Jan. 2015



Capricorn: Get ready for a ‘break through!’  The time to clean up the secrets and bad habits that hold you back is here! ’Reconstruction’ planet Saturn now in your ‘sector of secrets’ requires that you to get ‘your stuff’ in order!  What stuff you ask? Those things that stop you from moving forward, keep you bound to the past, stop you from reaching your highest potential, or those relationships that are ‘chained’ to your weaknesses. Are you fearful of being successful? Do you have issues that embarrass you and you’re afraid of other people finding them out? Do you have a lot of regrets from past actions. If you answered yes to any of these, this can be an extremely helpful and gratifying transit if you acknowledge that these matters are no good for you and  need to be released. Capricorn, let them go gracefully! Saturn is a cold, matter of fact, bottom line type of planet and if you need some ‘back bone’ to make decisions, Saturn will be ‘riding with you’ for the next 2 years. Warning…if you attempt to hold on to your stuff and resist, deny or reluctantly hang on to it…your life will be tough!


But, realistically, letting go of anything is a big issue for you, as you tend to move at your own pace. Nothing moves you until you are ready to move…right?  Well, guess what? Saturn is not going to wait for you to ‘think about it!’ You already ‘intuitively’ know what needs to be released and the ‘winds of change’ are here! Let the negative stuff go Capricorn! The oddest things can start to happen this month such as you need a job and someone from your old work place calls you to let you know that they are hiring, or you need a better car and a friend just happens to call to inform you of a vehicle that a family member is selling…yes advances to push you forward begin to happen!


Money is a ‘big’ deal this month! 3 planets in your ‘financial’ sector grab your attention about your cash? Unexpected money making opportunities can come your way, but you’ll have to wait until after the Mercury retrograde while also in your money sector to clean up and straighten out a few concerns you have with your resources. Do you spend too much or not watch what you do with your money! Capricorn you are considered to be a ‘money making’ sign and you truly need to respect your finances better! The new Moon on the 20th gives you major insight into your monetary habits and the Mercury retrograde starting on the 21st helps with your issues. Start a budget this month and watch the spending!


Relationship issues take an interesting turn around the full Moon on the 4th. You see matters with clarity in love around this time and decide to either stay with the person you’re with or find someone who is more suited for your needs of affection! The Mercury retrograde can mess up your conversations with loved ones. Be mindful of what you say to partners and family members after the 12th. ‘Loving’ Venus assists you in picking the right words after the 27th. This is not the month to speak while angry! Best Days: 9,10,18,19,27,28. Stressful Days: 4,5,11,12,13,24,25,31.




Soap Of The Month:

Glorious New Year!



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