Astro Reading for Saturday, July 30 thru Sunday, July 31, 2016





On Saturday, sleeping in late might not quite fit your plans as the 'busy' Gemini Moon provides mental stimulus until later in the day. With 'liberation' planet Uranus in retrograde motion you'll soon have the need to 'free' yourself from emotionally 'tight' situations and find reasons to be on your own. This is definitely the weekend for mental awareness, as you'll have a lot more to think about once 'mind' planet Mercury enters the 'analytical' sign of Virgo and your decision making is pushed up a few notches today and for the next few weeks. The cosmic energy changes as the Moon shifts into the 'home-loving' sign of Cancer and all your attention is geared towards securing your home and becoming more in tuned with family members. The desire for nurturing or being nurtured by others is strong! Best signs for the day are Gemini and Cancer. And if today is your birthday, happy birthday! You are an ambitious and determined Leo. Thursday is your best day.


On Sunday, the energy is slow and easy going! The 'calmness' of the Cancer Moon aligning with 'imaginative' Neptune sends 'zen' like vibrations to filter through out the air. Of course there are those around you who might not like the idea of peace or peaceful coexistence and try to create anger by pushing a few buttons.  It's in your best interest to avoid disgruntled people this weekend. Best signs for the day are Cancer and Pisces. And if today is your birthday, you are a Leo who is articulate and hard working. Sunday is your best day.






























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