Nov. 2014



Gemini:  Watch your back on the job this month! There’s been a lot of strange vibes coming your way regarding secretive actions taken against you and coworkers working in your least favored interest. The full Moon on the 8th acts as a revealer of those who are under cover enemies and any actions being put in place to sabotage you. The time to know who is in your corner has arrived! This is a serious month for gathering information to protect yourself. Because of last month’s Mercury retrograde you might not feel so secure or safe on your job as before. The reason being that gossip and rumors have been circulated to ruin your image or your good standing.  On the 8th communication-planet Mercury steps into your work arena to help you straighten lies and rumors, but don’t approach anyone before they approach you.


Let the gossip come to you before any actions are taken just because you have a personal hunch or a strong sense of being wronged. In order to handle it right, wait for it…it will be said to your face! If you get the impress that the time has come to move on to find better employment, planetary activities around the 10th will open doors for better financial moves. Think about keeping your job and looking for something part time or consider starting a part time business to create the wealth and abundance you crave. Money matters can take turn for the better this month. Energy-planet Mars in your money house guides you to be extra motivated to gaining resources to get greater finances.


 Try to clarify your career moves before the 16th.  Confusion regarding your goals can occur once ‘delusional-planet Neptune affects your career sector! But it’s not all about finances this month…your love life is ‘turned up’ as romance-planet Venus, the Sun and the new Moon highlights relationship issues after the 16th.  On the 16th Venus enters the ‘upwardly mobile’ sign of Sagittarius! And you can meet someone who is socially moving up, someone who is exciting or you can start bringing more excitement and adventure in to your love life.  On Thanksgiving expect a phone call from an old love or someone who romantically misses you. If you plan on going out for dinner anticipate several places to visit. You’ll be socially busy during the last week of the month, so get ready! Best Days: 8,9,18,19,27,28. Stressful Days: 2,3,15,16,17,22,23,29,30.
















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Soap Of The Month:

Sweet Smell Of Success



In honor of the planet Jupiter the ruler of the sign of Sagittarius, this delightful soap was handcrafted with essential oils that are ruled by the planet of good luck and abundance. Bay Laurel essential oil is noted for its money attracting ability and spiritual properties. This soap is so fragrant that you can skip wearing perfume or cologne just so other around you  get an intoxicating  experience of the fragrance. This soap bar lathers nicely and is made with olive oil, coconut oil , shea butter and the minerals in spiralina for the  nature green color. People use this soap hoping to change their luck!

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