June 2016


Leo: Your dreams feel real this month! The new Moon on the 4th encourages you to believe in your future goals no matter what the cost! Things are starting to materialize and you might 'sense' them beginning to happen soon! This is a fortunate period for you! 'Good luck' planet Jupiter makes 'auspicious' aspects to your Sun sign and very favorable things can fall in your lap!  Follow your gut instincts during the week of the new Moon! Your chart suggests that you use your time in very efficient ways. At this point you can't afford to waste it on situations that are going nowhere or on people that don't mean you well.  At the first start of the month, ruler Sun brings into focus your extra curriculum activities, with the question of "are you using your time wisely?" Only you can answer that…but hopefully you'll be more aware of what you do and why you're doing it? This is an excellent month is share ideas with others and get feed back about your goals.


So in a sense you might need to socialize, but only to stimulate your mind with innovative conversations. Leave the usual social stuff alone this month! You can party with your friends any time…your planets are geared towards producing successful results and this is the best path to take now! Besides 'romance' planet Venus wants you to spend 'quality moments' with the person you love…or if you're in search of love…'quality moments' being in the company of those you're attracted to. Your money management requires a 'sixth sense.' With 'inspirational' planet Neptune retrograde in your 'financial' zone after the13th, there might be a few things you may have over looked regarding your money and Neptune comes back around to quietly point them out to you. But do remember 'guardian angel' Jupiter is magnificently 'situated' in your 'cash flow' zone suggesting that regardless of what occurs monetary, that you'll have just enough 'bucks' to go around! The first day of summer, (the Summer Solstice) arrives with a full Moon, both on the 20th.


And although you might feel like withdrawing from the crowds, it's ok…because the full Moon 'activating' your 'love' zone guarantees that there will be some affectionate person around to keep you company! Be prepared to stay in shape! Your planets encourage more physical activities and truly soaking up the summer Sun with outdoor events. Getting more exercise can help in channeling any negativity that comes your way, and that just might arrive from the people you're the closest with. It is in your best interest to try to remain pleasant with family members and roommates this month. With 'war' planet Mars 'revisiting your 'home' zone on the 29th there is a warning to maintain the peace with those you spend personal time with. "Touchy' issues should be left alone…if not a major problem can be the result!  Ignore anything that bothers you until a better moment to address them…but not this month. Best Days: 1,8,9,18,19,27,28. Stressful Days: 2,3,15,16,17,23,24,29,30.