May 2015



Leo: To survive the 'cosmic' tosses and turns of this month you'll need better organization! Yes, Leo, you can find yourself in a bunch of odd circumstances as 'expansive' planet Jupiter continues to open new doors of opportunity…but work and home responsibilities might short circuit your advances.  Keep hope alive and avoid being frustrated! There is a reason for everything and a way around most things, but sticky matters begin with the full Moon on the 3rd as situations surface concerning your home, a living arrangement, a roommate or a family member that needs extra attention. Watch your step! This lunar energy brings a brewing matter out into the open to deal with and resolve. The planetary energies warn of nasty disagreements or hostile words spoken with a loved one or with a live in around this time. As a result matters can become more difficult! There is nothing worse than not having peace in your home, and unless touchy situations are handled with consideration your dwelling might end up as being a war zone.


Avoid this from happening by staying away from any and all arguments. And if you're not feeling so understanding or compassionate regarding certain matters choose a better time to have a discussion. Yes, right timing is everything and although with the planet Mercury going retrograde on the 18th, the right time might not be for another few weeks…until after the retrograde is over on June 12th. Until then, you can find yourself being very aware of 'walking on egg shells' until this matter is done. So in the mean while find something more positive to focus on such as romance that takes an interesting turn after the 7th. How is the present state of your romantic affairs Leo? With 'adoring' planet Venus 'waltzing' into your 'privacy' sector on the 7th love for you can become secretly sweet! A person who has been quietly longing to be with you will make their feelings known… or you might be the person in quest of love and go out of your way to meet a special someone…all very quietly! In fact your love life can be so hush, hush this month, that your closest and dearest of friends won't know what is happening with you? Why the secrecy? Some situations are so new and unknown that any outside interference can be damaging…so have fun…being ever so quiet!


The act of  'going with the flow' makes your life much easier this month! There can be a few situations that happen beyond your control and how you accept and react to them will determinate the lessons earned. Watch your friends during the Mercury retrograde. Something hidden will be revealed. The new Moon on the 18th should bring some welcome career happenings! If you've been waiting for something fresh to start at work, a positive message can arrive during the week of the 18th. Just remember if you are offered a new position or opportunity that the Mercury retrograde requires that you take your time, do your homework and get a very clear understanding of what is needed from you. If possibly avoid new offers until after June 12th, but if this is not possible, do everything with clarity. Your Mother's Day celebration might include more people than expected! If you are a mother, or taking your mom or mother figure out to celebrate just know that you probably won't be alone. The planets suggest that fun comes in a crowd for your day of appreciation. Your Memorial's Day holiday seems as though you'll be doing more work than you would like. Either you're stuck at work on this holiday, or you'll be the person at the celebration having most of the responsibility for pulling things together. Make sure you're surrounded by eager and dutiful friends on the 25th. Best Days: 5,6,14,15,23,24. Stressful Days: 3,4,10,11,16,17,30,31.











Soap Of The Month:

Clear Mind:


In appreciation of the lightness of the wind, this soap

is designed with fragrant essential oils that capture the breezy spirit of the wind. Basil essential oil is wonderful for opening the mind and clearing stagnant thoughts. Coriander essential oil (coriander seeds found in the Egyptian tomb of Ramses II) helps mental peace. This soap's light aroma includes other remarkable essential oils and flower essences to open and strengthen the mind. This soap is great for getting over hang overs and a must have for students or anyone trying to focus and study. If you like suds, you'll love this bar as it is made with Olive, Coconut oils and other high grade emoilent oils.  Natural yellow clay to assist in absorbing toxins from the body.!bath-soaps/ccpx

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