July 2015


Virgo! How many ways can you describe the feeling of sweetness?  Brace yourself for a surprise! The Universe plays games with your sense of expectation! A preview of something to materialize in the up coming months happens during the week of the 18th…only to be whisked away by the 31st. Consider this 'a peep-boo' look of something pleasant to come…the same way as if you're preparing to go on a great trip and you make arrangements all with the hopes of having a really good time. This is precisely the same message that  'attraction' planet Venus is sending your way, that something wonderful is coming! But Virgo, you might not like surprises that appear and then disappear…what a bummer! You're simply too down to earth for this type of 'cosmic depravation?' Being an earth sign you like concrete proof of matters…you want to hold it, see it and utilize it! And with Venus playing this back and forth game you can get very irritated! Venus entering into your Sun sign on the 18th only to 'change her mind' and back out on the 31st is 'planetary wishy washiness!'  Its similar to giving a kid a lick on a lolly pop, only to take it away before they finish enjoying it! What!


Yes, Venus represents sweetness, romance, attraction and money! What it will bring into your life will depends on what happens during the week of the 18th so keep your eyes and ears open. You will see what you need to see and hear what you need to hear! This is the month to take care of private personal matters! Unfinished business can be one of the reason's why Venus wants to give you a chance to get things in order before 'she' shows up. Venus is all about gaining attention and once she moves into your sign for a long stint in September will you have a strong chance of taking advantage of every blessing she sends your way…so get busy and take care of your business Virgo! Get your affairs in order. If you've had harsh words with someone you interact with on a daily basis, ruler Mercury gives the courage to approach them after the 23rd in attempts of making things better. The end of the month is also a great time to get papers in order and straighten up your work space. With so much energy in your 'social' sector finding any time to be alone will take a lot, especially once the new Moon on the 15th joins the same sector as 'restless' planet Mars.


The energy of love surround you from the very first day of the month, as the vibrations of romance are in abundance around the full Moon on the 1st. A person you've been socializing with steps up their intentions to make things more serious with you and by the 22nd you'll know exactly where their heart is. The second full Moon of the month affects activities in your 'employment' sector. On the 31st the full Moon highlights a few struggles on the job and aids you in finding quiet solutions. Keep the peace with those you work with. With some great things in the mist of showing up in your life, the last thing you need to job irritations. This is a great month to make new friends and possibly join an organization of like minded people. You will be busy than usual for the next 31 days. Be sure to eat well and get enough rest to meet your very full schedule! Best Days: 1,2,10,11,19,20,29,30. Stressful Days: 6,7,12,13,26,27, 28.






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