Feb. 2016



Libra: You get a break from family issues this month! You're able to breathe easier and focus more on your talents! There is a saying, 'you can't pick your family!' And based on the events over the last few weeks you might have truly felt this was so true…but yet life goes on! Libra this is the month where you'll realize just how enormously creative you are! Let's face it, trying to negotiate with others to keep the peace, or assisting in decision making for someone else's problems take a lot of creative energy! But this is the time to make your talents work for you! Seek a new outlet for your imagination. Taking a sewing class, studying another language, singing, drawing or participating in vegetarian cooking or yoga classes can all bring joy to your soul as you explore other ways of personal expression. This can be a tough and challenging winter based on all the planetary movements in order to keep the balance you require for inner peace…like doing something gratifying can be beneficial! Romance heats up around you this month! With 2 planets including the new Moon on the 8th churning energy in your 'love' sector, causing romance situations begin opening.


The new Moon on the 8th inspires you to socialize with a more aggressive attitude! If you want to go somewhere…and you don't have any friends to go with you…be brave and go anyway…even if it is by yourself! You might be pleasantly surprised at the positive reception you get venturing out alone. You can meet someone who is alone as well and longing for someone special to start a conversation with! Don't think for a minute that a certain person from the past won't have the nerve to call you for a date after the 13th. Communication-planet Mercury stimulates lots of phones calls from people you like and don't like! Persistent people continue to keeping trying to get your attention…but if the planets have their way, a new suitor will cross your path once 'attraction' planet Venus enters your 'love' sector after the 16th. You can get very lucky on Valentine's Day!


Your planetary energies are enormously passionate! If you have a relationship expect lots of tender loving care from your mate and if you're looking for love, be careful…the chemistry between you and a new person can be extremely strong! You can even discover that someone on the job has a crush on you after the 19th! But of course you have to be careful about flirting and dating a person you work with…just in case things don't go well! And in spite of the surprise of a coworker being very nice to you, situations at work move in your favor. Try to get a little more rest in between your activities this month. The full Moon on the 22nd warns that you can tire yourself out easily and might prevent you from being as active as you would like! If you are a bit worn out from all the busyness…try spending private time with the one you love. You just might get the added attention you need and also get some rest as well! Best Days: 7,8,15,16,25,26. Stressful Days: 5,6,11,12,18,19.