Astro Reading for Friday, April 29, 2016




Happy Friday! How is the Mercury retrograde treating you? Just know that the planet Mercury is virtually motionless in the heavens at time, meaning that issues associated with this planet are extreme…such as blurred communications, muddled and confused thinking and feeling lost. Avoid making any major decisions this weekend if possible.


The high point in the day's energy is the Moon entering Aquarius! The planetary energy of Aquarius is 'independent and intuitive' and it will come as an asset to help navigate matters over the next few days. The question of "what can you do for me" can be considered a zillion times as issues of self worth, romance and money gather strength.  'Attraction' planet Venus visits the sign of Taurus for the next few weeks and the focus will be on material and romantic gains, as well as how much you value yourself! Best signs for the day are Aquarius and Libra.  And if today is your birthday, happy birthday! You are a meticulous and hard working Taurus. Monday is your best day.


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