Nov. 2015


Sagittarius: You need a firmer foundation for your life this month! Right now there is a major planetary push toward career gains, but if you're building your future on shaky ground, evidently situations will crumble.  What is going on in your home these days? Could your living situation need an over haul? Are you cohabiting with individuals who take you for granted or who disregard your feelings? Or are you living in a physical space that you've out grown and is causing growing pains?  This is the month to make adjustments. The quest is to have balance in both your outer and inner lives…and unless something is done to provide the calmness you need within your home, you won't have the concentration necessary to get things done in your career. With the end of the year so close, this can be a good time to write an 'intentions list' to focus on those situations that will make you happier.


'Faith' planet Neptune can help you decide on the most important matters after the 18th. Take some time after the 18th and meditate on what bothers you the most and what actions you're prepared to take to get results. Getting away from your daily routine and finding a new perspective might help bring insight to your situation. The new Moon on the 11th magnifies your need to find a quiet space by taking a short trip away for a weekend or going to visit a friend you haven't seen in a while. A trip around the Thanksgiving holiday just might be what you need to open your thoughts and gain a new view of matters. Your social life gets crowded after the 12th. Friends keep inviting you out to attend all sorts of affairs, and if you're on the search for romance, definitely say yes to a few invitations. Planets Venus and Mars send 'irresistible' energy to your social activities and your opportunities for meeting someone attractive are great.


If you're in a relationship and not really sure where things are going, the full Moon on the 25th will uncover some information you weren't aware of, or allow you to witness some  secretive activities about your partnership. Things might not be so comfortable in your relationship during Thanksgiving if you're planning to spend it with family and loved ones. Censor your conversations and avoid saying things that might create tension. But whatever happens, it won't stop you from seeking something better and trying to remain happy! Your confidence level is abundant around the beginning of your birthday season…on the 22nd. With both the Sun and 'conversational' Mercury in your sign, you'll get mucho attention from others and you'll glow in it! This is an ideal time to meet new people or begin different social activities. Your finances seem to stabilize this month. After the 10th you might enter into conversations with your boss about a better wage or a higher position if you feel the need. Your career path remains strong as 'prosperity' planet Jupiter keeps on the job relationships productive after the 13th. If asked, don't hesitate to take on more work responsibilities. This could be the first step to a good promotion! Best Days: 3,4,13,14,22,30. Stressful Days: 5,6,19,20,26,27.