May 2016



 Cancer:  Your thoughts are extremely strong this month! And now that you've gotten a clearer picture of who your true friends are you're able to create a supportive inner circle for yourself! No more giving and nurturing those who don't appreciate you…and no more caring what others think when they don't really matter.  A lot of your time and energy has been spent on the wrong things and with 'expansive' planet Jupiter moving forward in your 'mental' zone after the 9th you'll be able to 'think' past issues that have stood in your way! The Mercury retrograde assists you reconsidering  the 'nonsense' that have challenged your dreams for the future…and with a lunar 'boost' from the new Moon on the 6th you'll either uncovered an old dream that you continue to long for, or totally create a brand new one. Don't worry about getting rid of certain associates…Cancer remember the saying, 'one monkey doesn't stop the show!'  You're wiser than that!


Once you realize that they'll never change you'll understand why 'dropping' them is very necessary! You may have had an incredible urge to revisit true friends from your past…and if you do, make plans to go see them or to reconnect! The planet Jupiter can be very lucky in helping you find missing persons! If you don't have their number, do some research and wait for positive results! Your love life is very 'bubbly' this month! A lot of fun things can happen that will go to your head! This is a great thing Cancer! And after the 20th when the Sun 'vitalizes' your social life, you'll can be very quiet about certain romantic activities or hush, hush about a particular person you're seeing! The protective part of your personality needs to know more about the intentions of this person before you start showing them off to friends and family…and until they prove their worth in love you will continue to keep them to yourself! Once 'passionate' Mars actives your 'love' zone on the 27th you'll give certain people little sneak peeps of what you're up to in romance! A change in your physical appearance is not that far away! Once 'beautify' Venus enters your 'private' zone you'll be more apt to considering a change in your image…although you'll take your time and be very choosy of what to do.


If it's a hair cut, look around careful until the Mercury retrograde is over on the 22nd to find the right stylist and it is a gym you're looking for, seek out bargains! Next month you'll surprise everyone with a new you and if you do your homework your new image will be pleasantly striking! Keep your comments about your coworkers to yourself around the full Moon on the 21st. The stress of the full Moon can activate your need to talk the truth to someone who annoys you at work and this might not fall in your favor! Channel your frustration about the job into doing other things…utilizing the gym can relieve the aggravation. In time you'll be able to say what needs to be said…but just not this month! Best Days: 1,2,3,10,11,19,20,21,29,30. Stressful Days: 4,5,17,18,24,25,31.