Nov. 2015


Aries: Time to move and elevate!  Be prepared to let go of old ways of thinking in exchange for new ideas that aid your progress! Yes, Aries, the synergy of improvement is everywhere…and getting rid of situations that you've out grown has arrived, and this includes friendships, relationships and solving problems in a certain way.  Your Spirit Guides are in constant communication with you and if you pay attention you'll receive messages of who should be included in your life and who should be eliminated.  All sorts of messages and signs fill your dreams these days as your angels alert you of what to look out for! Around the weekend of the 13th dream images become clearer, so be sure to keep a pen and pad by your bedside to take down notes once you awaken…you don't wan't to forget anything! A powerful angelic message is in regard the goings on in your love life. Aries…get ready for love, romance and 'the tables turning' in relationships! Once 'love' planet Venus enters your 'partnership' sector on the 8th, followed by 'passion' planet Mars on the 12th, activities can get very heated in love! With both the planets of love and passion,(Venus and Mars) in such a sensitive area of your chart, you can anticipate that one of three things can happen and they are…you and your current person will agree to 'turn up the' sparks in romance or that your current partnership 'crumbles' from the stress of  nothing working out between the two of you!


There is a third option and that is that you realize that you have strong chemistry with someone new and thing 'chemical' starts! Don't allow old relationships to interfere with your present decisions. After the  13th you might get emails and text messages from past relationships…for some reason they feel an odd need to get in touch. But be very careful in your responses.  Try not to give anyone mixed messages, if you're not interested in moving backward, let them know and save the wasted energy of not hurting their feelings. Remember…this is the month to move to a higher level! Your ability to active stronger income occurs after the new Moon on the 11th. Think Aries, think! What talents or abilities to you have to make more money?


The holiday season starts this month and the energy of 'money flowing freely' will be unleashed right after Thanksgiving on the 26th. With your sense of independent this is an ideal month to seek ways of adding a few more dollars to your bank account by either coming up with some creative ideas, getting a part time job, working over time. Securing a temporary job for the holidays, or either making some gifts to sell. With Venus so involved in your 'social circle' this month, if you have a talent for baking cakes or cookies…the 'sugary' side of Venus makes things more attractive for selling or even making gifts for Thanksgiving! And talking about Thanksgiving, expect this day to be filled with great conversations! If you had any hopes of getting any extra rest…forget it, as everyone will be trying to get in touch with you or asking you to drop by for a bite to eat. There is also a chance that you could be traveling for the holiday as your planets for movement are encouraging. Your wardrobe will need an uplift after the 22nd as 'excitement' planet Uranus urges you to do something more inspiring with your appearance. With all the extra attention you're getting in love this month, as few nice things in your closet causes you to experiment more with your image…it's all good Aries! Best Days: 3,4,13,14,22,30.  Stressful Days: 1,8,9,15,16,28,29.