Dec. 2014



Gemini: Looking back on the past 12 months you’ll have to admit that this has been an incredible year for socializing, meeting new people, making new friends and getting more involved in group projects, but with the month of Dec comes a major shift in terms of sorting out people and making stronger alliances. It not about the quantity of people you know…it’s about the quality…and although being a ‘socially involved’ sign, you like knowing and interacting with lots of interesting people because it keeps you mentally plugged in. The energy shift in Dec brings a greater awareness of ‘who you know, and at this time, this is important to you.


The full Moon on the 6th sensitizes your need for closer personal interactions as the ‘spiritual’ influence of the planet Jupiter deepens your desire for consciously evolved company! You’d had lots of time to get to know people and with the dawning of a New Year your heart is more focused not wasting time on insignificant relationships…If a certain person is not on the path of self-improvement, community involvement and ‘realness’…chances are you’ll spend less time with them. On that same note, love matters get serious as the planet Saturn arrives on the 23rd to help your decision making process.


With Saturn entering your relationship sector before the end of the month, your romantic focus shifts from ‘just dating’ to forming a partnership that is worthwhile. This entire Saturn process can be difficult due to your internal sense of freedom and changing your mind whenever the wind blows. Oh no!! For the next few years you will make decisions based on content and not on whims, based on experiences and not based on impressions. The good part of this transit helps you stabilize your thinking and also forces you to be involved with someone who is great for you! “Expansive’ Jupiter creates boundaries with your communications after the 8th. A few folks you’ve been constantly on the phone with will have less appeal as you get busy spending your time making plans for the future. Financial interest take center stage as ruler Mercury activates your money house after the 16th. Expanding your resources and getting better credit can be strong areas of involvement. If you’re in a commitment partnership there will also be more time spent in intimate ways. ‘Romantic’ Venus creates tender ways of expressing your feelings to your partner and once the Sun joins the atmosphere, you can expect more adventure in romance between you two. The new Moon on the 21st urges you to ‘show off’ the person you adore by being more out going, taking your partner on the town and doing more activities.


Expectations can be high on Christmas. For some reason you end up being the leader of the group and everyone counts on you to make plans for the holiday. Don’t worry… you can pull this off and be successful. You’ll get great praise during this holiday season based on your ingenious ideas. On New Year’s Eve, avoid any conversation from unhappy friends or family. Leave people from the past in the past and avoid emotional messages. On the last day of the year, the spirit of discontentment is strong with those you know and they’ll seek you out to talk about it! This is not the time for negativity! You want to end the year off positive and with a good vibe! Make sure you stick to your budget and respect your boundaries…over eating, drinking and spending can happen with no regard! Embrace your discipline and walk in into the New Year feeling good! Best Days: 5,6,15,16,24,25. Stressful Days: 13,14,20,21,26,27.















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Soap Of The Month:

St. Michael


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