July 2016


Gemini: How you spend your time is very important this month! The planets want you to take a step back and review what you do with your energy and with whom your share it with. The issues of 'value and worthiness' compel you to seek internal feedback on whether you're involved in the right activities and whether you're interacting with people who respect you…and those who won't stab you in the back! Gemini, being a 'natural communicator' you're very comfortable being in the company of all kinds of folks as you share and accumulate information, but the cosmic direction this month is to be still and survey your actions. Ask yourself if you doing practical things at this moment? Relationships with individuals who take you for granted is something you should be very aware of! Gemini you are a problem solver…and it can be very easy to be involved with those who are burdened with problems and need someone to constantly assist them in making decisions. And this is fine, but these kinds of relationships can be draining and one sided if you are not mindful of the daily interactions. Help those who need your help and try to keep situations brief.


Staying on the phone with someone who is having issues for months at a time is just too much…and as you know time is precious and once it is wasted it is gone! So on the 4th when the new Moon 'highlights' your 'value' zone you'll have a chance to review if you're using your energy in the appropriate ways. One of the issues that could really use your attention are your finances! Money makes things flow much better! And with ruler Mercury 'influencing' your 'monetary' zone the early part of the month a lot of energy can be used in figuring out where you stand financially. Your planets urge you to be aggressive when it comes to acquiring resources and being able to attract more cash flow. Don't hesitate to follow an idea or an intuitive suggestion to look for another source of income especially around the new Moon on 4th when your 'financial' zone is highlighted. This month's new Moon is particularly powerful as it has the support of 'transformational' planet Pluto. Pluto is a power monger! It likes definite deep and lasting change! What is going on with your resources that require the need for serious change and adjustment…is it that you spend too much?


Are you not valuing the ability to have a strong credit rating? Do you take your talents to make money for granted? The full Moon on the 19th stimulates seriousness about your finances and encourages you to formulate a budget and monetary plan for the future! Big thoughts multiply once several planets shift into your 'mental' zone after the 12th and strengthens your thought process! Love matters show wonderful momentum as 'romantic' Venus conjoins with 'abundance' planet Jupiter during the first part of the month and stimulates growth in relationship issues. 'Communication' planet Mercury provides the verbal skills to heal matters with difficult coworkers and supervisors during the week of the 19th. Handle everything with a touch of compassionate understanding and the same will come back to you! Best Days: 1,2,10,11,12,20,29,30. Stressful Days: 8,9,15,16,22,23.