Feb. 2016



Capricorn: Now that you've gone through a spiritual readjustment, the time is here to align yourself with the future! Yes, Capricorn, the past few weeks has been enlightening of what needs to eliminated and those things to hold on to in order to bring growth and maturity. Financial security is a big issue!  Being secure in certain matters requires a lot of energy. With 2 planets, in addition to the new Moon enhancing your 'financial' sector on the 8th, a great deal of your focus is turned toward monetary direction. But let's get real Capricorn…if something doesn't feel steady or strong you tend to ignore it anyway. The issue of 'security' is something you're very comfortable with as it acts as a guiding force in all that you do! If a job or a career choice doesn't appear to bring work security for your future… you won't even consider it! If a potential relationship doesn't have all the pluses you require to be secure, you'll by past it and wait for another romantic choice…so this is the month to turn your aim on getting your money in order so that it will generate increase in your future!


Look for brand new opportunities to pop up regarding activating stronger cash flow. The planets indicate that you can get another job or a part time job to add to your income after the 8th and with 'communication' planet Mercury 'joining' your financial interest, any time after the 13th is a good time to update your resume and plan to have interviews for better work. You get really lucky with your money once 'money magnet' Venus enters your 'money' sector after the 16th. Venus is the planet that rules 'cash flow!' This is a good indicator that more finances will be heading in your direction if you're assertive and create another source of income! This is a great month to gather information! If you're in the dark about some matter and need essential information, the full Moon on the 22nd supplies the data that you need. Networking comes in handy and contacting certain people who are experts should be considered. Let's not forget that you still have the support of 'abundance' Jupiter…who just happens to be on hiatus until May and 'determination' Pluto all working in your favor.


You could have this incredible feeling of anticipation that something great is coming…and to be truthful, you're probably right, but you have to make informed decisions. Love proves to be adventurous this month! Connecting with someone over the Internet or having a friend introduce you to someone in another state or town can happen any time after the 16th. There might be an invitation for a trip arriving soon…and be prepared as someone tries to surprise you around Valentine's Day or for the Valentine's Day weekend! And speaking of this day of love…anticipate lots of romantic gestures on Valentine's Day. Your planets are in strong aspect for romance and affection. If you're in a relationship expect your partner to  go over board by showing you just how much they love you and if you're single a potential love works over time to get your attention and let you know that they are very serious about starting a relationship with you! Best Days: 5,6,13,14,22,23,24. Stressful Days: 11,12,18,19,25,27,28.