May 2016



Pisces: Steady yourself for an extremely hurried month! At this time you can be overwhelmed by all the calls and messages you've received during the Mercury retrograde from people who are desperate to talk with you! What do they need to talk about that is so important you ask? A few of the calls are legitimate…someone wants to tell you something important, and then you have the other calls from friends who only want you to solve their problems…as though you have become their unofficially therapist or something? What! Pisces you don't mind helping friends, but when your assistance becomes a part time job something needs to change. You discover with the help of the Mercury retrograde that a few people are 'energy drainers' and right now you are ready to disconnect! Enough of allowing others to zap your vitality! You need all the momentum you can get to face a very challenging month which begins when love choices begin springing up everywhere!


Yes, my water sign friend…when 'abundance' planet Jupiter shifts forward in your 'relationship' zone after the 9th romance starts calling! If you're in a positive partnership your union becomes more serious and if you're looking for a new love…options for romance turn up everywhere! Hopefully you're ready to handle this! But if you have your heart set on gaining the affections of just one special person, look for a surprise meeting or message around the new Moon on the 6th letting you know that they are interested in seeing you as well. This is an excellent month to beautify your personal space! What if you do meet someone you really like and start to date? What if things progress and you decide to invite them home? You need  to make a 'comfortable' first impression! With the Sun 'revitalizing' your home front after the 20th, followed by 'beauty' planet Venus on the 24th you'll be in the mood to rearrange furniture, donate stuff you've out grown and choose some wonderful accessories to make your place more appealing. If you're in a relationship, then comfort is the key! And you and your partner will seek out those pieces of furniture to keep the 'home fires' burning…like plush pillows, soft rugs and cushy furniture. Yes, keep your home a place where you love to stay and 'play!' Your conversations with others become more 'passionate' after the 27th as 'dynamic' Mars stimulates your 'communication' zone.


You gain the confidence to say things to your loved one that you would never tell them before. Meetings get very exciting after a few conversations…on the right day at the right time Pisces! But the planet Mars can offer a 'two-edge sword.' That same passion you have for someone you love can flip and become the dagger used to cut off a parasitic relationship from someone who is overly dependent. Use your words wisely! Career matters catch your attention around the full Moon on the 21st. Avoid making any job changes this month. Do your homework so you'll know exactly what to do in a few weeks. Your Memorial Day holiday can be busier than usual! You might get a few visitors from out of town trying to stop by…now you know you need to get your home in the best condition possible! Best Days: 1,2,3,10,11,19,20,21,30. Stressful Days: 7,8,14,15,22,23.