August 2015


Pisces: Ok… Pisces your responsibilities might grow, but you'll have the help of a very good friend to aid in carrying your load! And the good friend is 'prosperity' planet Jupiter as it comfortably 'rides' in your 'relationship' sector for the next 12 months! Yes, Pisces…Jupiter, the planet that brings enormous increase forms a complementary relationship that enables you to discover that you're not alone and you have lots of help! Many of your blessings can come from the relationships you form. A better partnership, stronger friendships, more cooperative neighbors and coworkers that you can trust…surrounding your self with people who have your back is important, especially on the job as 'structure' planet Saturn 'creeps' closer to your 'career' sector. The time has arrived to be more focused on success and making progress in your work. Energy-planet Mars provides lots of stamina as it motivates situations in your 'work' sector after the 8th. And getting more money for your 'sweat' is a strong consideration as 'dollar diva' Venus retrogrades also in your 'work' sector after the 2nd.


Of course negotiating for more money might be 'touchy' until Venus goes direct on Sept. 6th. But you can do your homework to see what others are earning doing the same type of work…and with luck you could decide that this is an ideal time to begin looking for a different kind of work all together. Something positive happens on the job during the new Moon on the 14th. Your boss could alert you to the possibility of a raise or promotion…or maybe you get encouragement and recognition for the good work that you've done? Whatever it is…it promises to be inspiring due to 'sweetness' planet Venus  adding it nice vibrations. More money sounds real good, especially once 'communication' planet Mercury steps into your 'financial' sector after the 27th. You'll be urge to talk about, think and figure out ways of using your money better during this time. But no matter how much energy you expend thinking about your money….you simply cannot get away from the powerful surge of love coming into your life! Again, Jupiter in your relationship sector creates an enormous romantic vibration that attracts a worthy partner or causes the person you love to get ready and take the commitment to a new level!


The feeling of 'being blessed' or finding someone that can be a 'blessing' in your life can happen over the next 12 months, but right now…the Sun adds a fabulous warmth and fulfillment in getting what you deserve in love! The full Moon in your Sun sign on the 29th encourages you to do something extra to your appearance. With so much romantic energy surrounding you, looking better makes you more confident in your relationship or more confident in your search for love. Watch out for 'ex's' attempting to make a come back during the early part of the month. Chances are that they are not serious about continuing an old love situation…maybe they are just being inquisitive about your relationship status and call you up to be nosey! Don't waste time with someone who was never truly into you in the first place!  You have too many 'real' contenders interested in being with you! Best Days: 2,3,10,11,12,20,21,22,29,30. Stressful Days: 8,9,15,16,17,23,24.
























Soap Of The Month:

Clear Mind:



With the lightness of the wind in mind, this soap

was designed with fragrant essential oils that capture the breezy spirit of  the air. Basil essential oil is wonderful for opening the mind and clearing stagnant thoughts. Coriander essential oil (coriander seeds found in the Egyptian tomb of Ramses II) helps mental peace. This soap's light aroma includes other remarkable essential oils and flower essences to open and strengthen the mind. This soap is great for getting over hang overs and a must have for students or anyone trying to focus and study. If you like suds, you'll love this bar as it is made with Olive, Coconut oils and other high grade emollient oils.  Natural yellow clay to assist in absorbing toxins from the body and for color.