March 2015



Cancer: The Universe is determined to make you prosperous! But before you get too happy my dear Cancer… you'll have to work for it! Major planetary momentum is aimed at your career path this month! And the new Moon Solar eclipse on the 20th brings greater clarity on what steps should be taken. Since the beginning of the year the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place concerning cosmic focus on 'wealth building'. But in order for this to happen, you might need a better vehicle to obtain it…such as a higher job! Look for a great opportunity to materialize regarding your career around the 20th. The new Moon in agreement with 'hard work' planet Saturn is ready to provide you with a chance for promotion or an elevated work situation. The truth is that you've been feeling the need to do something else or something on a different level regarding work over the past few months and the time to make a move has arrived!


You can't lose this month! You have tremendous planetary help in your career sector that included 'motivational' Mars, 'socially aware' Venus at the top of the month, later to be visited by the Sun and 'mental' Mercury. What does it all mean? It means  that you'll be driven, charismatic, energized and be on your best game while in pursuit of something financially better! Things have been a bit rough in your current employment matters and that is only because 'discipline' planet Saturn is 'over seeing' your work situation for the next 2 years. Unless you want to continue the drudgery of doing a job you don't like, you should seek improvement! Romance looks refreshing this month! The full Moon on the 5th provides 'charming' events to happen in the name of love! If you're looking for a special someone, don't hesitate to socialize during the week of the full Moon. Power-planet Pluto in alignment with the full Moon brings you together with someone you think might be perfect for dating and romancing. If you're in a relationship, expect your conversations with your loved one to become more intimately arousing. Keep an eye on your phone calls during the week of the full Moon.


A person you've been longing to speak with will attempt to get in touch with you! This is a good month to be more out going! After the 17th wonderful things start happening in your friendship sector and 'chance' meetings with new people provide nice opportunities for interesting associations. The issue of financial will again pop up when you begin to network in a different crowd after the 17th. People of affluence and influences cross your path and you can get some inside information regarding what is happening in a particular job field or in a specific work situation. Pay attention to your diet this month! You might find yourself not being able to enjoy the rich foods that you normally love. The reason is that your nervous system is on high alert and foods you enjoy can cause indigestion. This is a good time to slim down and detoxify your  body. With the first day of spring on the 20th you might consider 'springing' your system back into shape with a diet of some sort and maybe a bit more exercise. Now is the time to look good! Best Days: 1,9,10,18,19,27,28. Stressful Days: 7,8,14,15,20,21.








Soap Of The Month:



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