Dec. 2014




Sagittarius:  Life will change over the next two years! That’ happy go lucky’ attitude of yours will be transformed into a more serious look at how truly blessed you are and bring lessons of gratefulness. Yes my dear Sag, Saturn the planet of ‘hard work and no nonsense’ comes for an extended visit and with all long term house guests you will learn how to compromise and get along for your greater good. What is the greater good regarding this situation?  Learning to manage and handle your money will be a big issue! And how well you’re able to manage in times of need and in times of abundance? Being the sign of the future, this Saturn transit will teach you to make strong plans long into your future and not just dream and waste your time. 


 It will also ask you to remember your past and not to forget the things you have learned or the people who brought you the lesson.  Due to your forward and ever moving energy, you might often forget people and cause harm in relationships by not remembering or honoring them.  In a way, the planet Saturn in your sign ‘clips your wings’ my ‘flighty friend’ and allows you to be more grounded regarding your life.  The month of Dec will be filled with financial concerns and reinventing new ways of earning money! With 4 heavenly bodies in your money sector your finances will be empowered! ‘Money magnet’ Venus enters your financial sector on the 10th and stimulates the desire to increase your income.  In fact, don’t be surprised if all of a sudden different types of money propositions start coming your way, especially after the 21st once the Sun brings extra vitality to your resources.


The new Moon on the 21st delivers some good news about your finances. If you’ve been looking for a job…a job position becomes available. If you’re been trying to start some sort of small business venture, you’ll get a green light from someone who’s help you’ve been needing to get you started! Ruler Jupiter gives you the ability to make deep decisions once it goes retrograde on the 8th. Jupiter now in the sector of your ‘higher mind’ blesses you with great inspiration, the ability to pray, meditate and stay focused on your goals. A phone call from a loved one turns a bright light on romance. If you’ve been feeling a bit neglected by a certain person, a message around the full Moon on the 6th will chase away your fears and put hope in your heart. Being committed in love can be a bit problematic possibly because ‘freedom’ planet Uranus turns forward in your ‘romance’ sector after the 21st.  If you’re in  a committed relationship keep things exciting by using the planet Uranus’ energy in a constructive way! Uranus loves change! 


 You can find yourself in extreme debt if you’re not careful this Christmas holiday. It is urgently important that you stay on a budget or try to spend with great awareness. What good is buying presents for loved ones during Dec and remain paying for them on your credit card over the next few months? Buy with discernment!  Conversations  with certain people on New Year’s Eve can cause a lot of aggravation. Do be careful who you spend your last day of the year with. A nasty argument can ruin your entire evening. The least said the better! Bring the New Year in with a smile! Best Days:  1,2,10,11,20,21,28,29. Stressful Days: 5,6,13,14,26,27.

















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Soap Of The Month:

St. Michael


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