Sept. 2014



Leo: The fall season greets you with a more relaxed attitude! With so many things coming at you at one time you might suffer from increased anxiety. But once momentum-planet Mars activates your sector of ‘fun and relaxation,’ you’ll be able to take everything with a ‘grain of salt’ and not get too overly involved in matters that create stress. Yes my dear Leo things have been moving fast and furious over the past 2 seasons, but you’ll have to admit it has been a thrilling ride…even though at times you might find it a bit challenging to keep up with all the new situations that are coming your way. Just know that you won’t miss out on anything really important if you follow your heart…and speaking of the heart, how is romance these days? Passionate Mars promises to keep your love life very active this month!


 On the 21st an ex love attempts to come back or try to get closer to you. If they feel that you’re not so willing to give them another chance they might use the excuse of ‘lets be friends’ as a way of reentering your life. Just know that friendship is not truly their motive. They want another try at love!!!  But you will have options! Be patient, as someone brand new  makes a way toward you around the new Moon on the 24th. Last month you were busy doing some soul searching and getting a few personal matters in order and weren’t really focused on love or romance…but things change in Sept as people you didn’t give much consideration about before now start to seek you out and try to make dates for the near future.  What!!?? Yes! Your personal charisma is kicked up a few notches after the 2nd when communication-planet Mercury causes the need for intensified conversations with just about everyone you know!


You will certainly be very busy on the phone this month. Folks from near and far seem to have the need to reconnect and talk! What about money you ask??? Money 'diva' Venus visiting your financial sector after the 5th guarantees that monetary chances of increasing your income will occur! Offers of doing over time, chances of getting a part time job or being offered a better job situation can happen this month…it all depends on what you’re looking for! The full Moon can also bring unexpected financial gains! Keep the lines of communication pleasant with family members after the 27th. A loved one can bring big headaches if they feel you’re not paying attention to their issues. Communicate and heal the issue! Best Days: 2,3,10,11,19,20,29,30. Stressful Days: 6,7,12,13,27,28.














Bath Of The Month:



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