Nov.  2015


Gemini: Just face it! There are some people you can't please no matter what you do…and with that said…empower yourself by keeping the 'leeches' and 'energy drainers' as far away as possible! Gemini, the planets create the most favorable situations and the last thing you need is for some ungrateful and undeserving person to come along and interrupt them. The month begins with 'sugary sweet' Venus 'stepping' into your 'love' sector on the 8th…bringing enormous romantic possibilities and options! Sounds good? Well with 'torrid' Mars following suit, you couldn't ask for anything better…especially when it comes to having an affectionate situation! If you suddenly disappear from sight this month, it won't be because you're lonely and don't have anything to do…oh contraire…mon ami! You are sitting in the position of having multiple options and many choices in romance all because the planets of love and passion push things in motion after the 12th! Yes, get ready to be pursued and sought after!


This can be an exciting period…except if you're in a relationship that's solid…and if this is the case, expect major improvement in the 'passion' department between you and the person you adore! Lots of pressure on relationship issues  show up around the full Moon on the 25th. With the Moon focusing its attention on your personal needs, you might discover that some situations are not what you thought they would be with a certain person and go about looking for answers to make things better in romance. The key is honesty and open conversations…letting your partner know what your requirements are in love. Work matters can greatly improve around the new Moon on the 11th.  Great employment possibilities arrive!  You get a chance to pin point a higher position or obtain a new job if you feel the need. The South node in your 'career' sector after the 13th gives the freedom to reboot your career goals.


If you're uncertain about your career path, after the 13th you'll have the courage to liberate the stagnation and change career directions…and with all the pressure you've been experiencing, you might consider getting a health physical or checking on with your doctor. 'Mental' planet Mercury influencing matters in your 'health' sector after the 2nd, gives an 'intuitive' mind-body connection that assists you in being more aware of your wellness. Getting enough sleep can be an issue this month. Mercury causes you to over think matters and as a result you find your mind working over time. Try a few sprinkles of lavender essential oil on your pillow to calm down the mind and get a good nights sleep…just in case your brain won't shut off! Your Thanksgiving holiday can be filled with lots of extra attention as unexpected dinner invites come from family, friends and potential lovers. Everyone is looking to see you on Thanksgiving, but if you get a chance to leave town for a quick trip, you'd probably have a real good time. A peaceful and calmer holiday might be more to your liking…but then you'd have a lot of disappointed people to face once you got back…oh well…again there are just some people you can't please no matter how hard you try! Best Days: 8,9,17,18,26,27. Stressful Days: 5,6,13,14,19,20.