Dec. 2014



Pisces: You have an incredible chance to restructure your life! The big question is “how do you see yourself Pisces?” The desire to be respected, looked up to and  be more visible in the world can happen once ‘discipline’ planet Saturn hits the highest portion of your chart  on the 23rd.  Planets at the top of the chart suggest the cosmic direction that your life can assume. The message of achieving great things, making a strong impression in the world and being admired because of your accomplishment are very possible. The few years will be the years where you will make believers out of those who don’t think you have inner strength and personal fortitude! You might be trusting and compassionate, but you have an innate ability to ‘read’ things the right way and choose the best direction, and are gifts that a lot of others don’t have! If you went to school over the past few years, you now get a chance to put your education into motion.


The New Year inspires to you use your credentials to get what you want!  The new Moon on the 21st is a great time to set career goals. With 4 planets in your social sector you can be compelled to network for work and socialize to find new people who are in the ‘know’ about how to achieve certain career goals. But, because you tend to be such a giving person, old friends will surround you and reconnect before the end of the year. You will be extremely busy this month.  Making money is a big issue for you! Over the 5 past months as ‘prosperity’ planet Jupiter energized your employment sector with some great job opportunities, you might feel as though work gains come to a pause once the planet Jupiter goes retrograde on the 8th. 


 Consider this as a chance to redirect your work energy and make a few better job choices. Stay away from stressful coworkers after the 4th. War-planet Mars enters into your house of ‘undoing’ and your temper or the way you interact with a few negative people on the job could cause you major problems. If you don’t like whom you work with, why not use the motivational Mars energy to find another job! Make sure you get enough rest this month, with so many cosmic things happening you might have a real problem in getting enough sleep, especially after the 4th. The full Moon on the 6th wants you to seek professional advice if any health issues pop up such as having sleep issues. The full Moon brings insightful information regarding your health to light.  Very nice things can develop in romance around the 10th. An person impresses you with compliments and charming conversation to the point where you can’t wait to meet or speak with them again.


Try to get enough rest around your Christmas holiday…because boy will you be busy!!! Your invites for dinner won’t come from family member, but from friends who want to share a wonderful meal with you.  On New Year’s Eve, be sure that you’re plans are clear. There can be confusion regarding where you’re going and who you’re going with.  Make advance plans and stick with them! Best Days: 8,9,18,19,26,27. Stressful Days: 5,6,13,14,20,21.

























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