Sept. 2014


Pisces: Guard your money!  Your generosity can get you into financial trouble! Pisces it’s ok to be nice to others but don’t let it create problems for you! This will be the month were you’ll be more willing to take a look at what is happening to your finances and initiate a plan of action. But first let’s see what is causing the problem…according to your planets this month, if you’ve been busy in love and active in trying to make your loved one happy you may have broken the bank and went totally over your budget. Also…a loved one doesn’t have to be a romantic partner…it can also be family members, friends and those you care a great deal about! If this is true, put your credit cards away!!! People will have to get used to being in your company without the added advantage of money being spent! Yes Pisces, enough is enough!


On the 2nd, mind-planet Mercury gives you a ‘peep’ into your bills and debt and you might not like what you see! It’s OK because the new Moon on the 24th assists you in figuring out some new ways of facing your debts with some innovative money management and if you pay careful attention by the 29th when ‘dollar diva’ Venus enters your financial sector you’ll have more money left over than originally thought! But, back to love…yes things can get really sweet between you and a certain person after the 5th. Lots of intimate conversations on the phone, lots of dates and lots of personal time can be spent with someone you’re falling in love with or someone who you are currently in love with as you attempt to make to romance more fulfilling! Try to leave the past alone when dealing with a current love this month.


War-planet Mars warns that conversations about something that happened before can create enormous tension in your love life. This might not be the time to go there! Best to focus on the present and the future. The full Moon on the 8th encourages you to do a mini make over! If you’re not happy with your appearance…a few little changes can go a long way! Get a quick make over in your favorite department store and find an outfit you think is flattering. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make yourself happy this month! Because true happiness comes from the inside out! Best Days: 8,9,17,18,27,28. Stressful Days: 2,3,14,15,22,23,29,30.



























Bath Of The Month:



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