August 2016


Gemini: People shouldn't 'sleep' on you! Being an emotionally astute person makes you aware every little thing that happens! You are sharper than the average person and small details don't escape you. Your relationships are under question this month and you'll be able to determine the reasons why certain person are in your life or the causes of why a few left. But it's not just love that's being evaluation…your daily interactions with coworkers, family members, neighbors and friends also fall under your careful eye, especially around the full Moon lunar eclipse after the 18th. The full Moon provides with a sort of X-ray vision and those things you didn't 'seen' in the past are now shone a 'light' of truth this month. Your 'mental' zone is highlighted on both the new Moon on the 2nd and on the full Moon on the 18th. The difference is that during the new Moon outside information from others is given to you, such as you run into a friend and they let you know that they saw a certain person at a certain place…and this brings awareness of their actions.


  And, on the 18th the information is mostly intuitive and internal…you realize that certain situations are happening as your inner voice gives you flashes of what you've saw or words you've heard and you begin to put them together. Don't worry, you'll handle the pressure well! Being an 'quick thinking' air sign you'll use all of your gifts while facing challenges that come your way…and you make it look easy! There are a lot of people quietly watching and forming opinions…and the one thing they'll realize is that you can be tough as nails! You'll have to be mindful of facing a major relationship dilemma once 'war' planet Mars enters your 'love' zone after the 2nd. If you and your partner are constantly fighting or arguing about every little thing, the planet Mars gives the incentive to make things work in your partnership or have the courage to leave it alone and not look backwards.


Getting your body in shape will keep you busy. All the tasty things you enjoyed over the summer might be catching up with you and you decide that now is the time to get serious about exercising and staying in shape. Take a friend along for the support or ask your mate to join you. This is a good month to get grounded. You can spend a lot of energy with family members or room mates. Your home will be the center of your social functions. You can end up doing lots of entertaining  with the person you love and totally redo your personal space to make things more ready for entertainment comfort. 'Beautification' planet Venus shifting into your 'home' zone on the 5th  makes you more creative as you enjoy making your place fabulous. After the 30th you can expect old friends to return into your life. You might decide to bring them home for dinner…be prepared for 'social surprises!' Best Days: 7,8,16,17,25,26. Stressful Days: 4,5,12,13,19,20,31.