July 2015



Scorpio: Do you like 'second chances?' Just in case you didn't get the career gains you wanted…you'll get another crack at trying to get ahead once more!  Yes, Scorpio, 'attraction' planet Venus isn't through with creating an environment for success as it retrogrades in your career sector before the end of the month. Now how is that for a 'second chance?' And yes it is true that you'll have the support of 'expansive' planet Jupiter active in your career sector until August 11th, so matters should still be on the increase? But Venus brings a different type of energy to your career opportunities, such as charisma, politeness, likability and magnetism. It is only human nature to be around people you like and those you feel you have something in common with. The planet Venus can bring those elements to your job search or career advancement as well. Look for Venus to open new socialize opportunities as it  temporarily enters your 'social' sector from the 18th until the 31st.


This is an excellent time to network and seek to mingle with different associates that are in the career fields you aspire to! Or, if work isn't the number one thing on your mind, you can truly meet some divine individuals for the purpose of possible forging a new friendship. Stay very connected to trusted friends and companions during the full Moon on the 1st. The cosmic energy will reveal some information that has been hidden from you or out of reach until this time. Only someone you trust will have the courage to tell you the facts…someone in your inner circle has deceived you! But based on your planets you'll receive all sorts of information…all month long…whether it comes from friends or family. Look for something else to surface during the new Moon on the 15th regarding secretive information now coming to your attention. The best thing to do is to stay focused on your career goals. In a months time the 'prosperity' energy of Jupiter will be sailing away and if you haven't taken advantage of elevating your work situation or finding a better position for yourself…for the long run…you might be out of luck in terms of things falling into your lap or others offering a helping hand with no strings attached!


cosmic message for you is to be mindful of your time Scorpio! You'll have the added assistance of 'dollar diva' Venus until October, so get your priorities in order! The full Moon lends powerful insight into your intuition after the 1st. With ruler Pluto aligning with the lunar vibrations you'll notice the ability to be more receptive when it comes to 'picking up' on what others are saying or feeling about you as well as your instincts being more in tune to what is happening around you! Things in romance can go amazingly well after the 18th when Venus gives you greater power of attraction in the social arena. Suddenly people who didn't notice you before begin to realize just how warm and charming you really are. Love opportunities increase the week of the 20th. Before the end of the month you will be required to pay attention to a family issue that becomes apparent around the 2nd full Moon on the month around the 31st. Be understanding and patient with family members. And if you're having a dispute with a roommate or loved one, avoid saying critical words. More compassion will be needed to resolve all issues! Best Days: 6,7,14,15,16,24,25. Stressful Days: 3,4,5,10,11,17,18,31.



Soap Of The Month:

Love Vortex:


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