Sept. 2014


Aries:  It all about money this month!  Yes Aries…‘dollar diva’ Venus entering your employment sector on the 5th turns your mind from having fun and socializing to figuring out why you don’t have enough money to do the things you want to do and why you seem to always fall short when paying your bills at the beginning of the month. Could it be that you don’t make enough money to suit your life style! Let’s face it…if you’re trying to live the lifestyle of the ‘rich and fabulous’ and you make less than ‘fabulous’ money…you’ll soon find out that you can’t keep maxing out your credit cards to keep up! And besides, you have better things to do with your time and money anyway! Such as…making things right with those people in your life that you interact with on a daily basis…family members, loved ones, roommates and coworkers. Your energy shifts from making yourself internally comfortable to finding peace and comfort in your external life with better relationships.


But before getting off the subject of money…if you feel that your talents are being abused and mistreated…do something about it! Start looking for a better job or ask for a raise if you feel you deserve one! Any time after the 5th is an excellent time to start a job search. In the mean time watch your temper at work. Feisty Mars gives enormous energy to your thinking and communication this month and it won’t take much of an insult before you rattle off a barrage of mentally stinging responses to someone who didn’t know you had that kind of fury in you!  Ouch! And you know that once you reveal your feelings about a matter there is no way of taking them back. So speak with control and discernment. 


After the 22nd most of your focus turns to committed love, positive relationships and having a quality partnership. You’ve had plenty of chances to play ‘love games’ over the summer and with the fall arriving on the 22nd, your heart instinctively knows that its time to find that special person to create something stable with, or to improve your current relationship and make it long lasting. The new Moon on the 24th allows you to be more willing to make compromises and adjustments in romance. The planet Venus shifts her attention to the power of love after the 29th.  You’ll be more receptive to establishing partnerships after this time. The full Moon on the 8th allows you to release secrets, negative thinking and bad habits….anything that prevents your personal growth. Take time this full Moon to focus on the subject of sabotage and what role you play in sabotaging yourself! Best Days: 2,3,10,11,19,20,29,30. Stressful Days: 4,5,17,18,24,25.












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