March 2015


Leo: Your planets are setting off a financial alert this month! The question is what is going on with your money Leo? Yes, it is true 'prosperity' planet Jupiter is on hiatus until April and you might find attracting money takes a lot more effort! But the planets come to your rescue on the full Moon when the heightened momentum of the Moon combines efforts with 'power driven' Pluto in  'business minded' Capricorn and sparks life to a project you've been working on…or activates a dream you've been hoping to finally begin moving forward! Your biggest dilemma might be how to 'tread water' if you feel you're financially drowning? The new Moon Solar eclipse on the 20th brings a few answers that includes gathering information from credit advisors, accountants and using more discipline to reach your goals. This is not the month to waste or splurge money in any way! If your generosity with others have been a problem in the past, you'll be given the courage to change your habits and be more frugal with loved ones. So what's the good news this month?


There is enormous activity in your career sector and now is a fabulous time to seek a new position or promotion! Once 'dollar diva' Venus starts to influence your career situation on the 17th, followed by added growth potential from 'motivational' Mars on the 31st, you shouldn't have any problems getting the positive attention necessary to elevate your work situation. But the truth is that all month long opportunities for new work can materialize. This is great news! A meeting or talk with a supervisor around the 5th leaves you with the impression what something much better is being considered for you. In terms of love be on your best behavior when it comes to reconnecting with someone from the past! Just when you think a love matter has finished will an ex call you or figure out a way to run into you some time after the 14th.


And, if you've been thinking about getting back with an ex your conversations will be more informed after the 30th when details about the past is revealed and made clearer to you! Child care responsibilities turn up around the 14th. If you have younger children or care for a child in the family, baby sitters, day care providers and care givers might need to be reassessed before the end of the month. Don't ignore the warning signs of someone who is supposed to be responsible for your child that begin to have problems getting to work on time or having to take more days off than usual. Something is going on and it might not be in your best interest.  Look for a back up just in case!  Don't run from mental work this month! Your mental capabilities are stronger after the 'solar juice' of the Sun empowers your brain cells after the 20th. Need to study for a test? Trying to straighten out paper work? Attempting to catch up on reading? With both the Sun and energy-planet Mars in your  sector of the 'higher mind' after the 30th you should have no trouble in catching up or finishing any activities that need greater mental focus. Best Days: 2,3,12,13,20,21,29,30,31. Stressful Days: 9,10,16,17,22,23.













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