June 2016




Taurus: Without a doubt this will be a much better month! Taurus those things that are important get top priority, and the first issue on your agenda is cash flow! Yes, Taurus with ruler Venus in your 'financial' zone expect fresh opportunities to increase your  ability to make money. Look for new projects to turn up around the new Moon on the 4th as Venus strongly aligns with the Moon and create fabulous money making ventures!  This is good news due to everything being so uncertain over the past few weeks, but Venus has gained the support of not only the Moon, but the 'growth providing' Sun and 'innovative' planet Uranus as well. The Moon strengthens your emotions and creates an inner desire to prosper, the Sun gives light, vitality and opportunities for new growth and Uranus adds to your intuitive brilliance!


This is the month to take chances, not be afraid to make changes. And although having financial security is important, the next urgent concern can be love!  The possibility is great that major issues  have been showing up in your relationship as 'passionate' planet Mars continues to do an overhaul in your 'partnership' zone. Mars represents energy, momentum and future growth. Has there been a lack of momentum in your relationship, or do you feel passionate about the person you're with more than normal or less than normal? If you're not in a relationship are you needing more or less attention from others than usual…and what are you doing to receive it?  Difficult love matters might be due to past issues resurfacing or people from the past refusing to go away! Remember 'expansive' planet Jupiter is moving along 'nicely' in your 'love' zone for the next couple of months, but if romance is not really your problem, turn your attention on your second  greatest concern and that is making and securing your financial future! If for some reason you're still not sure what needs to be done to increase monetary gain, the full Moon on the 20th will reveal a situation that requires great attention.


Watch what happens with your resources during the week of the 20th. Information about your career creates concerns. Conversations improve after 'loving' Venus enters your 'communication' zone after the 17th. You'll hear from great friends and get exciting invitations to events and parties. The full Moon and Summer Solstice both fall on the 20th and enormous positive energy fills that day! This is a great time to have a gathering with beloved friends or family members to welcome in the change of season and enlightenment of the full Moon! Conversations with coworkers go extremely well after the 17th…in fact you might be privy to a few work secrets as someone quietly reveals important facts about things happening on the job this month! And if you can squeeze in a little lunch time with coworkers before the end of the month…all sorts of new information comes  your way! Best Days: 2,3,10,11,12,20,21,22,29,30. Stressful Days: 8,9,15,16,17,23,24.