Astro Reading for Wednesday, Nov., 13, 2019 

Happy Wednesday! Your mind is full of creative ideas due to the input of the 'mentally active'  Gemini Moon. Yesterday's full Moon vibes are still very active in the atmosphere and in spite of the Mercury RX, your conversations go reasonably well. Staying on point with coworkers and people you do business with are agreeable. Keep talks short and to the point.


Connect yourself with those who have common goals and aspirations. A 'dynamic' Sun/Pluto union opens the way to forming power alignments. You can get a lot of constructive things done today. Choose your words carefully, but don't be afraid to let your point of view be heard.


Best signs for the day are Gemini and Libra. And if today is your birthday, happy birthday! You are a Scorpio with great determination. Friday is your best day.



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