Astro Reading for Thursday October 29, 2020

Happy Thursday!  Be prepared to stay busy today! The Moon in ‘restless’ Aries unites with ‘motivational’ planet Mars and your productivity level can increase without warning. Stay on projects that allow easy access to a higher level of achievement. You won’t stop working until you’re satisfied with your progress.


‘Power’ planet Pluto and ‘ expansive’ planet Jupiter inspires ‘wanting something better’ in your life. Numerically it’s a number 11 day with emphasizes visions and long distance planning. With the full Moon in less than 2 days away, setting goals take on a stronger meaning. Avoid conflicts of all kind. War-planet Mars is functioning in a subconscious state. People with problems can be drawn to you today.


Best signs for the day are Taurus and Aries. And if today is your birthday, happy birthday! You are a Scorpio with a great business mind.  Sunday is your best day.



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