August 2016



Aries: Simple things make you happy this month…like taking quiet walks alone or enjoying the solitude of your own company? There's been a swirl of things happening and you have the option of being a part of them or not…and this can be the month were you go back to the quieter things! There's a powerful need to regain balance and reset your sense of direction. Feelings of  drifting or not having clearly defined goals may create frustration, and in recent months you've learned that not all desires bring the sort of happiness you crave. On the 2nd, the new Moon 'blooms' more creativity and sets loose your imagination. Expect a greater vision for the future! Just because you haven't 'seen' it, doesn't mean it can't happen! Yes, your mind gains momentum as you experience a cosmic surge  allowing you to reconnect to things you like to do, pick up new interests or become involved in hobbies that can turn in a passion. Journaling, drawing, listening to music, gardening or being involved in personal activities that bring a state of inner calmness.


If you've found yourself feeling stagnated the planet Mars adds pep to your mental state and if you've had creative challenges in the past expect an 'opening' of creative energy during the first week of the month when 'spirited' Mars becomes extremely busy! A stronger imagination can affect your love life this month! In fact, love can be very exciting! Anticipate something new to happen in romance with a new person or by embracing a new idea to get the 'juices of romance' flowing between you and your present partner. A full Moon lunar eclipse  on the 18th warns of 'possible' love confusion. Be ware of an old love getting into the way of a fresh relationship. Avoid making connect with any 'ex's'  because you might find yourself caught in the middle of 'should you stay, or should you go' from a current love situation.


But the true treasure of your month comes with the promise of better employment…and with so many different avenues of career springing up after the 5th you could be in a 'head spin' in terms of which opportunity is best? 'Attraction' planet Venus joins 'prosperity' Jupiter and 'sweetens' the deal of anything you're looking for regarding work and once the Sun on the 22nd continues 'manifesting'  job matters you will be amazed at how fast offers come your way. With 4 planets joining forces in your 'employment' zone you'll figure out numerous ways to get what you want and gain the backing from present coworkers or supervisors to aid you. In deed there is an enormous amount of cosmic help to change, focus on your goals and be successful at being organized to achieve them, especially with 'aggressive' Mars in your financial zone, stimulating a need to earn greater money. Best Days: 2,3,12,13,21,22,29,30. Stressful Days: 1,7,8,14,15,27,28.