Dec. 2015



Libra: Don't sweat the small stuff! You're not about to waste your time on trivial things this month! You've been under a lot of pressure about many issues and the last thing you need is to waste your energy on pettiness! And with that said, your focus shifts to squandering your money and not having a large enough savings to speak about. And yes, Libra this is the largest shopping season of the year, but that shouldn't deter you from taking care of your business, by taking care of your resources! If you celebrate Christmas, this might be a good year to find the real reason for celebrating the season…in other words gratefulness, positive intentions and not being so overly consumed with gift buying and giving! Keep your spending centered in reality! With ruler Venus in your 'financial' sector it is important that you end the year with a clear understanding of what needs to be done with your resources…and that is to use them wisely!


Love can be another area that needs your attention! And if you were hoping that you could end this year on a quiet note…think again! Libra, you can have big issues stirring up in romance with 'changeable' planet Uranus moving forward in your 'relationship' sector on the 25th…love matters begin to shift or fall apart! But maybe this might not be such a bad thing…having matters in love being evaluated that is? With so much stress coming from 'controlling' planet Pluto insisting that you get your home and family life in order…it is possible that you didn't have much time to focus on what's really going on in love? But because, Uranus is ready for a change, you should brace yourself for some sort of change as well! The new Moon on the 11th wants you to talk things out with a current mate or develop a new plan of action to find a new lover! Your conversations are extreme creative once Venus influences your way of thinking and speaking after the 30th. The cosmic suggestion is that shyness will get you nowhere…especially if you're looking for an improvement in romance! Tell that certain person what you want and what you're looking for! Family matters can still weigh you down this month! You might be living with needy people or living in a home that you've out grown, but whatever the reason you can experience a level of stress when you're there!


The Sun entering your 'home' sector on the 21st encourages you to 'lighten up and brighten up!' Lighten up your conversations with those you live with by staying away from negative subjects and brighten up your home with a few cosmetic changes such as getting rid of old furniture that no longer fits your life style and adding a rug for color. Keep your Christmas simple, or even better go visit others during the holiday. Your planets suggest that you might  not be into all the preparations necessary to entertain loved ones…so spending it with others might be a better choice! And the same goes for New Year's Eve…although you can desire a small crowd for your end of the year celebration! Seclusion with someone you love or a select group of people can make your New Year's Eve even more enjoyable! Quality not quantity is best! Best Days: 5,6,14,15,16,23,24. Stressful Days: 12,13,19,20,25,26.