August 2016



Taurus: Keep an eye on work matters! Things get really tricky around the full Moon lunar eclipse on the 18th. Some work difficulty start a 'snow ball' effect that leads to looking for different employment or being forced to find another job due to a problem that continues to get worse. If you like your job, don't let this happen, or if you know in your heart that you're unhappy where you work…this is an ideal time to stop being subjected to stress or on the job harassment and start a search for something better. Yes, the full Moon will either cut away the confusion you've been feeling or cut the cords that are holding you back from finding improvement. Ruler Venus joins the push for 'fairer' work conditions and your biggest fear might be not having enough resources to hold you over while looking for a better situation. Taurus you have 'planetary favor!' With 'aggressive' planet Mars in your financial sector after the 2nd, you'll be highly motivated to hang on to your money, control your spending and make an 'emergency' plan to keep things going until something new arrives!


Yes, this is your time to make a determined move for financial stability!  'Discipline' planet Saturn going direct on the 13th to your money efforts. Your chances for pin pointing an ideal job might not be until the very end of the month, so pace yourself and stay on point with your goals. Try not to get too distracted in love this month! The 'romance' part of your chart 'bursts' from several planets all using different tactics to help in gaining love, securing love or attracting love! Now that 'argumentative' Mars has moved on to a more calmer place, you'll be able to manage your relationship issues much better. After the 5th you'll feel an urgent rush for tenderness as ruler planet Venus 'shifts' into your 'love' zone. Venus joining 'abundance' planet Jupiter 'teams up'  to make increase your power of attraction! Jupiter's been very comfortable keeping your options in love surfacing, and yes Taurus, your chances for gaining the attention of a very special person is enormous after the 22nd once the Sun 'heats' up your love chemistry.


Be prepared to sift through numerous invites to social functions. You might be surprised at all the people you know having so many things events…and everyone wanting you to be a part of it. Get your home in order! Chances are you might decide to do some entertaining and invite a few friends over. The new Moon turns your focus to the possibilities of throwing a lively gathering or having a fun dinner party any time after the 2nd. Be prepared to open your doors to a surprise out of town visitor this month! For some reason the lines of communication get crossed and a dear friend misses getting in touch with you before arriving. Your gracious spirit invites them to spend a night or two in your guest room…surprises from friends come in many ways this month!  Enjoy the company! Best Days: 4,5,14,15,23,24,31. Stressful Days: 2,3,9,10,16,17,29,30.