August 2014


Pisces: You’ll make clearer decisions in love this month! Pisces the 3 planets in your relationship sector ends all the ‘back and forth’ decision-making you normally tend to do! If you’ve been in limbo regarding changes or adjustments in romance, after the 15th when ‘mental’ Mercury activates your thought process in romance, you’ll be ready to reconsider some choices you’ve made in the past. One of the most important attributes you long for in your mate is to have ‘a best friend.’ Passion in love is fine, but that is not the most important thing you look for… is mental and emotional compatibility. This means even more and your partner must prove to be a good friend first.  Oh, don’t think for one moment that anyone is calling you old fashioned…it’s just that you’ve had chances at short-term relationships and they never turned into anything real.


They only proved to be a waste of your emotional time! This month the tables in love turn towards romantic abundance as the new Moon on the 25th points you in a different direction. Keep an eye open on activities around the job this month. Your back stabbing coworkers are working up a scheme to undermine you. The full Moon on the 10th proves to be most helpful in uncovering and discovering their intentions. A conversation with someone on the job reveals everything, so stay friendly and open minded to everyone at work until the back stabbers are revealed. Something interesting happens with your money this month.


It seems that no matter how much you spend you seem to have a few extra dollars left over!  For you this is great because money seems to slip through your fingers and you have no idea where it went? With ‘prosperity’ planet Jupiter energizing your resources, you can believe that money continues to appear out of nowhere! If you learn to hang on to it, you’ll be financially better off in no time! Expect to have more creative thinking this month! Neptune, your ruler makes a supportive connection with ‘mental’ Mercury after the 7th. The most fabulous ideas come to you in the most interesting ways. Be sure to right down a few of them for use in the future! They can motive real positive change in some areas right away! Best Days: 3,4,11,12,20,21,22,30,31. Stressful Days: 5,6,18,19,25,26,27.



























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Soap Of The Month:

St. Michael Soap


A heavenly scented soap blended with the essential oil of Angelic Archangelica, named after the Guardian Angel St. Michael. This essential oil was so prized in the middle Ages that it was grown in the courtyards of churches and was thought to rid negative spirits. This wonderful soap is blended with Frankincense and other protective essential oils in addition to olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, layered in this amazingly luxurious aromatic soap.!bath-soaps/ccpx