Happy Tuesday! Take a leap of faith today! The air is filled with  great expectations! The Moon in 'optimistic' Sagittarius aided by 'brain child' planet Mercury gives greater potency to your problem solving. If you have a difficult problem, today is the day to find an answer. Positive thinking wins! Use the power of your mind to surround yourself with better energy. With 'magnetic' planet Venus and 'prosperity' planet Jupiter both joining the Moon, the vibrations of luck are everywhere.


If you get the feeling that something great can happen…go with the flow and let's see what turns up. This is an ideal day to improve all situations no matter what they are!  With the full Moon less than 24 hours away the atmosphere is electric with energy. Hurry to finish any unfinished business as you prepare for a new lunar cycle arriving with  fresh opportunities!


And if today is your birthday, happy birthday! You are a talkative and encouraging Cancer. Thursday is your best day.

 Astro Reading for Tuesday, June 30,  2015



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