August  2016


 Pisces: Don't get things confused! You'll have enormous choices of either being involved in a marvelous love life, or choosing to pursue promotion in your career…but trying to do them both can result in extreme exhaustion! On the 5th 'love-starved' Venus enters your relationship 'zone' and causes you to long for a more sensational partnership. The planet Venus relishes the joys of courtship, romance, sensual unions and when you put that together with the planetary energies of the 'hot' Sun and 'talkative' Mercury and you have a situation that keeps you happy for a while…and only for a while, due mostly to the planet Mercury going retrograde in your 'love' zone after the 30th. A change of mind is possible as you'll realize there are others of interest coming nearer. 'Abundance' planet Jupiter continues to replenish your love choices.


So it might be a good idea to hang loose and not make any commitments you won't be able to keep…the fact 'restless' planet Mars 'steps' into your career arena on the 2nd assists you in aspiring for a higher employment position. This is a good month for all sorts of unexpected employment opportunities to surface. Good luck is not the reason…It's because you have earned every advantage you've gotten. 'Discipline' Saturn wouldn't have it any other way and as it turns forward on the 13th. You can anticipate a couple of rewarding offers after that time. Stress is a big problem if you decide to focus more on career than love due to a neglected partner, or you can feel the stress of not wanting to miss out on a possible career promotion if you turn your attention on romance! This dilemma is something you'll have to work out carefully…but the truth is that something or someone will not be getting your full attention.


The new Moon on the 2nd offers a second alternative to work…as a new development begins to form, you could have the opportunity of filling in for a coworker who is on leave,  and by trying out their position for a short while you gain a different work experience. Or you just might volunteer to sit in for a missing coworker to see if you're suited for their kind of job. Mental stress can be an on going problem…be careful not to place yourself into any situations that create intense aggravation around the full Moon lunar eclipse on the 18th. Blow ups with coworkers or loved ones can bring enormous tension. Find positive ways of releasing the irritation of others. A sudden increase in your money comes as 'attraction' planet Venus energizes your 'financial' zone after the 29th. Look for some good financial news! Best Days: 1,9,10,19,20,27,28. Stressful Days: 4,5,12,13,25,26,31.