August 2014


Virgo: Virgo, you are known for being a bit shy, but you can forget about not getting extra attention this month, because the planets force you out into the spotlight! Why? Because your birthday session starts this month and with the Sun lending enormous energy you can’t help but to gain the attention of other people! Although what folks don’t know is that you’ve been very busy noticing your luck getting better! Little by little, situations are starting to manifest, people you thought would never call are beginning to make contact and opportunities you thought were lost are starting to feel better! The planet Jupiter is no joke!!! As it is ‘nestled away’ in your  ‘privacy’ sector it is busy clearing the way for better things to come.


So, if you suddenly lose a job, relationship or place to live just know that something better is on the way!!!! Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want during the first week of this month! Ruling planet Mercury aligning with both Jupiter and the Sun energizes you with ‘good luck and greater vitality!’ If you’ve been having problems in your family or personal relationships this can be the best time to approach the issues and have a conversation about them. Although your love relationships might be in the mist of experiencing some ‘growing pains’, meaning that you might desire something else or someone else in regards to love, but having honest conversations about your needs will help to clear up situations between you and the other person to determine if they have want you need, or whether you’re just ready for a change?


In fact this can be a very transformational month for you! With ‘mental’ Mercury entering your sign on the 15th, followed by the Sun on the 23rd and the new Moon on the 25th you’ll be compelled to make personal changes and adjustments regarding your appearance, the way you think and how you spend your time and use your energy. Work matters become very important during the full Moon on the 10th.  With some many ‘helpful’ cosmic forces quietly assisting you, you might come to the conclusion that you want to change careers or shift the direction of your work all-together. If this is the case…do your research to figure out the best move for you and avoid making major employment mistakes at this time. Your money can be fickle right now, so it is best to be conservative with your spending and be focused when it comes to saving! Best Days: 8,16,17,25,26. Stressful Days: 5,6,11,12,18,19.



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Soap Of The Month:

St. Michael Soap


A heavenly scented soap blended with the essential oil of Angelic

Archangelica, named after the Guardian Angel St. Michael. This essential oil was so prized in the middle Ages that it was grown in the courtyards of churches and was thought to rid negative spirits. This wonderful soap is blended with Frankincense and other protective essential oils in addition to olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, layered in this amazingly luxurious aromatic soap.!bath-soaps/ccpx