May 2016



Aries: Your financial flow is encouraging! You get the feeling that extra money is headed your way and if you do…you're not wrong! With 'money magnet' Venus 'stashed' away in your 'cash flow' zone for most of the month you'll have multiple chances of adding to and increasing your income. But it's more than just luck influencing your money…its you Aries! It's your personality,  dedication to hard work and discipline that's making things work…and it all started last month when Venus 'magnetized' your persona and people begin to give extra notice. Offers of information, opportunities for work or financial growth materialized suddenly and from there matters have steadily increased…that is of course if you were paying attention! With ruler Mars retrograde, you've had a couple of 'heart to heart' moments and have concluded that some things need to be handled differently.


This is an ideal time to restructure a few important matters and money is one of them. With 'mindful' Mercury 'inspecting' the status of your money until the 22nd, you'll discover the 'weak spots,' and forge ahead with a few 'intuitive' ideas before the end of the month. Ruler Mars supports your need for stable resources as it enters your 'financial' zone on the 27th. The cosmic message from your ruler is to,'clean up your act!' No more over due bills, no more carelessly handling of resources, no more impulsive actions with your savings! It's about building a financial base for long term financial growth this month! The good news…the new Moon on the 6th sets the tone for better financial awareness and after the 22nd when Mercury goes direct you'll have lots of new ideas to get your finances back on track or begin a fresh money making project. Want a better job? 'Expansion' planet Jupiter shifts into forward mode on the 9th and seeking work advancement is highlighted…of course it best to look and not really apply for new work until the Mercury retrograde is over on the 22nd to insure you understand the 'fine print' in your job search!


Romance seems a bit odd after the 27th when 'passionate' Mars reenters your 'partnership' zone. You might recapture the chemistry you once had in your relationship, or you can find that you have 'fever' for someone new? It you're not careful, old 'steamy' loves from the past can ease their way back into your life…and do be careful with strong 'passionate' arguments with someone you love during this time. You won't lack having enough to say after the 20th when the Sun 'vitalizes' your 'communication' zone. In fact, a deeper understanding of the needs of those around you can occur and with 'loving' Venus also 'touching' your conversations after the 24th, you'll have kind words for family and loved ones. The full Moon on the 21st inspires to you to take a trip or get away for an adventurous weekend. With the Memorial Day holiday coming up on the 30th, you might pick a place to visit that holds your curiosity and go there to see things for yourself! Stay with your diet this month! 'Abundance' planet Jupiter makes you forget about an expanding waist line if you're not on guard! Best Days: 4,5,12,13,22,23,31. Stressful Days: 10,11,17,18,24,25.