May 2015



Libra: It's all about money for you this month! And the planets do all they can to make financial matters happen! It first begins with the full Moon on the 3rd 'highlighting' activities in your 'cash flow' sector. The Moon 'reports' that your money might be sputtering along, not flowing with ease and that clashes with Jupiter the planet of 'abundance' warns that mindless handling of your resources is the main problem to deal with! Libra are you guilty of spending like there is no tomorrow, or buying things you don't really need because you shop for relaxation? This is the month to put an end to such actions if you want your money to grow and flow! And just in case you don't quite understand, the Mercury retrograde begins on the 18th bringing lots of reasons why you should get the point…immediately! OK, Libra, so this is not going to be an easy transit with 'mind' planet Mercury 'pin pointing' issues in your 'mental' space, but apparently it is necessary if you are going to get better with your money. Your reasons for spending will become crystal clear and if you continue to hold on to old habit patterns you'll continue to be your own financial worse enemy!


The new Moon on the 18th works hand in hand with planet Mercury in finding workable solutions for your money! There might be a need to manage what you currently have. This is the month to get organized with your money and look for positive results! With 'money magnet' Venus influencing career matters after the 7th it is possible to get a promotion or a higher position. Be as agreeable and charming as you can while on the job this month. There is no telling what great things can come! Expect to hear from old friends this month! The Mercury retrograde also brings back long lost acquaintances and people you haven't heard from in years. Whether this is a pleasant happening depends on how you handle the initial contacts. If you've had problems or conflicts with someone from the past and they suddenly call you, think twice about returning the call. If someone you truly love pops up out of nowhere call them and find out where they've been…chances are they've been trying to reach you as well. You can also have a strong desire to return back to your roots this month…meaning that you have an urge to see old childhood friends, visit places and the neighborhoods you grow up  in or message a person on FB (Face Book)  that you went to high school with.


Yes, the attraction of memory lane is strong. You'll get a chance to reconnect and reminisce. You'll have more company than anticipated during your Mother's Day celebration. The planets encourage lots of well wishers to be part of your day of appreciation. If you're a mother, or if you're celebrating  with your mom or mother figure just know to make room for surprises. A very nice addition to this day can occur! During the Memorial Day holiday, be on guard for old enemies to cross your path. If you're out in the public be aware of those around you. Someone with a nasty disposition could ruin your holiday. Keep your eyes open and walk in peace! Best Days: 1,2,10,11,18,19,28,29. Stressful Days: 8,9,14,15,21,22.






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Soap Of The Month:

Clear Mind:

In appreciation of the lightness of the wind, this soap

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