Capricorn: A few enemies you've over looked will now be dealt with this month! It has come to your recent attention that you're being betrayed and you will do whatever it takes to find out who is responsible. Normally you wouldn't care what someone has done because you have a 'thick skin' and a tough spirit. But things are different this month because you have a lot more at stake! Your career can be derailed by someone who is out to get you!  The full Moon lunar eclipse lands in your career sector on the 4th and puts into a motion a series of actions by a coworker that could undermine and ruin your work credentials. Be prepared for being 'set up' by someone who thinks you are a major threat! Stay in control of how you react to disagreements and problems at work this month. A tiny thing can be blown out of proportion to make you look like a 'bad guy' or that you're not being a team player. Stay calm, cool and you take your time to figure matters out. By the 11th work situations can again turn in your favor once 'charismatic' Venus graces your employment sector, only to be followed by 'mental' Mercury after the 30th.


What could this mean? The presence of Venus always brings something pleasant and worthwhile and Mercury gives you the brain power and mental awareness to solve problems. By the end of the month you will either decide that you're too good for your workplace, or that you have an answer to the coworker issue. 'Ruthless' planet Saturn, now easing into your 'social' sector can align you with coworkers that will have your best interest in mind and certainly watch your back if you choose to stay on the job! Maybe the issue isn't so much a coworker as it is a boss who refuses to see your self worth? If you're working and not getting the financial return you deserve, once 'prosperity' planet Jupiter moves forward on the 8th you'll be free to seek more money…and maybe getting a better job isn't such a bad idea!


Family issues can come to a stress point during the Easter Day celebration. Avoid spending time with family members who like to argue and create confrontational situations. If you're invited to Easter dinner, maybe just dropping by later to have some dessert might be a better idea. The planets are a bit angry on the 5th, so do what you can to stay in peaceful situations. Expect to get a very romantic phone call after the 11th. A special someone has heated words of love to share with you. It seems that once 'loving' Venus enters your sector of romance on the 11th that the forces of love move in the exact some direction! The chance to form a new partnership can happen, and if you're currently involve with someone just know that more effort will be made to show you the depths of their feelings!  Look for more positive attention in romance this month! Best Days: 1,2,10,11,12,19,20,28,29. Stressful Days: 3,4,5,17,18,23,24.










April 2015



Soap Of The Month:



 Ladies slide your body in a provocative essential oil blend of  musky Spikenard, Sweet Orange and other deep vibrational oils to experience the 'magic' of the Moon's lunar energy. Caress your skin with a soapy bath bar layered with coconut oil and olive oil, all intended to slip your mind into the sensuous shadows of the silvery Moon. This soap is for women only…use it and you'll know why! All Wading Water soap bars are 100% natural and colors from the clays of the earth…everything has a vibration!!bath-soaps/ccpx