Sept. 2014


Scorpio: Have you decided what moves to make regarding your career yet? The week of the 5th is an excellent time to get started! Power-planet Pluto gives you the ‘back up’ necessary to take steps in the right direction… make your intentions know around the 5th of this month and with determination around the 25th something very promising can happen with a new job or a new career direction. Good!!! You could use something positive coming your way! But it doesn’t stop there…energy-planet Mars entering your financial sector on the 13th motivates you to seek better money! Scorpio, you’re beginning to turn a corner in your cosmic experiences from being hopeless and lost to being hopeful and focused! Seek what you need and ask for what you want this month!


The planet Mars put the ‘element’ of assertiveness in your spirit and being last or being taken for granted just won’t do for you…not this month…oh no!  Do choose your words carefully, especially around the 9th. A ‘difficult’ union with communication-planet Mercury and willful Pluto can give people the wrong impression of you. So a positive impression and constructive speech is needed! This can be a very private time for you. With 3 planets, in addition to the new Moon on the 24th visiting your ‘privacy’ sector, you can have a stronger need to get away from others and spend lots of quiet time with yourself.  


This can be a good decision because having a constant audience or always being in the company of someone tends to distract you from making plans and getting your thoughts organized. Things are moving in a powerful direction and you need to keep your eyes open on the way situations are unfolding! Conversations around the 3rd will bring a few unrealized possibilities. This is a great time to meet new people or network. Just the issue you’ve been trying to work out mentally can be answered by meeting the right person during that week.  The full Moon on the 8th is extremely encouraging when it comes to romance! A person who feels like a ‘soul mate’ or the 'right person'...or your current love says the sweetest things when it comes to getting the answers you need in romance.  Best Days: 8,9,17,18,27,28. Stressful Days: 6,7,12,13,19,20.









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