July 2015


 Aries:  Get busy and monitor stress levels this month!  Great demands with home and family surround you! You're required to take care of other people's affairs as well as your own, and because of this you have to watch your health and be aware of steps to control the amount of irritation. Aries…you can do this!  You know the saying that, 'if it's not one thing, it's another!' Aries this saying sums it all up! Yes, challenges come, but how you handle them determine your will power and ability to control reactions! Don't worry, you won't be handling things alone! You have enormous planetary assistance with 'charming' planet Venus until the 18th and 'protective' Jupiter all month long! What issues will demand most of your attention, you ask? Getting your home in shape and also being mindful of your body's attempts to communicate to you! First your home…energy-planet Mars gives greater 'muscle' to push situations forward. If challenging matters have stagnated your progress  with making changes, getting rid of clutter, having better relationships with family members and individuals you live around, the planet Mars is there to instill perseverance in the face of obstacles. 


On the 8th, communication-planet Mercury steps into your home sector to aid in expressing your needs and mentally working out issues with loved ones. If you have a problem with a landlord, any time after the 8th would be a good time to approach matters with an eye toward resolution! The new Moon on the 15th brings fresh answers to an old problem if you have some issue that is persistent and seems to keep resurfacing, the vibrations of the new Moon arrives with a new twist…such as you might be ready for some change on the job this month as well! The full Moon on the 1st refocuses your attention in your career climb or to a position what has greater appeal. Your ability to achieve is outstanding! You are aided with the insurmountable power of 'control' planet Pluto to help reach your goals. Consider changing your wardrobe and seeking a mentor to help in your career quest! Your body's ability to communicate will come in the way of bio-feed back…meaning that it tells you what needs attention with twitches, minor pain and maybe a muscle spasm. If suddenly you come down with some physical aliment you didn't have before, the planets suggest that you respond by getting professional insight and advice. Being a restless and energetic sign you can easily wear yourself down and tire your body out before  realizing that you need some care…get more rest this month! Romance takes a surprising turn this month as 'love' planet Venus bounces back and forth from the 25th until the 31st.


This can be a confusing period in romance as people from the past might come back in attempts to ruin a current relationship, or you get confused in regard to what you want in love? The planet Venus will be retrograde for 6 weeks in the 'dramatic' sign of Leo and you can expect a lot of emotions to surface in your love life. Watch extravagant spending! The planet Venus rules money and Leo is known for its generosity. You can over spend trying to make loved ones happy or splurge on expensive trips or gifts. Your creative talents are abundant as the Sun shines concentrate light in your 'creative' sector after the 22nd. Your energy level might change after the 26th. Pace yourself…you'll be very busy this month dealing with the needs of your friendships during the 2nd full Moon of the month on  the 31st. Best Days: Best Days: 8,9,17,18,26,27,28. Stressful Days: 1,2,14,15,16,22,23,29,30.











































Soap of the Month:

Love Vortex:


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