June 2016


Gemini: You begin this month making big decisions! On the 3rd your 'structure' planet Saturn inspires you to seek a better organized life or to apply greater structure to a few important matters. The area of love catches your attention first this month! The question is "does your love life help you be more organized, or does it cause chaos?" Evaluating your partnership is a strong concern and whether the person you're currently with or the person you're presently considering in romance adds to your betterment or are they a distraction? This is not the month for unnecessary distractions! In fact the new Moon on the 4th quietly reminds you of this as it strengthens your personal charisma and people give many compliments on how attraction or pleasant you are! So the point is you won't have any problems attracting new people in your life, or getting extra attention from your current love.


Conversations flow well with loved ones after the 12th when ruler Mercury influences your 'communication' zone and if there is something you need to express to get matters better understood, any time after the 12th is ideal to have those chats. Stay away from 'sensitive' topics with family members after the 22nd. Although you might be willing to address a few urgent issues, the planets warn that certain family members may not be in the mood for honest conversations. Watch your health this month! With 'stressful' alignments from 'hard work' Saturn, it is very critical that you take your body into consideration of the amount of stress it is being subjected to. If certain people are causing aggravation, give them 'space' for a while…if your job is overly stressful, think about taking a few sick days to analyze if your work is worth it?

If your love life has more negatives than positives, consider the possibility of being alone for a period of time to see if you can function without this person? Your health and well being is worth more than anything or anyone! There will be a message about your partnership during the full Moon on the 20th. An event or 'a heart to heart' talk will reveal something you need to know about your love situation!


Expect an explosion of money making opportunities to materialize after the 17th! Yes, Gemini, the season of summer will bring warmth to your body and wallet! 'Dollar diva' Venus entering your 'cash flow' zone after the 17th stimulates more work or more ideas to increase your finances. If you're looking for new employment any time after the 20th will be great…you'll have the assistance of Venus and the Sun to boost earning potential! And just as 'energy' planet Mars revisits your 'work' zone after the 29th, there is a strong chance that an old workplace can contact you about coming back for employment or you might hear from an old coworker about the possibility of needing extra help. In the mean time, avoid heavy discussions at your current place of employment. The planets warn that arguments can make the vibes at work intolerable. Keep the peace and keep looking for something better if desired! Best Days: 4,5,13,14,23,24. Stressful Days: 1,2,3,14,15,22,23,29,30.