July 2014


Taurus:  You can expect to live with more comfort this month! Getting your home in shape will take up a great deal of your time! Taurus, with 3 planets ‘highlighting’ your ‘home situation’ your priorities shift from ‘what is happening in the world’ to ‘what is happening in your private life.’  You are notoriously known for living well and enjoying the ‘good life!’ And once abundance-planet Jupiter steps into the home front, you can expect your taste for ‘nice’ things to expand and grow. There is nothing wrong with this! Especially since you work very hard for your money and deserve the right to enjoy the things you like!  Yes Taurus, the planet Jupiter entering your ‘home’ sector on the 16th compels you to clean, purge, straighten up and get rid of furniture and stuff that are worn out, frayed or in need of repair!


The planet Jupiter enjoys spreading prosperity and you’ll have no resistance to adding more of quality to your personal space. The new Moon on the 26th empowers you with creative ideas about designing and not spending a lot of money to do so. Not only will you enjoy the added luxury, but also will the people you entertain after the 22nd.  The month of July starts the summer holiday season and folks you haven’t seen in a while will call to come for a visit! Your home must be ready to entertain guests!  And if your residence is already fit, issues regarding your family situation will consume your attention as the planet Mercury ‘lifts’ the silence you’ve endured for the past few weeks.


After the 13th, if you have a matter that should be discussed with a family member, go ahead and approach the issue. The channels of communication are open and clear at this time.  Avoid ‘touchy’ conversations around the 4th of July holiday! A power struggle emerges out of nowhere. If you’re attending a party or barbeque be very selective of the company you keep.  A person with pinned up frustration can use this day to release it!  Passion-planet Mars directs lots of energy into your love life after the 25th. The synergy between you and your loved one starts to ‘heat up.’ If you’re not in a committed relationship be very mindful of not crossing the line with someone who can expected a commitment some time later this summer. Best Days: 2,3,11,12,19,20,21,29,30,31. Stressful Days: 1,7,8,13,14,27,28.




































Soap Of The Month:

The Sweet Smell Of Success


Made with the planet Jupiter in mind! This delightful soap was handcrafted with essential oils that are ruled by the planet of good luck and abundance. Bay Laurel essential oil is noted for its money attracting ability and spiritual properties. This soap is so fragrant that you can choose to skip wearing perfume or cologne just so other around you  get an intoxicating  experience of the fragrance. This soap bar lathers nicely and is made with olive oil, coconut oil , shea butter and the minerals in spiralina for the  nature green color. People use this soap  hoping to change their luck!  Order Your Soap Today...http://www.kimallen.com/#!bath-soaps/ccpx