September 2015


Sagittarius: Your cycle of discipline begins! With 'structure' planet Saturn shifting into your sign on the 17th the urges of wanting something more or striving to get something different in your life are strong! If you want to know what to expect with this 2 and a half year Saturn transit, try to recall what events that occurred when Saturn first entered into your sign last Dec. The beauty of Saturn is that there are no surprises…its energy allows you to feel its approach, whether you get the sensation that more responsibility is coming or that you're wasting your time in certain matters and the moment has arrived to do something much better! Whatever your feelings are…you better believe there is some sort of hard work attached! More discipline, personal sacrifice and elimination of negative habits can be part of your experience before the cycle is over. And Sag, you face your lessons and requirements to elevate to a higher level, so this can be the most enlightening and progressive transit ever, but if you dread hard work, can't stand to be without the things you've created addictions to like causally spending money, or being involved in demeaning love situations because you're afraid to be alone, this cycle can be painful…and the pain is due to not wanting to let go of those things that have brought superficial comfort and stunted your potential for growth.


The planet Saturn has arrived to shake matters up and get rid of the stuff that hold you back! Consider yourself as being in a 'boot camp' for progress and elevation! An enormous amount of energy will be spent on career matters this year! With 'gratuitous' planet Jupiter,(your ruler) situated in your career sector for the next 12 months, look for lots of opportunities to come your way…and the planet Saturn is standing by to make sure you follow up the right choices and not allow anything good to slip through your fingers. The new Moon solar eclipse on the 13th can change matters drastically regarding work. If you've been focused on the wrong career path or wrong job position, the new Moon creates a more agreeable employment situation. The solar eclipse can 'cut' the energetic ties you have with a certain position, especially if you feel that it is owed to you and that you've worked hard for a promotion you haven't gotten! The solar eclipse turns your head in a totally new direction and encourages a brand new career path to open before you. Although staying focused can be difficult, definitely once the Mercury retrograde starts on the 17th.


Old friends or loves from the past pop up everywhere, and you'll be tempted to talk, socialize and enjoy their company while more important issues are trying to get your attention!  Don't lose direction! Career matters are top priority, followed by love as the full Moon lunar eclipse 'activates' actions in your 'romance' sector after the 27th. Your gut feelings will tell you everything you need to know about a certain person regarding love during this time. And whether or not you consider yourself to be in 'consumed' with them won't get in the way of making changes and getting rid of them if you think you're being taken advantage of.  Lies and gossip alert you that something isn't right with the person. The uncovering of information due to the Mercury retrograde gives you the right to have someone much better in your life! Expect a phone call from a person you've been longing to hear from after the 6th. Talking to this individual will make a world of difference in the choices you make in romance this month! Best Days: 1,9,10,19,20,28,29. Stressful Days: 4,5,6,12,13,26,27.














Soap Of The Month:




With love planet Venus shifting forward on the 6th, activate your love life by magnifying the energy passion with a luxurious soap bar made with  scrumptious essential oils that accentuate the vibrations of the  'romance' planet Venus. Douse yourself in an enriching bath of essential oils of the passion flower Ylang yang, delicious amber and other essential oils made to increase the powers of love. This soap smells so good and feels even better! Share a passionate bath with someone you love! This soap is made with the natural ingredients of saponified Olive oil, coconut oil, crystallized water and wonderful flower essences all chosen to stimulate the heart.