May 2016



Leo: Career matters fall into place! The Mercury retrograde's been sorting out and straightening up situations that have challenged or stymied your progress! After the 22nd when 'mental' Mercury moves forward you'll be eager to shift into high gear for advancement! This has been a tough period for you…during the past weeks your finances have been at a stand still and getting business or work arrangements in order has been difficult! Its good to know that all this changes once 'abundance' planet Jupiter shifts forward on the 9th and the new Moon gathers greater support from 'power' planet Pluto after the 6th! Yes, you are in an incredibly productivity cycle right now…and you're ready to prove it! But continue to be patient and take in as much information as the Mercury retrograde sends your way! With strong insight your confidence continues to grow! Expect some very positive news concerning money or income after the 10th…when 'prosperous' Jupiter 'conjoins' with 'money matron' Venus!


The fact that the Sun is very comfortable in your 'financial' zone for most of the month and this is a wonderful indicator that your finances start to grow at a 'encouraging' rate! But don't start thinking about spending without a sound purpose…there is a reason why your money has been on hold…maybe because of out of control or mindless spending? But using your resources wisely is now the thing to do! Love matters might cool down a bit once 'passionate' Mars retreats from your 'love' zone after the 27th. In recent weeks lots of energy has been directed in the pursuit of love and romance, but because of the uncertainties with your career, chances are you haven't been putting a lot of focus on romance lately…and if this is the case, expect a big adjustment after the full Moon on the 21st. There can be a 'change of heart' when it comes to someone you're dating or with the person you're in a relationship with. Also if you happened to have reunited with an old love from the past during the retrograde, you might be in the process of rethinking your decision around the full Moon?


Your friends will save you from the discomforts of being alone or trying to make a love decision by yourself as they insist on meeting for drinks or going out after the 20th. Your social activities increase just as the Sun highlights the need to get out and see others! 'Social-butterfly' Venus joins the intentions of the Sun on the 24th and attracts new admirers around as you hang out with friends and associates. Try to stay calm with family members before the end of the month. Hair trigger arguments can cause very nasty problems in your family circle. If any difficult matter surfaced during the Mercury retrograde do approach it with a delicate touch. Your Memorial Day holiday suggests that someone expects you to be in charge of things and includes making the arrangements or preparing the event. Avoid taking on responsibilities that aren't yours…this is your time to enjoy yourself while the planet Saturn is on vacation in your 'love' zone. This is a month for optimistic possibilities! Best Days: 4,5,12,13,22,23,31. Stressful Days: 6,19,20,21,27,28.