Astro Reading for Thursday, April 22, 2021


Happy Thursday! Cleaning up and getting organize is a driving force behind the Virgo Moon. Celebrating Earth Day couldn’t be more appropriate with the Moon in ‘earthy’ Virgo  as we preserve our planet and become more activate in ridding the pollutants in our environment. On a personal level this is an excellent time to remove the junk out of your diet and throw out the clutter.


Today is a master 22 number which emphasizes formulating realistic plans for the future…so go ahead to dream and scheme. Your conversations can hit a right note as ‘talkative’ planet Mercury aligns with the Moon. Your communications will be detailed and full of information. Love can be tricky as ‘fickle’ planet Uranus joins ‘romantic’ Venus.


You can change your mind about loving a certain person to choose to be with another, or decide that you need a different direction with your current partnership. Things might become erratic in romance. Avoid making changes you might regret. Best signs for the day are Virgo and Taurus. And if today is your birthday, happy birthday. You are a Taurus with a deep vision. Sunday is your best day.

Cosmic Energy for 4/22/21
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