Feb. 2016



Aries: Things fall into place! The urgency to get matters in order begins to quiet down! All the whirlwind you've experienced in your career starts to make sense on the 6th as 'communication' planet Mercury inspires you to consider bigger options now available in your career. 'Expansion' planet Jupiter 'quietly' continues to send encouraging vibrations of independence and work fulfillment your way. The question is, "Do you see yourself taking a greater role in the direction of your life, or do you still feel at the mercy of others to open doors for you?" Power-planet Pluto insists that you 'dig in your heels' and fight for what you deserve! Nothing worth having is easy, if it were easy…you wouldn't appreciate it as much! So with that said, you get a chance to take stock of what you want to happen with work this month. Start gathering information during the week of the 10th. The planets are in strong alliance to make great strides by meetings with people to help direct your cause. And with the assistance of the full Moon on the 22nd major revelations come to mind that bring guidance.


How about those New Year's resolutions? Yes, things where thrown off track with the Mercury retrograde, but this is the month to get back on track and get serious about being physically healthier and mentally happier! The 'health-oriented' Virgo full Moon sends great encouragement to take care of health issues and not get caught up in getting too involved with 'outside' matters such as job challenges and living up to the expectations of others. With ruler Mars activating your financial affairs, situations with your money will be important, but if you're not feeling well, you can't perform well, so this is the month to set priorities. Putting some time aside to take a trip, even if it is just for a weekend would do you a world of good! Valentine's Day Weekend would be an excellent time to get away with someone you love! Your planets are perfect for some 'sexy' energy to be created with the right person. The planet Mars allows for you to make 'grown folks moves' in your relationship. If you haven't been spending enough time with yourself, chances are you haven't been spending quality time with the person you love, so let the power of love motivate you this Valentine's Day.


Your social activities increase after the new Moon on the 6th. A lot of your friends will be after you to get out and go somewhere, but your heart is on a new path as you decide to do social events that are more worthwhile…such as doing things to help the homeless or going out of your way to give or collect money for children or the elderly that need assistance in some way. But being true to your nature, such philanthropic acts won't hold your attention for long as you get back into the swing of socializing with people you like and meet a few new folks that can hold your attention for more than a short minute! Give your creativity a chance to express itself! The Sun on the 19th shines a 'brilliant light' on your hidden talents. Don't be afraid be to show your creative expression. It could become an invaluable tool to brain storming, handling depression and resolving personal issues! Best Days: 2,3,4,11,12,20,21. Stressful Days: 5,6,18,19,25,26.