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Friday, Oct. 24 thru Sunday, Oct. 26, 2014


Get ready to face a weekend of spiritual adjustment! The heavens are busy creating, changing and sending out lots of cosmic messages over the next 36 hours urging the removal of unwanted and unneeded situations that block the passages in your life! Hold on to your plans! On Friday, the new Moon instills impressions on your inner spirit encouraging a fresh start or treading a different path, way or direction, but nothing happens until the Mercury retrograde is over and on Saturday. The planetary ‘synergy’ on Friday all points to ‘changing old ways!’


On Saturday you can sense the atmospheric relief of ‘mind’ planet Mercury ending it’s retrograde cycle! But don’t get too anxious and start returning phone calls or striking up business plans so soon. Over the next few days the planet of communication will be virtual still in the heavens and your conversations will continue to seem a bit off. Wait until midweek before getting back on track with business matters. In fact with motivational-planet Mars entering the ‘business-minded’ sign of Capricorn on Sunday capitulates you into handling major work and career issues over the next few weeks. This is a great weekend to get your business affairs in order and make plans for the immediate future.


On Sunday the Moon shifts into inspirational Sagittarius and your attitude readjusts towards making your dreams come true and looking for a better future. The planet Mars now in Capricorn gives you a green light on achieving success and being ambitious!


If Friday is your birthday, you are a Scorpio who is determined and proud. Friday is your best day.


If Saturday is your birthday, you are a Scorpio who is passionate and strong-willed. Monday is your best day.


If Sunday is your birthday, you are a Scorpio who is goal-oriented and hard working. Saturday is your best day.





















































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