Nov. 2015


 Taurus: For sure…you'll need a bigger wallet as ruler Venus enters your job sector this month! Meaning, that Venus acting as 'over seer' in your work and employment issues is extremely positive! And where there is work…there is money to be earned! Yes Lawd! So go ahead Taurus and smile from the inside out! And with your planets active restructuring the way you handle money and your debt issues you can expect a nice reward if you take time to listen to your inner voice and be obedient. On the 22nd you'll have the extra assistance of the Sun to highlight something going on with your finances that you're weren't aware of.  Any time after the 22nd is good to get your papers in order and find out what mistakes need correction! On the 13th the support of 'money making' planet Venus in agreement with 'get it right' planet Saturn aids financial negotiates. If you happen to find yourself in the mist of getting a better job or seeking a raise and need more courage to speak up and get the kind of money you want, planets Venus and Saturn 'got your back after the12th!


The full Moon on the 25th works in your favor when it comes to clearing your cash flow problems. Did bounce a check cause problems with your back account? Did you make a mistake and incur a few over drafts that created massive financial headaches? If so, focus on them during the full Moon energy…the spirit of cooperation surrounds you! Oh, by the way, instead of the saying, 'more money…more problems!', let's put a twist on this and say, 'more Venus…more income!'  Yah! Your love life get a nice boost around the new Moon on the 11th when Moon opens fresh love choices once it enters your relationship sector. After the 11th you'll have the choice to stay with the situation you're in, or opt out for a new love situation all together! The new Moon has the added influence of 'motivational' planet Mars and whenever the 'fiery' attitude of Mars is in the picture you won't be in the mood to settle for just anything…Mars pushes you to get more or seek something better! Your conversations after the 2nd get very lively! Communication-planet Mercury also visiting your partnership sector ignites desire to talk and exchange ideas with someone who knows more than you!


You are so tired of talking to people who have the same type of conversation! The early part of the month is also great to  join a study group if you're in school or if you're cramming for a civil service exam or the like! Old friends continue to show up out of nowhere this month. A few people from the past contact you after the 18th…just to reach out and stay in touch. During your Thanksgiving holiday, try to monitor your conversations if you plan on having dinner with family members. The Moon in 'chatty' Gemini cause you to reveal secrets at the dinner table that you didn't mean to reveal. Keep conversations light weight and non-controversial. Unexpected surprises during the holiday could trigger a mental melt down. Stay positive and enjoy the happiness of being with friends and family! Best Days: 5,6,15,16,24,25. Stressful Days: 3,4,10,11,17,18,30.