July 2015



Libra: Admirers seek your attention! The vibrations of love are so strong that you'll have to rethink a few of the decisions you've made recently because you have interference from unexpected persons. Ruler Venus goes retrograde on the 25th causing you to stop in your tracks and reflect! Major love decisions are 'in the balance' at this time and because you've spent a lot of energy being a 'social butterfly' by mingling and making new friends over the past few weeks, the planets  slow you down by 'singeing' your wings a bit. A jolt of 'love energy' creates something fun in love to happen!  And as you know, romance has been very fickle lately…the Universe wants to give you better options. Look for romantic matters to shift when ruler Venus temporarily enters into your 'private' sector on the 18th. You'll have a chance to get closer to a certain someone just to see how far romance can go! And if this situation doesn't work the way as expected, your 'social' sector will be revisited by Venus after the 31st and you'll have the magnetism available to attract someone else! The second full Moon of the month on the 31st brings an added surprise!


A person from the past tries very hard to get your attention as they try to make you forget about what has happened between you two in the past! Avoid doing anything in a hurry! There are few more people who are trying to catch your attention as well! In spite of what is going on in love, your career situation is strong and very active this month! 'Momentum' planet Mars has been busy fighting battles on your career  path and with the added assistance of the new Moon on the 15th a fabulous work opportunity can materialize! Use the cosmic energy available during the week of the 15th to become aggressive in your search for better work and better pay! You could use some time off from all outside activities this month! The full Moon on the 1st brings to light a family issue that needs extra focus. The full Moon supported by 'transformational' planet Pluto suggests that change in some manner is needed, whether the change is on the internal comfort of your home, the relationships of people within your home or the need to get a bigger place.


Getting your personal space in order will the at the very top of your agenda this month! A vacation sounds good this month! With so many demands coming from your social circle you could be totally tired out over accepting invitations and showing your support for this cause or that cause. The end of the month would be a perfect time for a trip or short getaway…just to relax your body and cool down your mind! A financial windfall can happen without warning during the week of the 18th. Your angels working over time can cause you to get some extra pay on the job, finally get back the money that has been owed to you or find a second part time job on the weekend to help pay off your credit card loans. If your boss decides to have a talk with you during this week, consider it as something good in the making. Your good luck is very strong this month as lots of great things start to come your way! Best Days: 3,4,5,12,13,22,23, 31. Stressful Days: 1,2,8,9,14,15,16,29,30.






Soap Of The Month:

Love Vortex:


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