Sept. 2014


Gemini: There is a definite need to concentrate on home and family this month. In order to enjoy some other wonderful activities lots of concentration has to be given to where you live and the people you live with…but don’t worry Gemini… things will start to get better once you’ve spent a good amount of energy on straightening out family or home issues. With cosmic motivation from both the Sun and attraction-planet Venus you’ll look for ways to reenergize your relationships with family members and bring physical warmth to your home. When was the last time you had a serious ‘sit down’ dinner with those you love? This is an excellent month to use your cooking skills to ‘burn those pots’ and create a meal you'd enjoy sharing.


Plan a dining event real soon because you know the old saying that ‘the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach,’ and the direction that a few of your family relationships have been going need lots of rerouting! The planet Venus is the planet of beauty and beatification. Survey your home this month and make a list of things that are shabby, that need to been thrown out, given away or discarded and look for sales to replace them. If your home is ‘pretty’ enough, focus on the clutter! Ridding your place of paper and ‘stuff’ that sucks up the ‘air’ or blocks the flow of air  has to be eliminated.


Gemini…you are an air sign and clear air is very important to your peace of mind and well-being. You’ll soon discover why getting your home in order was so urgent as your planets shift to romance after the 22nd. Yes, Gemini, romance is on the way…just before the end of the month. On the 22nd your social life takes off and you’ll get a few unexpected invites to parties. The new Moon on the 24th brings new attention from someone who seems to be ‘hanging’ around...where ever you happen to be and they seem to also they keep trying to get your attention.  Once ‘passion’ planet Mars steps into your relationship sector after the 13th love matters might not be so ‘quiet!’ Your current love or a potential new love can become very aggressive about taking matters to a higher level in romance.  Keep your mind clear for work matters. Communication-planet Mercury influences talks with coworkers after the 27th. The full Moon on the 8th creates stress regarding work conditions, With Mercury being an aid; all problems can be talked and worked out! Best Days: 6,7,14,15,24,25. Stressful Days: 2,3,8,9,22,23,29,30.




















Bath Of The Month:



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