August 2015


Gemini: You can get the  feeling that something wonderful is on the way and the truth is that you're partly right!  Gemini your cosmic encounters with Jupiter the planet of 'prosperity' comes close enough to let you know that something positive is being attracted into your life! But until the great stuff begin to happen, your home situation needs attention. You've been so focused on business and work that a few things at home may have suffered from neglect. Insightful conversations with family members can go well with ruler Mercury aiding you to find the right words to chat with family members after 7th. At this time you'll be able to talk about sensitive issues or get a few bothersome things off your chest.  A lot of focus is directed in your home sector and getting rid of old furniture and clothing can start to happen after the 11th once 'expansive' Jupiter enters into your 'home' arena. This doesn't sound like such a bad thing, you'll suddenly become more sensitive to your personal surroundings and decide that you need to rid unattractive furnishings and make room  for something better to fill your home. If you have a live in partner, its best to get their opinion on the changes.


The last thing you want is to create and argument with the one you love over small or manageable issues. How you communicate is very important! Yes, romance-planet Venus is spinning 'backwards' in your communication sector as it shares space with war-planet Mars. With the two of these energies in the same location you should be warned that certain topics of conversations should be avoided. If you're in a serious relationship and need to speak on a few important matters, just be sure to approach things with  an air of understanding and patience…if not, war-planet Mars will pick up the clues to start arguments. After the 27th your love life  improves and relations improve as well. Be on guard that ' restriction' planet Saturn is now moving closer to your 'relationship' sector and if things are not good between you and the person you love, they can get worse. Try hard to mend problems in romance before the end of the month. You have a few weeks to make amends. Finances seem to increase with lots of cosmic assistance after the 23rd. The full Moon on the 29th creates a bigger employment opportunity for the better!


Did you heed the warning from your planets last month and get needed rest? Gemini…you still need to take a 'time out!' Over the past few weeks you've been extremely busy running around and your planets indicate that resting your body and mind is are musts! If you've been networking and socializing to either get a better job or get a jump start on a business idea, your chart suggests that you've been successful at planted a few fruitful seeds and what is needed now is to sit back and let them grow. It's a fact that seeds germinate better in the moist dark earth and during the 'darkness' of the new Moon on the 14th you'll get validation from the Universe with a psychic sign, or message that matters are moving!  But more important this is the time to be more aware of your health issues. With 3 planets energizing your physical body you'll notice the health issues that have been bothering you. Not getting enough sleep can be the first thing you need to be concerned about and the second is diet or weight control. Your mantra this month is, 'sleep right, eat right!' And if you find that you can't turn your mind off at night, exercising before bed and eliminating certain foods can aid in you getting a good nights sleep! Best Days: 1,8,9,18,19,27,28. Stressful Days: 2,3,15,16,17,23,24,29,30.







Soap Of The Month:

Clear Mind:


With the lightness of the wind in mind, this soap

was designed with fragrant essential oils that capture the breezy spirit of  the air. Basil essential oil is wonderful for opening the mind and clearing stagnant thoughts. Coriander essential oil (coriander seeds found in the Egyptian tomb of Ramses II) helps mental peace. This soap's light aroma includes other remarkable essential oils and flower essences to open and strengthen the mind. This soap is great for getting over hang overs and a must have for students or anyone trying to focus and study. If you like suds, you'll love this bar as it is made with Olive, Coconut oils and other high grade emollient oils.  Natural yellow clay to assist in absorbing toxins from the body and for color.