July 2014



Gemini: The feelings of well being  are enormous this month! Your power of attraction is strong with the planet Venus in your sign bringing all sorts of good vibrations. You’ll be ready to reboot your life and start moving forward with your plans…now that the Mercury retrograde is over! Being that Mercury is your ruler the question is…‘what have you learned during this retrograde?’ Each retrograde is different and activities regarding your money, your handling and management of money might have been the biggest concerns? But there is some good news!!!! With ‘motivational’ Mars affecting your employment after the 25th your chances of getting a better job or a promotion can increase! But before you make up your mind about getting a certain type of job…wait for ‘inspiration’ from ‘prosperity’ planet Jupiter as it influences your thinking after the 16th. Once Jupiter empowers your mind, ‘a job’ might not be good enough… a career gain might be more to your liking! Yes Gemini…this is the month to think big!!!!


Nothing small or petty will do…not as ‘expansive’ planet Jupiter enters your ‘mental’ sector. Your ability to socialize and meet the right people also gets better with the ‘blessings’ from the planet Jupiter. This is the time to network and rub shoulders with people who are doing interesting things and to talk with those who can bring valuable information your way!  The new Moon on the 26th brings new people into your life. Gemini, you will be way too busy to focus on negative things!!!!  There is a ‘fresh’ energy of prosperity heading toward you.


The full Moon on the 12th urges you to conserve more of your money in anticipation of planning for something wonderful in the future. Keep a budget for your 4th of July holiday celebration. The planets warn that you can spend too much and not really have a great time. Don’t commit your time to doing anything expensive. Spending private time with those you love can be enjoyable on the holiday!  Be prepared for old friends reappearing after the 21st.  Best Days: 4,5,6,13,14,22,23.  Stressful Days: 2,3,9,10,15,16,29,30,31.





















Soap Of The Month:

The Sweet Smell Of Success


Made with the planet Jupiter in mind! This delightful soap was handcrafted with essential oils that are ruled by the planet of good luck and abundance. Bay Laurel essential oil is noted for its money attracting ability and spiritual properties. This soap is so fragrant that you can choose to skip wearing perfume or cologne just so other around you  get an intoxicating  experience of the fragrance. This soap bar lathers nicely and is made with olive oil, coconut oil , shea butter and the minerals in spiralina for the  nature green color. People use this soap  hoping to change their luck! Order your soap today!  http://www.kimallen.com/#!bath-soaps/ccpx