Feb. 2016



Scorpio: Finding balance is critical this month! With so many things falling apart over the past few weeks, you're now allowed some peace and quiet to get your thoughts together and plan some intricate moves. The first area of your life that needs attention is your home. Scorpio what is happening in your home right now? Do you need to straighten things out? Do you need to move items around to get more room? Or are you living with people who impede on your private space? You do have the assistance of 2 planets, including the momentum of the new Moon on the 8th…suggesting that you waste no time in the early part of this month to get your home situation in order. The new Moon creates a need for solitude in your domain…and if you live with noisy people or in a place that is surrounded by noise…take steps to control it. Luckily, communication-planet Mercury also enters your 'home' sector on the 13th sparking constructive conversations with room mates or neighbors to help bring a solution to the problem. You might also have the desire to make your home more 'entertainment friendly'…meaning design a space where close friends or loved ones can gather and have a homey, comfortable feel.


'Beautification' planet Venus brings the flare to transform your space into a something of beauty after the 16th. Just in case you were else where during the holidays and didn't get a chance to spend quality time with family members, you'll be in the mood to do so this month! The need to be 'grounded' by loved ones is very strong that you'll love the strong feeling of family security. Also there is a chance that you'll want to spend more quality time with your partner once the Sun empowers your 'love' sector after the 19th. Be on guard from inconsistent lovers trying to make a come back during this time. You can get very sentimental regarding a certain person and attempt to make love work once again. Beware…your heart can play tricks on you…so keep your mind sharp and your ears open to what exactly this person is saying!


Valentine's Day can be very rewarding! Your planets indicate that you're with the right person, or the right person will invite you out on this day! If you're lacking partnership, get ready to meet a few very suitable people for love during the early part of this month. And if you have a current mate…a greater passionate Valentine's Day is in the planning! Stay busy and keep up your appearance. The full Moon on the 22nd indicates that you'll run into old friends, old classmate or previous coworkers…and you must look put together! Also a secret concerning a current friend will fall into your lap and you may not like what you learn. Remember, everything happens for a reason. This might be a good time to rethink your friendship with a certain person. You might be a better friend to them than they are to you! Work matters can be a bit unstable, so avoid taking off any extra days and make sure you come to work on time. Your boss can be quietly watching your actions. Keep a  professional attitude regarding your job this month! Best Days: 1,9,10,18,19,27,28,29. Stressful Days: 7,8,13,14,20,21.