Jan. 2015


Pisces: Time to get paid Pisces! Your concentration is greater this month! With ‘hard work’ planet Saturn poised in the highest part of your chart you will become more thoughtful about your actions, especially those things happening in your career. There are some very important planetary transits this year that will assist you in elevating your employment position. For the next 2 years the planet Saturn will not accept any short cuts or laziness when it comes to your work ethic. You need to find a direction and get a back bone if you seem to constantly change your mind about your goals. Saturn brings the chance of stronger self discipline and ‘prosperity’ planet Jupiter in your work sector for most of the year creates greater job options. Money has been a mystery for a long time due to the unstableness of ‘changeable’ Uranus in your financial sector, but with Uranus now shifting gears and  Saturn insisting on work excellence you can look for your cash to flow big! Yes…big money!


Be creative Pisces! You are like no other sign in the sense that you have incredible vision, imagination and faith! Tap into the power of your faith and let Divine intentions guide your direction. If necessary, keep to yourself this month to allow your dreams to grow. Some times it might be needed to get away from the advice and influence of others just to ‘listen to your own inner voice’ and the direction that God wants you to take. After the 3rd you’ll have no problems to limiting the company you keep. In fact, on the 21st, the Mercury retrograde wants you to spend more time in solitude and in meditation. Just know that an enemy or two has you on their mind and could start conflicts before the end of the month… but that happens only if they can lure you in their presence. It is real important that you stay in safe company this month.


Stay away from old friends that you’re not too sure about! Avoid contact with old coworkers you’re not so fond of and leave your ex’s alone. This Mercury retrograde can bring someone back into your life and they have nothing to offer but stress and problems. No!!! If you’re in need of love, look around the full Moon on the 4th for a new situation to develop in romance. Don’t mix business with pleasure this month. If there is someone on your job that you like, avoid crossing the line by trying to date them or get too friendly. A few of your secrets will be leaked to your coworkers if you become too chummy with a coworker. Keep business as business this month!


After the 12th your personal magnetism is enormous! Passion-planet Mars enters your sign at this time, followed by attraction Diva Venus on the 27th. What could this mean? Possibly that everywhere you go someone it trying to get your attention and wants to make contact with you! The end of the month is also a great time to get back into shape and up grade your appearance with the addition of a few nice pieces to the wardrobe or maybe a hair do change. Avoid going over board with any personal adjustments to your appearance. The Mercury retrograde could cause you to be too creative  for your own good and you might not like the change in a few weeks! Best Days: 4,5,14,15,22,23,31. Stressful Days: 2,3,9,10,16,17,29,30.


























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Glorious New Year!


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