April 2016



Cancer:  You are motivated to achieve big things this month! Work issues keep you on your toes as the planets inspire ways of you getting back on the career track or nudging you to move in a better direction. Regardless of how you try to ignore situations that are happening at work…the feeling that something better is coming aways returns! Well, money can be a tremendous motivator! 'Dollar-diva' Venus encourages finding options to increase your income after the 5th and adds 'charm' to your talks and negotiations with employers or the potential person who can sign your paycheck! And this is not the time to be timid about your wants and needs Cancer!  If you've been stressed out about wage issues, the new Moon on the 7th gives the courage necessary to either ask for more money or seek better money making situations! You'll have lots of chances to socialize this month! 'Communication' planet Mercury activates networking situations in your 'friendship' zone and all of a sudden you have more people than normal calling you!


Old friends call to check up on your well being and new friends want to get together and hang out! Even a few associates at work seem to be leaning more towards being more friendly after the 19th when the Sun creates enormously 'warm' energy between you and coworkers. On the 28th when the planet Mercury goes retrograde you'll notice odds things beginning to happen with your buddies…a few people you haven't heard from for ages find you on Facebook or Instagram and make contact. There is the possibility that communication issues with your current friends create doubt about their loyalty? Try not to speak out of your emotions during the Mercury retrograde. It is better to listen and learn a few  things about the person doing the talking! Yes, Cancer intent listening reveals  certain truths that you weren't aware of before. Avoid getting too caught up in other people's mistakes this month…the Mercury retrograde can be marvelous for reevaluating your goals and rethinking the plans needed to obtain them! Your love life becomes more colorful around the full Moon on the 22nd.


Someone professes love for you or you meet a person whom you have enormously strong chemistry with! Be careful about ex's coming back! Remember the Mercury retrograde has a tendency to bring people back from the past. Of course if you're looking for someone to return this might be a good thing, but if you've had enough of old romances, avoid all types of communication…unless you need answers about what went wrong? 'Secretive' planet Pluto goes retrograde in your 'relationship' zone on the 18th and people will be more willing to be honest. If you need to know, don't be afraid to ask questions! Being attentive at work can take a lot more effort! 'Energy' planet Mars goes retrograde in your 'work' zone and maintaining your energy level or your sense of momentum can be a problem. Pace yourself, get enough rest and try not to get get too stressed out on the job. Best Days: 4,5,12,13,22,23. Stressful Days: 1,6,7,19,20,21,27,28.