Astro Reading for Tuesday, August 30, 2016







Happy Tuesday! The Mercury retrograde has arrived! And there's no need to dread or be fearful. When the planet of 'right brain' thinking goes on a 'mini' vacation you have a chance to be more intuitive and instinctual. Over the next 3 weeks the way you handle your affairs requires major adjustments especially in the areas of communication, planning and clear thinking. Avoid making any serious decisions at this time…you might not be privy to details that can escape or be hidden, so signing contracts is a no-no and should be put off  until after the retrograde when things begin to surface.


And the fact that this Mercury retrograde is very much at home in the 'detailed-oriented' sign of Virgo is a plus for anyone who has to do strenuous mental work that requires great focus. You'll find things that you've ignored in the past now catch your attention and brings greater awareness. The same goes for important conversations…perceptions can be off and something you've said can be misunderstood…keep all conversations short and to the point. And with this in mind…if traveling make sure the person making your travel arrangements is hearing everything clearly…if not…mistakes can be made!


The positives about Mercury retrogrades are that you get a chance to take a step backwards and reevaluate recent decisions, you can reboot or change directions with a current project and you can reflect on future plans. Whatever you do, don't stress…use your gut instincts and let situations flow…you never know what invaluable information will churn up in the next 3 weeks! Today's 'lively' Leo Moon keeps you on your toes. 'Heroic' planet Mars provides the confidence to face the Mercury retrograde without fear! Best signs for the day are Leo and Aries. And if today is your birthday, you are an astute and reliable Virgo. Thursday is your best day.





















































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