March 2015



Virgo:  You can always feel when good things are coming! And this month the Universal energies want to remind you that wonderful situations are quietly manifesting in your stay on course. It begins with the full Moon on the 5th where you get an abundance of 'lunar light'  visiting your sign Virgo! And  along with it the 'over sight' of 'power planet' Pluto acting as a silent 'benefactor' in your projects. The full Moon influence in combination with power-planet Pluto can only mean that your personal power is being increased and highly activated! How will you know that positive things are happening? Wait to see all the unsolicited help you get from others this month! When ruler Mercury enters your relationship sector on the 12th the calls from 'do gooders' start coming. Yes, loving people want to know if you need help with something or if you're doing ok? You'll be in a position to get great support from friends and family, but a major surge of momentum occurs with the new Moon Solar eclipse on the 20th when people you haven't heard from in months contact you to wish you well! Watch your money this month!


That new Moon energy also warns about being in charge of your resources and controlling spending. You might be tempted to do some fixing up around your home after the 14th and as a result be urged to do a little spending. But being a mindful shopper is totally different  from being reckless with your finances, so if your home needs a few things to increase your comfort…so be it! With the influence of 'hard work' planet Saturn in your home sector for the next 2 years, bringing light and bright colors into your personal space will make your Saturn transit a bit less stressful. Being an earth sign you might incorporate browns, greens and off whites into your color scheme and depending on your energy level a few slashes of orange will keep the 'blahs' of Saturn away! 


In your bed room avoid too many bright colors. Mercury your ruler is a nervous, quick moving planet and you don't need any outside influences to stir up active vibrations while you're trying to rest. The great thing is that by the end of the month the cosmic energies work in accord to replenish your finances with the aid of the 'life giving' Sun on the 20th assisted with brand new ideas from the planet Mercury on the 30th. There can be a couple of surprises in love after the 20th. The new Moon plants new seeds of potential romance with you and an attractive person and just before the end of the month your conversations of friendship can turn into conversations of a budding romance. If you're in a relationship you can expect a sweet turn of events between you and your love. More in depth conversations help to heal old issues and wounds. Invitations to visit friends in another state or part of the country arrive after the 17th when 'socially loving' Venus enters your 'communication' sector. This is a great month to start planning a trip to get away to be in the company of distant family or friends! Best Days: 4,5,6,14,15,22,23. Stressful Days: 12,13,18,19,24,25,26.










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