Astro Reading for Monday, Jan 24, 2022


Happy Monday! If procrastination has been a problem, the planets have a real solution for you. Starting now and lasting for a few weeks, your level of determination rises. The planet Mars entering Capricorn, the sign of persistence aids in achieving your career and professional goals, as well as strengthens your leadership abilities.


This is the time to plan, focus, strategize and be assertive about getting what you want. The planet Mars is pushy and competitive. Make your important social connections before night time while the Moon remains in ‘peaceful’ Libra.


Once the Moon shifts into ‘obsessive’ Scorpio at the end of the evening tensions can increase and put a damper on your activities causing stress in your situations. Best signs for the day are Libra and Gemini.  And if today is your birthday, happy birthday. You are an Aquarius with lots of charm. Friday is your best day.

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