June 2015



Capricorn: Time to let go and let God! With so many things seeming out of place  in the last few weeks you may have felt that you had no control of your circumstances…and in a real way you're right! The Universal forces have priority in assisting in getting things in order this month! With the Mercury retrograde uncovering hidden matters regarding your employment, after the 11th you're free to make changes and to proceed with a better set of plans. Yes Capricorn a new direction! The truth is that you can be set in your ways and with the help of the planet Mercury you're allowed to view matters in a totally different manner! The issues of your work conditions are revisited this month! The question is "why be so stressed out while trying to make a living?" If you find yourself always unhappy or tense related to your work situation…then why continue to do so? The time has come to be proactive! The new Moon on the 16th in your 'employment' sector brings enormously fresh ideas to 'lighten' your burden regarding your work conditions. If you love what you do, then fine! Maybe you just need to improve the place of your employment by looking for a different job site, or  if you dislike the type of work you're in…with the help of the new Moon and the support of motivational-planet Mars you'll have the 'get up and go' needed to look for a brand new job altogether!


Lots of mental energy has been directed towards the quality of your employment over the past few weeks and you've been given a chance to 'see into your work future' in some ways! If you don't like what you see, the planets provide the incentive to achieve better…so get moving! Did you have any negative encounters with coworkers during the full Moon on the 2nd? If so, it is just your angels way of letting you know who is out to get you! The full Moon will reveal your enemies and foes so keep your eyes open…and they don't just have to be on the job! A phone call during the early part of the month will alert you to someone who is trying to cause you problems, so listen and prepare! A friend might prove to be disappointing after the 14th. A set of events show you what a certain person really thinks about you. Even though the situation might hurt your feelings because of the trust you once had with this individual, don't allow it to break your spirit…this is something that you needed to know!


But there are good things that also happen for you and they are that your money will begin to level off and prosper after the 5th once 'dollar diva' Venus 'magnetizes' your financial sector and empowers you to use your finances in more sensible ways…in addition to figuring out new money making opportunities to add to your monetary resources! Your love life is turned up for the better after the 21st once the 'warmth' of the Sun 'shines' on your relationship arena and adds more charisma between you and someone special. Regardless of what other situations happen to you this month, by the 21st your mind, heart and spirit will be receptive to romance. Look for a distinguished person to enter your life or reveal their feelings for you after the 24th. Lots of affection surrounds you during the Father's Day celebration. If you're a father or plan on celebrating with your father or father figure expect a strong feeling of admiration to materialize on this day of appreciation! Best Days: 4,5,13,14,22,23. Stressful Days: 10,11,17,18,19,24,25.












Soap Of The Month:

The Sweet Smell Of Success:


The vibrations of 'good luck' planet Jupiter energizes this soap bar. "The Sweet Smell of Success" is handcrafted with essential oils that are ruled by Jupiter the planet of good fortune and abundance, such as Bay laurel essential oil that is noted for its money attracting ability and spiritual properties. This soap is so fragrant that you can skip wearing perfume or cologne allowing anyone who gets close in your personal space get an intoxicating experience of this fragrance as well. This soap bar lathers nicely and is made with olive oil, coconut oil, Shea butter and natural green clay for color. Soap lovers use this beautiful bar with hopes of changing their luck! http://www.kimallen.com/#!bath-soaps/ccpx