Astro Reading for Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021


Happy Tuesday! Sitting still can be a source of aggravation today. The restless Aries Moon spurs you to search for constructive activities to keep busy. With ‘assertive’ planet Mars adding to the ‘heat’ of the Moon sparks can fly. Impatience will be a major issue. The vibes of yesterday’s full Moon is still very alive in the atmosphere and revelations continue to surface, possibly uncovering some sort of nasty truth that might trigger aggressive actions.


If this occurs stay calm and know it was time for information to be recieved. Maintaining your temper will be required to glide successfully through the day. Interactions with coworkers are productive, everyone seems to be on the same page for a change.


Romance is turned up during the night time hours as the ‘passionate’ Moon joins the planet Venus in the sexy sign of Scorpio. Best signs for the day are Leo and Aries. And if today is your birthday, happy birthday. You are a Virgo with big ideas. Thursday is your best day. 

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