June 2016



Cancer: Your birthday season opens with a superb blast of energy! This year's Summer Solstice (that traditionally begins your Sun sign) has the added support of a full Moon on the 20th as well! This brings great momentum, especially if you've been a bit sluggish lately. The Sun empowers you and the Moon stimulates your need for financial security. This is an ideal time to take advantage of the 'cosmic' power that lays on your path! Staying to yourself and being 'picky' about the company you keep is advisable this month. There is a lot happening in your 'privacy' zone which suggests that you need to be alone to get your thoughts and your plans in order. On the 3rd something alerts you to a work situation that needs your attention. An issue with a coworker or a supervisor might cause you to think twice about your work status, and if a problem does pop up handling matters with a calm attitude will quiet things down. The full Moon on the 20th warns about being 'overly sensitive' if someone hurts your feelings, so try not to jump to conclusions…there is also a chance that a promotion can be in the makings for you on the other hand!


Having private time to reflect and set your goals will be well worth the effort!  After the 13th your intuition will be more in tuned…making plans for the future will have added assistance. Don't neglect your spiritual needs this month…extra prayer, meditation, yoga or mentally solitude can bring a great sense of peacefulness as you might feel a strong need to be centered facing the events of the month. Social activities pick up after 'attention seeker' Venus shifts into your sign on the 17th. Your phone stays busy and you run into friends you haven't seen in a while. Venus enjoys making a 'party' out of everything! Venus brings extra attention, magnetism and charisma after the 17th, so be prepared to carefully choose where you go and who you go with! 


A make over would be wonderful during your birthday season! It is a new personal year for you…and a change in your appearance makes you feel desiring of positive attention! There is nothing wrong with accentuating what you have and correcting those things you don't have Cancer! Stay aware of what you put into your body, especially around the full Moon on the 20th. Don't over do the sweets and stay away from those things that cause you to go to the extremes…such as comfort foods. Keep an eye on your wellness this month! On the 29th 'communication' planet Mercury gives you the 'gift of gab' as it enters your sign…making you talkative and extremely honest in your conversations with others…hopefully a few people are ready to hear what you have to say! With 'war' planet Mars 'revisiting your 'love' zone on the 29th try  avoid having major arguments about little things. Mars is the planet of passion and there are a few avenues open to express your feelings for the one you love!

Best Days: 6,7,15,16,17,25,26. Stressful Days: 1,13,14,20,21,22,27,28.