June 2016




Capricorn: Career matters come back into focus! This is the month to work 'smarter' and not 'harder'! A solar union with ruler planet Saturn on the 3rd stimulates forming better relationships with coworkers, supervisors and those who can make your work situation more pleasant. The new Moon on the 4th arrives with the added support of 'social loving' Venus also energizing your work conditions suggesting that cooperation with coworkers pay off in big ways! Yes, this is the time to be more understanding with those on the job and make your work experience more constructive! It is no secret Capricorn that you like to win, especially when it comes to work and career gains, but the planets have a different view for you this month and it is a greater 'win' can happen when others are included! Stronger mental connections occur when 'mind' planet Mercury activates your 'employment' zone after the 12th.


This is an excellent time to strike up conversations with people you work with and create a personal bond. Be sure not to talk about too much about your private stuff…things can get 'weird' when someone thinks you're crossing the line of being inappropriate…small impersonal chats are good and compliments about work performance is aways the best! There is a warning about 'topics' around the full Moon on the 20th. Keep things neutral and politically correct when dealing with people you have to spend a lot of time with. And when in doubt, trust your intuition! 'Inspirational' planet Neptune going retrograde in your 'mental' zone on the 13th gives more in depth insight into what is happening around you! Listen to your inner voice if ever there is a doubt about direction. Old enemies will attempt a come back after the 17th…so be very carefully about accepting new social media requests or answering phone calls from blocked numbers. Love can be glorious this month!


When 'romantic' Venus 'stirs' up matters in your 'relationship' zone you can anticipate affectionate things to bloom! In fact, your chart stronger suggests that you'll have an enormous increase in loving encounters from the moment that Venus influences your partnerships on the 17th, intensifying as the Sun sheds light on the 20th and lasting with sexy conversations due to Mercury looking for answers to love after the 29th. Yes, the Summer Solstice can be a socially positive time…but the only problem might be if you're looking for something new in romance, that someone from the past continues to hunt and search for you more intently before the month has ended! The energy of passion knows no boundaries and be mindful when 'hooking up' with old loves or a person you used to date long ago. If you're trying to get love matters turned in a better direction with a current love, the planets point to 'good luck' and maybe even good news from someone around the 26th. Save important conversations for that day! Best Days: 2,3,10,11,12,20,21,22,29,30. Stressful Days: 1,6,7,13,14,27,28.