April 2015


Taurus: Keep an eye on your work situation this month! The full Moon lunar eclipse on the 4th can 'rock the boat' regarding your employment conditions. 

With so many positive things happening around you at this time it is imperative that you pay attention to matters on the job and try to avoid any major problems! Misunderstandings and arguments with coworkers can be a big headache during the week of the 4th. Full Moons often increase stress levels and if you work with individuals who are inconsiderate or self serving…interactions with them can be enormously unpleasant. Issues of balance, harmony and getting along is the message from this full Moon, but you can't do this alone. If your coworkers are oblivious to cooperative co-existence you are wasting your time! Find something constructive on the job to focus on! With the full Moon aligning with 'power' planet Pluto this is a great month is change the direction of your work life…and with ruler Venus in your sign until the 11th you have strong personal charisma during the early part of the month.


The Sun after the 20th brings all kinds of as wonderful growth opportunities! The big question is "are you pleased with the kind of work you do?" If not, the eclipse on the 4th will set you free to feel confident enough to look for something else. Another issue is the status of your health. Taurus, the fact that Saturn is headed into making stressful aspects with you over the next few weeks can be a bit unsettling, especially since you just got out of a major cycle with its 'ball and chain' restrictive energy! Pay attention to how you feel and listen to your inner voice. This can be a good time to schedule appointments to check on the wellness of your body. Expect this spring to be liberating! Now that  'expansion' planet Jupiter moves forward on the 8th you'll be compelled to get out the house more and do extra social activities. If you've been feeling the need to find another apartment, move out of your home or just do some fixing up and beautifying to your space, any time after the 8th would be right. You'll have enough energy to tackle certain projects due to 'motivational' Mars visiting your sign. Just be careful not to have arguments with loved ones around the Easter Day celebration.


Your planets of communication are totally irritated as 'controlling' Pluto lead others to dominate conversations or tell you what to do! You're not going to have it! So, try very hard to keep the peace in spite of what family or friends may say or do…remember with 3 aggressive planets in your sign by the end of the month, you'll be able to stay in charge of your situations with ease. Do be watchful of creating enemies around the new Moon on the 18th. An incident on the job can cause new problems between you and a coworker. Save your strength for something more worth while this month. Best Days: 1,2,10,11,12,19,20,28,29. Stressful Days: 6,7,13,14,25,26,27.



Soap of the Month


Ladies slide your body in a provocative essential oil blend of  musky Spikenard, Sweet Orange and other deep vibrational oils to experience the 'magic' of the Moon's lunar energy. Caress your skin with a soapy bath bar layered with coconut oil and olive oil, all intended to slip your mind into the sensuous shadows of the silvery Moon. This soap is for women only…use it and you'll know why! All Wading Water soap bars are 100% natural and colors from the clays of the earth…everything has a vibration! http://www.kimallen.com/#!bath-soaps/ccpx