Sept. 2014



Cancer: Enjoy the financial flow this month! There have been a few opportunities that hopefully you took advance of that opened new ways to make extra cash. And if this haven’t happen to you yet…worry not because assistance will be coming once your cosmic direction shifts into your mental sector after 5th. But, in the mean time, open your eyes to new financial possibilities or be bold enough to start a project to create better money for yourself during the early part of this month! Things are really growing for you! Your partnership arena becomes powerful once ‘control’ planet Pluto goes direct on the 22nd.


This gives you the confidence to align yourself with people who are working in your best interest and partnering with individuals who have the same goals as yourself. If you’re thinking of starting a business or financial project, after the 22nd is a good time to sit down to work out agreements and business plans.  Expect to spend quality time at home this month! The new Moon on the 24th encourages you to make your dwelling more comfortable for yourself and for those you live with! Although you can have stress with certain family members, once the Sun followed by loving-planet Venus influences situations in and around your home, people will be more cooperative and pleasant after the arrival of the fall season!


When you look back on your summer, what are your thoughts? Did you use your time well? Or did you just sit back and let things happen? There is no right answer my dear Cancer, because either way you couldn’t lose, especially with so much positive energy surrounding you, but as in all things…nothing lasts forever, so this will be the month where you’ll have to be more careful with your time and energy. You can be caught off guard regarding love before the 13th Passion-planet Mars ‘steams up’ your romance sector and up lifts all kinds of romantic activities! A person with plans on making you love them and capturing your heart will be very busy after the 22nd. Make them work for it! Don’t be so easy to let new people into your life at this time! Mind-planet Mercury wants you to ‘play detective’ and ask straightforward questions and inquire into this person’s background to get an accurate picture of their intentions. Pay attention to your dreams around the full Moon on the 9th. A very powerful message comes. Follow your intuition! Best Days: 8,9,17,18,27,28. Stressful Days: 4,5,10,11,24,25.








Bath Of The Month:



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