Nov. 2015


Scorpio: This is the month to do some serious 'house' cleaning! Ruling planet Pluto urges you to face and release secrets that have plagued you, people who have conspired against you, or release any habit that's gotten in the way of your progress! Get ready for a major purging of impurities! You've been on a long journey to spiritual wellness and yet still there are a few things that need to be addressed…such as your love life for one. Scorpio, what is really happening in your love life? With Venus 'slipping' into your 'privacy' sector after the 8th the energy of a secret love affair or being with someone you know you shouldn't have in your life will be dealt with. How you ask? With exposure! Be careful my Scorpio friend…you know the saying of  'things done in the dark, come to light,' and this will be the month of disclosure. Some information about them or your actions will be revealed to someone who is close and causes a lot of personal concern. 


Something has to go! In order for you to rise to your highest potential, some activity, action or involvement has to be removed out of your way. This doesn't have to be painful…it can be releasing and uplifting once you're truthful with yourself and know that you can do better! So dealing with your 'hidden' activities in an honest way will make this an incredible month for progress! Keep an eye on your enemies this month! Yes, things can get heated between you and a certain person after the 12th once 'war-planet' Mars swings into action! People on your job can be the most irritating and not allowing them to push your buttons will take a lot of internal strength! Be strong Scorpio! Let them see who has the 'real personal power' when it comes to control. Just know that jealousy has a lot to do with why they don't like you…and nothing more. So in a way, this is their issue and not yours…ignore them and keep growing…and on that note…expect to be very busy after the 2nd when planet Mercury enters your Sun sign. A few of the plans you've been longing to start will have a good chance of 'taking root' after the 2nd, and especially flourish during the new Moon on the 11th.


The new Moon in your Sun sign stimulates courage and adventure into your spirit and you'll be ready to try something new or create a new situation. You'll meet some interesting new associates around this time. You won't have the mindset to worry about what others are thinking or feeling about you! Finances are stronger after the 22nd. Look for ways of increasing your income or managing your money better. The full Moon on the 11th warns you about over spending and not correctly budgeting. This is a cycle for holding on to what you have and not abusing your resources. There can be a lot of pressure felt around the Thanksgiving holiday. That full Moon energy can sensitize your feelings about family and loved ones and making  sure you're prepared to be in the company of someone who might cause aggravation is important to the happiness of this day. If you decide there is someone you can't put up with, make a good excuse to stay away. The chances of being able to handy their energy is not the greatest on this day! Best Days: 1,10,11,19,20,28,29. Stressful Days: 3,4,17,18,24,25,30.