July 2015



Cancer: Slowing down is not an option this month! With 'high' energy planet Mars situated in your sign you'll have all the 'get up and go' needed to get big things done…and dealing with relationship issues can soak up much of your momentum! With planets 'visiting' both of your 'love' sectors you can make a good guess that your love life needs attending to! The full Moon on the 1st highlights activities in your partnership and with support from 'power' planet Pluto the suggestion is that you have the power to improve situations with the person you're  in love with, or you have the determination to let go and allow another love situation come your way. The new Moon on the 15th turns the focus more on your personal needs in love. With the assistance of 'structure' planet Saturn also on the 15th, the cosmic suggestion is that your love life needs a stronger foundation and a solid person to be with so that romance to grow and bloom to the next level. Be mindful of your weight issues this month. Some news from a potential love could catch you off guard around the 18th. Someone you've had your eye on lets you know that they're very interesting to getting to know you better, but because love-planet Venus goes retrograde on the 31st you might have to slow things down until Sept. 6th when the coast is clear to start up a new love affair! 


The new Moon encourages you to take better care of your body and to watch what you eat. The good news is that you have the aid of Mars to help with your work out and exercise routine if you happen to need a bit more stamina to get the sweat glands functioning! Staying away from sweet foods can be difficult this month. Discipline will be required to gain success! All thoughts turn towards finances after the 22nd. Your 'money' sector is packed with great planetary assistance to get your finances on the right track! 'Dollar' diva Venus arrives to give you understanding about your past financial management, 'mental' Mercury provides the ability to get matters in order and figure out ways of improving your financial wellness, in addition the 'fullness' of the Sun opens avenues of financial growth. Insight and awareness from the 2nd full Moon on the 31st this month gives incentive to get your bills and debts in order and to find ways to paying off your bills. Keep your eyes open on the job! You can gain incredible insight into your coworkers after the 23rd.


A conversation with someone you work with alerts you to a few things being done behind your back. Pay close attention to gossip concerning certain coworkers. You might discover why you're not getting ahead as quickly as you  think you should or why your progress seems to be at a standstill. After the 26th when 'liberation' planet Uranus goes retrograde you might experience a sense of stagnation. Use this time to do your job more carefully. Changes might occur that may not be in your best interest, so be more consideration about the quality of your work! Best Days:  6,7,14,15,16,24,25. Stressful Days: 1,2,8,9,22,23,29,30.


Soap Of The Month:

Love Vortex:


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