August 2016



 Sagittarius: The 'cosmic forces' prepare you for greatness! With 'purposeful' planet Saturn shifting forward on the 13th you'll have a stronger sense of direction than in previous months. What is it that you want? Whatever it is, you'll have the added assistance of 'dynamic' planet Mars pushing situations forward and finding ways of maneuvering around challenges! Getting your body in shape can be an extra plus of the Mars influence after the 2nd. Mars provides enormous stamina, will power and determination and if you've had problems staying motivated about exercising or going to the gym, Mars comes to your aid to increase your 'staying power'! The planet Saturn moving forward brings the gift of 'knowing what needs to be done' to succeed! No more changing your direction for no reason, or being flighty and not focused…oh no! Saturn acts as a 20 ton ball of steal to 'glue' you to your desires and keep you grounded until you make progress.


This planet assist with you for another year, so get used to working hard and going the extra mile…the rewards have a big pay off! Don't play games with your career this month! Ruler Jupiter has a very short length of time to remain in your 'career' zone and if you don't make good of finding better employment don't complain when nothing happens! Your chance to make a difference is now! Be motivated and be tireless! If you want something better, the planet of 'abundance' will back you up now…in addition to Venus, the Sun and the planet Mercury. Avoid making last minute job decisions. On the 30th planet Mercury goes retrograde and can seriously affect the choices you've made in the past few months. Tread water Sag… do your research and make long range goals for your career future.


Communication is important! You find out the truth of a matter around the full Moon lunar eclipse on the 18th that might even end a relationship with someone you thought you could trust, or begin a new situation with a person you feel more secure with. The same goes with the new Moon on the 2nd…information comes to you in the strangest of ways. This is an excellent month to call up people you haven't spoken with in a while and see what's going on. They can reveal a few facts about other friends that you weren't aware of! The new Moon can also inspire you to travel if you haven't yet done so this summer! Quick get aways to soaking up the last few weeks of the summer's Sun appeal to your sense of adventure. Traveling can be remarkable for your love life! If you have a partner, the two of you will be closer and more romantic while exploring new places…and if you're looking for love, a new person tries to 'explore' you! Use your time wisely this month…as it is quickly ticking away! Best Days: 8,9,17,18,25,26,27. Stressful Days: 1,2,15,16,21,22,28,29.