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Daily Astrology

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Astro Reading for Thursday February 29, 2024


Happy Thursday! Be prepared for opportunities of abundance to surface at any time on this Leap Year Day!  The planet Jupiter fills the air with a sense of  open possibilities as it unites with the Moon and planet Mercury. ‘Talk the talk and walk the walk’ is the planetary directive for the day. Strive for your accomplishments.


This is a really good time to schedule meetings or  hold get togethers as the atmosphere is optimistic and upbeat. It’s a master number 11 day which emphasizes term range visions. Don’t be afraid to dream and make plans for your future. Expressing your thoughts seem appropriate today. Sharing your mental energy can lead to a break through of some sort.


Plan your night time events carefully as the Scorpio Moon clashing with ‘pushy’ planet Mars creates stressful conflicts. Stay aware of your surroundings this evening. The best signs for the day are Scorpio and Cancer. And, If today is your birthday, happy birthday! You are an intuitive Pisces with youthful energy. Monday is your best day. 


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Astrologer Kim Allen
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Dee Dee Mcguire




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