March 2015



Taurus: Time to retreat and rework your plans! Have you noticed that you keep spending money trying to get things done and nothing constructive really happens? If the answer is yes, use the energy around the new Moon Solar eclipse on the 20th to reboot and channel your direction! Being still and taking your time can be big issues this month, especially when you have so many fire planets pushing you forward. But avoid misusing the 'momentum' and turn your focus inward… 'contemplate' your next steps and let things fall in place as they should. The planets want you to 'listen intuitively' to the conversations of your friends this month. it might come to your attention that someone continues to dampen your dreams or talk you out of moving forward with their fears or skepticism. In the past you might not have paid attention because this is someone you trust and would never think bad of, but the planets cause you to  use your 'inner ear' when it comes to 'hearing' those who slow you down and deter your progress. What to do? Save your conversations of future innovations for someone who is on the same path as yourself.


Join an organization of people who are involved with your interests and make new friends. You don't have to 'unfriend' a loved one, but you do have to stop telling them your plans because they can unwittingly destroy your hopes. If they ask you what you're up to…just tell them that you are following the 'flow of your inner spirit' and can't talk about it right now! When the time is right you can 'show' them what you've been up to and continue to progress ahead without interference! An old love refuses to take no for an answer this month! Someone from the past surfaces around the full Moon on the 5th and is hell bent on trying to make something happen again in love! This can be the same person you spoke to during last month's Mercury retrograde and again they return! Depending on their conversation you might discover that they have truly changed and is trying to make things better between you two. The full Moon always brings a message and you'll have to watch careful of what they message might be with this person? Is it love the second time around, or having a friendship? Don't rush into anything because you might block your chances of meeting someone totally new who doesn't have an agenda or any old baggage. 



What does the full Moon suggest for love this month? With the support of 'transformational' Pluto around the highest point of the Moon's light, there is a strong push to visit new places, venture away from your confront zone and try new social situations. By the 31st ruler Venus 'attracts' a few unexpected suitors your way. Just anticipate a lot of attention once the 'passion partners' of Venus and Mars enter your sign both by the 31st. Hold your tongue with insulting coworkers after the 30th. Communication-planet Mercury in your 'privacy' sector warns that you might be ultra sensitive to words and comments. Those you work with can be extremely trying this month! Best Days: 4,5,6,14,15,22,23. Stressful Days: 2,3,9,10,16,17,29,30,31.



Soap of the Month



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