Feb. 2016



Leo: Your finances get a spark of growth this month! The fact of 'plentiful' planet Jupiter being retrograde in your 'money' sector is enough to cause concern…especially with all the past money spending that has occurred in recent weeks. The full Moon on the 22nd brings an opportunity of 'financial restitution' that can be calming to your nerves if you've been having some cash shortage. Yes, look for something new to come your way regarding earning extra money or gaining more work hours to increase your pay check before the end of the month…and even though Jupiter remains retrograde until May doesn't mean that your money won't flow…it means you have to be mindful of your resources and use this time to create different ways of adding to what you have and holding on to it! The Sun entering your 'financial' sector on the 19th can stimulate more income awareness. Make sure your finances are being carefully taken care of!


You might need better book keeping. According to the movement of your planets a lot of your focus will be placed in love matters as well. The new Moon on the 8th opens your eyes to see what has been going on in romance. With a few secrets being revealed not too long ago, you're now free to make decisions to better your love future. This is the time to have fun Leo! It's the beginning of a new year and based on your planets, the possible beginning of a new phase in love! If you have a current relationship use this 'feeling of newness' to do something different in your partnership such as do more trips together or have 'special dates' more often. Communication-planet Mercury also in your love sector is wonderful for opening up and sharing your most private thoughts with your partner. The things you say to your mate can create a new level of understanding between the two of you.


If love is something that you're looking for…just wait for events to happen once 'attraction' planet Venus 'sashays' in your love sector after the 16th. People pop out of nowhere! Certain individuals start calling for no particular reason and you can find yourself surrounded by a couple of 'date worthy' people. Try to keep your expectations realistic on Valentine's Day! Your planets indicate that you can be under enormous stress from either the person you're with, or by putting too much hope into thinking that a certain person will do something really nice on this traditional day of love. If you're in a relationship keep activities simple, and if you're not in love…find someone you'd like to share dinner with or go out with friends to enjoy your day…but whatever you do…don't stress about it! You still have another 320 days left in this year to be happy in love or happier in a loving situation! Best Days: 2,3,4,11,12,20,21. Stressful Days: 1,7,8,13,14,27,28,29.