August 2016


Virgo: Timing is everything! Before you know it 'abundance' planet Jupiter will have left your sign and won't make a return for another 12 years! Oh no! Virgo it is imperative of taking care of your business before it's too late and utilize the 'planetary privileges' that Jupiter allows access to…or are you just letting matters to fall where they may and not really pushing for advancement?' Taking things for granted is a wrong move…especially since you have a few fleeting moments  left as Jupiter leaves the sign of Virgo on Sept. 9th. With still a few weeks left to seize opportunities for progress, your chart reveals that major things can happen. You have the additional support of 3 other planets…ruler Mercury, Venus and the Sun on the 22nd, creating a 'cosmic sweet spot'  for you Virgo! Of course with Mercury going retrograde at the very end of the month you could readjust something you're trying to do, but for the most part you'll have no problem to gaining the success you need…so get busy!


Try not to obsess over your appearance this month. With 4 planets entering the sign of Virgo this month, you can become overly critical or picky about the way you look…another thing that can happen is you might be hard to live with regarding the advice you give the people you love. Due to your keen eye and sharp critical tongue it is best to find something constructive to do with your mind Virgo! If you  do follow this course of behavior, you'll end up losing lots of friends and acquaintances during the Mercury retrograde. And honestly, you need all the friends you can get! It not easy being the buddy of someone who has a strong power of observation and the mindset to tell others what to do. Give your friends a break and keep all opinions to yourself. Instead turn your mental awareness to your job. A full Moon lunar eclipse on the 18th can reveal a matter occurring at work that you may not like and soon decide that things are not good enough for you!


Pay attention of your move…ruler Mercury going retrograde brings an extra sense of intuition when it comes to where your next step should be. But the issue is not to over react when difficult situations come to your attention…you know you have an overwhelming sense of needing to fix things. Work revelations come and set a difference course of action…either watch your back from certain people on the job, begin a new job search or determine that more experience is needed to get the work you want! Turning negatives into positives can take up much of your focus around the new Moon on the 2nd. If you'd been striving to make issues better with family members and those you live with, the new Moon provides the warmth necessary to show your love and share your affection. Chances for having a stronger relationship are greater during the week of the 27th. Planets Venus and Jupiter 'join forces' bringing incredible romantic situations to surface. The guessing games in love can soon be over. Expect the most wonderfully surprising matters in romance to occur! Best Days: 4,5,14,15,23,24,31. Stressful Days: 12,13,19,20,25,26.