OCT. 2014


Capricorn: A major realization is coming! You might not quite understand what is happening, but you’ll soon learn of the enormous spiritual reserve you have this month! Your sense of will power…being a natural strength of yours is experienced on a new level. This will be the month were you’ll be willing to use your inner abilities differently. In stead of being so fixed in your thinking and being so determined and unmovable on certain matters, you can be open to more flexible and receptive approaches in dealing with matters… such as not being so quick to hold a position and protecting your territory...(you know how you goats are!) Yes Capricorn, having an unyielding personality might not quite suit your sense of well being this month, although change can be good on many levels. Expect something positive to happen!


A few incidents occurring at the top of the month causes you to seek new ways of handling issues. On the 4th a major power struggle can emerge on the job between you and the boss or you and a coworker. Capricorn, watch your reaction because things can get nasty…in addition to this on the same day the Mercury retrograde swings into motion! What the heck!!!! Having power struggles with only limited ways of talking them out? What do you do? You go inside and tap into your intuition and carefully work your way around them!  The other possibility is to acknowledge that you’re not always right! This is a big one!!!! Capricorns tend not to be humble, but realizing that there are two sides to a situation will make your life much easier this month! This way of thinking will certainly come in handy when you face arguments and disagreements with family and home matters.


Keep a posture of peace during the full Moon lunar eclipse on the 8th. A family member can create a stressful situation causing you to be disorganized and confused. Don’t turn your back on family issues this month…if so they will come back to annoy you! The Mercury retrograde will affect your friendships! Old friends come back, the intentions of new friends are realized and getting back in touch with a group of people or an organization you once had contact with feels good! Your energy level is incredible by the 26th as passionate Mars enters your sign. An old love attempts to return after the 23rd! Best Days: 1,2,9,10,19,20,28,29. Stressful Days: 7,8,14,15,21,22,23.



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