March 2015



Gemini: The time has come for results! You won't have a moment to sit still this month! With both your career and love sectors being  planetary 'inspired'  you get a double jolt of activities, so be on the look out for career movement during the new Moon Solar eclipse on the 20th. New Moon's often initiates a fresh start or a new direction in some area of your life and for you, it is in your work life. With the added support of 'hard work' Saturn right after the 'new Moon fruition,' expect something you've been working hard on to come forth! Wow! And on top of this, the new lunar vibrations proceed to easing into your sector of 'hopes, wishes and dreams'  strongly suggests that a major blessing is headed your way! Stop for a minute and consider where most of your focus has been regarding your career and it is there where you'll see the biggest improvement.


Anticipate a change to occur within your social circle and also in the quality of your friendships. Gemini, there comes a time in everyone's life where a change of status requires a change of associates. Whether you realize it or not, a big shift is on the horizon and with it you'll need some different type of friends…those who think and want the same improvements as yourself and those who consider your ambitions as being the same of theirs! Don't worry, you won't have to get rid of your old buddies, you'll just add more people to your inner circle this month. Romance intensifies after the 14th when restrictive-planet Saturn takes a small hiatus and allows new people to enter your love life. Just make sure anyone you meet are up to your standards. Saturn on vacation (until August 1) shouldn't give you reason to lower your 'love guidelines' for the sake of not being alone…if you are alone.


Take this temporary Saturn break as a chance to review old loves and see if there is a possibility to make things work! You'll have several admirers and lots of 'passionate' energy arriving in your social sector after the 20th when the Sun on the first day of spring 'brings' enormous 'momentum' to networking and mingling…and also after the 30th when communication-planet Mercury makes conversations easy to have with anyone! Financial responsibilities can be the 'dim' spot this month. During the full Moon on the 5th a home member might run into an emergency and needing a loan or some home improvement could send you into a small debt. Don't let the expense get you down…the full Moon indicates that no sooner do you spend money, will more financial opportunities appear…so quickly go and quickly come…your money reappears! Control your temper! War-planet Mars causes you to lose it with someone who just won't stop irritating you…especially around the end of the month. With so many positive things happen for you your 'haters' will have something else to be unhappy about! Ignore them and let the annoying things they attempt to interfere with your joy just float away! Best Days: 7,8,16,17,24,25,26. Stressful Days: 4,5,6,12,13,18,19.



















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