July 2015



Leo: Turn your interest towards your finances! Once 'dollar diva' Venus enters your financial sector on the 18th your energy will be very sensitive to gaining and increasing your resources. This is a great thing because you get a break from always doing for others! The question of  'self worth' will be analyzed and explored this month, and with the planet Jupiter constantly keeping you afloat by providing nice opportunities, the question arises, 'did you take advantage of the opportunities for yourself or did you share them with others?' Yes, Leo, your unwavering generosity is the topic for discussion this month. Chances are you shared your 'increase' with others…and with no hesitation. The time has come for you to review your choices of good will and the people who are on the receiving end of it! The planet Venus comes right on time to redirect your focus to financial interest on the 18th. But unanswered questions about people in your inner circle will return around the 31st giving you one more crack at trying to make things right in love, in partnership and in friendship. There is another advantage to the planet Venus turning back your way and that is some positive situation has another chance to materialize. Something you've been working on or a project you've been waiting to get a good word on can arrive!  Venus represents love, money and attraction! Your power of attraction is revisited and something from the past can return to you in a big way! The matter of cash flow is powerful this month! 


A new opportunity to make money appears out of nowhere by mid month as you might have a strong need to gather more resources or have greater funds available. The full Moon on the 1st stimulates you to get a better job or to utilize the opportunities on your current job to gain over time or seek a promotion!  And on the 2nd you're urged to see your work circumstances in a different light Leo! The week of the full Moon on the 1st is an ideal time to have business meetings, schedule job interviews or have a talk with your supervisor seeking advice on how to earn more money at work! People listen and pay attention to you during this time! Keep your anger issues under control, especially around the new Moon on the 15th. You might discover that someone you trust at work is causing problems for you by either sharing personal information or by saying things that are not in your best interest.


Gossip can be a real problem around the new Moon. With war-planet Mars in the picture, it is best to use your anger in a constructive manner, by being assertive to correct the rumors and to leave your coworker alone in a peaceful way so no more harm can be done to your work reputation. Be very mindful of avoiding arguments with female coworkers after the 15th.  A confusing  conversation can lead to more work stresses. Be prepared to apologize…even if you're not wrong so that you can end this mess and move on! There is a second full Moon this month on the 31st and the subject of romance is urgent! With Venus going retrograde also on the 31st you can make a good guess that someone from the past will make a reappearance. Get ready to have long winded conversations with this person. They're trying to get feel you out about your present love status…they have hopes of making a return into your life! Best Days: 8,9,17,18, 26,27,28. Stressful Days: 3,4,5,10,11,24,25.










Soap Of The Month:

Love Vortex:


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