Astro Reading for Wednesday, June 23, 2021


Happy Wednesday! A feeling of hopefulness fills the air as the Moon remains in ‘optimistic’ Sagittarius. Regardless of how much stress you’ve encountered over the past 24 hours you the get the sense that something better can happen.  A ‘cooperative’ lunar union with ‘structure’ planet Saturn puts people on the same page in terms of seeing situations eye to eye in spite of communications still being challenged.


And a Sun/Jupiter alignment increases the flow of adrenaline giving you an extra boost of joyfulness. Conversations remain a bit twisted as the planet Mercury is assaulted by ‘foggy’ Neptune. The truth can be hard to find later in the day so be mindful of who you speak with and what you talk about. Prepare for the arrival of a full Moon tomorrow.


Try hard to finish existing projects and clear the way for different issues to come your way. The night time hours can be difficult to think clearly, so earlier you complete matters the better the results.  Best signs for the day are Leo and Sagittarius. And if today is your birthday, happy birthday! You are a Cancer who has great people skills. Thursday is your best day.


Cosmic Energy  for  6/23/21
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