July 2016


 Pisces: You need to let people know what you think! There are a few individuals around who consider you a push over or a softy! The issue could be you're overly consider about the feelings of others and don't necessarily express your feelings all the time…but this is the month where it ends!  Its fine to be concerned about others, but you must be protective of spiritual well being and Pisces if you don't stand up for yourself…then who will? Yes, there will be a change in your attitude this month and it begins around the full Moon on the 19th when some comment comes to your attention and you spare no words to defend yourself! That's right! What ever it is that makes a person think they can treat you anyway will be radically readjusted! You have the support of 'war' planet Mars on your side this month…and this makes you more sensitive to negative energy and less tolerate to nonsense! 


Ruler Neptune makes you aware of thoughts and suggestions from others, so consider giving unruly and disrespectful people a 'pass' out of your life…you're too compassionate to deal with abuse. Your change of behavior surrounds you with more dynamic energy…as a few special people find you irresistible around the new Moon on the 4th. Pisces, look for a major improvement in your love life! In fact if you're looking for a new person or a new way of asserting your romantic intentions, you'll have great insight during the new Moon. Things can get a bit complicated in love, especially if you have unfinished business with someone from the past. Be on guard for an old love to resurface the early part of this month…anticipate phone calls from the person who is having a hard time letting go of your heart! Your job situation turns positive over night! With 3 planets influencing your employment opportunities beginning on the  12th, you get a chance to make strong improvements.


'Dollar diva' Venus entering your 'work' zone on the 12th attracts better relationships with your coworkers and supervisor, as well as opens the way to making more income. You might discover a chance to pull in some extra over time and get a 'fat' paycheck before the end of the month. Stressful conditions can be changed for the better once 'mental' planet Mercury influences your conversations with those you work with after the 13th. Those individuals who refused to listen to your concerns before will be more agreeable after the 13th.  And if you're prepared to end the drama where you work and look for another job, the energy of the Sun can be very helpful around the 22nd when 'enormous' luck in your employment situation begins to happen! Your cash flow remains unsteady this month. 'Unstable' planet Uranus can create financial upsets if you're not watchful of your spending. Spend with thoughtfulness this month! Best Days: 3,4,13,14,22,23,31. Stressful Days: 1,2,8,9,15,16,29,30.