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Welcome to World of Intuitive Astrologer Kim Allen

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Kim Allen is listed as ‘One of the Best Psychics in New York’ by Time Out Magazine and also featured as one of the ’The 100 Top Psychics in America’ by Simon and Schuster. She has appeared in Vanity Fair and Cosmopolitan Magazines as an astrologer. Currently she is heard on nationally syndicated radio shows and has been a technical advisor for the television show of ‘Madam Secretary.’ Kim Allen has resided as Resident Astrologer for Hot 97 in New York City, Radio 103.9 in New York City, Radio 98.9 in Philadelphia and several other radio shows over the years. She loves  bringing enlightenment and information to others. She currently produces ‘Your Sign Says’ Podcast  where she weekly gives up dates on what is happening with the stars. Her website is

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