May 2016



Scorpio: Secrets get back to you! The Universe creates a personal 'pipeline of information' uncovering what is being said about you! For most of the month you've been in the dark about the activities of a person you consider to be a friend and then suddenly after the 27th when 'war-planet' Mars enters your Sun sign you discover a few unsettling truths…and that is 'not everyone who calls you a friend is truly your friend!' But it's okay Scorpio! The person(s) in question you can live without and be just fine! This is an excellent month to know where certain people stand because your situation is getting better and you don't need the unworthy intentions of others who might become a hinderance. There are better things to do like watch the increase of your dreams materialize! Finally 'prosperity' planet Jupiter shifts forward and allows your 'dream' of better opportunities to slowly emerge! Your 'gift' from Jupiter can actually be in the form of attracting a better group of people to grow with. Ever since the Mars retrograde last month your hidden enemies have been revealed…you can now bury the 'old and useless' with something 'new and useful'…such as a brand new crowd of people who are doing productive activities to thrive into the future…yes!


Keep an eye on your energy level…although vitality-planet Mars eases into your Sun sign on the 27th doesn't necessarily mean you'll have a lot more stamina…it can mean that you need to be more aware of how you use your energy…some things are not worth your attention. You will not be able to ignore the issue of money this month! With 'money magnet' Venus in your 'financial' zone after the 24th…joining the 'spotlight' of the Sun…a monetary upsweep seems to be coming in your direction. But before this happens, the full Moon on the 21st inspects the way you've been managing your cash flow. Pay attention to  your financial details around the full Moon! There might be a couple of things occurring with your cash that you're not fully aware of.  Don't forget that 'discipline' planet Saturn is quietly watching everything you do with your resources.


The more mistakes you make, the more adjustments you'll have to make in order to get things in shape! The Sun/Venus support can stimulate financial growth, but what good is it if you're not taking care of your money in the first place? Has your love life gotten you in a place of 'no return?' Did the Mercury retrograde uncover issues that are fixable in love or given 'the kiss of death' regarding your partnership? If you're in the process of making a difficult decision in love the 'expansive' energy of Jupiter in your 'social' zone can make things a bit easier. Honest conversations will be required not just with the person you love…but also with yourself! This is the time to be truthful and not fantasizing about what might be happening in romance. You can get fortunate in love around the Memorial Day weekend…activities begin to lighten up in your 'relationship' zone. A call from someone you truly adore will make all the difference in having a great holiday! Best Days: 1,2,3,10,11,19,20,21,29,30. Stressful Days: 6,12,13,27,28.