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Friday, Oct. 31 thru Sunday, Nov. 2, 2014


On Friday your Halloween festivities can be anything but scary!!! The Moon in ‘let’s get together’ Aquarius makes this more of a networking party than a ‘ghostly’ situation…and because Halloween is at the start of the weekend, you can expect all ‘ghoulish matters’ to last over the next few days! There are a lot of positive things in your favor if you are taking your kids out to trick or treat or wait to get your adult masquerade balls on in full swing later, and they are that you won’t have any problems communicating as mental Mercury energizes your conversations and ‘abundance’ Jupiter gives you the ‘green light’ to have a good time! Be careful with indulging in too much candy or alcohol! The planet Jupiter entices you to forget your boundaries and every thing can go to the extremes!


On Saturday, if you’re able to awaken from your sugary infused sleep the be prepared to greet the first day of Nov with enthusiasm! The cosmic disposition changes as the Moon shifts into ‘sensitive’ Pisces and you might decide to have more intimate company if you’re still in the partying spirit or choose to quiet things down with just you and a special person, but the planets are still harmonious and socializing with someone can still be enjoyable! Venture into creative projects on this day! ‘Inspirational’ Neptune takes center stage and sends out lots of uplifting vibrations. A Mars/Neptune union increases your ‘psychic awareness!’ This is a good day to look for intuitive signs and messages!


Sunday, you get a chance to sleep in late as we enter Daylights Savings Time, and you happily push your clocks backwards! The ‘gentle’ Pisces Moon encourages affectionate love relationships as it aligns with romantic Venus. Keeping a low profile with someone you love is perfect for accentuating the day’s energy!


If Friday is your birthday, you are a creative and intuitive Scorpio. Sunday is your best day.


If Saturday is your birthday, you are a restless Scorpio with intense energy. Sunday is your best day.


If Sunday is your birthday, you are a charming Scorpio with lots of magnetism. Monday is your best day.













































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