Sept 2014



Virgo: Look for an increase in your blessings! With attraction-planet Venus joining your Sun after the 5th you can count on having a month filled with all sorts of pleasant occurrences…such as compliments, rewards for your efforts, unexpected finances, meeting new people and attracting improved romantic situations! What else could you want? Well knowing that your vitality stays strong could add the icing on the cake for such a health bug like you…right Virgo?!!!! Anyway, enjoy the flow of positive energy!  But just know that after the 22nd there is going to be a power surge of planets in your financial sector that you’re going to be absolutely in awe of! Wow!!! With ruling planet Mercury ready to ‘negotiate’ new financial opportunities after the 2nd, you’ll soon feel confident enough to look for different ways to increase your cash flow with the new Moon on the 24th.


 In order to make things long lasting, take an honest look at what is happening with your money at this time.  Transformation-planet Pluto after the 14th will be ‘quietly’ bringing your attention to your 'financial attitude' with hopes of you ‘seeing’ your way to doing things better, and with the Sun adding more energy after the 22nd, you’ll have a stronger chance of revitalize your income. Let’s start with the way you handle your money…is this good or bad? How do you feel about your money…it is easy come or easy go? More is always better and being able to hold on to more is ‘always good!’ Romance starts warming up after the full Moon on the 8th.  A ‘dreamy’ lunar union with fantasy-planet Neptune takes intimacy to a whole new realm between you and someone special.


With passionate- planet Mars bringing more ‘spice’ to your conversations during the early part of the month you can find yourself in a very heated romantic situation sooner than you think…and it is just what you need! Get busy and make sure your home is tidy! The chances of you doing more entertaining in your home is great. Old friends can suddenly knock on your door seeking to see you again! This is a good month to put things in order and make your dwelling as comfortable as it can be!

Best Days: 4,5,12,13,22,23. Stressful Days: 2,3,8,9,14,15,29,30.










Bath Of The Month:



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