July 2016



Scorpio: You could have a higher sense of awareness this month! With you and purposeful Mars now in agreement, you're able to tune into to situations you've ignored in the past and pay attention to matters of greater importance. There are perks to this 'energetic alliance'…and one of them is that your psychic ability is stronger. Yes, Scorpio…all the minor things that curb the way of your success will be swept away as Mars continues its journey in your sign until August. You'll be able to 'see' through them and past them! Expect a change of direction this month. Your Mars 'transformational' cycle has opened directions to other things and you may decide that the road you're taking is not in your best interest. Your momentum grows with vigor…and on the 18th with ruler Pluto 'basking' in the vibes of the full Moon you'll be ready for hard work and putting plans into motion!


With financial issues still a bit scattered, you can seek ways of stabilizing your resources and making your finances more secure. 'Communication' planet Mercury brings a greater camaraderie between you and coworkers after the 13th. Maybe there is something you don't quite get when you talk to your supervisor about getting a raise or maybe adding some extra hours a week to get a few more dollars on your pay check. The subject of money will be a lot easier as 'dollar diva' Venus enters your 'career' zone after the 12th. Conversations about increased wages won't seem so uncomfortable if you decide to bring up the topic with your boss…besides the planet Venus adds a touch of 'sugar' to everything, so even if you don't like the person in charge, it won't be reflected in your conversations! Any time after the 22nd as the Sun increases your work potential is a good time for any employment conversations! Be sure you know exactly what you want to say. If your words are not clear there will be no progress on the job any time soon…so think before you speak! Your communications with others around the new Moon on the 4th can be extremely on point.


Someone has some gossip that keeps you mesmerized for days. A few secrets become unraveled about a person you know…and you just won't believe how easy the information is dropped into your lap. If situations start to get on your nerve, start making plans for a get away after the 4th. This is an excellent time to go back to your roots. Meaning, re-visit family members and the place of your birth, or reconnect with old friends and old classmates. The Universe is actively trying to fill you in on pertinent information about yourself and those around you. If there was a mystery in your family, the pieces of the puzzle will now fall into place. Your romantic life needs more 'mental' energy. If you're having a few issues on keeping things together between you and a special person, don't react to situations, create situations before they happen. Stay one step ahead of needs of the person you love! Best Days: 3,4,13,14,22,23,31. Stressful Days: 6,7,20,21,27,28.