August 2016



Cancer: You must tighten your purse strings this month! The planets send you a strong message about financial responsibility. On the 2nd the new Moon 'activates' your 'cash flow' zone and inspires you to start thinking more intently about increasing your income and using your money in better ways. The Moon can also turn your attention to employment conditions and whether you're able to prosper there? If you feel a change is necessary, you'll have the 'aggressive' push of the planet Mars to get moving and search for a higher paying job or seek a promotion to bring in more resources. A lot of energy is directed toward your work after the 13th when 'structure' planet Saturn goes direct. Yes, my dear Cancer…the planet Saturn is very serious when it comes to any area it touches in your chart and the area at this time is your career gains. What is going on with your work situation this month? With the combined efforts of both planets Mars and Saturn there isn't too much you can't overcome.


Mars represent an abundance of concentration activity and Saturn is the planet that builds and 'cements' situations in specific areas. The full Moon lunar eclipse on the 18th demands that you do something worthwhile with your resources. There can be a monetary emergency that lets you know that you're on the wrong financial track…or if you've been great with your money…there is an encouraging event that may occur to bring some really great news about a wage increase or gaining lots more over time at work! Your chart is very sensitive about financial growth…Your mind is extremely alert this month! You have the good fortune of having 4 planets providing their cosmic gifts as they join 'expansive' Jupiter in your 'mental' zone. After the 5th when 'socially aware' Venus 'shifts intentions, followed by the Sun on the 22nd. On the 30th when the planet Mercury goes retrograde, you'll have a few weeks to reflect on your recent past actions and make more astute plans for the next couple of months. 


Being with your friends can be all so rewarding after the 5th. The conversations you have with your close friends are emotionally rewarding. Plan to have get togethers with buddies you haven't seen in a while, so you'll have a chance to chat and catch up on what's been going on. Your power of communication is strong with 'talkative' Mercury in your 'mental' sector. And the same goes for your love life as you try to figure out what is on the mind of the person you love. Try to get to know someone better, as they'll be more willing to open up and talk. Open up and communicate with family members or those you live with. 'Loving' Venus moving in your 'home' zone on the 29th can 'soften' the conversations  with people you love…you have to be willing to start the ball rolling with a subject matter that will get people talking! Best Days: 1,9,10,19,20,27,28. Stressful Days: 7,8,14,15,21,22.