April 2016



Leo: Brace yourself for a 'career correction!' Work gains come to a temporary standstill due to the Universe making sure you're on the right track regarding promotion, advancement and increase! Don't panic! It's the same kind of thing what happens when the stock market does a few up and down moves to 'correct' the market's flow and the same sort of thing is happening with your career at this time…2 steps backwards to make 3 steps forward! Right now, you should have gotten a better understanding of who and what to look out for when it comes to your enemies or those who aren't in your corner due to last month's lunar eclipse. At this time you're now free to reevaluate certain plans for the future without interference. The good thing that is you have a 'strong invisible forcefield' of cosmic protection as 3 powerful planets activate actions in your career zone all month long! What's the point? The point is, why waste precious time or resources if you're involved in something that is not making you happy or bringing in added resources for a better life?


The Mercury retrograde comes to your assistance on the 28th allowing you keener insight into the exact moves needed to take your work situation to a more profound level. Try to stay out of touchy situations with supervisors this month. Once 'secretive' planet Pluto goes retrograde on the 18th, you might learn of a few things about your boss that can change your opinion of them…and also be careful not to step on anyone's toes at work during the Mercury retrograde on the 28th. Conversations can go sidewise as well as on the job relationships. Listening to the words and watching the actions of others will tell you everything you need to know about those your job associates, and if you've been trying to get into a certain career field, this retrograde gives access to unexpected chances to 'see a way in' as never before. Old coworkers can be tempted to reach out and contact you after the 28th. Someone you once worked with might have information on a new job or career situation. Don't hesitate to keep in touch or return the phone call…the offer could be very rewarding. Your love life will need a lot of extra attention this month! Passion-planet Mars going retrograde on the 17th can take the 'chemistry' out of the romance in your relationship! Mars 'on vacation' gives you a chance to 'mentally' connect with the person you love to see if there is really a strong connection other than just being 'physical.'


This is a great time to discover new things to keep the 'excitement' alive in your love life…like finding common hobbies to do together. If love is not an issue and things are well in romance, the new Moon on the 7th inspires you to travel and find new places to experience with your loved one. Catching up on your reading is also an option around the new Moon! Your brain cells are very alive during this time! Avoid arguments with family members during the full Moon on the 22nd. If you're having trouble trying to keep the peace with a certain person, try truly hearing what they are saying to you or put yourself in their position. The full Moon with the support of 'compassionate Neptune gives patience in situations where lots of patience is needed! Best Days: 6,7,14,15,16,24,25,26. Stressful Days: 2,3,8,9,22,23,29,30.