Feb. 2015


Pisces: "No weapons formed…" Now that you've gotten a better idea about who your enemies are… the next  biggest thing to understand is that you shouldn't worry about them. No, Pisces!…Don't worry about a thing! The reason is that the Universe has taken away the 'element of surprise' from any person who doesn't mean you well because you can now 'sense' their negative energy a hundred feet away and  'intuitively' feel when a hateful person is close by.  Let's just say that your 'psychic abilities' have been turned up a few notches as the Mercury retrograde worked on your behalf these past weeks…and just because the retrograde ends on the 11th doesn't mean that your 'senses' will quiet down…oh no, on the 18th the new Moon in 'psychic' Aquarius steps in and opens the door for brand new avenues of strengthening your 'force field' and handling negative individuals in an authoritative way…just pay attention to your inner voice this month!


Save some momentum for making solid career moves after the 18th. With 'hard work' planet Saturn situated at the top of your chart for the next 2 years, you can expect more responsibilities to be dropped in your lap willingly or unwillingly…meaning that you can strive for more and get it, or you can try to avoid extra responsibility only to end up getting it anyway. The difference is that the extra work you go after will be something that can enrich and empower your career life and the other way is that you'll end up with extra work that will only be a burden and a nuisance! You can do this the 'consciously evolved way' or you can be stressed out and frustrated by ignoring the 'spiritual clues'.  But being that 'inspirational' planet Neptune is your ruler you will 'flow' though the evolved way eventually! But for now, consider your next career move and begin to work toward it!


The full Moon on the 3rd brings all sorts of unexpected employment opportunities. This full Moon has the added support of 'big money' planet Jupiter and of course, anything Jupiter embraces will only grow, enlarge and prosper, so don't hesitate to seek better work conditions after the 11th. Your birthday season begins as the Sun enters your  sign on the 18th and more magnetic attraction comes your way with it! This is the time of  the year to 'turn up the noise' and let everyone know you've arrived! In terms of love anticipate something 'magical' to happen during the new Moon on the 18th as you run into a charming person who catches your eye. Your Valentine's Day might be a lot of work due to the planets sending out stressful energy. If you have a love, creating a simple celebration of romance might be better doing something elaborate. Being out in the public brings added irritations and you might regret activities around Valentine's Day…so the more intimate, secluded and private for romance…the better for the power of love! Money looks so much better after the 20th. With energy-planet Mars urging you to get more aggressive about increasing your income and 'dollar diva' Venus using her ability of attraction regarding your finances, the end of the month can be an excellent time to find a second job or even ask for a raise! Best Days: 1,10,11,19,20,27,28. Stressful Days: 5,6,7,13,14,25,26.




























Soap Of The Month:

Love Vortex:


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