Feb. 2016



Cancer: Your search for independence is insatiable! With so many questions  circling your relationship over the past weeks, your heart inspires you to take time off and get in touch with inner needs. Wow! This is a switch…you leaving the cares of others to get a better understanding of what your own issues are? Cancer, this can be so positive because you have the freedom 'to do you!' Yes, Cancer…it is time 'to do you!' What is it you'd like to bring into your life? More money, more friends? Your planets all point to creating emotional satisfaction! This is the month to travel, go visit a few long distant friends or family members and expand your horizon. The new Moon on the 8th can be a powerful stimulate for change…changing yourself from the inside out…meaning you are free to shift your thinking about things, readjust your plans or change your social circle. A stronger love life is indicated this month as several planets 'cram' into your 'intimacy' sector after the 13th. There is a strong warning about an ex coming back or an old love making excuses to keep staying in touch with you.


But the cosmic energy is on liberating yourself and doing something new! The arrival of the Sun in your 'communication' sector on the 19th is a sure sign that you'll be involved in long and pleasant conversations with someone who romantically excites you! Although there might be yearning for more affection, your recent past experiences caution you to take your time and enjoy your own emotional space. If you're in a relationship use the 'warming' Sun to hot up the 'chilliness' in your life partnership by being more loving and affectionate with that special someone…why not consider making an appointment at the spa to get a 'couples massage.' Valentine's Day is right around the corner and if you're in love or looking for love, having an invigorating time at the spa will chase the 'winter' out of your bones.  There can be lots of company around your Valentine's Day event! Even if you have a partner chances are you'll be out in the public either dining or doing something romantic…so look stunning!


Also with 'money magnet' Venus stirring up activity in your 'financial' sector, you can expect an abundance of your concentration to be turn toward money accumulation and money management! There is an emphasis on being clear about your resources and keeping your expectations realistic. Cancer, you might dream of becoming a millionaire, but planning concrete ways to becoming one is a dream that just might come true! Before the end of the month you will be surrounded once again with family issues that need your attention! The full Moon on the 22nd brings some information your way to help you deal with a constant family crisis or someone at home that just can't seem to manage without some sort of issue coming up over and over again! The full Moon in Virgo is an analytical Moon…instead of being drawn into this situation with your heart, use your head and find a workable solution. Maybe your family member needs to go talk with a professional about their persistent problems…and just maybe you need to get out of their way and let them find their own answers for once! Tough love goes a long way! Best Days: 1,9,10,18,19,27,28,29. Stressful Days: 5,6,11,12,25,26.