Astro Reading for

Tuesday, July 22, 2014






























Happy Tuesday! Your conversations might be a bit strange, but you’ll certainly be in the mood for communicating and connecting with others! The Sun entering the  ‘warm-hearted’ and the ‘gregarious’ sign of Leo sets the stage for more socializing, interacting and networking for the next few weeks. The ‘energy’ of Leo enjoys entertaining and being in the mist of company. Today’s ‘chatty’ Gemini Moon adds more ‘juice’ to your social activities as you reach out to meet and greet others. “Mental’ planet Mercury aligning with ‘revelation’ planet Pluto alerts you that a few secrets can be uncovered when speaking to friends and family today.


If you have a few things to hide it is best to avoid in-depth or honest conversations as you’ll be compelled to set the record straight on situations that bother you or to reveal your true feelings on certain matters. Keeping to your schedules can still be a challenge as ‘changeable’ Uranus unites with the Gemini ‘busy body’ Moon later this evening. The rule of thumb today is to ‘stay flexible,’ as you might be blind sided by an unexpected matter than can throw a serious monkey wrench in your evening plans!


If today is your birthday, happy birthday! You are born on the cusp of Cancer and Leo and you are an innovative person with great vision. Sunday is your best day.