May 2015


Sagittarius: Love liberation happens for you! The Mercury retrograde in your 'house of relationships' expose all the strengths and pitfalls of love for inspection. Brace yourself Sag…this might end up as being a somewhat lonely period depending on what happens in your love life after the 18th. Stay calm! You're probably saying to yourself "what now?" And the reason for it is that the planet Saturn, now in your sign is alerting you to situations that need to be adjusted that you might feel you're not ready to make or that certain changes involve too much work. It's all a part of the reorganization process…painful as it might be…you deserve the best situation in your love life and the planet Mercury is going to help you realize this. You'll have lots of cosmic help during your 'Mercury enlightenment' transit. 'Passionate' Mars and the 'revitalizing' Sun both aspect your love situation bringing the energy, vitality and the desire for growth that is required for a strong partnership at this time. If you're in a relationship, on the 18th the Mercury retrograde begins to uncover hidden situations, feelings and thoughts that you were unaware of.


This doesn't have to be a negative experience. In fact, you might learn something about your partner that you didn't know and the information makes you either happier in love and more secure in your relationship. And then there is the possibility that you'll learn some very disturbing or uncomfortable things and decide that you're wasting your time with this person and you are now able to move on. In the event that you're looking for you…you can be in a great place as the planets uncover and allow you to make a few wonderful discoveries about new potentials for romance. Of course, if a new person appears you have to take your time and not too excited about moving forward in the dating process. Anything started during the Mercury retrograde has a tendency to end with the finish of the retrograde, so get the number and wait until after June 12th before you phone call or accept social invitations.


The interesting part of this Mercury retrograde transit can be that unfinished business with an ex partner 'comes alive' all of a sudden. Meaning that you might find old paperwork, information that gives you insight on some incident that happened in the past or that an ex will attempt to make contact with you. Don't sleep on your enemies! The full Moon on the 3rd 'highlights' some action taken by a person who is out to get you. Be sure to avoid arguments and minor confrontations if possible. The planets warn that you can be victim of slander and gossip that starts with a common friend of yours who starts spreading lies. Stay away from 'hater' on the job this month. The new Moon on the 18th stimulates you to try new avenues of gaining more income whether at your current place of employment or seeking an additional part time job. The 'thirst' for more money will be heightened as 'money magnet' Venus is steady in your financial sector after the 7th. Your Mother's Day celebration can be lots of fun this year. If you're a mother, or plan on taking out your mom or a mother figure the planets indicate that including others will add positively to your day of appreciation. Keep a low profile on the Memorial's Day holiday. The planets warn that stress for unexpected sources can find you. Maintain a very private celebration with only your closest friends and  dearest family members. Best Days: 5,6,14,15,23,24. Stressful Days: 12,13,18,19,25,26,27.















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Clear Mind:

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