May 2016



Libra: Without a doubt you have a different attitude about your money! The Mercury retrograde wasn't playing any games when it 'went deep' into your financial habits! All the excuses used before to cover up unproductive spending issues and your debt history are now exposed so you can constructively change your ways! This is good Libra! Of course you don't like 'taking orders' of any kind…and the 'planetary push' at first might have felt unwelcome, but in due time you'll see the amazing results…go with it Libra! So what's happening? Your gut instincts point you in the direction of financial security! Money issues are at this point beginning to make more sense! You'll be able to rightly evaluate what's  going on with your cash and after the 22nd be prepared to make some major adjustments! But things haven't been so easy regarding your finances Libra…and if you have a circumstance where you're responsible for the debts of others or have taken more some financial debts that are not your own…you will do what is necessary to come from under this burden, as 'will power' planet Mars gives you the motivation after the 27th. Getting your finances straight is your 'cosmic goal' this month!


Ruler Venus supports has your back! On the 6th…around the energy of the new Moon, Venus turns your attention toward seeing what emotional issues are connected with your money. Libra…you can't buy love! If you've been more than generous with a loved one in hopes of keeping them happy with 'things' maybe you should step back and reevaluate this situation? Romance and finance is a sticky topic for you, but after the 24th when Venus enters your 'mental' zone you'll find the confidence to say what is on your mind to someone you love in order to get an understanding of how you need to change the management of your resources. If they don't like it…then maybe you should give your relationship a lot more thought. An extremely lucky moment arrives around the 10th when planets Venus and Jupiter 'meet up' and create strong vibes of fortuitous energy! This is a great day to socialize with someone new, schedule a job interview, look for a new job or find something nice to do for yourself! After the 20th is a wonderful time to get away…maybe for the Memorial Day weekend or for any weekend during the later part of the month.


If you're looking for love you might discover an intriguing person over the Internet or while attending a class or seminar…any time after the 24th. Your charisma is enormous and a certain person might find you irresistible! The 'psychic' energy of the full Moon on the 21st is marvelous for learning important details about those around you! Conversations with loved ones will be enlightening and chats with coworkers will provide a few missing details about things going on at work. Be sure to nail down your plans for the Memorial Day weekend and not to wait on someone else to do them for you…if so you can be irritated or disappointed. Do the important stuff yourself this month! Best Days: 7,8,17,18,27,28. Stressful Days: 4,5,10,11,24,25,31.