May 2015


Capricorn: Work matters will undergo a period of readjustment! The Mercury retrograde turns its focus on your employment situation and if you're in need of a better job or better relations with those on the job, you'll see the reasons why! You might be uncomfortable addressing work issues…being a Capricorn you're so used to hanging in there, toiling and striving until you get what you deserve…but the Mercury retrograde comes along on the 18th to make sure you're headed  for the right things. Too much is at stake right now Capricorn! With 'prosperity' planet Jupiter visiting your financial situation for only a few more months, you have to make sure that you've taken advantage of every money making, financial gaining situation that is available to you. Yes, the clock is ticking! Not only will you have the assistance of 'mind' planet Mercury to give insight into your current work situation this month, but also have the fortitude of planet Mars and the vital powers of the Sun to bring opportunities forward.


Great stamina comes to achieve your goals and the positive awareness to know when things fit when and when they don't! If you like your job and your problem is more your coworkers, be careful to avoid arguments and confusion during the week of the 15th. Things can really get 'dirty' with a coworker and conflicts come out of nowhere. The Mercury retrograde turns words and conversations upside down, so if you're forced to work with someone who is confrontational, keep your conversations down to a minimum and practice saying as less as possible to get thru this time period that lasts until June 12th. This is also an excellent month to schedule your doctors visits and check up on your health. The Mercury retrograde comes in handy with uncovering a hidden situation or revealing some ailment you never noticed in the past. Consider changing your diet this month. Summer is heading in fast and you want to look good in your skimpy summer clothes so throw out the pasties and potato chips in exchange for fresh salads and kale chips to improve your health. The full Moon on the 3rd suggests that you'll enter into a greater socializing period! After the 3rd you can starting hearing a lot from friends who are normally too busy to stay connected or hear from old friends who are passing thru town.


There is also a strong chance than an old flame that you still have feelings for reach out, especially after the 7th when 'romantic' planet Venus enters your relationship sector. If you're looking for love Capricorn there is no doubt that someone stimulates the flames of passion within your soul this month. Venus magnetize your 'relationship' sector after the 7th and gives you the desire to have more love and more affection. The new Moon on the 18th stabilizes those romantic situations that are interesting. There is a word of caution when it comes to starting a possible new relationship after the 18th, the Mercury retrograde can create confusion with a new acquaintance so it is best to wait until over the retrograde is over on June 12th to 'bounce the ball' of love in another person's court. Expect to go way over budget for your Mother's Day celebration. If you're a mom, or plan on celebrating  with your mom or mother figure be prepared to hand over a few more dollars. The planets warn that everything is going to cost extra so be save and put a few more dollars away to enjoy this day of appreciation! Best Days: 8,9,16,17,25,26,27. Stressful Days: 1,2,14,15,21,22,28,29.










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Clear Mind:

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