July 2016




Capricorn: You get nice surprises in love this month! A special person shows you the depths of their feelings, especially around the new Moon on the 4th. If you've been having some concerns in romance, the new Moon signals a new direction for your heart in spite of all the things you've been doing to make matters better. There's been a lot of emphasis placed on either staying in a current relationship or leaving…or even beginning a new relationship with someone else. The new Moon in the 'nurturing' sign of Cancer always reveals security issues and those things that  make us feel safe. The question is 'Are you in a situation where you feel needed, nurtured and loved?' Or is there someone around you who makes you feel that you can obtain these in a relationship? If the answer is no, the cosmic 'push' for your heart will be to seek out this type of partnership or this sort of partner to bring the energy of safety in your love life.


And if you're in a situation and you're afraid of change, the full Moon on the 19th will address this fear and allow you to see the honesty of the matter…'Is this really something you need or something you already have and don't realize it in romance?'  There is also the issue of 'sacrifice' in love this month. Are you so invested in a situation that you seem to give more and seem to get less out of the relationship? There will be a major shift in your approach to romance after the 12th when 3 planets enter your 'intimacy' zone and you're better able to discern the strength of the feelings you have for another…it starts with 'affection starved' Venus as it addresses issues of intimacy after the 12th with the question of 'Do you feel valued in your partnership?' On the 13th your mind takes control of your heart when 'mental' Mercury follows Venus…and the Sun arrives in your 'intimacy' zone on the 22nd arriving with great promise concerning love.


Your finances look good this month! There can be talks and negotiations between  you and your current boss about money,  or maybe a new work situation manifests where money conversations are very important after the 13th. There is a powerful need for better money management. The plans to start your own business or earn  money on the side can become a reality after the 10th once the Sun joins forces with 'abundance' planet Jupiter. Working with a team or joining a group to help with your business matters prove to be successful. Stay away from stressful encounters with coworkers during the week of the 7th. All the hard work you've done can disappear with a nasty confrontation on the job. Stay cool and stay focused! Expect a few things to change in your home after the 29th when 'innovative' Uranus interests you in rearranging your furniture or maybe change the way things are handled around your home. Before the end of the month you'll be looking for exciting places to visit…and you concentrate on making travel plans. Look for a very busy month! Best Days: 8,9,18,19,27,28. Stressful Days: 3,4,10,11,12,24,25,31.