Sept. 2014


Taurus: Savoring the last days of summer is totally on your mind! With the Sun activating your ‘fun and romance’ sector for a great portion of the month, you’ll have no trouble in looking for ways to relax and let your hair down while in the company of someone you enjoy being with. And yes romance is nice to have, but your concentration can easily shift on being nicer to yourself, listening to your inner voice when it comes to doing the things you enjoy and not worrying about what others think about it! Yes, Taurus you find yourself pulling away from the opinions and control of others and find extreme enjoyment in making your own decisions without the scrutiny of someone’s outside influence. With enormous planetary assistance you obtain confidence and inner security.  


And with this in mind, you might be ready for an image change after the 5th. The way you look at yourself is changing and improving everyday, and why not allow your feelings to be reflected on the outside as well?  Beauty-planet Venus encourages outward change and transformation after the 5th and you’ll be willing to try a different hair style, new types of clothing or wearing colors you normally don’t include in your wardrobe. Go ahead and be more daring in your color selection Taurus!  You can use the vibrancy that certain colors provide! Especially when there is a major shift in your planets into your employment sector after the 22nd when more energy will be needed to focus on work.


 You gain a new understanding about job matters during the new Moon on the 24th.  Problems with coworkers and supervisor seem to calm down and maybe even disappear around the new Moon, or you discover ways of not allowing the little things to annoy you as usual. Momentum-planet Mars visiting your financial sector after the 13th stimulates you to be aggressive about earning extra money and paying off a few outstanding bills. Keep your socializing to a minimum after the new Moon on the 8th. And yes it is nice to meet new people, but you’ll have lots of new folks to meet and greet over the next few weeks. Direct a sharp eye on money management and financial gain this month. P.S. after the 27th someone from your past tries once again to get your attention. Be careful to filter the message that they send to you. Their intention is to cause and bring emotional confusion! Best Days: 4,5,12,13,22,23. Stressful Days: 6,7,19,20,27,28.




























Bath Of The Month:



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