Oct. 2014


Scorpio: And if being in the mist of a Saturn transit wasn’t enough…you have the Mercury retrograde and a solar eclipse in your sign as well this month!! My, my, my…Scorpio! What are you to do? Answer…you will continue to be steadfast and always land on your feet as you always do! That’s right!!! Nothing holds you back or keeps you down for long! You’ve been blessed with the gift of personal transformation and rebirth whenever needed. And this will be the month where a new you will emerge! One of your icons is that of the ‘phoenix arising from ashes,’ suggesting that even in the worse times you will arise and raise yourself above your circumstances…. this is certainly true for you this month. Your conversations with others should be brief, to the point or not at all!


Someone wants to settle some type of grievance by arguing. They seem to be caught up in the confusion of the Mercury retrograde. Keep a low profile if possible… and it if is not possible, try to control the way you react to difficult situations…because trouble might be looking for you! During the full Moon on the  8th, someone at work creates chaos…and because you’re already tense due to all the weird things going on you might react to it in a negative way.  Just don’t do it!!! Read this column as many times as you need…your enemies are looking for a way to make you unhappy…don’t let it happen! Straighten your shoulders and ignore it! Actually this can be a better month than you expect!!!


So what Mercury, the planet of communication is on vacation!!! So what the solar eclipse is in your sign! So what!!! The positive aspects of the planets are that the retrograde gives you the chance to catch your breath and rethink your current situations and the solar eclipse is attached to a new Moon and starting over or making a new beginning in some way is just what you need right now!  You can have a brand new attitude about a lot of things after the 23rd when the Sun and attraction-planet Venus brings positive influence in your sign. Lots of friends look to reconnect with you after the 11th. You just might not be in the mood to socialize.  Love won’t be an issue for you…you’ll be magnetized by romantic Venus. Wait until after the 25th before moving forward in love or making changes in your relationship: Best Days: 5,6,14,15,24,25. Stressful Days: 3,4,9,10,16,17,18,31.











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