May 2015



Gemini: A lot is riding on your decision making! Gemini, now is the time to use your focus and pay attention what is happening to make plans for a better future. Consider this month as a cycle for inner growth. With 3 planets in your sign you are given the privilege of having added concentration to zero in on those issues that prevent progress and moving forward. Ruler Mercury going retrograde on the 18th starts a period of personal introspection where you see matters as they  are and not avoid facing the truth. What is the truth? Issues in love need a closer examination. Something can be awry in romance. The planet Saturn is not giving you any room to make excuses for what is…or what is not happening in love. On the 15th a major conflict occurs regarding your relationship that brings needed enlightenment. If you've been in the dark, or if someone has been lying to you, you will understand what has been going on. And if a situation has been hidden from you, you will discover what that is as well!


The Mercury retrograde brings up issues about you and your partnership  that will take up a lot of mental time…but the big interest is on what you do with truth once it looks you in the eye? Make sure you get enough rest after the 15th. Depleting aspects with the planet Saturn warn that if you don't get enough rest you will feel it and it can affect your vitality. The full Moon on the 3rd can bring an alarming job matter to your attention. Stay away from arguments and stressful conversations with people at work. The full Moon adds to existing tensions to unfair work conditions or heightens current irritations. Use the correct channels in dealing with problems such as contacting your union rep or going to Human Resources to make a compliant, but the last thing you need to do is defend yourself and create a situation that can be considered insubordination in your boss behalf. Be smart when handling your problems Gemini! Be smart! The new Moon on the 18th wants you to quiet down and enjoy some solitude.


This would be a good time to rework your resume if you're tried of your present job and begin to contact old coworkers to see if they know of any job openings you might quality for. Of course, you should only begin a new job search after the Mercury retrograde is over on June 12th. Your birthday season starts on the 21st as the Sun enters your sign and your power of attraction sizzles! People from the past call you or  you seem to run into old friends after this week. Expect to receive a few unexpected invitations for socializing. Your Mother's Day celebration on the 10th can be filled with pleasant conversations and talks with people you love. If you're taking out your mother, a mother figure or enjoying the day as being a mom just know that your day will be buzzing with comforting words and greetings of affection. If you plan on spending Memorial Day around the home just be sure to invite only people who are calm and in a good mood! The planets warn that major discomfort can occur from guests who are angry or unhappy. Again if need be, spend time alone on this day to get some mental and physical rest. Best Days: 1,2,10,11,18,19,28,29. Stressful Days: 5,6,7,12,13,25,26,27.












Soap Of The Month:

Clear Mind:


In appreciation of the lightness of the wind, this soap

is designed with fragrant essential oils that capture the breezy spirit of the wind. Basil essential oil is wonderful for opening the mind and clearing stagnant thoughts. Coriander essential oil (coriander seeds found in the Egyptian tomb of Ramses II) helps mental peace. This soap's light aroma includes other remarkable essential oils and flower essences to open and strengthen the mind. This soap is great for getting over hang overs and a must have for students or anyone trying to focus and study. If you like suds, you'll love this bar as it is made with Olive, Coconut oils and other high grade emoilent oils.  Natural yellow clay to assist in absorbing toxins from the body.!bath-soaps/ccpx



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