Astro Reading for Friday, Jan., 23 thru Sunday, Jan., 25, 2015



On Friday, being patience and remaining calm reaps great benefits at the start of your weekend. This is the day to avoid being in a hurry or rushing around for any reason. The 'dreamy' Pisces Moon keeps everyone in a serene frame of mind, so go ahead and pace yourself as you finish up old business. The cosmic atmosphere is low key and if you need anyone to spring into action or to be committed to a specific project you'll surely run into challenges. Adjust your way of thinking and focus on only situations that you can do alone. The 'quiet' lunar cycle causes major avoidance issues between you and others on this day. 


On Saturday, be prepared to jump into the situations of the day as the 'vivacious' Aries Moon greets you early! This is an excellent time to work on any matter that's been lagging behind because you hadn't had enough energy to complete, or too mixed up because the 'mental' stagnation.  Things get moving today! Not only will you have the cosmic assistance of 'concentration' planet Saturn, but also the abundant vitality of the Sun to keep you on your toes. The best part of this day is that the quiet aid of the Mercury retrograde reveals ways to do things better! People from the past are looking for you! Brace yourself for a call or visit from an old friend or lover. Take your time if any such situation presents itself. Motives need to be investigated!


Finding a quiet place to hide can be difficult on Sunday. The 'vibrant' Aries Moon in contact with 'rebellious' Uranus and 'power hungry' Pluto suggests that your plans are unstable and that controlling individuals threaten to ruin your day. Conversations can take a 'left turn' and it best to avoid negative situations and unhappy people.



If Friday is your birthday, happy birthday! You are born an innovative and independent Aquarius. Wednesday is your best day. 


If Saturday is your birthday, happy birthday! You are an Aquarius with an easy going and charming personality. Friday is your best day. 


If Sunday is your birthday, happy birthday! You are a mysterious Aquarius great  and you are insight. Monday is your best day. 














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