Oct. 2015


Libra: Finally! You get a chance to move forward! The summer presented lots of confusion as ruler Venus went retrograde and you in addition found yourself in the middle of a Mercury retrograde…and now Libra, you can push forward! Yeah! Go ahead and do your happy dance! The plus news is that the new Moon on the 12th is in your Sun sign and you'll have extra blessings from the Universe to choose your path of direction…what do you want to do and which way would you like to go? In spite of what might not have gone well recently…there are some enormous things that can be really positive…such as love? Libra, did a certain someone slip into your life and you're now having big time fun…all quietly away from prying eyes? Are you and a special person doing more exciting romantic things and you're not letting your friends or family know about them? If the answer is yes, it's just the way 'lovable' planet Venus wants it right now as it eases into your 'privacy sector' after the 8th. Find someone to love and keep it private! 


If romance is good and you have no issues with affairs of the heart, planet Venus joining the supportive energy of  both Jupiter and Mars gives you the choice to dedicate some quiet time to make powerful plans for the future. Choose your associates wisely. Avoid wasting time by hanging out and socializing with people without a motive for bettering things in the future. Affiliation breeds assimilation! Next year fabulous things happen for you, but you need a plan of execution!  Network with those who are on the path you desire to follow. The Universe is providing a 'preparation' period that starts this month with the purpose of clarifying your direction for success! How is your income Libra? The full Moon on the 27th creates money making opportunities to materialize. Seek a new job or look for a higher position at your current place of employment. Your planets are positive for advancement. The Sun stimulating energy in your financial sector after the 23rd is a good sign that a financial increase is in the way.


"Seek and you shall find…ask and it will be given." And if it is not given to you by your current boss, look for another job somewhere else if this is what you want! Don't forget to update your wardrobe this season! The new Moon also wants you to take a hard look at the way you're dressing these days. It is no doubt that you tend to stay stylist, but maybe a new twist on the way you wear your hair or to add a different splash of color might be just needed to bring strong energy to your appearance. If you plan on celebrating Halloween this month expect all eyes to be on you! Go ahead and wear a daring costume or go some place where people are not afraid to have a good time! Be prepared to run into an old friend or two. A few people are beginning to miss your company…its fine to share Halloween with them if you desire, but try not to get caught up in social activities that are a waste of your energy…everything you do counts this month! Best Days: 2,3,11,12,13,21,29,30. Stressful Days: 4,5,19,20,25,26,31.