Oct. 2015


Pisces: Try not to get 'the big head' this month! Yes, there will be lots of people in pursuit of gaining your attention as you receive a plethora of compliments and nice comments that might overwhelm and cause you to act a bit differently…according to your friends! The truth is, who wouldn't act different if all of a sudden strangers begin to show more attention when you didn't receive it so much in the past? You might actually be stunned by the added flattery! Pisces…you have to be on the outlook for envy! With so many great things beginning to happen, the possibility of someone not being able to understand your blessings can cause nasty jealousy! Pisces…that's their problem! The only thing you have to do is enjoy and embrace the surge of positive energy…and glow! This is your time for great friendships, love relationships and loving group activities.


Hopefully you won't have to drop a person who has been a part of your life just because they start to act odd when they see you getting 'love' from others. If so, just know that it is just the 'Universe's' way of letting you see who your true friends are. If a person is really for you, why wouldn't they want to see some joy come your way? With 'romance' planet Venus entering your 'relationship sector' on the 8th expect an increase of affection from a certain someone! By now you should realize the plus and minuses of being with your current partner or finding a person to share your love, and with the planet Venus adding more 'passionate flavor' to your love life things sizzle this month! Give your appearance a second look! Are there a few things you can do to make yourself feel more confident as people shower you with compliments. One problem might be that they see something in you that you don't see yourself and making a few adjustments in the way you look will indeed make you feel much more deserving of their positive remarks! Did you have some love confusion during the Mercury retrograde? If so, you'll be glad to clear your head once it ends on the 9th.


Memories of old loves from the past may have interfered with your feelings about relationship issues and now that you've gotten a few revelations about matters, you could be ready to move on! The new Moon on the 12th brings new love options. If you've had your eye on a potential love mate, the new Moon creates ways of bringing the two of you closer! Your brain power is extremely strong once the Sun 'energizes' your thinking after the 23rd. Any problems you've had can be solved with a bit more meditation during the week of the 23rd…put your mind to it! People surprise you with great conversations around the full Moon on the 27th. Anticipate a few laughs and some encouraging words from friends and family during this time. Money matters increase in opportunities after the 12th…so keep your eyes open! If you celebrate Halloween…look to have a 'smashing' good time! Something very romantic can happen with you and your partner…and there won't be anything scary about that! Best Days: 4,5,14,15,23,24,31. Stressful Days: 2,3,9,10,16,17,18,29,30.