Feb. 2016



Sagittarius: Stay alert to career activities! The full Moon on the 22nd brings to light a few concerns that desperately need your energy. And even though you might feel as though nothing is happening mostly due to 'expansive' Jupiter being retrograde in your 'career' sector at this point, but the full Moon can change your direction of focus to something you might have missed, or an issue that could change your mind about which path in your career to take! Avoid letting people on the job get on your nerves. Irritating coworkers can take their 'nasty' dispositions to the extreme this month. With 2 planets, including the new Moon in your 'mental' sector after the 8th, you'll have the 'brain power' to side step any plans of destruction they may have in the 'works' for you. If you feel that you've out grown your job, the new Moon on the 8th encourages seeking information and making contacts to get another job! Your communication planets are strong…and you shouldn't have any problems connected to anyone you're trying to reach. Make an important phone call on the 6th as the planet Mercury aligns with 'good luck' planet Jupiter and makes something wonderful happen!


Networking comes in handy after the 16th when 'attraction' planet Venus increases your personal charisma with everyone you meet. If it is possible, having a job interview or any kind of meeting on this date can bring nice results. Be mindful of your habits! With your ruling planet retrograde at this time, you might not feel the need to stay away from certain temptations or certain bad habits such as over eating or over spending…watch your step! Discipline-planet Saturn is standing by and can inflict a few karmic punishments your way by allowing you to suffer the effects of weight gain or facing the stress of going in debt with the over spending. Stay on point and stay in charge of your weaknesses! Your love life can still undergo a lot of change this month. The good thing is that lots of possible suitors can be very interested, especially after the 16th.


Keep your appearance up any time after the 16th…remember the planet Venus will increase its influence in your life and your 'charm level' soars! Valentine's Day can be challenging! You might not be in the company of the person you like, or if you're in a relationship, you and your loved one can be at odds with one another. Keep things sweet if possible! And if you don't have a love, your planets suggest that you and a friend go out and have a fun time anyway…who knows you just might meet someone special around this time!  A person on the job could invite you out for a pre-Valentine's Day lunch! They find you alluring and won't mind feeding your incredibly charming self! The conditions of your home will be important to you after the 16th. The energy of the new year urges you to get rid of things you don't need. The weekend of the 20th can be an ideal time to clean, purge, sweep and scrub…this allows 'good energy' to enter your home and create abundance! Best Days: 2,3,4,11,12,20,21. Stressful Days: 9,10,15,16,17,22,23,24.