July 2015


Sagittarius: You'll be able to enjoy the fullness of summer! With 'ball and chain' planet Saturn temporarily leaving your sign for the next few weeks, you'll have a chance to enjoy a restriction-free period before this 'hard work' planet reenters your life. But honestly things might not be as tough as you think! The reason being that you'll have enormous planetary assistance around that time and yes you'll have to be responsible about your work, but you'll gain the satisfaction of having success while you do so! A small preview of what's to come happens during the week of the 18th when 'attraction' planet Venus reaches the highest part of your chart. What does this mean? Venus brings love, money and increased social status…with its entry into such a sensitive part of your chart strongly suggests that cosmic 'favor' temporary comes your way…and I do mean temporary.


Because on the 31st Venus will step back into your 'mental' sector in order to get your thoughts right and your mind in alignment for what's to come in the approaching weeks. Don't worry, you won't suffer for long, not while 'abundance' planet Jupiter continuously nudges its way toward your career sector. By the end of the month you'll get  an indication of a big career break or some sort of advancement that you've been working hard for! But don't make the mistake of taking anything for granted…remember, 'karmic' planet Saturn is quietly sitting by over seeing all of your actions, thoughts and intentions. If something good happens, be grateful and grasp the opportunity with an open heart! Your finances are a major concern this month. The full Moon on the 1st widen your eyes to activities surrounding your money in hopes of enlightening you of what should be your next step. With transformational-planet Pluto supporting the Moon there can be a great need for change with your spending and money management. The new Moon on the 15th  stimulates you to use your finances in healthier ways such as look for better banking situations and lower credit card rates to hold on to more of your money!


The chances of traveling and getting out of town are plentiful after the 22nd. Your soul desires adventure! Seeing people you love might be a part of your travel plans, but they will come second to experiencing and visiting new and unknown places. There just might be a few out of town visitors to your home this month. Someone fun and exciting wants to see you! Your love life can be enhanced by a quick get away with someone special after the 25th. A lovely trip can turn increase the passion in your partnership. Ruler Jupiter encourages you to keep your mind fertile and active by reading this month or taking a class or seminar you might think enjoyable. If you're looking for romance, you just might find it with a fellow student or seeker of information like yourself, especially around the 23rd. The second full Moon of the month on the 31st encourages you to communicate more wisely with family members and loved ones. This can be a great time to address certain sensitive issues. People will be more willing to cooperate and compromise! Best Days: 8,9,17,18,26,27,28. Stressful Days: 6,7,12,13,19,20.














Soap Of The Month:

Love Vortex:


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