July 2016


Libra: Your career prospers! Enormous planetary assistance and a boost from the largest and most vibrant heavenly body 'sits' at the top of your chart and attracts career gains. Yes!!!! The Sun in such a fortunate placement opens path ways for job advancement until the 22nd. This is an excellent time to be seen in the public, make new work associations and network with business  partners or mentors.  Make sure your appearance is on point this month…lots of attention will be drawn your way and you must 'look' the part of a career person on the rise! Ruler and 'sweetness' planet Venus increases the 'tide' of your charisma during meetings and gatherings. Venus also 'stands toe to toe' with the Sun and creates 'pleasant' vibrations in your 'career' zone. During the first 2 weeks of the month you can expect coworkers to be a bit more cooperative as you charm your way around them!


Your public life bursts as 'communication' planet Mercury turns more attention to the 'goings on' of your friendships after the 12th. You won't have the problem of being lonely this month! As invitations from several events flow your way and you can be so busy going from one 'social happening' to another. Make sure you take care of your family responsibilities. During the full Moon a situation occurs that could short circuit your social life and bring you closer to home. Either a family member needs some special attention or your loved one feels a bit neglected and requires extra time. If this is the case, why not find something interesting that the both of you can do and bring them along for the ride? The more…the merrier! Plus you'll get a chance to create some fun memories. Libra, there is a chance that your physical home needs more love! The full Moon also allows you to see that a few new pieces of furniture, or maybe a new rug can uplift the look in your personal space.


Avoid misunderstandings with your partner this month. The issue of responsibility can be a 'touchy' one. Either you or the person you're with might feel as though someone is not doing their fair share in the relationship and troubles can start. Be consider of loved ones, especially around the week of the 19th. It's bad enough having 'fickle' planet Uranus shifting gears in your 'love' zone after the 29th, particularly if you're really trying hard to make a partnership work. The best way to handle your issues is to have honest conversations before the end of the month to get a stronger grip of the problems. 'Mind' planet Mercury on the 26th brings innovative and new solutions to your love situation. Put more energy into having insightful conversations and let everything else take care of itself! Best Days: 1,2,10,11,12,20,21,29,30. Stressful Days: 3,4,18,19,24,25,31.