Nov. 2015


Capricorn: Wow! Your job prospects are enormous! From the very beginning of the month the planets work in unison to provide opportunities for better work and better pay! With this information, the question is 'what do you want?' 'Magnetic' planet Venus turns situations 'lovely' in your 'career' sector after the 8th. If there's a problem you couldn't quite manage or a situation that refused to disappear, the 'charismatic' energy of Venus will help it melt away. By the 12th 'motivational' Mars picks up your career pace, just in case you need a tiny push to keep matters moving…and actually with all the things you're involved in you could use more energy. But the secret is to plan before you act…especially now! You have too many great things quietly manifesting in your interest not to have a clear idea of your goals. A preferable day to negotiate about any matter should be schedule around the 13th when dynamic planets join forces to get you what you want!


This is not the month to be polite and wait for situations to happen…With 'go get them' Mars at the top of your chart, having a confident and assertive attitude will get the attention you desire, especially between the 24th and the 26th. The full Moon on the 25th alerts you to a few issues going on behind your back on the job. And because your sense of self is so strong there will be a few 'back stabbers' attempting to sabotage your reputation or ruin your image with other coworkers. But the 'proof is in the pudding,' and people will see matters for themselves as you continue to progress, move on and pass them on the way up! Be mindful not to over work yourself this month. The issue of stress can affect the way you feel. A sharp mind and a well rested body is needed to reach this months goals…so if you feel the need to get extra rest, do so…and enjoy the well deserved time to spiritually recuperate! Avoid hanging out with the same people who keep doing the same old things! Go out and meet more active individuals who are busy changing their lives and staying productive. The new Moon on the 11th introduces you to a few social situations where you gravitate towards more exciting situations.


There is nothing wrong with your old friends, but unless people are growing at the same rate as yourself…you've probably out grown them! If in doubt with any matter this month…take it to prayer or meditation! "Inspirational' planet Neptune makes a stronger influence in your life after the 18th…and if you have situations that are confusing, don't hesitate to 'think on it' or ask the Almighty for guidance! Your spiritual connections are clearer after the 18th. Your love life gets a bit challenging around the 20th. A partnership begins to wear on you and you're not sure if this is what you want to stay with. A compromise in love will be required during the week of the 20th and if things are still not good, consider making a total change in romance. Your Thanksgiving celebration will keep you very busy as you bend over backwards to make loved ones happy. A simple dinner with lots of love will be sufficient for those who appreciate you. The point is to enjoy spending time with family and friends and being thankful for the blessings you have! Best Days: 5,6,15,16,24,25. Stressful Days: 1,8,9,22,28,29.