Nov. 2015


Pisces: New things begin to happen! The introspective period you've been experiencing ends as ruling planet Neptune goes direct on the 18th signaling you to get busy! Your creativity becomes more active and your edge to problem solve returns. This is powerful and interesting cycle you're in Pisces! With so much 'energetic synergy' coming from the 'abundance-giving' quality of the planet Jupiter you're learning a lot about yourself through your interactions with others. Have you noticed that you're attracting a lot of different kinds of people in your life? Your time to socialize and be seen has arrived! Expect some complimentary things to happen at work after the 22nd. The Sun brings a whole new perspective to what you do for a living and because your attitude changes for the better, so will your relationship with your coworkers. 'Mind' planet Mercury strategizes ways to gain stronger recognition for hard work efforts, such as being a team player and lending a helping hand when needed. The 'vibrant' Sun aids in bringing great career rewards.


But if you've been one of those people who don't like to step out front or be in the limelight you might find yourself in a few stressful situations as you're pointed out as being a great coworker or someone who desires a pat on the back! Stay away from controversial conversations after the 26th. Someone who wants to diminish your reputation will attempt to get your comments on a 'touchy' subject with the intentions of slandering your name.  Keep your workplace neutral when it comes to beliefs…remember, your coworkers are not your friends and it is not necessary to get too close to them. There is always the underhanded intention of someone at work or in your personal life attempting to block your blessings….so keep your 'psychic eye' open this month! Your finances show growth once 'magnetic' planet Venus enters your 'financial' sector on the 8th. This is a good time to seek better investment advice or find other ways to grow your money…and with the help of 'momentum' planet Mars on the 12th you'll be eager to find more productive ways to increase your resources.


You might still need a little more confidence when it comes to being social! And yes you'll have lots of fresh opportunities to network and meet new people, but once the energy of the new Moon sets in after the 11th you could find that being alone and enjoying the peace of your own thoughts feel better…so you'll have to find a happy compromise between being socially active and enjoying your quiet time after the 11th. Romance comes early this month!  Planet Venus creates 'warm chemistry' between you a certain person after the 8th. If you're in a relationship, this will only help to keep the power of love growing, and if you're seeking partnership, a person with a very sensitive personality comes your way! Your Thanksgiving Day holiday can be stressful if you're not in the right frame of mind. Too much confusion with someone changing plans or dinner plans not being very organized can cause you to stay home and enjoy your own turkey dinner. If you can't handle the stress, create a quiet and private dinner for you and a select group of loved ones to enjoy and leave all the tension to others to deal with! Best Days: 1,10,11,19,20,28,29. Stressful Days: 5,6,13,14,26,27.