June 2016



Scorpio: Sometimes you might feel as though the world is out to get you! And with 'motivational' Mars 'sliding back' into your Sun sign recently you might see this as proof that your plans are indeed being sabotage. So for you this continues to be a month of totally reevaluation as the planets Mars and ruler Pluto remain retrograde. Stay on top of your control issues!  Yes, it is true that for most of the signs, the retrograde season is over, but not for you…apparently the Universe has a very important lesson it wants you to receive and restructuring your plans and your actions has a lot to do with it! Try not to be frustrated…you just never know what fabulous things are in the 'making' for you! Let's begin with money! Your finances need attention this month and the new Moon on the 4th magnifies ways to get your cash flow back on track.


The other positive thing about the new Moon is that it has the added support of 'dollar diva' Venus who is always seeking ways of allowing your resources to grow. The full Moon on the 20th highlights issues that require your focus and if you need a better job…think about what's required for advancement. 'Communication' planet Mercury also brings a few ideas your way as it 'energizes' your 'financial' zone after the 12th. This is an excellent time to get a few new suggestions and brain storm with a couple of innovative friends. The one thing you should avoid doing is socializing, wasting your time and money! With your ruler retrograde, now is perfect to reconsider friends, goals and motives. Is it necessary to hang out with the same people and not get a 'return' on your energy? Think about networking in a different group of people who are on a path to success! Keep in the back of your mind  that 'good luck' planet Jupiter is 'pleasantly fixed' in your 'friendship' zone, so meeting new folks shouldn't be a problem at all!


Your love life requires a lot more assistance…with 'delusional' Neptune going retrograde on the 13th, a 'confusing' relationship can surface once more…someone can return with even more conversations and issues about the past that stops you from making wise decisions. Be careful! Just know that Mars in your sign has it's advantageous as your 'power of attraction' soars! Yes, Scorpio you can find a new love, recapture the passion of a current love or give an old love grief about what they are missing! This is a great month to do a little traveling and maybe get away to see good friends? 'Social loving' planet Venus puts you in the mood to be in the company of dear ones and after the 17th when Venus 'shifts' into your 'travel' zone, followed by the Sun on the 20th and 'talkative' Mercury on the 29th you'll be ready to hit the road! Expect to have a fun time! With so much potential excitement…be sure to watch your energy level…you can be depleted with the Mars retrograde. Get lots of rest and take your vitamins. Best Days: 6,7,15,16,17,25,26. Stressful Days: 2,3,8,9,23,24,29,30.