Scorpio: Scorpio…do I hear a sigh of relief?  If not now, by the end of the month, your answer should be yes!!!! And that’s because the planet Saturn moves out of your sign on the 23rd and the tension you’ve experienced over the past two years finally comes to an end! Can I get a halleluiah?? You’ve weathered the storm of ‘discipline’ planet Saturn and you should be a lot better for it! Saturn brings cohesiveness, a yearning to do more, be more and a strong need to improve matters to elevate your life. Not easy…but very worthwhile the efforts. So, now that the pressure is off, you’re free to try new things and venture into different directions.  And because you have graduated from ‘the planet Saturn boot camp,’ you’re ready to tackle some tough issues, such as  making sound decisions based on logic and not based on emotions. You will also try to be more stable in your thinking and making the best plans possible for your future.


With 4 heavenly bodies in your ‘mental’ sector after the 10th, you’ll be fired up to get your mind right and maybe even go back to school to get more education or take a few seminars to grasp some much needed information.  The new Moon on the 21st wants you to reach out and reconnect with certain family members this month.  It is the end of the year and if you’ve had a distant relationship with a family member, you might strongly consider trying to bring them closer and having a better bond?  In a spiritual sense you’ve  ‘grown up’ and  now start taking on the issues of bettering others and your finances! Keep issues between you and other family members harmonious. War-planet Mars stepping into your home sector after the 4th can ‘add salt to open wounds’ between you and someone you’re not in agreement with. Be motivated to keep the peace and not falling into careless arguments.


Channel your energy and focus on straightening your home and cleaning up your family relationships. Oh yes, what I forget to tell you is that Saturn moves out of your sign and into your financial sector! What!!! Yes, Scorpio…you don’t get away from Saturn scott free…no one does! Saturn now wants you to pay attention to how you’re spending your money and how you use your financial resources. Your money comes ‘hard’ from this day forward…at least for the next 2 years…meaning that you will feel the earning of every dollar and learn to appreciate your income.  


this point you might consider looking for a higher earning job and once ‘liberation’ planet Uranus moves forward on the 21st you’ll have the freedom to search for improved work conditions.  The full Moon on the 6th urges you to raise your job expectation level! You can do more if you think you can! The Gemini full Moon unites with ‘expansive’ planet Jupiter and gives you the inspiration to try harder on your career path!  


Your Christmas holiday can be busy visiting the homes of loved ones. Everyone could be having a dinner or some sort of affair and wants you to come and join in. You can spend a lot of time going over the ‘good old days’ with friends and family.  Try not to let the events around your New Year’s Eve plans lead to stress. If you find yourself worked up and fretful over your plans…why plan anything at all! Maybe a quiet evening with a few special people might be just the thing you need! Best Days: 8,9,18,19,26,27. Stressful Days: 3,4,10,11,24,25,30,31.









Dec. 2014


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Soap Of The Month:

St. Michael


A heavenly scented soap blended with the essential oil of Angelic Archangelica, named after the Guardian Angel St. Michael. This essential oil was so prized in the middle Ages that it was grown in the courtyards of churches and was thought to rid negative spirits. This wonderful soap is blended with Frankincense and other protective essential oils in addition to olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, layered in this amazingly luxurious aromatic soap. This is a great gift for Christmas.

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