May 2016



Taurus:  Keep smiling Taurus! Although things may seem to be on hold…it isn't true! After the 22nd you'll be so ready to jump on brand new projects and initiate fresh ideas that you won't be able to contain yourself!  An enormous synergy surrounds you this month, and with ruler Venus and the new Moon joining forces around you…you'll be determined to rise and shine! Yes Taurus…rise and shine!  Of course it's going to take a minute to reboot your sense of direction once the Mercury retrograde ends. But in actuality this retrograde has been instrumental in letting you to see situations more clearer than ever, and finding understanding as to why a few things are happening. Insight is invaluable! That is what you gain this month…'understanding!' Understanding of why you do certain things and why you put up with certain actions from others! Recently you haven't been so interesting in networking or socializing…and this is fine! Too much of your time is spent on separating true friends from false friends and which person is working in your best interest! Put this to rest for now!


The new Moon on the 6th 'uniting' with power-planet Pluto provides a deeper realization of your talents and blessings. You'll have the confidence to do things you haven't done before this month! Aligning with positive people is important, and after the 20th will be the time to meet and greet individuals with innovative thoughts. Once the 'vibrancy' of the Sun sends warmth your way after the 20th, you'll begin to meet people you'll enjoy having conversations with…and happily find a few folks who think and feel like you…concerned about moving ahead and not having to step on others to do so! Your love life is enjoyable after the 24th when ruler Venus causes a flurry of communications to engulf you! People have been missing you and begin to call like crazy before the end of the month! And with 'passion' planet Mars stimulating your both your 'intimacy' zone and your 'relationship' zone by the 27th you can have lots of very 'lustful' encounters with loved ones and someone who is out to capture your heart! Sounds like fun! And just in case you haven't been so lucky at finding or 'holding down' a love, 'good luck' planet Jupiter comes to your aid as it creates momentum in your 'love' zone after the 9th!


Be on guard for a love from the past turning up again or someone who is very persistent in seeing you! If the Mercury retrograde didn't 'dig' them up…planet Jupiter going direct on the 9th surely will! And of course like always you have to be mindful of spending habits. The full Moon on the 21st draws your attention to a few pesky situations regarding money. With the Memorial Day holiday coming on the 30th you might be tempted to go over board and spend a bit more than you'd plan. Your planets indicate that you won't have to go far to have a great time! In fact very attractive people will desire to be in your company around this holiday weekend. Play it safe and avoid making any inflexible plans…something might come up to 'joyfully' change your mind! Best Days: 6,14,15,24,25. Stressful Days: 12,13,19,20,21,27,28.