Feb.  2016



Gemini: Try to refocus your  thoughts! The past few weeks may have been difficult coming to terms with a few discoveries. Your financial situations needs  growth! With lots of attention placed on strong planning and financial strategies you can create more money coming your way after the 16th. Love is still a big concern… Gemini did you discover that you weren't as in love with someone has before? Or did it recently dawn on you that the person you've been ignoring has been just the person with the qualities you've been searching for? Expect some major changes in romance this month…but in a more serious way! The issue of wasting time is a big one for you! You are tired of wasting time in bad relationships or with insincere people! Your planets 'up your game' in romance. With planet Venus entering your 'mental' sector on the 16th you'll look for love with your head and not your heart this month. Why is this so important? Because you can't keep forming partnerships on what 'feels' good to you…a person has to be 'good' for you as well…meaning what positive things do they bring to your life and not just how 'good' they make you feel.


Yes, Gemini, your mind takes the lead in love! And if you're in a relationship consider  'if this is really working for you?' If the answer is yes, continue to strengthen your partnership and grow as a couple…and if the answer is no, use your head to get out of it! But not all of your time will be used in romance…oh no! The whole idea of love can take a different turn…the question of "what else do you enjoy doing?" can be an issue? Do you enjoy spending moments alone, do you have a hobby you'd like to spend more time on? The new Moon on the 8th gives you incentive to take a deeper look!  Have a greater 'personal involvement' with yourself as well this month! Speaking of love, Valentine's Day might be more private than usual. The planets suggest that intimacy with the person you love might be more important that being out in a crowd. And, if you don't have a special someone to spend this day with, invite some friends to your home and have pizza party with movies!


The thing is to find peace wherever you can find it! Ruler Mercury takes your mind to a higher level after the 13th when it activates your 'communication' sector. This is an excellent time to mentally connect with others to share ideas and to brain storm about making new plans for the future! Let's not forget that you still may not have gotten around to your New Year's resolution because of the Mercury retrograde, and if this is the case…get to it! Dealing with home and family issues can be an area of focus around the full Moon on the 22nd. Someone in your home or in your family structure might think that you're a 'super hero' of some kind? Meaning that no matter what they need, you're there to provide it…regardless of how tired you are, how much money you have to spend or how much personal time you use in doing so…you are always there! The full Moon allows you to correct this misguided thinking! If someone takes you for granted…you should put a 'polite' end to it and set everyone right! Best Days: 7,8,15,16,17,25,26. Stressful Days: 2,3,4,9,10,22,23,24.