Oct. 2015


Sagittarius: Look for tremendous benefits this month! Powerful planetary assistance in a very 'lucky' part of your chart suggests that there is simply nowhere to go but up! This is a relief! With so much speculation about the 'hard work' ethic of the planet Saturn, which is now in your Sun sign and how it might change your life may have given you a 'white knuckle' moment or two in the past few months. But fear not Sagittarius! Remember the saying, 'God never gives you more than you can handle!' And a cycle of promotion and progress has begun.Ruling planet Jupiter keeps your aspirations high! Whatever you desire that is in your highest good…Jupiter will assist you in getting it!  You'll have the charisma necessary to get along well with everyone, especially those on the job once 'goody two shoes' planet Venus enters your 'career sector' on the 8th. And having a calmer state of being will come in your favor around the 10th as a possible clash with your boss or a coworker causes stress. Smile and brush it off!


You in a good cycle! Saturn brings disciple! And being a sign that is always on the move and seeking new situations or the exploration of new territories…having you sit still to develop patience brings big time growth. So pull up a seat and be prepared to be still as you find the discipline needed to elevate your life to the next level! Pay attention to your health! Realizing that you have less freedom could bring on a few physical and mental issues. The full Moon on the 27th uncovers a couple of concerns that need your attention. This is definitely the time to change your diet and change the people you socialize with. Anything heavy, negative or draining must go! Try to manage problems with loved ones with an honest attitude. On the 13th conversations with friends bring a sense of security about those who are truly for you. The new Moon on the 12th  urges you to get out a little more and socialize with people you trust. The activities around your love life are favorable around the new Moon. You might not be in the mood for having a strong commitment, but you'll have a great time interacting with lots of charming people.


Things might not be so favorable around the full Moon! Confrontations and arguments can get out of hand as you express your feelings whether someone likes them or not. Letting your feelings out will release lots of pent up aggravation! Prayer and mediation is critical! The planet Saturn helps give structure to your spiritual practice, and by creating a specific time and setting aside a sacred space will add more significance to your spiritual activities as well as intensify the energies. If you celebrate Halloween, be mindful of your actions. The planets warn that the Halloween weekend can be filled with unexpected drama. Someone from the past comes to interrupt your peace of mind, you might go places that you absolutely dislike and find yourself surrounded by weird people. Choose your celebration carefully…or things might get more scary than you expected! Best Days: 6,7,8,16,17,18,25,26. Stressful Days: 2,3,9,10,23,24,29,30.