July 2016


Leo: Brace yourself to resolve persistent issues this month! The Universe wants you to take care of neglected situations before you're able to freely move forward on future plans…such as enemies who have been lurking around just waiting to 'throw salt' on your progress! Leo, being the 'sign of the heart,' you might have too much of a gentle heart to handle your foes with vigor. Don't worry about hurting the feelings of those who cause you 'psychic harm' by checking to see how bad you're doing…the next time one of those 'frienemy' call, put them in their place and end their constantly quest of looking for unhappy information on your activities. Its better to stand alone and be positive than be in the mist of a crowd of negativity! In other words…with friends like this, who needs enemies? And the answer is, 'not you!' There are more folks than you realize who are very worried of you achieving success and surpassing them…you don't need to have anyone in your circle 'wishing you bad!'


  With all the great planetary energy surrounding you this month there are incredible indicators for success on the rise! It begins when 'charismatic' planet Venus enters your sign on the 12th adding greater charm and magnetism to everything you do! This is an ideal month to hold meetings, socialize and network with progressive and uplifting individuals you can form alliances with and grow in association. You won't have a lack for words as 'communication' planet Mercury renews your ability for brilliant conversations and brain storming after the 13th and the Sun fortifying your life force after the 22nd gives you enormous vitality…you'll shine this month Leo…you'll shine! Work gains can be realized after the full Moon on the 19th. The planets provide a situation for you to look good in front of coworkers and supervisors as you show just how on point you are with an unexpected job crisis or giving insightful advice to someone at work who needs it!


A pat on the back comes from work associates as you mindful assist those in trouble. Avoid wasting your time with insignificant events this month. 'Busy body' planet Mercury inspires you to use your energy for worthwhile situations and don't squander your energy on minor things…the gains are too big at this time. Watch your health issues. The full Moon on the 19th turns your attention to something that might be causing concern regarding the way you feel. If you're not quite yourself and if you've yet to have a physical check up, make an apt with your  doctor or health care provider before the end of the month to make sure all is well. Your love life will show brand new energy once 'passionate' planet Mars becomes steady around the first on the month. Your relationship can be more sweeter if you spend quality time with the person you love! Look for amazing things to occur in romance all month long! Best Days: 6,7,15,16,24,25. Stressful Days: 13,14,20,21,27,28.