August 2016


Leo: How are things going Leo? With both the 'Universal lights' visiting your Sun sign, (the Sun in Leo until the 22nd and the new Moon in Leo starting on the 2nd) situations bloom with remarkable improvement!  This is a fun time for you! You have 2 enormous 'spotlights' throwing plenty of attention your way! You also have an incredible chance to project plans for the future. The Sun brings external growth and the Moon brings internal realization of your intentions. This is the month to try something different or do a totally new thing. A change in your appearance appeals to you after the first part of the month. The new Moon stimulates a desire for improvement…after all this is the 'season of Leo' and all those born under your sign are embrace a wonderful feeling of freedom as they socializing with vigor.


Don't hesitate to keep your looks up! An upgrade in your appearance can bring compliments. After all there are eyes on you wherever you go…always followed by positive remarks. The adjustment of your image, happens around the full Moon lunar eclipse on the18th. Expect to receive remarkable clarity in love with this full Moon.  Subtle details in your relationship surface that you might not have noticed. An activity is uncovered or a secret is revealed that might affect your partnership. If you're with someone, look for something to come out of blue regarding truthfulness and honesty in love. You'll spend time focusing on issues of being treated well, especially by the person you love keeps…this keeps you in deep thought. It's important that you be honest with yourself about the quality of your relationship and whether you need to make a change of partner or priorities. Value yourself! If you need to make adjustment…great courage might be required, but you can do it!


'Momentum' planet Mars shifting into your 'romance' zone after the 2nd is ready to remove all resistance in changing your direction. Be strong! And if you're not in a relationship, but looking for someone, be open to receive new information and don't discard anything that doesn't fit the mental profile of the person you have in your head for as a potential lover. The full Moon can clear the way of romantic road blocks whether they be mental or emotional. Your finances take up focus after the 5th when 'attraction' planet Venus affects your cash flow. The prospects of having a few more dollars are good with Venus being joined by the Sun after the 22nd. But the planet Mercury going retrograde also in your 'financial' zone on the 29th warns to be steady with your money! You just find yourself facing a few unanticipated financial challenges if you're not careful! A love from the past calls you during the week of the 29th…prepare your heart not to over react! Best Days: 2, 3,12,13,21,22,29,30. Stressful Days: 9,10,16,17,18,23,24.