March 2015



Libra: Expect a big change in your friendships this month! With 'expansion' planet Jupiter retrograde in your 'social' sector you may have noticed that the people who were once available a few months ago are nowhere to be found? Have you reached out to a person and gotten the impression they don't want to be bothered? The new Moon Solar eclipse on the 20th supports the need of 'friendship improvement' as unkind things said or done to you behind your back are uncovered. Brace yourself for an awakening! But consider the information as a blessing in disguise because once Jupiter gets back on track in a few weeks you'll meet all sorts of worthwhile people and not miss the presence of those who don't value you for one minute longer! Watch the activities on your job after the 20th as well! Jealous coworkers begin to put into motion plans of undermining you in secret. The only problem is  'everything done in the dark comes to light'…and for you Libra the secret is revealed in 'lightening speed.' You'll find out the deeds done in no time due to the few good friends you have…and work on repairing the damage.


Smile and keep yourself 'covered in prayer!' Your enemies can't touch you…they're not that powerful! Don't allow them to take you off your path of success worrying about negative intentions! Turn your focus towards creating a brand new work situation for yourself and making better money! With 'disciplined' planet Saturn in your mental sector your mind is fine tuned to take on more responsibilities. And with ruler Venus in your financial sector after the 17th the idea of increasing your cash flow feels glorious! After the 31st, motivational-planet Mars will assist you in pulling your work ideas together. But relationship issues might get in the way! The energies around the first day of spring on the 20th puts you in a strange situation! Someone brand new attempts to 'talk to you' in an effort to find out if you're available for romance and people that you've dated in the past show up unexpectedly as well? If you're looking for love…this can be an ideal situation, but if you're in love…the temptations of the unknown are great! If you need something to focus on to get you away from this matter, spend more time with family members after the full Moon on the 5th.


You might be surprised of the amazing support you get from loved ones and the full Moon brings unknown information to light…you might discover something wonderful about a family member or an ancestor you didn't know about! Spending time with family and loved ones can be quite enjoyable. Stay away from all conversations concerning money with family members this month. A 'nasty' financial discussion after the 21st can ruin the tone for the next few weeks. A chance to make more money or do over time can show up on the job after the 24th. Who couldn't use greater cash flow? Get ready to do some possible over time this month! Best Days: 7,8,16,17,24,25,26. Stressful Days: 1,14,15,20,21,27,28.













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