July 2016



Cancer: What's good for you and your well being will be your top one concern! Going to the extreme for others and making sure everyone around you is taken care of will take a back seat this month and it is all because you've had enough of not being appreciated for your efforts or not being treated the same way you treat those around you. This 'about face' change of attitude begins with the new Moon on the 4th as conjoins with power-planet Pluto to bring internal resolute and fortitude assisting your needs and not worrying about the situations of others for a while! Don't feel guilty about spending time and energy on making yourself happy for a change Cancer. You are able to spend remarkable periods of time looking out for loved ones and family members and the question is, 'do they look out for you?'  Where you stand in love is critical! Your planets wants you to know if you're involved in situations where growth is happening or if you're in a stagnant relationship and need to find a way out! Giving your all and all in love is no secret to anyone who has been lucky enough to find their way into your heart!


But you might not have been so fortunate in getting out what you've put in…devotion, affection and loyalty. There's lots of cosmic help to answer these questions of soundness in love! And the new Moon again addresses the issue of your personal needs in romance and whether or not you've discovered that you don't feel the same way about your current romantic situation! The full Moon on the 19th 'fine tunes' your vision in relationships and allows you to discern the truth regarding the feelings of those in your life. Shift your attention on looking great and feeling good! Don't neglect the way you look this month! You are in the mist of your birthday season and just because you get a year older doesn't mean you have to look that way!  Update your appearance and expect great compliments! Changes in your career situation might require that you look better if you're planning a new job search.


Employment matters can seem a bit uncertain at this time as 'innovative' Uranus goes retrograde in your 'career' zone after the 29th. And if you're looking for a switch in work this can be a welcomed energy. With your 'employment' zones being influenced by 2 retrograde planets (Saturn and Uranus on the 29th), taking a hard look at the way things are going in your career might be a good idea. Are you making advances or do you feel stagnated at work? 3 planets influencing your 'cash flow' zone encourage you to do more to attract more money…all starting on the 12th. 'Dollar diva' Venus joined by 'mental' Mercury and the 'vibrant' Sun bring messages of impending abundance. The implication is…you work hard to gain more and more resources are now free to come your way! The lines for career negotiations widen just before the end of the month! Best Days: 3,4,13,14,22,23,31. Stressful Days: 10,11,12,18,19,24,25.