May 2015


 Pisces: You can be busier than expected this month! With so much happening around the home and with family members you might find yourself running around getting things in order for the comfort of loved ones, or to make your home more enjoyable for yourself! Consider this as a worthwhile time to get your personal space in shape. With all the extra stress concerning work and career present, it is very easy to get scattered and you need to be in a place of peace and quiet. The Mercury retrograde 'jump starts' your ability to focus after the 18th. Put all your mental energy into transforming your home into a haven of solitude and restoration…you're going to need it! With 'hard work' planet Saturn 'perched' at the top of your chart, the pressure of achieving is hard to ignore. This added stress brings unexpected problems into your personal relationships as well. A family member or a room mate might pressure you for answers after the 18th.  They want to know why you're not paying attention to them as usual? If you live with someone who is emotionally needy and you've been too busy to deal with their issues, anticipate some drama.


Little details are blown out of proportion between you and this person. Conversations are critical to them  at this time and you might not be the best frame of mind to speak with them. Avoid all the static and give them a few words of encouragement that you are aware of their issues and you'll speak with them very soon. Schedule your well meaning conversations after the Mercury retrograde after June 12th to ensure clarity and understanding.  Besides of the relationship stuff…this can be an extremely creative time to redo your home! With energy-planet Mars and the Sun also visiting your personal space both by the 21st, the motivation to create a 'fresh' environment is powerful. The Sun stimulates you to bring vitality to your private surroundings, and if 'romance' planet Venus has her way, there will be a lot more intimate entertaining done in your home after the 7th.


Avoid doing any major make overs. Just get rid of the clutter and add a few dashes of color with rugs and throw pillows to bring in better vibrations. If your environment reminds stressful you might consider planning a few weekend trips to get away from your 'mental oppressors.' Yes, Pisces, the planets are on your side to plan a few weekend escapes. It starts on the full Moon on the 3rd when you realize that nothing you do for a certain person is going to bring them peace and you seek a route of to get away and visit friends in another state or just buy a train ticket to go some place alone that is quiet. Your conversations around the new Moon give you extra information about a situation that has been confusing you. A person unwittingly tells you something you've needed to know for a while. Once the Mercury retrograde is over you will swing into action and use the information to get a few things straight with your deceitful friend. On Mother's Day seek the company of only a few loved ones. If you're a mother or you plan on taking out your mom or a mother figure consider avoiding places that have large groups of people such as concerts or parks. The planets suggest that the less people the better for everyone to enjoy on your this day of appreciation. Stay on top of your health. Not correctly handling stress can lead to bigger problems. Rest and relaxation is the key!  Best Days: 3,4,12,13,21,22,30,31. Stressful Days: 5,6,7,18,19,25,26,27.


























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Soap Of The Month:

Clear Mind:

In appreciation of the lightness of the wind, this soap

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