Oct. 2014


Pisces: You are on financial alert this month!  Pisces being a water sign, you might be able to ‘go with the flow’ and work with the ‘ebbs and tides’ of circumstances, but your money is another subject! The Mercury retrograde throws your finances into a ‘whirl wind’ after the 11th.  Your money management will be uncovered and exposed so you can’t escape from the truth. Yes, inspirational Neptune is your ruling planet, but you can also be deceived and misled if you’re not taking situations seriously. Pisces, money is serious business…especially for you this month! And just in case you find ways of not facing your budgetary issues, on the 8th a full Moon hits your ‘cash flow’ sector like a tidal wave!!!  And you can end up without having enough cash to pay your bills or enjoy those daily things you like to do. As a Pisces you can ‘swim’ away from certain things, but you won’t be able to get away from this fast enough! So, the best way of embracing your issue is to be honest and brave. Around the 23rd great cosmic help comes your way as the Sun and  ‘dollar Diva’ Venus arrives with ‘insightful’ intervention.


You’ll be receptive to better financial handling, management and credit assistance. Make sure your taxes are paid and up to date! You don’t want any problems with IRS, so pay attention to your tax issues. But there is the chance that a lot of the money problems you face are not yours alone! You can be in a partnership with a spend thrift or a ‘shop till you drop buying maniac!!?’ If this is the case you can expect major battles over finances this month. The subject of who control the money is an issue for a nasty power struggle. But don’t back away!!! Dealing with an unreasonable person, you might need to shake situations up a bit to get their attention and let them know that something must change and it’s going to happen now!!!


If money is good between you and your partner, you will move on to other things such as more passion in the partnership! Pisces, things can get real heated after the 11th! And although the retrograde is not a good time to bring up touchy issues, you might be so close and understanding with your loved one that you don’t need words to express your feelings or conversations to get your point across. Actions are good this month! So stay busy in love! But once energy-planet Mars steps into your friendship sector after the 26th you’ll be busy in other ways as well! Lots of your friends will seek you out and urge you to hang out. You can have the most marvelous social times this month! Best Days: 5,6,14,15,24,25. Stressful Days: 12,13,19,20,26,27.

























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