March 2015


Sagittarius: You get a chance to breathe a little easier! You've gotten just a small 'taste' of Saturn in your sign and depending on how this 'no nonsense' planet has expressed itself will determine if you are ready for more of the 'Saturn experience' or not! Don't be fearful of getting your act together! Saturn is the planet that brings form and structure to everything and without order or organization nothing would happen…everything around you would be in chaos. Has your life been in need of greater structure or order? Of course it has! And for this reason you are given the opportunity to gain advancement and aspire to your goals! Something remarkable occurs around the new Moon Solar eclipse on the 20th. This new Moon acts as a 'battery pack' for energizing situations and your creativity can be enormous during this time! This is a great month to 'get into yourself'… use your imagination and do lots of creative thinking! Dream for your future Sag…dream! 


The fact of 'expansive' Jupiter 'sitting comfortably' in your 'mental' sector acts as a 'back up' system for goals! Jupiter only wants big, marvelous and tremendous things for you and with Saturn going retrograde on the 14th a little of the stress you've been feeling subsides! But don't relax and fall back into bad habits. Consider the retrograde Saturn as a school child having a substitute teacher…you know that the substitute is only temporary and you don't have to be on your best behavior, but when Saturn goes direct and the 'teacher' returns…you will be judged on your past actions. Stay focused! Pay more attention to what is going on in your career this month. The full Moon on the 5th brings greater awareness to earning money and getting an advanced position. You have positive energy during the full Moon and this is an ideal time to seek work improvement.


With power-planet Pluto in the 'money aware' sign of Capricorn joining forces with the full Moon, there is a strong push for upper career movement.  Go for it! In addition to this, your daily work sector is given a major boost with 'dollar diva' Venus on the 17th, followed by 'assertive' Mars on the 31st adding their assistance. The work message is  'speak up for yourself this month Sag!' If you think you deserve more money or a better job…speak up and ask for it! Are you ready to find adventure in love? Fabulous warmth follows the enter of the Sun into your 'romance' sector on the 20th, only to be supported by 'conversational' Mercury on the 30th. You'll have confidence up to meet someone new and have lots of things to talk about! Current love situations find ways of keeping romance exciting. Intimate talks with your loved one are guaranteed to 'heat up' your relationship and keep hearts warm between you two! Try to maintain your diet this month. The Saturn retrograde is no reason for returning to your old way of eating. Remember the first day of spring is on the 20th and you'll want to look good for the soon to coming warmer weather! Best Days: 2,3,12,13,20,21,29,30,31. Stress Days: 4,5,6,18,19,24,25,26.

















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