May 2016



Gemini: Time for fresh growth! Hopefully you haven't been too annoyed by all the secrets being released these past few weeks! The Universe wants you to prosper and expand by getting rid of those concerns that have been holding you back! Ruler Mercury has been doing double duty to cleanse, purge and eliminate restrictive situations away from you! And after the 22nd you might feel like a different person ready to forge a new phase for your future…and leave the past behind! Gemini, the secrets weren't necessarily yours…you may have learned something about a person who is close or about a situation you've been closely connected with. You're in a period of transformation as you take past circumstances and use them to build a constructive future.


Look for conversations around the new Moon on the 6th to point you in a good direction. There will be a person eager to talk with you and reveal matters! And although you might not be in the mood for a 'meeting of the minds' this month, it will be extremely valuable to receive the information…so if someone wants to meet and chat…do so! With your birthday season opening on the 20th you can anticipate lots of extra attention. The Sun 'graces' you with positive energy and magnifies anything you're doing at the time. So if you're out meeting new people around your birthday…you'll meet the most amazing people or if you're improving your appearance, you'll choose those things that will increase your charisma 10 fold! 'Beautiful' Venus 'softens' your image and makes you more alluring after the 24th. Your loved one won't be able to stay away from you because your power of appeal is so strong…and if you're looking for love…heads and necks turn to acknowledge your presence as well!


The full Moon on the 21st uncovers a situation or two regarding someone in your love life and gives you the option of either keeping love matters the way they are or making a serious change. You might find that you have a change of heart regarding a loved one and decide to make some adjustments that might be surprising for the other person. Now that the weather is better, chances are you'll be spending more time getting your home in order, or even choosing to find a bigger or more comfortable place to live. With 'abundance' planet Jupiter in your 'home' zone going direct on the 9th you can suddenly feel an urgent need to get rid of the clutter to make more space or connect with a real estate broker to start looking for a new place to live. Be careful to get enough rest this month…'energy' planet Mars reentering your 'health' zone warns that you can feel extra tired or worn down unless you're mindful of your schedule and try not to over do anything. Cut out all the extra social activities and pay attention to your bodily needs. Your Memorial Day holiday might be better spent with loved ones and close friends. Too much excitement can tax your energy level, so take it easy and enjoy your day off! Best Days: 7,8,17,18,27,28. Stressful Days: 1,2,3,14,15,22,23,29,30.