Jan. 2015



Taurus: Happy New Year! And what wonderful things will 2015 bring you? How does a clearer path to career success sound? Taurus now that your challenging transit with the planet Saturn is over, you’re  free to make tremendous gains with your employment. With ruler Venus perched at the top of your chart, striving in your career field is very appealing. This is an excellent time to consider what you want for your future and how much hard work will it take to get there!


There’s lots of cosmic assistance on hand as the planets bring mental awareness and the new Moon on the 20th allows more career options. But making right decisions can be consuming and the Mercury retrograde arriving on the 21st aids in clearing up career confusion. Try not to say too much while on the job! The planet Mercury can be extremely truthful with your feelings. If you’re working with incompetent people, you’ll have no problem saying so. Avoid causing bigger issues on the job, mainly because this month’s Mercury retrograde is a blessing in disguise…you’re in no mood to waste any more time due to your eagerness to get ahead in the New Year. Being temporary delayed by the retrograde may mean big gains in the future and the Sun in your career sector after the 20th grants tremendous momentum! With the support of the Sun regardless of what opposes you, you’ll have the determination to over come it!


Concerns about getting your home in order will also take up a lot of your energy this month. The full Moon on the 4th turns your attention to your living situation, family and having more in depth conversations with loved ones. The positive intention of creating better relations with family members can drive you to be more present with those who have communication problems or issues with keeping in touch! Go ahead and breathe a breath of relief regarding your love life!


Now that the ‘ball and chain’ planet Saturn has moved away your ‘love affairs’ you’ll be free to be in love, fall in love and make the changes necessary to be happy!  But you’re a lot smarter in love! And the revelations concerning your relationships causes you to make changes or keep what you have in love! If you’re looking for romance, passion-planet Mars in your social sector on the 12th increases your chances of finding someone exciting! This is an excellent time to get out and meet new people. Your personal charisma is heightened as ‘attraction’ planet Venus activates events in your social life. Don’t be afraid to change your appearance if you feel the need. It is important that you feel comfortable while being out and about this month! Best Days: 9,10,18,19,27,28. Stressful Days: 6,7,8,14,15,20,21.

























Soap Of The Month:

Glorious New Year!




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