July 2016




Taurus: Social activities keep you busy! With ruler Venus 'graciously' visiting your 'communication' zone your curiosity can get the best of you and urge you to get out more than usual to connect with people and exchange ideas. Conversations are lively the earlier part of the month as you engage with people you normally wouldn't have a chance to speak with…but with 'mental' Mercury in your 'communication' zone as well, It seems that your social circle is widening and individuals with different types of involvements flock around you. This a good thing! You can be a pleasant person, but often a bit too busy to meet people who are not part of  your everyday surroundings. And with the assistance of 'attraction'  planet Venus your social interactions change for the better! The new Moon on the 4th opens a path to new alliances, but be prepared to handle jealous friends or loved one this month! Not everyone is going to be excited about additions to your circle of associates…in fact after the 12th when  ruler Venus shifts into your 'home' zone you'll have to face the needs and wants of family and loved ones.


But this won't be so bad! You tend to be family oriented person and spending more time with family members can be nurturing. Avoid letting anyone give you a 'guilt trip' about not coming around more often or being greater connected. This will be the month were you'll have to spread your affection around…from family, friends and lovers! And talking about love…how are things going in the romance department this month? 'Passionate' Mars picking up momentum in your 'commitment' zone suggests that more spicy actions are needed to keep things growing in your love life. If you're in a situation where the 'heat' of passion has subsided and you still adore this person, this is the month to use the imagination and be very creative to keep love alive! On the 6th a tender situation can occur between you and someone special as 'dynamic' Mars 'seduces' 'sweetness' Venus. And if a clearer understanding of what is needed 'talkative' Mercury aids your conversations on the 10th.


Stay away from romantic power struggles around the 29th. The person you're involved with can be a bit more demanding or less affectionate than you need and misunderstandings can ruin the romance! Stay away from all forms of criticism. Be on guard to deal with secrets being uncovered also during the week of the 29th when 'unpredictable' Uranus begins to reveal hidden things. During this time a secretive affair can be told, or you might discover  very dark information about the person you're in love with. Keep your eyes open! Confusing matters on work are clarified during the full Moon on the 19th. Issues with supervisors and coworkers are straightened up with an open and honest conversation. Don't be afraid to let business associates know what your true concerns are. You'll never get cooperation until others know what the real problems lay! Best Days: 8,9,18,19,27,28. Stressful Days: 6,7,13,14,20,21.