August 2016




Capricorn:  You prove to be a love magnet! This will be the month where you meet people in the most unusual situations. 'Romance' planet Venus adds more charm to your personality as you go to new places and do different things! The urge to travel should not be ignored! With numerous planets in your 'travel' zone you can find yourself 'antsy' and wanting to visit some distant location or maybe just see what's new in the next town or state! Don't fight your impulses…at least not at this time! Your intuition is extremely strong and there is no telling what or who you might discover while fulfilling your sense of exploration! Yes, Capricorn…pay credence to what your inner voice is saying! Your 'mental' zone is packed with cosmic assistance…all there to help figure things out and may a few critical plans for the future. And once 'mental' planet Mercury goes retrograde on the 30th you can find yourself in 'deep' psychic thought. What is deep psychic thought?


It's when you start remembering things that happened a while ago that didn't make any sense at the time and now situations are falling into place as you put 2 and 2 together! Revelations bring big rewards! Stop mentally thinking of yourself as 'walking in the dark' not being able to grasp the answers to questions that keep plaguing you…back to love! Your heart becomes a 'wanderer.' You might not be as happy in a current relationship as you'd like to be, or if you're alone, you begin to feel that finding the right person is out of your reach, and your heart keeps looking. The key to having a great match is to have both physical and mental chemistry…and once the Sun lights up your 'mental' zone after the 22nd, gaining a mental alignment with someone fascinating can happen…and happen fast! Be extraordinarily careful with your money. The full Moon lunar eclipse on the 18th shakes you up about being careless with your finances. Avoid taking any quick or risky actions with your cash.


The lunar eclipse warns that anything you lose might not be so easy to  get back in the way of money. The new Moon on the 2nd provides new ways of saving your resources or providing better ways to invest the money that you have…refrain from having an 'easy come, easy go' attitude with your resources! 'Dollar diva' Venus comes to your aid as it 'creates' energy in your 'career' zone during the week of the 29th. More over time at work might be possible, as well as seeking ways of gaining favor to get a promotion. The best thing about Venus in your 'career' zone is that relationships with your coworkers can improve on a social level. It's not a bad idea to go out to lunch with someone new or have coffee with an old employee you've never really had interest in knowing before. Maintain good eating this month…you can experience a few lulls with your energy level that causes you not to be as sharp as normal. Eat well and do well! Best Days: 4,5,14,15,23,24,31. Stressful Days: 1,7,8,21,22,27,28.