Feb. 2016



Taurus: You get a lot of second glances this month!  For some reason you keep getting placed in take charge situations on the job, allowing more people see you and evaluated your skills. It starts at the work place when ruler Venus 'enters'  the highest position of your chart on the 16th. Taurus, you shouldn't be dismayed if suddenly you're given more responsibility, or if you find yourself out front! The planets push you toward having greater accessibility in the world…and not being seen or taking a low profile is not an option…so hopefully you're not the shy type! The planets are not letting you play it safe…so get ready to style and profile! As a result your finances flow well this month! The new Moon on the 8th refreshes your chances to have greater 'employment strength' and you can expect very pleasant things to start happening in your career soon.  Now that you've had time to get a few things straight in your head about work options, the planets provide great situations to appear all pointing to advancement. Don't hesitate to have a conversation with your boss about a promotion or get insight  to gain greater work experience. With planetary assistance you can get what you need in career movment this month!


Clarity is a blessing! During last month's Mercury retrograde you may have realize that certain folk are standing in your way and pretending to be in your corner when they actually weren't! Expect to shortening  your list of people to deal with! Your conversations with these individuals will be short and sweet...if you have a conversation with them at all…chances are you won't mind missing them a bit! Cutting off certain contacts is necessary to eliminate toxic folks. Don't stress yourself about losing anyone who could care less about you! Put your focus on more important matters such as love!  Taurus, romance has been tough these past few weeks. 'Mind' planet Mercury gives permission to reassess what has been happening in love and provides the space to make better choices. Even though the full Moon on the 22nd gets your love life poised in a 'loving' direction, you won't have to wait that long for anything to happen! Situations appear spontaneously!


Valentine's Day brings very positive results in romance! With the Moon being in your Sun sign of Taurus, you gain a position of energetic power when it comes to physical attraction between you and a few people. They won't be able to resist the temptation of asking you out on a date. There is a warning on Valentine's Day...and that is someone from the past attempts to ease back in your life...if you give them a chance! Depending on the events of your love history with this person you may or may not give them a second thought, but if you do change your mind and let them back in…they have to 'be right and do right'…or else kick them to the curb again! If you're not in the mood to be with anyone on Valentine's Day, don't worry, after the 19th your social life picks up quickly and you seem to be on the go everywhere! New people are guaranteed to make a great impression on you in the area of love! Best Days: 5,6,13,14,22,23,24. Stressful Days: 1,7,8,20,21,27,28,29.