If you would like to book an appointment for a psychic reading with Kim Allen,  all  readings are done over the phone. Please submit the info below. 

Love Partnership Reading ($60.00 - 20min)

If you need the answer on a status of your relationship and greater information on the cosmic influences on your love situation, this is the reading for you. A love chart included. This is a more in depth reading. All readings are done Eastern Daylight Time.

Premium Psychic Reading ($100.00 - 30min)

In depth Reading on present life conditions, love situations, work condictions and cosmic influences. This reading is wonderful in giving direction for anyone  not sure if they're going in the right direction.  Astrology Chart Included. All readings are done Eastern Daylight Time.

Psychic Reading ($45.00 - 15min)

Need to know what is happening around you? This is a strong basic reading. You receive a psychic Tarot reading and astrological look at the placement of your planets. All readings are done Eastern Daylight Time.

 Astro Relocation Reading ($100.00 - 30 min)
 If you're thinking about a move or a relocation, find out if you've chosen the best place for you. Get an Astro Relocation reading with a chart to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your move. Moving is expensive and can be life changing. This is a must have if you're considering moving to a new apartment, moving your business location or moving to a new state. Why risk making such a major mistake that you might regret. Get a reading on the cosmic energy of a possible  change. All readings are done Eastern Daylight Time.

 Need more information? Check out the Astrology Charts for more awareness.

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