Jan. 2015



Leo: You can expect a lot more romantic fun in the New Year! And yes much of your focus has been given to maintaining your home, keeping constructive relationships with your family and also being sure that you are physically fit. The cosmic energy for 2015 shifts to love adventure! The planet Saturn in your ‘love’ sector gives romance an entirely different meaning. Why? Because Saturn normally brings some sort of lesson, maturity and clarity in whatever area it is visiting and because the energy it operates from is one of truthfulness…your love opportunities can be enlightening! Too much has been placed on your shoulders over the past few years and you need a kind of social break! Of course, you will be held responsible for the people you bring into your life and the quality of relationships that you have, but the pleasant news is that you’ll have more chance of them!


With 3 planets energizing your partnership sector after the 3rd you will be consumed with the thought of having someone by your side and focusing on making better decisions in love. The new Moon on the 20th gives you a different way of viewing what is presently happening with to the ‘affairs of your heart’ and the Mercury retrograde on the 21st brings back memories of both good and bad relationship issues…in hopes of you doing better in love this year! Anticipate hearing from a few ex’s after the 21st. It’s a New Year and possibly someone needs to know how you’re doing and whether they have another chance of ‘hooking up’ with you? Unless you’re desperately lonely, you don’t need to jump at the first invite you get, because this will be the month where lots of interested individuals, both new and old are looking for your contact information! Watch events on the 23rd as ‘the one person you didn’t ever want to see again’ tries a chance meeting!  You can also run into old neighbors and old coworkers this month! Some meetings will be very pleasant!


On the 3rd be careful of your actions at work! Avoid discussing job issues with coworkers because someone will repeat everything you’ve said and cause major problems for you! Around the 11th you might consider ways of getting your health and your diet back on track. Resolutions for the New Year are floating around everywhere, but with ‘expansive’ planet Jupiter in your sign you can have a real issue in maintaining your desired weight. On the 11th standing in front of a mirror can give you the ‘kick’ you need to get serious about your weight. And speaking about resolutions, you can come to incredible insights regarding your direction for the year and your goals for the month during the full Moon on the 4th. Be sure to take notes!


Money matters come to mind once ‘accomplishment ridden’ Mars shifts into your finances sector on the 12th, followed by ‘money magnet’ Venus on the 27th. This is an excellent month to set a budget for the upcoming year! Better monies are headed your way in a strong way later in the year…so get ready! Best Days: 6,7,8,16,17,24,25. Stressful Days: 14,15,20,21,27,28.














Soap Of The Month:

Glorious New Year!


Have a ‘Glorious New Year!’ Surround your spirit with the  uplifting fragrance of oranges and fruity citrus with my wonderful ‘Glorious New Year’ bar soap! In Feng Shui oranges symbolize good wishes, good fortune, life and new beginnings. 

Start your New Year off on a sweet note by bathing in a luxurious bath made with the all natural ingredients of olive oil, coconut oil and high vibrational herbs that attract abundance such as an almond inspired oil like Benzoin.
Begin your year with a ‘solar’ burst of vitality in a delicious citrus blend. Each bar of soap has mica gold dust adding to the feel of prosperity for the New Year!