Dec. 2014





Cancer: You can be very lucky at the start of this month! The full Moon on the 6th joins forces with ‘good luck’ planet Jupiter accompanying something very nice into your life. Whether it’s more money, a new friend, a new love or a great job…it is all up to what your angels feel you need! So during the first week of this month, make your prayers and desires clear so that your angels will get a solid picture of your wishes! With that said…Cancer, your cosmic direction shifts as 4 planets enter your relationship sector after the 10th of the month.  If you’ve found yourself alone, in need of love or friendship, the next few weeks will be filled with a great person to love, nurture and bond with.  


“Attentive’ Venus on the 10th assists you in having affectionate filled relationships with those who want nothing but the best for you. If you’re in a partnership where things haven’t been going right, the planet Venus will stimulate greater feelings for romance and passion by allowing you and others to be more demonstrative of your affection. This will be the month where you will see ‘love in motion!’ With 4 planets in the sign of ‘can do’ Capricorn all bundle in your love sector,  the energy of accomplish will be felt! Actions will in indeed take the place of words, in fact, what you need to know regarding a certain person’s feelings will be seen through their acts and deeds around the new Moon on the 21st. 


The proof of love will be in the acts of love! Your ability to talk things out and communicate your feelings is enhanced once ‘mental’ Mercury adds its energy to your partnership issues after the 16th.  Romance issues take a turn for the better once the Sun steps into the love arena on the 21th.  The possibility of having greater growth around the Winter Solstice with someone you love or someone you’re hoping to take things to a new level can certainly happen at this time.  The new Moon on the 21 will also give fresh incentives on what to do to keep things fresh with a current partner regarding love and romance.  Not all of your energy will be directed towards love this month! ‘Hard work’ planet Saturn turns up the importance of your employment after the 23rd. 


 The goal is to look for something better!  Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius brings more adventure in the act of seeking success…and you’ll have this advantage for the next few years! So be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get ready to work like a maniac!  Start thinking about saving more money! The ‘wind fall’ in finances that you’ll had over the past few months will begin to come to a halt once ‘prosperity-planet’ Jupiter goes retrograde on the 8th.  Buckle down when it comes to your monetary habits.  Putting away more money and spending less brings you greater security over the next few months. 


 Your Christmas celebration finds you in the company of someone who wants to show you just how serious they are about you! In fact, they might not be willing to share you with others such as family or friends. The shoe could be on the other foot and you’re the person who might be more possessive with a loved one.  The smaller the gathering with people during your Christmas celebration this year...the greater the intimacy between you and a loved one.  Just know that if you don’t keep an eye on your money during New Year’s Eve that you can enter 2015 broke and in debt.  Avoid very expensive places or activities unless you have money on hand.  You need to have a financial strong hold for the New Year, so start working on it the day before! Best Days: 8,9,18,19,26,27. Stressful Days: 1,2,15,16,22,23,28,29.



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St. Michael


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