On Friday, you'll start your weekend off by paying close attention to your feelings. The 'ultra sensitive' Cancer Moon keeps your mind centered on personal issues, family situations and how you feel about things in general. You could doubt the sincerity of a relationship as the Moon aligns with 'suspicious' Pluto. Things might not 'add up' in romance with a certain person and you'll surely have your eye on the matter over the next few days. Later in the day your schedule might change without notice as 'surprise' planet Uranus makes a few unexpected adjustments in your plans. This is a good day to refocus and tie up loose ends.


On Saturday, you'll be in the mood to expand your personal space as the vibrations of the 'social loving' Leo Moon opens your heart to enjoy the presence of others. Yes, on this day you'll be more willing to 'mingle and meet' as you enjoy your weekend. Expect interesting conversations as 'mental' Mercury joins 'inspirational' Neptune. You'll have lots of motivation to do errands as the planet Saturn continues to encourage being better organized. Your night time activities become more private with a lunar union to the Sun. This evening 'two is company and three is a crowd' Being personal with a certain someone feels good to you.


On Sunday morning you are greeted with a wonderful cosmic hug! The Moon in 'warm hearted' Leo joins the jubilant nature of 'expansive' Jupiter and you get a  positive power surge on this day! In addition 'playful' Venus aligning with the Moon and 'stimulating' Uranus causes excitement in love relationships. Step out of your routines on this day and see what new situations come your way! 



And, if Friday is your birthday, happy birthday! You are an easy going Taurus who is always looking for improvement. Friday is your best day.


And, if Saturday is your birthday, happy birthday! You are an optimistic Taurus who loves adventure. Monday is your best day.


And, if Sunday is your birthday, happy birthday! You are a persistent and determined Taurus. Saturday is your best day.


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