Astro Reading for Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Happy Tuesday! The cosmic atmosphere remains tense as the planets clash and send enormous irritation in the air. The Moon shifting into 'controlling' Scorpio causes you to be mindful of the actions you take throughout the day, and 'difficult' lunar unions with planets Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn (all now retrograde) urge you rethink all major decisions, and to avoid making any important changes.


The energy of aggression is strong. Stay away from any situations that might bring conflict your way. Refrain from engaging with pushy or insensitive people. Arguments can spark up at any time. Do what you can to maintain peace and protect yourself and loved ones against stress and negativity.


Best signs for the day are Pisces and Scorpio. And if today is your birthday, happy birthday! You are an insightful Gemini. Monday is your best day.

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