March 2015



Aries: Its time to be more alert regarding your surroundings! Too many people with ill intents have been buzzing around and this is the month to get rid of them. It's not as though you're not intuitive enough to realize who is for you and who is against you…it's just that you've been very busy doing other things and not focused on your hidden enemies gathering strength!  The new Moon Solar eclipse on the 20th causes situations to 'psychically stand still' to reveal the actions of those who have been 'working in the dark' against you! And although this might come as a surprise to know that you have enemies… the truth is you're obviously improving your life by doing better and there are some people out there who don't want to see your circumstances elevated! Misery looks for misery! The planet Saturn will be your 'BFF'…or shall I say your 'BPF' for the moment, meaning instead of a 'best friend forever'…it will be your 'best planetary friend' this month…especially when it comes to uncovering enemies and untrue friends. You will get an 'inkling' about the motivations of a few people during the week of the new Moon Solar eclipse and you'll then be able to swing into action to purge your presence of their 'blood sucking' energy!


With ruler Mars providing lots of stamina during this time, you won't waste a minute cutting off liars, cheaters or back stabbers! But something odd happens during this Solar eclipse and it has to do with old enemies from the past returning! Avoid reconnecting with someone you haven't seen in a long while. Just because time has lapsed doesn't mean that this person hasn't been brooding about some old incident and is now seeking to even the score! Also pay careful interest to the affairs on your job during the full Moon on the 5th. The energy is thick with stress due to the actions of a few coworkers. Watch quietly and collect information. The time will come to use the information you've discovered. But during this period just being a witness to their negative behavior is good enough. Make your enemies run and hide with a positive upgrade in your appearance. The energy of the Solar eclipse can affect your outlook after the 20th, you'll be more willing to add more color to your wardrobe, seek to change your hair style or maybe decide that your body needs more toning.


Whatever the change…you can expect it to liven up your appearance, magnify your personality and bring a frown on the face of your 'haters!' Yes…embrace a fresh energy for the spring equinox also on the 20th with is also the beginning days of your 'birthday season!' The planetary indicators suggest that remarkable gains can be made! With 'disciplined' Saturn in your 'mental' sector, 'expansive' Jupiter in your 'romance' sector and 'power' planet Pluto at the highest part of your chart all point to career achievements, romantic fun and mental acumen to jump start your birthday  year! The subject of money grabs your attention once attraction-planet Venus enters your financial sector after the 17th. Your power to enhance and attract more money into your life also occurs when ruler Mars joins Venus and the stir up your cash flow before the end of the month. Follow your mind after the 30th. The most innovative ideas can assist in making more money happen! Best Days: 2,3,12,13,20,21,30,31. Stressful Days: 1,7,8,14,15,27,28.

















































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