Sept. 2014


Capricorn: You spring into action around the new Moon on the 24th!  Your career is your main focus! All the plans you’ve been making about work now have a great chance of sprouting success! Things have been a little ‘weird’ for you lately as you seem to be in the process of constantly changing your mind, gauging the way you feel and you’re not quite sure why? There is nothing wrong and everything is right Capricorn! You’re taking the pains of making the best decisions because you’re so tired of having to redo things, retrace things, regroup or get reorganized!! You’re ready to move forward, but there is a small voice in your head saying…’take your time and get it right,’ and that is exactly what you are doing…getting it right! Your sights are set on making a big mark in the world with career success! 


On the 2nd ‘mental’ Mercury in your career sector allows you to think deeply about what brings fulfillment in your work. But you are always trying to improve and strategize about being in the right place at the best time and this is a great month for your plans to be set in motion!  You make some new friends this month! Your travel plans may extend a little further into the fall and you discover that this is a fun time to have short term weekend visits and catch up with a few long lost friends and meet some interesting new people in the process! Your chances for romance improve around the 21st. A conversation between you and a very captivated person alerts your heart to the possibilities of entering into an exciting love affair. If you’re presently in love, you and your partner turn a corner in relationship enhancement, where extra efforts are taken to ‘up’ the intimacy. 


The full Moon on the 8th brings out your romantic side. Things that you were too afraid to reveal to another person or to your partner will be bravely spoken. You will be nicely surprised at the response. Because you’re often guarded with your feelings it is hard to know in what direction your heart is moving and with the revelation…your partner knows the deal and is down for the romantic adventure! Try hard not to create any animosity with anyone this month. Once war-planet Mars steps into your ‘secrecy’ sector on the 13th, you might be more aware of those who want to cause you mental harm. Keep your peace and stay positive! You have too much to lose to fall into negativity with someone who doesn’t like you in the first place! Best Days: 4,5,12,13,22,23. Stressful Days: 10,11,17,18,24,25.





Bath Of The Month:



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