May 2015


Virgo:  In Psalms 46:10 it says, "Be still and know that I am God." Yes, Virgo this will be a period of patience, stillness and faith. You will learn the blessing of trusting in what happens and knowing in your heart that it is in your highest good. But it will take a lot of faith once ruler Mercury 'lands' in your career sector and  work matters possibly turn upside down. Starting on the 18th Mercury goes retrograde uncovering career issues for inspection and possible realignment. This might sound scary, but it occurs also in the 'light' of the new Moon suggesting that the time has come for something new to happen regarding your work conditions. This has been a strange 'season' for you Virgo. With odd situations happening around you at the beginning of the year, you've been feeling that 'something was up', but you weren't quite sure of what it might be? Change is the name of the game! Change of career plans, change of directions and also a change in the way you view things. Nothing comes easy…so if you're looking for an easy way out…forget it!


You will see situations as they are so you won't have to repeat matters again. Your focus returns to your career path as ruler Mercury gives you much to think about. Roll up your sleeves and prepare to get things in order. The question this month is 'what is your next move,' and how much effort do you think it will take?'  You'll get help with this question at the top of the month when the full Moon turns a spot light in your 'mental' sector. With so many things happening, it is quite possible that you've lost focus or have been too consumed with other matters such as love and romance. A hidden matter is discovered early in the month concerning a partnership and this causes you to regroup about your situation. If love is an issue, once 'loving' Venus enters your social sector on the 7th you'll receive lots of attention and compliments from admirers. But of course, it is not the best idea to start anything new because of the possible repercussions of the Mercury retrograde. Your mind is not clear enough to begin a new chapter in romance. Get their number and stay in touch until mid June when the coast will be clear to enter into a possible love affair.


Avoid a major conflict with family and loved ones during the 15th when planets  create a nasty emotional environment around you. War-planet Mars causes big misunderstandings during the week of the 15th and they can also spill over into your job. With Mercury your ruler going 'inward' it might be a great idea to take a hint to keep your comments and your feelings to yourself. The new Moon on the 18th gives you lots of creative energy and freedom to find other enriching situations to concentrate on. Since work and employment is the big concern for you this month, why not figure a way to become more financially independent through creative means or be more creative in the way you make your current money? A quiet more private Mother's Day celebration should be considered. If you're celebrating Mother's Day as a mom, or taking out your mom or mother figure the planets suggest that too much busyness could take the charm of this day of appreciation…the smaller the celebration, the better. And for the Memorial Day holiday, too much aggravation from others such be considered when making plans to enjoy your holiday. Pick your company carefully! Best Days: 8,9,16,17,25,26,27. Stressful Days: 5,6,7,12,13,18,19.






Soap Of The Month:



Clear Mind:





In appreciation of the lightness of the wind, this soap

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