Jan. 2015


Sagittarius: Go ahead and stick out your chest Sag! Show the world just how much spiritual will power you have! Don’t shake in your boots because the planet Saturn has entered into your sign, on the contrary…welcome it and the lessons you’re about to learn to improve your life and your spiritual development. For years you have been the ‘go to’ person for positive advice or keeping people up lifted by giving an insightful word in their time of need,  in addition to being there to emotionally help a family member or co worker. Now the tables are turning and you will see the ‘fruit of your seeds.’ In other words, you will now ‘reap what you have sown’ in a karmic sense. Over the next few years, you’ll see those you can rely on in your times of need and just who will be there to pick you up and give you a word of encouragement.


But don’t worry…if you realize that you’ve wasted your time helping the wrong person, your courageous spirit will grow and your need for others will be smaller. Only the truly important people will stand out and stand by you! Consider this as a cleansing cycle where you get rid of dead weight relationships and friends. Count your blessings! The planet Saturn ‘clips your wings’ of flight…suggesting that you’re always so busy moving on to the next thing that you don’t see what is happening around you all the time. Your levels of consciousness and awareness are changing! Everything will mean something, and you won’t be able to ignore it! Number one on your priority list is your health! Pay attention to your physical and mental well being. Don’t ignore signs as something that might go away! During a Saturn transit is when hidden issues are uncovered and health might be a concern. You start this year with a brand new mindset! You begin to respect your intuition and your inner voice. With 3 planets in your ‘mental’ sector after the 3rd, you’ll soon figure out the questions to certain problems, or the answers to tough issues just come to you.


Of course, the Mercury retrograde happening on the 21st aids in making difficult decisions. Be prepared for old friends to suddenly materialize after the 21st. People you haven’t spoken with in years just pop up! Apparently there is some unfinished business concerning them, so brace yourself for a reappearance of distance associates. Try to keep yourself positive this month! With all the extra stress coming your way, maintaining your normal inspired self will take more doing.


Just remember your blessings Sag! And also remember that ‘what God has for you…no one can take from you!’ Embrace this thought as you quietly move into your year! Your money issues can grab your attention during the full Moon on the 4th. 

 Mindless spending has to end! Or if you find yourself in a financial situation where there more bills and less money.  Figure out a way to get a better job or a second job to help out. Don’t look for a lot of help from family members with your issues this month. In fact, you might discover that someone you’ve help in the past seems to have amnesia when it comes to giving you a helping hand. This can all be a part of your Saturn transit as you find out who is for you and who is not! Best Days: 6,7,8,16,17,24,25. Stressful Days: 2,3,9,10,22,23,29,30.


















Soap Of The Month:

Glorious New Year!


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