March 2015



Capricorn: What's stopping you Capricorn? What's stopping you from being successful and living your dreams? At this point of 'over looking' your planetary support you get 'big time' cooperation from 'powerful' Pluto with a 'push' by the full Moon on the 5th! Yes, the full Moon is always about finishing business, completing projects, gathering up resources and being elevated to a new level! And in your case, things are working better than anticipated! It is tough to be so driven at being the best and the most successful, but Capricorn you truly can't help your cosmic DNA. Regardless of how many times you tell yourself that getting ahead doesn't mean that much, you can't help but feel you're not living up to your potential! And your potential is to rise to the top! So what is ahead for you this month? Finding out who is in your corner is the first thing to do! With the full Moon energizing affairs in your social sector, you have a chance to survey how people treat you and whether they are with you for your 'rise to the top' or because they truly enjoy your personality?


Full Moon's always give greater psychic insight and if you have a question about a certain person's loyalty, just sit back and watch the events with friends and associates around the week of the full Moon on the 5th…you will be 'enlightened.'  And, if you discover that you're surrounded by people who could give less about you…take a moment to plan a get away!  Yes, get away from all negative encounters. The planets encourage you to call up a friend in an another town or state to spend a weekend in the company of someone you feel safe with. This doesn't have to be a love relationship, but being in the presence of a dear friend will do you a world of good! Let's not turn your back on love all together this month! Romance looks very promising as 'passion partners' Venus and Mars activate activities in your romance sector by the 31st.


You can assume that more attention and more social events bring exciting love encounters to fruition! And if you're looking for love, you have tremendous opportunities after the 17th. Just maybe meeting a special someone will prompt you in getting your home in better shape? The new Moon Solar eclipse on the 20th places a lot of focus on your home life and the quality of your personal space. The good thing is in addition to the new Moon, also arrives the 'vitality' of the Sun to shine even brighter light on your place, followed by 'mental' Mercury on the 30th. You'll figure out a way to make your home more 'entertainment friendly' and keep the comfort you enjoy! Try to get more rest this month! With the pressure of 'guilt ridden' Saturn going retrograde on the 14th you might feel it's ok to spend a little more time in bed on the weekends. Get the rest you need because this will be a very busy month. Conversations with loved one will take a lot of energy! Best Days: 4,5,6,14,15,22,23. Stressful Days: 1,7,8,20,21,27,28.











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