July 2016



Sagittarius: Your skeletons come out to greet you this month! But don't worry about karma!  You've been so busy working on improving yourself lately that very soon you won't have anything to hide or be remiss about! Yes, with 'fierce' Mars in your 'privacy' zone a lot of your issues, secrets, questionable deeds and mistakes have been up for inspection. This is an ideal time to make things right with yourself and those whom you've had issues with. Saying you're sorry or making amends can be high on your list this month, or even the act of forgiveness can bring enormous healing. To forgive someone who has hurt you  brings liberation from stagnant emotional hurt and pain…the reason being that there are just some slights you can't let go of, but this it is the cycle to let go! And just because you might be in the mood to 'let go and let God'  handle your baggage doesn't mean that your enemies feel the same way.


People with bad intentions have been very busy stirring up strife to make your life miserable in recent weeks…and  due to their persistence you might have to address their actions. The full Moon on the 19th 'empowers'  your movements. If you happen to run across someone who is underhanded and conniving,  you will be compelled to speak your truth and tell them what you feel. Of course they're not going to like what you have to say, but at least you've gotten off your chest and they now know where you stand! Yes, handling your foes with finesse can removed blockages!  Your friendships will multiply this month. Your 'social' zone is full of brand new opportunities to meet new people…especially if you plan to go away. A trip will definitely brings about wonderful socializing prospects mainly due to 'attention-loving' Venus entering your 'social' zone on the 12th, followed by 'communication' planet Mercury on the next day.


If you're traveling with a loved one anticipate having the most marvelous trip! The 'vivacious' Sun adds greater fun and warmth to your relationship…and if you're hoping to meet someone new with the aim for making a possible love match, you won't be disappointed! 'Excitement' planet Uranus can turn things up a notch in romance when it goes retrograde on the 29th. A phone call from an ex love can put you in a mental dilemma. You'll like the words that are spoken, but could wish they would have come at a better time!  Money concerns keeps your mind focused on career gains. The new Moon on the 4th 'highlights' financial issues and reminds you that you are in need of better income and stronger money! 'Abundance' planet Jupiter is still working in your corner regarding work advancement and on the 30th constructive talks involving a new job or a higher position are great! The 16th is a positive day to schedule a job interview. All your hard work will be recognized at this time! Best Days: 6,7,15,16,24,25. Stressful Days: 4,5,10,11,12,25,26