Oct. 2015


Taurus: The social scene explodes for you! With so many favorable planets causing folks to meet and invite you out to fun events, you're probably busting out all over with smiles right now due to the change of events Taurus…for the past few weeks ruler Venus has been retrograde causing a bit of uncertainty regarding matters in your life, your finances and certainly in your relationship area and now a new season has brought in whole new energy and you're ready to begin on a fresh note…yes! Hopefully you're in the mood to be in the company of others…all month long! Once 'romance' planet Venus 'blooms' into your 'love' sector on the 8th  people will notice your every step and adore your every move! Your power of attraction is strong this month! And being that Venus is your ruler, you're no stranger to being noticed and complimented…it's just that you'll be in the mood to appreciate the extra attention during this time! Expect very nice things to happen in romance this month!


The 'vivaciousness' of the Sun 'turns up' feelings of warmth between you and a special person after the 23rd. And you can look for something really marvelous to happen on the 25th as 'loving' Venus joins 'good luck' Jupiter. Meeting someone new or running into someone you've been missing are strong possibilities. Make sure you're somewhere you can be reached during the week of the 25th…as incredible things start showing up! If you're in a relationship the passionate embraces and affection surges! The long Halloween weekend is filled with of all sort of parties and gatherings to keep you busy! Conversations are very informative and someone from the past attempts to reach out a few times to get in touch. The full Moon on the 27th causes you to take a good look at your sense of direction. What do you want to develop in your life at this time Taurus? The full Moon provides more 'cosmic' strength as it aligns with 'inspirational' Neptune. This is an excellent month to take your affirmations and prayer more seriously. The spoken word has more intensity as it aligns with the 'momentum' of the full Moon… so be careful what you asked for!


Job matters improve! With the Mercury retrograde ending on the 9th you might be faced with picking up the pieces of a work situation that either fell apart or revealed the need to find something else. The new Moon on the 12th is of great assistance in turning you in the right direction. Of course when it comes to work, obtaining more money is always a priority! But on the 10th if financial issues come up regarding work there will be a clash of intentions…and staying focused  is critical. Avoid taking money during the week of the 10th…matters can hit a brick wall if you're not careful.  With 'power' planet Pluto situated in your 'mental sector for the time being, taking courses, going back to school or getting valuable information to make you more 'employment worthy' is a positive decision. Best Days: 1,9,10,19,20,27,28. Stressful Days: 6,7,8,14,15,21,22.