Jan. 2015


Scorpio: What? You still smiling! Go ahead Scorpio and show your pearly whites! You have survived the Saturn transit and probably feel so relieved that you can’t help but to have a continuous smile on your face! You’ve earned the right to be happy and feel gratified that you’ve made it through a very important life elevating transit! The planet Saturn is no joke! It will encourage you to make necessary changes and if you don’t do it willing, you will be drug thru the ‘mud of mistakes’ until you do! So, what new things are coming your way? A move towards improving your home and living arrangements could be heavy on your mind! The energy of ‘nesting’ appeals to you as home comfort is a big personal requirement at time. With so much discord occurring in your life over the past few months, being comfortable or finding some sort of physical peace may have been hard to do!


Guess what! The planets come to your assistance and give you great help, starting with ‘beautifying’ Venus on the 3rd. Don’t dismiss the ‘powers’ of Venus! It is not the superficial planet that most believe it to be…oh no! Venus has the gifts of harmony, warmth, good taste, attraction and magnetism…just the kinds of vibrations you need to make your dwelling feel more like a home! Stay away from any sort of permanent changes such as painting your walls, or buying new furniture. Keep your adjustments simple and easy. A Mercury retrograde invades your home decor on the 21st and causes you to reevaluate whether or not you like this color or that type of furniture. But the decisions you make will be delightful!


Relationships with family members could use more of your attention this month. With the support of the Sun and the suggestions of the new Moon, both on the 20th brings pleasant changes with loved ones. Take off your ‘battle gear’ Scorpio! You’ve won the war when the planet Saturn left a few weeks ago. Now is the time to have peace! Watch conversations with family members and try to avoid sticky subjects. Yes, the Mercury retrograde gives you insight into their needs and motives, but staying on positive topics will make things a lot easier. Talks around the full Moon can be extremely troublesome. If a loved one presents you with an issue, do what you can to handle it in a ‘loving way.’ A ‘nasty’ connection with ruler Pluto and the Moon on the 4th warns that old issues can return and burying them for good is necessary!


Don’t forget you, Scorpio!!! When was the last time you paid attention to your own physical needs regarding your health? If a health issue surfaced over the past few months and you didn’t address it, get busy fast and find out what is happening because it won’t go away by itself, it might get worse. Work situations continue to develop nicely. If you’re looking for something different to happen, just keep your eyes open. In terms of romance, well get ready because…’someone is coming after you!’ Meaning that a very aggressive person  seeks your attention once passionate Mars steps into your love sector after the 12th,  or that your present mate becomes very determined to please in the love and romance arena this month! Best Days: 4,5,14,15,22,23,31. Stressful Days: 6,7,8,20,21,27,28.


Soap Of The Month:

Glorious New Year!


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