JAN. 2015


Gemini:  The New Year brings a message concerning love and relationship! Strong emphasis is placed on the quality of your partnerships with an urgency of how you spend your time and who you share your feelings with. The harmony you once had in this area can come to a screeching halt this month! Reconstruction-planet Saturn now in your love arena is very prepared to get things in order. If you’ve been involved in awful love situations or not giving your all in your partnerships, things will start to change! The planet Saturn is capable of presenting a mirror-like image of your relationship situations. Do you find that the people you attract in love are very different from yourself, or do they ‘reflect’ a part of yourself you may not like? The reason for Saturn’s presence in this part of your life is to bring growth and maturity. Get ready to question why you seem to be attracted to or gravitate toward certain individuals in search of love and affection.


But Saturn’s influence expands into the way you interact with everyday people for the next few years. Are you a person who gets along with everyone? Are you constantly in battle with your neighbors, your coworkers or your family members? Or are you not able to stand up to certain people when it comes to having fairness on certain issues. All these and more will be under scrutiny for you to learn and aspire from. Expect to spend a lot of time in thought this month! Not only because the Mercury retrograde affects your thinking after the 21st, but because most of your planets are situated in your ‘mental’ sector from the very beginning of the month. Ruler Mercury ‘sits you down’ to reflect on your plans for the future and what lessons you’ve gathered from your past mistakes.


What to look for in the year 2015? Look for changes in your health, your appearance, your relationships and your career. Pressure for making adjustments will be applied, but the experience of getting what you need and things that take you to another level will be well worth it! The full Moon on the 4th turns your attention toward finances. Hopefully you didn’t over do the spending? There is an indication of an internal ‘power struggle’ going on with yourself! You can be torn between saving for your future and living in the present by buying everything you see? Gemini, if you continue to spend like there is no tomorrow…you will not win this battle! The planets in the first month of the New Year set a tone of cosmic direction and having financial stress will be your experience unless you’re prepared to do something about it! Save your money and keep a budget plan!


The new Moon on the 20th opens the doors to strong communications with your  friends, but because the Mercury retrograde starts the day after, you can anticipate talking with lots of old friends and associates. Big things start to happen with your career on the 12th as ‘movement’ planet Mars ‘graces’ your career sector, soon followed by ‘money magnet’ Venus on the 27th. This is a good month to do research and make connections with people in the industry you’re looking to get into. Remember the Mercury retrograde cautious you not to begin anything new, but checking things out and doing your homework will save lots of headaches! Happy New Year! Best Days: 2,3,11,12,13,20,21,29,30. Stressful Days: 9,10,16,17,22,23.
















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