May 2015



Scorpio: 'Good times' have a price tag! With 'abundance' planet Jupiter now ringing in career blessings you may begin to notice that things are not as easy as you thought they would be. The full Moon in your sign on the 3rd makes this sentiment loud and clear as blockages to your career choices continue to happen. What to do? Spend more mental energy figuring out your next move…and regardless of what you decide it has to include the earning of better money! During the week of the 15th a disagreement over finances can change the dynamics of a close relationship. It is not in your best interest to either borrow and lend money any time this month and especially not during the week of the 15th. A nasty disagreement can ruin a good partnership, so avoid the subject of money with others this month…and just because you shouldn't speak of money doesn't mean you shouldn't think about it! In fact the actions of the Mercury retrograde on the 18th insist that you pay attention to what you're doing with your resources as you'll have 3 weeks to focus on your 'financial weak points.'  Be not concerned Scorpio…based on the last Saturn cycle you recently left, this is child's play! And everything is happening to make you stronger!


The Mercury retrograde starts on the same day as the new Moon…suggesting that you are entering a new phase of monetary betterment. But in order to get to the level you desire there are a few things you need to do such as getting your finances in great shape. Romance becomes more important to you this month. The new Moon casts a 'light' of concern on the quality of your love life and whether you're getting the love and attention you need. If you want to attract  a stronger love, try being a person who deserves a fortified lover! In other words you attract who you are and  what you need to grow.  So, don't be wimpy when it comes to showing or telling the person of your hearts desire how you feel about them…just do it! 'Love' planet Venus 'tip toeing' into your 'mental sector softens your ideas about love after the 7th. Your 'mental' wave length can be so strong that suddenly ex's start to email, text and call you for no apparent reason. Of course, there is always a reason…whether there is awareness or not, and that is they feel your vibes and they want to reconnect!


With so much stuff happening with your money you really might not have the time to fully focus on love and diving into a romantic situation might be the best thing right now. Keep in touch with person's of interest and in late June if you're still 'in like invite them out to dinner. Remember…some things are worth waiting for…and let's see if the other person feels that way as well…the cozier the environment, the more successful your Mother's Day celebration. The planets suggest that large crowds should be avoided if your to enjoy your Mother's Day or  plan on taking out your mother or a mother figure for this day of appreciation. Too many people can ruin the vibes…keep things small and elegant. And for your Memorial Day holiday you can expect a bigger crowd than usual to show up for the holiday festivities. Make sure to stock more of everything. Friends, family and extra folks can show up as well! Best Days: 3,4,12,13,21,22,30,31. Stressful Days: 10,11,16,17,23.24.



Soap Of The Month:

Clear Mind:


In appreciation of the lightness of the wind, this soap

is designed with fragrant essential oils that capture the breezy spirit of the wind. Basil essential oil is wonderful for opening the mind and clearing stagnant thoughts. Coriander essential oil (coriander seeds found in the Egyptian tomb of Ramses II) helps mental peace. This soap's light aroma includes other remarkable essential oils and flower essences to open and strengthen the mind. This soap is great for getting over hang overs and a must have for students or anyone trying to focus and study. If you like suds, you'll love this bar as it is made with Olive, Coconut oils and other high grade emoilent oils.  Natural yellow clay to assist in absorbing toxins from the body.!bath-soaps/ccpx



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