Astro Reading for

Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014


Happy Wednesday! Are you ready for a fresh new cycle? Prepare yourself for a major cosmic shift as the new Moon arrives in less than 24 hours opening the way for a change of something desired in your life. Use this day to completed and finish unfinished business…and that includes matters in your love life. How do you feel about the status of your partnership? With today’s Moon in the last degrees of Libra there can be a real need for fairness and equality.


The Moon in accord with the Sun, Venus and Mercury all in the sign of Libra stresses balance and moderation in your situations. Spiritual peace on all levels is encouraged.

Be careful not to let distrust consume you. A ‘nasty’ lunar alignment with ‘controlling’ Pluto unleashes power struggles of all kinds today. The Moon in union with ‘good news’ Jupiter urges you to keep positive thoughts and support people around you!


If today is your birthday, happy birthday! You are born on the  cusp of Libra and Scorpio. You are a  proud personal with great ambition. Sunday is your best day. 




















































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