Oct. 2015


Scorpio: It's hard to keep a low profile these days! There is something about you that grabs the attention of others and you couldn't avoid their lust to get next to you even if you wanted! Oh no!  And because of this, you're stepping out of your 'quiet zone!' this month! Hopefully you consider this as a blessing…because the truth is with so many powerful planets in your 'social sector' you'll be placed in the spot light for the next few months. There is no way you can escape the 'abundance' of attention that Jupiter brings, or the 'surge' of 'lively' energy that Mars provides and now with 'pretty' planet Venus easing into your 'social sector' on the 8th be assured that all eyes follow your every move! Go ahead and bask in the glow of complimentary attention Scorpio. This might be something you avoid doing…but might actually be very healthy for your self confidence! And once your birthday season begins on the 23rd you won't mine getting a complement or two!  In fact, the energies around the 23rd are so powerful that a major situation can manifest for you!


So at this point the 'cosmic focus' is on reaching your goals and making your dreams come true and with the added support of Venus you'll have greater finesse with business partners and coworkers. Attraction-planet Venus in the sensitive part of your chart does the most amazing things for your love life! More desirable individuals come your way and you can have wonderful social gatherings and meetings. The full Moon on the 27th works it's planetary 'magic' to make passionate energy happen between you and a special someone.  A magnificent union with the planet Pluto on the 27th puts you in the 'drivers seat' when it comes to magnetizing romance! And with all the places to go and things to see this month, it sure would be nice to have a certain person on your arm! And if your love life is solid…with Venus in the 'mental' sign of Virgo you can expect great conversations with your loved one or finding more intellectually intriguing things to do. An enormous sense of charity can affect the way you feel about matters and you offer to volunteer time to help out a friend who is in need of some assistance or even give aid to a homeless shelter or help hand out food to the needy.


Whatever you decide to do…you will be very visible and seen in an extremely positive light! This is actually a very good month to do some cleaning and get rid of clutter in your home. Once the Mercury retrograde ended on the 9th you may have realized that being organized and living without the clutter is essential to your progress and making your life 'lighter' is required. If you're planning to celebrate Halloween, make sure you have a costume where no one can figure out who you are! The reason being that you'll run into a few old friends and not be much in the mood to deal with them…so having fun and hiding your identity guarantees a fun Halloween weekend!  Best Days:4,5,14,15,23,24,31. Stressful Days: 1,6,7,8,21,22,27,28.