August 2016



Scorpio: 'Your chickens are coming home to roost' and they're bringing big eggs with them! Meaning that all the actions you've taken to make progress, all the people you've aligned yourself with for success and all the hard work are starting to show results! Yes, Scorpio you have entered a season of reaping what you have sown!  And based on your planets you will attract as many positive situations as you can handle and then more this month! With so many 'cosmic helpers' in your 'manifestation' zone you'll be able to see the proof of situations coming to fruition and also realize who the people are helping you get what you want! It all begins with the new Moon on the 2nd as the Moon influences activities with your career! New Moons often bring new decisions! Is there something better you want for your career path? Are you trying to gain a higher job and land a promotion?


The new Moon opens the way for this to happen…the only problem is with a new job comes new responsibilities and this can be difficult to balance with home and family matters! This will be the month where you'll have to over extend yourself to hold on to what you've earned and bend over backwards to keep loved ones happy. The full Moon lunar eclipse on the 18th cautions you to be mindful of your family member and their needs. But the chances of spending more of time away from home are enormous as several planets activate events in your 'social' zone. On the 5th 'social-loving' Venus urges you to get out and see friends and associates, as the Sun on the 22nd increases the number of people you meet…not to mention 'communication' planet Mercury going retrograde also in your 'social' zone after the 29th can bring back old friends you haven't heard from in a while. Expect to be very busy meeting, greeting and talking with your buddies all month long!


The busyness you can be involved in causes a neglect of your health. Issues regarding how you feel and how well you've been treating your body can also be revealed around the full Moon… you might need more vitamins or more rest. Money matters heat up as 'restless' planet Mars stirs up issues regarding, income, cash flow and spending after the 2nd. The way you use your resources bring up a shift of attitude concerning your finances and with 'discipline' planet Saturn going direct on the 13th you'll have the wherewithal to be have more control over the way you utilize your resources. By the end of the month you'll be done with all the socializing with friends. 'Love' planet Venus creates a very 'sweet' union with your special someone and you have no problems with becoming a hermit after the 29th. Certain people will surely miss your presence…but a little love from the right person will be well worth the excuses you have to make for your absence! Best Days: 1,9,10,19,20,27,28. Stressful Days: 2,3,16,17,18,23,24,29,30.