Oct. 2015


Virgo: Ready for some more great news? Well, in addition to 'good luck' Jupiter and 'motivated' Mars visiting your Sun sign this month, you also have the added advantage of 'sweetness' planet Venus on the 8th! Watch out! Virgo you have the best of all situations at this point! And although you might be a bit skeptical, one would say that you have a 'charmed existence!' at this time! Meaning, that everything you reach for will bring something wonderful in return! And with ruler Mercury scrutinizing your finances these past few weeks you could be in need of some extra money and greater cash flow! If this is the case, Venus is busy creating 'mucho charisma' around you and seeking a better paying job or position can be enormously beneficial! The new Moon on the 12th works like an added helper if you decide to apply for new work, or go for an interview. People smile when you work into the room and they like what you say.


Chances are you would be considered for a 'choice position,' even if you don't think you deserve it!  Virgo you can do it! So don't worry about not being qualified for a job you'd like to have.  And if you have the good fortune of being in the employment you love, you might consider asking for a raise after the 23rd, because your boss can be more willing to negotiate during this month. Looking your best is critical! Especially since Venus is in your Sun sign. There are no short cuts with the planet of beautification! Venus loves to look good and using what you have is in your best interest!  Accentuate the positive! With so many planets in your sign….(Venus, Jupiter and Mars), your power of attraction is fabulous at this time!  The 25th can be an extremely lucky day…make sure you plan something special on this day to maximize the cosmic benefits! If you feel that you have extra 'angelic' support go ahead and be more confident to let it work for you! This is an excellent time to improve love matters. Power-planet Pluto puts you in a very alluring romantic situation around the 23rd as you meet a very seductive person, or the person in your life becomes more passionate! Your conversations are convincing on the 23rd.


The Sun brings a heightened sense of intensity to your words and communications. If you've been having trouble trying to express your feelings this would be a good week to start trying to get your words out and let the other person know how you feel. Look to have a truthful conversation with the person you love around the full Moon on the 27th. Your expectations in romance can be an important topic and if your needs aren't being fulfilled you want satisfaction! Be mindful of being pursued by someone who is physically drawn to you after the 23rd. They might be only interested in a short term relationship. Your Halloween celebration can be more exciting than first anticipated! There are fun situations that await you on this scary day! But good friends and a dear love will keep the ghosts and goblins away! Best Days: 1,9,10,19,20,27,28. Stressful Days: 2,3,16,17,18,23,24,29,30.