May 2016



 Virgo: Virgo, you now have the best of both worlds! Being blessed with a strong analytical ability has always worked in your favor figuring things out and solving issues, but thanks to ruler Mercury you've become a bit more sensitive to your intuitive side, and this month you'll be able to better listen to your gut feelings and follow psychic information. Gone are the days of ignoring what your inner voice is 'whispering' to you! And with the Mercury retrograde spending quality time in your 'spiritual' zone these past few weeks you're able to see past blockages and get a straight picture. Fabulous! You are a double threat Virgo! No piece of information gets past you these days! If you've been used to communicating with a loved one or family member who is always trying to hide something from you, they'll be in trouble…because what you can't figure out mentally, you'll be able to pin point intuitively!


Powerful ideas are swirling around your head! Ruler Mercury has given you a chance to 'get your mind right.'  Any problems or issues that were persistently plaguing you disappears, and after the 22nd your thoughts are more insightful. This is a great month for reuniting with distant friends and family members. With the Memorial Day holiday coming up at the end of the month you might decide to take a trip to see the person you've been missing. This is not a bad idea, in fact a phone call from a beloved person around the new Moon on the 6th can send you searching for plane reservations or trying to figure out travel instructions on how to get drive to a certain place for that long weekend. You crave more Virgo! You want more joy, more positive experiences and more love in your life and with 'expansion' planet Jupiter going direct in your Sun sign on the 9th you'll be compelled to find those things that bring inner fulfillment. "What do you want Virgo?" An incredible desire to reach your career goals can be one of the things that keep you busy this month!


After the 20th when the Sun reaches a powerful point in your chart will you also feel extra confident and invincible. With so much going on you have to be careful not to stress yourself out trying to get things done. Ruler Mercury being retrograde can be somewhat disorienting if you attempt to rush and get situations moving forward too quickly. You have time Virgo…the full Moon on the 21st causes you to slow your pace and spend quiet time at home, or turn your focus on something that needs your personal attention in your family. Returning phone calls and getting back to communicating with friends can fill up at lot of your time once 'energy' planet Mars shifts into your 'communication' zone after the 27th…but the interesting thing is that many of your phone calls can be with old friends or people who have been trying to catch up on what you've been up to! Be mindful not to tell too much of your private business…with 'expansive' Jupiter moving forward you'll be able to 'talk for days' and fill in all the details about what's been happening to you…maybe you should keep a lot of details to yourself Virgo! Best Days: 6,14,15,24,25. Stressful Days: 1,2,3,7,8,22,23,29,30