May  2016



Capricorn: The pressure is off this month! Instead of being concerned with achievement, career gains and personal growth you get a chance to 'ride the tide' and relax a bit Capricorn! Why? Because you've proven your abilities when it comes to working hard, pitching in to help others and going the extra mile…and your planets give you a 'pass' to breathe easy and take in all your efforts! Wonderful! It is not often that you would even consider slowing down and enjoying yourself, but with so much planetary momentum in your 'social' zone you are compelled to do just that…slow down and embrace the vibrations of a 'job well done!' Don't get nervous…it's just for this month that the planets give you a break regarding your goals and ambitions. And with all the help from the Mercury retrograde concerning love, romance and taking notes about those in your social circle, you now have a very precise idea of why certain people like you, why you're attracted to certain situations and which social circles are best! Did a few of your old flames make a return recently?


The energy of Mercury heightens the need to communicate…be careful! Several surprising phone calls may catch you off guard. Did a person from high school, college or even your first love attempt to reach out and talk with you? A conversation around the new Moon on the 6th wants you to be prepared to speak with someone you haven't seen in years! This might be okay…you tend to like dealing with situations from the past. And if this is a courageous ex that calls you could enjoy giving them an update on all your accomplishments, especially if they hurt your feelings in the past! Yes, Capricorn…pay back is real! By the 22nd the phone messages should taper off…besides you have so many things happening with present individuals that you're not even trying to 'step back' into the past! The full Moon on the 21st will act as a deterrent just in case an old love begins looking good again.


The full Moon unites with 'disciplinary' Saturn and puts the curbs on repeating the past and revisiting old mistakes. The 'momentum' from the planet Mars will keep you very busy with your current friends as it 'energizes' your 'friendship' zone after the 27th. If someone has been less of a friend to you over the retrograde you will remember and bring it up at an opportune time…they are not going to get away with being disloyal! This is not the month to sit still! Not when 'abundance' planet Jupiter shifts forward on the 9th and begins to increase your curiosity for socializing with others and traveling! A dear friend might try to visit you during the Memorial Day holiday and this would be a good decision! You know how to make those you love feel appreciated! Work matters can be irritating. Stay away from annoying conversations with coworkers and supervisors if possible. The thing is to stay on your toes and not allow the quality of your work to be questioned. Eventually they will leave you alone! Best Days: 6,14,15,24,25. Stressful Days: 4,5,10,11,17,18,31.