Dec. 2014





Virgo: Things begin to calm down!  Virgo all that mental energy you’ve been exerting for the past few years mellows down this month! For you it seems like the planets haven been playing a ‘bad joke’ due to all the extra stress you’ve had to deal with. You’re already an overly analytical sign in the first place, but to be honest, the past few years have given you enormous opportunities to not only think out your issues, but to also come up with some strong resolutions.  Getting your home in order will be the next major challenge! Are you in a situation with people who drive you crazy? Do you live in a place that you’ve out grown? Are your family members in need of much of your assistance? Prepare your mind to give added focus to the things happening in your home and with your family.  


The planet Saturn wants you to get your living situation in line! It’s not so much about ‘cleaning up the physical’ space, but more like ‘cleaning the spiritual and emotional space’ as well! This will take time and patience…something you might not have a lot of…but something you will surely learn to have!  The planet Saturn is the ‘keeper of time’ and dealing with things from the past will catch up with you! Old friends, old relationships, old memories and running into people you haven’t seen in years start to occur this month! Career matters grow around the full Moon on the 6th! Some good news can come your way during the week of the 6th, especially since ‘abundance’ planet Jupiter joins forces with the Moon’s energy!  This can be an excellent time to look for a new job or do a job search.


Chances are you can get lucky and find something really positive!  But let’s not fool ourselves that the month of Dec will be an easy one…on no! Your ‘hard work ethic’ will be put to the test, but it will be more on a personal level. As mentioned before…with home and family and also with taking care of your health.  How do you feel and when was the last time you had a thorough physical exam? Be mindful of your health this month and go ahead and make appointments for the doctor, health providers or acupuncturist. The time to take care of you has arrived!  Watch your money this month! Your sense of ‘doing for others’ can get the best of you as it makes a ‘wreck’ of your finances. Budget your finances and watch your spending. With 4 heavenly bodies in your romantic sector, you might be paying attention more to making others happy than doing what is best for your own personal needs. On the 21st, the new Moon opens a path for making better money. Once ‘motivational’ planet Mars enters your employment sector on the 4th the way is strong for securing a part time job or making over time on your existing job.


  Your Christmas celebration should be lots of fun!!! The planets suggest that you’ll get lots of great invitations for dinner or other Christmas time activities. If you’re planning dinner you can have more people show up than expected so make sure you have lots of food on hand! On New Year’s Eve you might decide to scale down your activities due to all the mental stress that might surround you during the last few days of the year! A few hidden enemies can make themselves known just before the 31st, so watch your words and actions as you bring in the New Year with peaceful and pleasant energy! Best Days: 3,4,13,14,22,23,30,31. Stressful Days: 5,6,20,21,26,27.




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Soap Of The Month


St Michael



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