Astro Reading for Friday, July 1, 2016







Happy Friday! The day starts off on a much calmer note as the Moon enters the 'thinking' sign of Gemini. But don't be fooled as the vibrations of discontent are still floating throughout the atmosphere. 'War' planet Mars changing direction has unleashed lots of hostile and war-like energies…


and this is the time to be mentally aware of the company you keep and your surroundings, especially being that this is the start of a long holiday weekend. Stay close to like minded friends, the planets of good fortune, both Venus and Jupiter are working wonders to bring something pleasant into your day. 'Responsible' planet Saturn can influence your 'feel good' environment this evening. You might change your plans from being in a crowd of people you don't know to staying with situations that are more familiar.


Best signs for the day are Gemini and Aquarius.  And if today is your birthday, happy birthday! You are a warm and charismatic Cancer. Sunday is your best day.




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