Astro Reading for Monday, Jan. 18, 2021


Happy Monday! The Moon in assertive Aries stimulates you to embrace your independence and activate your take charge abilities. This is an excellent day to get new things started as the Moon aligns with ‘expansive’ planet Jupiter. Work matters are agreeable today as ‘hard work’ planet Saturn is cooperative with the fiery Aries Moon.


If you needed to meet, socialize or network with others this is also a great time to move forward on forming agreements and obtaining better understandings. Today is Martin Luther King Day. Martin Luther King Jr, a spokesman and leader in the civil rights movement  was born on Jan., 15, 1929.


Best signs for the day are  Aries and Sagittarius. And if today is your birthday, happy birthday! You are a Capricorn with strong personal strength.  Tuesday is your best day. 

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