Jan. 2015


Aries: Happy New Year! And what wonderful things will 2015 bring you? Firstly a whole bunch of opportunities to meet new people!  Aries, it’s not that you’re lonely by any means, but your sign represents an individual with a maverick personality…one who is ahead of its time in terms of ideas or constantly being the first to do things before the crowd. This ‘gun ho’ momentum might cause a sense of isolation, and as the New Year opens with 3 planets in your social sector you are given a chance to network and improve your future by  having new  associations.  You need more mental stimulation! Expect to be introduced to people who can fit that need! You can have so much fun that going places and greeting different people won’t seem much like a bother at all! From the moment ‘social butterfly’ Venus steps into your social arena on the 3rd, expect to be bombarded with folks who are attracted to you romantically.


If you entered 2015 without a partner… your ‘single’ status might not last for very long. You and someone special may soon discover a lot to talk about after the 4th as you gain great hope for love! By the 12th when ruler Mars slips into your ‘privacy’ sector, chances are you’ll have a person in mind that you want to spend quality time with, or have long conversations by phone. ‘Affectionate’ Venus joins your rulers foot step on the 27th and your love life becomes extremely active and very hush, hush! This won’t stop you from staying mentally active! By the new Moon on the 20th you’re pointed in a new direction by making great plans for the future. But your plans are interrupted by the Mercury retrograde on the 21st. Yes, Aries, the Mercury retrograde comes with a different agenda than the one you’ve been working on and it just wants to make sure you’ve seen and realized all your options for the future before you put any new plans in the works.


Having to stop anything at this time can be a bit frustrating only because a strong ‘wind of freedom’ circulates around your life at this moment! With ruler Mars in the ‘liberation’ sign of Aquarius you feel that nothing can stop you! For the past 5 months your life has been in a sort of holding pattern and now a powerful sense of freedom embraces you at the top of this New Year with ‘turn it up’ planet Uranus in your Sun sign. You are ready to get situations moving! The questions are, “ Which way to go and what goals do you set?” You are never a person without motivation, but at this time you’ll have a tremendous desire to bond and work with others. Old friends from the past will also turn up this month! As far as your planets are concerned, ‘the more the merrier!’


The full Moon on the 4th does insist on you taking out some extra time for family members. If there is someone who needs more attention, the full Moon is a great time to sit with them to make a schedule or get their affairs in order before you get so busy you won’t have the time to lend them before the end of the month. Stay away from stressful people on the job after the 12th. Your patience can be very short. The Mercury retrograde might help with plans for the future, but your words can be strong and forceful…be mindful of what you say this month! Best Days: 2,3,11,12,13,20,21,29,30. Stressful Days: 6,7,8,14,15,27,28.














































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Glorious New Year



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