Oct. 2014


Cancer: There is a season for all things and your season for handling stress has arrived! Brace yourself Cancer…staying calm and centered will require great will power as things begin to shift without warning around the full Moon lunar eclipse on the 8th. What to watch out for during this full Moon?  Be on guard for power struggles between you and those on your job. If you’re having issues with a coworker or a supervisor just know that things can get even tenser during the week of the full Moon. How you view your career position can also change. You might feel a strong need to do something else or seek a promotion or a job with better pay.  With the Mercury retrograde starting on the 5th conversations can take you by surprise regarding your work status. If you thought you were doing a great job, be prepared for some unexpected criticism.


Take everything you hear this month with a ‘grain of salt,’ meaning that not everything someone tells you is the absolute truth. You might have to figure things out on your own, but keeping to yourself and redirecting your attention to your home and family after the 25th proves to be worthwhile. Be mindful of your health this month. Any time after the 10th would be a good time to make doctor appointments or try to treat your body better. A lot of energy is turned toward love and romance during the week of the new Moon solar eclipse on the 23rd. If you were too busy taking care of career issues or home issues over the summer the Universe now gives you the chance to pay more time being in love, finding romance and being romantic to the one you love this fall!  The new Moon solar eclipse gives you the opportunity to consider the activities in your present relationship and determine if it is worthwhile keeping or if you indeed need to reconsider other options.


Don’t be alarmed if you begin to start running into people from the past. Old loves will surface without warning everywhere. Passion-planet Mars visiting your relationship sector after the 26th enlivens your love life. This is the month is play it safe. Avoid taking any risks when it comes to your money and finances. Only careful, conservative actions with your resources will do. If you make the wrong financial moves, there can be long-term consequences. Best Days: 5,6,14,15,24,25. Stressful Days: 1,2,7,8,21,22,23,28,29.





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