Oct. 2015


Cancer: Thank goodness you'll be able to get some peace and quiet! With all the 'cosmic noise' coming from the Mercury retrograde, by the 9th situations calm down and allow you to make sense of matters that have been going on in your home. Where you live and the condition of your domain is very important and with the help of the planet Mercury you're now able to get a few things in order! Good! Conversations with loved ones go really well once 'dazzling' Venus magnetizes your 'communication' sector on the 8th. Surprising messages and phone calls for people who cherish you will be a nice reminder of how much you're adored and a call or two from an old flame causes you to blush! The planet Venus gives you the confidence to talk with anyone this month and if you've been accused of being shy in the past, you can get rid of that impression by your new feeling of self assuredness.


Go ahead and tell people what is on your mind! This is an excellent month to do 'mental work!' You'll have the focus necessary to concentrate on getting paper work done, or study for exams. Also, if you've been longing to communicate with a person you've lost touch with, any time after the 9th would be a great time to reach out. How is your relationship with your siblings? Have you not connected with them or someone you consider to be like a brother or sister in a while? The planet Venus will 'sweeten' your talks with them…go ahead and pick up the phone and make the first call!  What is going on with your appearance Cancer? If you feel the need to make a change you will be correctly guided by the fresh energy of the new Moon on the 12th. With the arrival of a new season, take advance to get a few new items added to your wardrobe to spice up your image!


Expect to be more socially active around the full Moon on the 27th. For some reason parties and events are more plentiful during the full Moon and you're invited to a lot them! Remember Cancer, you have the assistance of Venus to aid you in your social appearances so don't even think of being too shy and not attending anything that looks interesting…there is no telling who you might meet…especially with the Sun sending 'vibrant' energy in your 'love' sector after the 23rd. Lucky for you that 'restriction' planet Saturn is no longer 'blocking' the vibrations of love since it has left your 'love' sector not too long ago…be prepared to be overwhelmed by someone who is  trying very hard to meet you before the end of the month! If you celebration Halloween, you could get a 'scare' from all the extra attention that comes your way from a few very attractive suitors. Your power to seduce is extremely strong during the Halloween weekend…and if there is someone you really want to meet, put yourself in the right place to encounter them! If you're in love with a special someone, the affection flows really well between you two during this time! Matters in your love life are shifting for the better! Best Days: 4,5,14,15,23,24,31. Stressful Days: 11,12,13,19,20,25,26.