June 2016



Aries: Look for a big change in your love life! Ruler planet Mars continues to uncover relationship issues and by the 29th things come to a head! You might be in a situation where you have to choose either staying in the current situation or  seeking a brand new romantic adventure! And even though your heart may have a lot to do with your choice this month, once the new Moon on the 4th stimulates intense conversations your head will be a big part of your decision as well! Anticipate plenty of phone calls during the week of the new Moon on the 4th…'romance' planet Venus in agreement with the 'fresh' lunar energy creates a sudden need to do things in love differently. If you're with someone, you'll look to make things more passionate, and if you are in search of a love…people from the past can be over looked due to trying to find a person who offers a new path to your heart!  Be very aware that someone from the past can be very persistent about getting closer around the full Moon on the 20th.


Know what you want and stick with it! Being more loving to your family can be a big deal by mid month! If you feel a strong desire to spend more time with loved ones you'll have lots of cosmic support from 'social butterfly' Venus on the 17th as ideas to see family members begin to materialize…such as have a family dinner or invite everyone out for a family barbecue. The weekend of the 19th will be a wonderful time for a family get together, especially with the first day of summer, (the Summer Solstice) happening on the 20th as the cosmic energy flow is abundant with ripeness. By now you should have a better understanding of your financial standing and how your monetary power is working for you! The big question is "did your finances affect your social life in any way?"


If the answer is yes, this is the month to make significant changes with who you 'hang with' and the reasons for being with them? A great deal of your focus is on the quality of your love life and the strength of your friendships this month. And not having resources tells a lot about their character…good or bad. You might discover that certain people go out of their way to make you comfortable if cash shortage does occur and provide the means necessary, and on the same note you may realize the selfish nature of someone and limit personal contact. Your attitude about sharing and being generous can experience a readjustment. Some people in your life are meant to be there…and then there are those who need to be removed! The new Moon stimulates your desire to talk things out with individuals that have caused disappointment. Best Days: 1,8,9,19,27,28. Stressful Days: 6,7,13,14,20,21,22.