May 2015


Taurus: The act of getting a love letter catches you pleasantly off guard! Taurus you simply love having proof of someone's feelings…after the full Moon on the 3rd your love life becomes more active and you can be very pleased with the attentions from others. Yes, love letters, text messages and affectionate emails can come your way as your planets aggressively reveal the intentions of someone special this month! Knowing where a person stands is important because you hate wasting time and energy on things that bring no results…Taurus you like results! And although there will be several areas of your life that requires your attention, there is nothing more pleasing than to be witness to the rewards of love and affection. The full Moon redirects your focus on what is going on in a current relationship and whether you feel fulfilled in romance? With 'abundance' planet Jupiter 'adding' to the energy of the full Moon you may decide that you're not getting enough love and need more, or that the person you're with is right for you, but that they require some help in getting the 'flames of passion roaring!'


The key to greater love this month is to have 'sweeter' conversations with that special person especially once ruler Venus enters your 'communication' sector after the 7th. All month long you'll be very sensitive to the conditions of love in your life and also concerned with the responsibility of having a relationship…"does this person bring something wonderful to your heart, or do they have too much baggage to deal with?'  But after the 18th your focus will shift on finances and cash flow leaving you to question the value of having certain people in your life. 'Mind' planet Mercury in your money sector after the 18th alters your focus as you begin to notice that situations might not be as positive as you would like in money. Oh no…not your money? But yes Taurus, your finances will experience a 'mental' overhaul as  the Mercury retrograde dredges up hidden habits and attitudes you do without thinking! In fact…your financial sector will be on fire with the assistance of several planets in addition to Mercury…such as 'motivational' Mars and the 'vibrant' Sun all situated in your monetary matters by the 21st.


Expect to find answers regarding your cash flow! This is the month were you can tap into 'financial authority'  if you utilize the energy of these planets wisely…yes! In the mist of doing all this, you might decide to change your direction regarding a career path or change the people who you rely on for information. The new Moon also on the 18th helps you question where you're headed? Avoid making any major changes while the Mercury retrograde is in action until June the 12th. But being introspective and doing quiet thinking will aid you in making strong plans for your future next month. Expect a lot of attention during your Mother's Day celebration. If you plan of taking out your mom or a mother figure, or simply going out to dinner to enjoy your own Mother's Day activities, make sure you're looking fine. The planets reveal that all eyes will be on you…so give the on lookers something sensational to look at…a nice hat, a beautiful outfit…or you just looking your best! Love relationships get very complicated about Memorial Day on the 25th. Your 'love' sector reveals that you can be very picky about love…chances are you might end up by yourself and be very happy alone on this day! Best Days: 8,9,16,17,25,26,27. Stressful Days: 3,4,10,11,23,24,30,31.


Soap of the Month

Clear Mind:

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