Oct. 2014


Sagittarius: Your season of revelation has arrived! If you’ve been involved with people that have been working behind your back or in situations that are secretive, the planets perform remarkable feats of disclosure, discovery and revelation to inform, update and alert you to what is going on!  Yes, Sag…the old saying of ‘what happens in the dark…soon comes to light applies to you this month and it is necessary for you to know the truth before you make plans or think of forming certain relationships by the end of the year!!! Yes, the Universe has big plans for you next year…consider anything that goes on this month as the beginning of a ‘cleansing and purging’ cycle! Out with bad or demeaning relationships, out with friends who sabotage your plans and talk behind your back, out with situations that no longer suit your needs for the future!!!! Out! Out! Out!!!!


Without a doubt this can be a painful experience…letting go of habits, ways of thinking and people you once relied on and comforted you! But nothing stays the same and the fact is that when you approach a new level in your life, you can’t take certain old things with you! New level…new situations! Be encouraged and look forward to them!  But all of your God given ‘enthusiasm’ you naturally have will be used up in the mist of this month situations as you face the reality of things that need to be exposed!  Be on guard to see friends transform into enemies!


The truth is that they were never true friends in the first place…they were only pretending until now…be on watch for letting go of a relationship where you’re only wasting your time waiting for the other person to get it together and finally be on the look out for your love life to go from good, to bad to worse before the end of the month! Ouch! There are some positive things to happen…such as ruler Jupiter keeping your spirits up regardless of what negative things that occur and that ‘motivational’ planet Mars in your financial sector redirects your attention toward making better resources, increasing your money and keeping your cash flow active by the 26th.  In the mean time don’t worry about watching your back…because God has your back always! Amen! Best Days: 7,8,16,17,18,26,27. Stressful Days: 5,6,12,13,19,20.

















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