comfortable to you as you figure out inventive ways to raise and earn more money! Hopefully the Mercury retrograde didn't destroy your feelings for a special person as it uncovered a few issues in your love life? The new Moon on the 12th brings a new attitude about love and relationships…and if things didn't go well between you two…the new Moon might attract a potential new person in your life as well? Your desire for intimacy increases once the 'heat' of the Sun warms your 'love' sector after the 23rd. Being creative in your relationship can improve the energy of affection. So let your imagination work over time! The Halloween weekend can be fun and extremely busy as the planets are in positive formation. Be careful not to over do it during the Halloween weekend…war-planet Mars can be very touchy. Avoid too much drinking as unexpected arguments can ruin your weekend of fun! Best Days: 6,7,8,16,17,18,25,26. Stressful Days: 4,5,11,12,13,19,20,31.