April 2015


Cancer: Keeping the peace with others will require a lot of patience this month! The full Moon lunar eclipse on the 4th puts the spotlight on the way a few individuals are treating you and you'll be ready to make much needed changes! The focus turns to your home and family. Cancer your home is your domain and the full Moon wants you to make sure everything is as it should be when it comes to your security, the well being of your family and your peace of mind! Some hidden issue can spring forward during the eclipse to force you to into action! It might be a family relationship, it could be the conditions of your home or living arrangements…it might even be an issue with a room mate or a neighbor…but some matter that has been 'bugging' you for months will finally be addressed under the vibes of the full Moon. Remember, that situations during this time may not be so pleasant! Brace yourself for an encounter of truth or aggravation.


Whatever 'avenue' the Universe places in motion to get 'hidden' stuff exposed to you…just know that it is for your highest good and to allow you a way of getting rid of it! The quality of your family relationships can play a big role in what you do this month!  Are there things going on with family members or loved ones that have been pushed under the carpet and not dealt with? Power struggles can occur and you'll have to be strong enough to handle them. If you're planning to enjoy Easter dinner with your family, be very careful of the company you bring. A critical eye might be casted on your date. If your loved one is not 'family approval proof, catch up with them later!  Once you've done all you can do with keeping things in order at home, don't hesitate to redirect your energy towards your career! Something totally unexpected can happen regarding your work situation and if you're trying to gain better footing on the job, the new Moon on the 18th gives you the 'hand up' you need!


People listen to what you say during this time! And you also get the notice of higher ups and supervisors. Just make sure you mind is clear and not distracted with  recent family issues.  Strong concentration at work will bring the positive notice that you need to move up! And…of course you can't mention work without mentioning money! Well, with 'abundance' planet Jupiter shifting forward in your 'financial' sector you can anticipate your money gaining, flowing and increasing after the 8th! Yes,…and it's about time! Keep your conversations private this month! Avoid revealing your plans for the future with anyone…including your closest friends! The reason is that your ideas are extremely sensitive and any negativity or doubt can stop the flow of positive energy! Brain storming will take a heightened momentum after the 11th once your Venus steps into your 'private' sector and allows you to 'dream sweet dreams' for your future! Although spending time alone could get a lot of resistance from people you love as they want to keep you near and ever so close by. Share your time wisely this month…between the things you have to do and those matters you want to do! And if your plans for the future include being surrounded by busy and progressive people, jump at the chance to join those groups and organizations that can improve your chances for advancement and success, especially after the 14th. Be diplomatic in issues of romance after the 4th. A loved one could demand more of your attention for their own selfish needs. Give yourself the space your require to grow…with or without them! Best Days: 6,7,15,16,23,24.





Soap Of The Month:


 Ladies slide your body in a provocative essential oil blend of  musky Spikenard, Sweet Orange and other deep vibrational oils to experience the 'magic' of the Moon's lunar energy. Caress your skin with a soapy bath bar layered with coconut oil and olive oil, all intended to slip your mind into the sensuous shadows of the silvery Moon. This soap is for women only…use it and you'll know why! All Wading Water soap bars are 100% natural and colors from the clays of the earth…everything has a vibration! http://www.kimallen.com/#!bath-soaps/ccpx