Nov. 2015


Virgo: Ching, Ching! That's the sound of more coins being added to your bank account this month! Yes, Virgo you're still riding high when it comes to greater opportunities…and when 'dollar diva' Venus steps into your 'financial' sector on the 8th anticipate a chance to add a few more digits to your bank balance! This is not the time to play it safe, but to take a few chances at making something brand new materialize regarding income. Virgo, you're no stranger when it comes to looking for other ways of gaining more money…the difference now is that a few situations can crop up all at the same time. There will be lots of mental thought given to your career conditions. Around the full Moon on the 25th your mind is bombarded with all sorts of new considerations about tightening up your organizational skills, being timely with your projects and maybe asking your boss for more work hours.


Due to the  holiday season starting in a few weeks you might seek a temporary part time job. You're not afraid of hard work and can actually enjoy the challenges of watching situations flourish under your assistance! But, do be mindful of the conversations on the job this month! The annoyances of certain coworkers can release a flurry of truthful comments that they're not ready to hear! (Isn't that always the case!) But because you're so fed up with their constant irritations that an incident around the 25th can act as a release  for your frustrations. Virgo, you might be right in your feelings, but not so right in the way you handle this certain matter, so avoid sticky situations on the job all month, especially around the full Moon. Your social life  is very strong after the 11th. The new Moon activates your desire to communicate with others and at the same time you'll have so many people trying to get in touch with you as well! Ruler Mercury warns that constant phone calls can interfere with your focus, not to mention that your romantic prospects show lots of interest after the 18th.


A person you weren't so sure about in the past now begins to look better in your eyes! This will be a very busy month Virgo, so be sure to get some rest when you can. And if you're planning on having Thanksgiving dinner at your home, be sure to ask for help from family members and loved ones….If not you can experience a 'burn down' with your energy level. Why? Because everything has to be perfect for your guests! You're the ultimate host or hostess…and doing anything half way, is not good enough for your standards. If you're not up for this let someone else cook dinner and you add a helping hand…this way the stress is off and you can still enjoy having a great Thanksgiving holiday. Oh, P.S…due to Jupiter affecting your wellness at this time, it is a good idea to watch what you eat and not over do the sweets. Remember Jupiter expands everything it touches and that includes your waist line! Before the end of this month you can find yourself very involved with a home improvement project. The need for a calmer more spiritual environment appeals to you and getting rid of clutter, paper, old clothes and maybe a disrespectful roommate can be on your agenda after the 25th. Best Days: 5,6,15,16,24,25. Stressful Days: 13, 14,19,20,26,27.