July 2015



Gemini:  Be mindful of avoiding physical exhaustion! You can be so busy and have so many things on your 'plate' to handle that you might ignore getting proper rest this month. Your social activities explode after the 22nd when ruler Mercury joins the 'magnanimous' Sun and attraction-planet Venus all poised in your 'social' sector.  If you like mingling with your friends or going out to events, you'll get more than your fair share! Expect plenty of phone calls, invitations and people all wanting you to join them for this or that affair. You seem to be the person 'most wanted' to  be in the mist of a group of fun loving people because you bring lots of positive vibes and much vivaciousness to any social affair….people love your energy! But it's a good thing your sign is the sign of the 'twins!' Based on your chart your planets can cause you to scatter your attention between social activities and family issues, and with several planets seated in your 'communication' sector you'll have no problem interacting with friends and loved ones, it's just that a few sensitive family issues can surface around the 18th that temporarily closes the door on anyone who is not part of your inner circle until matters are addressed.


What does this mean? Someone will require your whole and undivided attention regarding living arrangements or an important family issue. Don't worry…it might not be as bad as you think…With 'loving' planet Venus involved, it might be that someone you live with wants to see you more often…or that your home requires some up keep and beautification. Be  more understanding with your loved ones and do what you can to bring better comfort to your physical home, but when it comes to fixing up your dwelling, your mind is on your money this month! The fact that 'feisty' planet Mars is currently 'churning' up activity in your financial sector your attention to increase  cash flow and finding ways to add on to your income becomes stronger! The full Moon on the 1st uncovers new ways of getting ahead on your job, such as having an inquiring conversation with you boss in terms of what it would take for you to earn more income, or to seek a higher position at your current work place. Expect new financial opportunities to materialize around the new Moon on the 15th…during this time ruler Mercury joining forces with 'power' planet Pluto adds greater determination to your goals for the future.


If you need a special favor from someone schedule your phone calls or meetings for the 3rd this month. 'Abundance' planet Jupiter makes it easy to get what you want from others. A conversation with the right person can definitely open doors! An ex lover from the past makes it a point to contact you around the 31st. With 'romance' planet Venus retrograde in your 'communication' sector you can look for this person to continuously call until they talk with you and maybe another old flame from the past you haven't spoken with in months shows up. The point of these contacts are to resolve some unfinished love business from the past. Don't ignore the phone calls…talk with them to find out what is on their minds and them leave them in the past where it belong.  The second full Moon of the month of the 31st allows a good friend from the past to tell you something you've been waiting to hear! Talks are strong this month! Best Days: 3,4,5,12,13,22,23,31. Stressful Days: 6,7,19,20,26,27,28.








Soap Of The Month:

Love Vortex:


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