Sept. 2014


Sagittarius: Get ready to shift into high gear! Momentum-planet Mars is not playing when it comes to giving enormous energy, incentive and direction! Although, with so many great things beginning to happen, your energy level can be fine, but just know that an extra motivational push will be available after the 13th…and guess what? You’ll probably need it based on all the new opportunities that are currently in the making! What opportunities? Look for something wonderful to start manifesting in your career after the 5th! With ‘dollar diva’ Venus stepping into the highest position in your chart, anticipate a new career path to open, a promotion to be offered or  remarkable improvements in relationships with your boss or supervisor.  People will see you in a different and more positive light during this time.


 So, enjoy and let great things happen! But your thoughts can be consumed with making more money, especially when abundance-planet Jupiter influences the way you think after the 5th. Nothing is ever ‘enough’ for the planet Jupiter. Its cosmic energy is always finding ways of...doing more, making more and experiencing something better! With a connection with power-planet Pluto around the 5th,  if you have an idea nothing will stop you from acting on it! You are charged up and ready to go! Don’t be afraid of networking and socializing after the 10th! There will be incredible luck in meeting a person that gives good directions and answers on how to obtain your goals.


The new Moon on the 24th can be of great assistance in getting invites to functions and events. So, get your outfits ready!  The full Moon on the 8th encourages you to take care of your home and be nurturing of the people you live with. A situation happens brings your attention to the fact that nothing can replace a loved one and there is no situation better than having a group of people who love you for you!  Keep your ears ready to hear secrets after the 27th. A conversation catches you off guard that informs you about a matter you weren’t aware of. Keep the secret to yourself. Nothing good can come from you going back to the source and confronting the issue. In fact a major argument will occur…some things should never be repeated! Best Days: 2,3,10,11,19,20,29,30. Stressful Days: 8,9,14,15,22,23.





















Bath Of The Month:



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