May 2016



Sagittarius: Ready for a change? There can be a shake up in your career this month…the Mercury retrograde has caused some rethinking about your present job course and you may or may not like the current state of affairs. Did the retrograde expose what others were thinking about you or did it allow you to over hear conversations you normally wouldn't hear?  You're such an optimistic fire sign that you might prefer to move away from situations that bother you, but the planet Mercury wants you to resolve them and not run away from the stressfulness of issues Sag. With 'bridge-building' Saturn in your sign you have the ability to handle challenges and controversy in a constructive manner. FYI… It doesn't hurt to know 'prosperity' planet Jupiter begins manifesting all sorts of wonderful career opportunities after the 9th. Yes, Sag! Ruler Jupiter comes out of 'hiatus' and starts spreading its 'good luck' energy in your 'work' zone.


 This is a great thing because the past couple of weeks may have been brutal dealing with a supervisor you don't like or working a job you can't stand! In the event that your boss is great and your job is tolerable, you can use this period of growth to rise higher in your current work. 'Expansion' planet Jupiter shifts forward and you can expect big opportunities to fall in your lap! Now is the time to hold on tight to your dreams! Incredible situations are in the making and your desires can still happen in a positive way! Just in case you've been feeling a bit delayed, just know that things are quietly in the works and to look forward to solid changes! An idea pops into your head around the new Moon on the 6th…just hang on to it until after the 22nd when issues around your employment begin to clear. Avoid getting emotionally entangled with someone on the job this month. Your planets warn that a 'crush' could develop between you and a coworker at any time. Talking about making a mess out of things…try to keep your feelings to yourself and not allow them to be expressed around the workplace…you have too much to lose to get  wrapped up in and on the job romance and focused on career advancement! Breath deep Sag…love is coming…but not necessarily from someone you work with…especially when 'affectionate' Venus 'breezes' into your 'relationship' zone after the 24th. 


If you have a special someone, conversations get lively with your loved one after the 20th as the Sun encourages you to see the 'common goals' you have in romance. Avoid going backwards in love this month!  'Passion' planet Mars can stir up old feelings with a person from the past. Revelations around the full Moon on the 21st causes you to rethink your actions and maybe inspire you to want more or something different in your life. A change of appearance might be the result or maybe a change of your partnership? Your Memorial Day holiday can  be better appreciated by staying close to home and carefully picking your company. Your planets point to rest and relaxation if possible and spending private time with someone whose presence you enjoy! Best Days: 4,5,12,13,22,23,31. Stressful Days: 1,2,3,7,8,14,15,29,30.