Oct. 2014


Virgo: There might be a slight crack in your picture of perfection this month! Once ruler Mercury retrogrades into your financial sector on the 11th you’ll be faced with reviewing what has been going on with your money.  Now is the time to be honest and get a realistic grip on what has been happening with your financial resources. The Mercury retrograde calls for ‘balance’  in your checkbook, bank accounts and spending!  And just in case you refuse to see your monetary situation with realism, the full Moon lunar eclipse comes and gives you a planetary ‘kick in the pants!’ Oh yes, Virgo…planets can deliver ‘cosmic kicks! The full Moon on the 8th brings news, messages and information that you might not like regarding your debts and bill paying. In this day of digital technology there is no reason why your bills should not be paid on time.


Use the same efficiency in your financial management that you use in the other areas of your life and let’s get it together Virgo!  But figuring things out has always been your strong point! And with the Sun and money minded-planet Venus visiting your mental sector after the 23rd, there isn’t anything too difficult that you won’t be able to find an answer to. On the 23rd the new Moon solar eclipse aids you in putting together a new approach at handling your finances. This can be a tremendous month of getting in touch with lost friends. People whom you’ve lost touch with or find it very hard to locate seem to pop out of nowhere after the 23rd. Don’t worry, who ever appears will be someone you’ve been longing to get in touch with.


There is a strong indication that your love life that make a turn for the better once loving Venus influences your methods of communication and your phone calls also after the 23rd.  If you’re looking for a new love, remember the rules of the Mercury retrograde: what begins during the retrograde will probably end after the retrograde so calm yourself down and keep all contact and phone calls to a minimum until after the 25th…because let’s not forget that good things comes to those who wait…especially after passion-planet Mars enters your romance sector after the 26th. Over all this is not a difficult month, but a very revealing month and getting your resources together is a must! Best Days: 1,2,9,10,19,20,28,29. Stressful Days: 5,6,12,13,26,27.







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