Sept. 2014


Libra: Happy Birthday Libra!!! Your birthday acts as a personal new year! And for you it starts with lots of wonderful opportunities! You’ll have plenty of planetary assistance in putting your ideas in motion. Have you had the strangest desire to change your home or residence? Are you unhappy with the way things are where you live? With transformational-planet Pluto ‘moving quietly’ thru your home sector, suddenly situations that you’ve never noticed before comes to your attention or you get the courage to speak on issues that have been bothering you for a long time. Family members who have been taking you for granted will be placed on notice after the 22nd. You don’t realize it, but you’re quietly experiencing a sense of personal empowerment Libra.


Your personality is being adjusted from the inside out and not many people might notice the change until something comes up that you act differently towards. You might also feel the need to change your image this month. The new Moon on the 24th stimulates you to seek a fresh appearance! Around the 17th something exciting happens in romance. You can meet a fascinating new person or the person you love puts more energy into keeping the love excitement stronger between you two!  But the subject of romance has been a touchy one with you. Because of past problems you might feel the need to keep your love situation to yourself and not tell your closest friends.


You don’t want their opinions to influence your love life at this time, but if things go the way you anticipate, your friends will see your ‘secret love’ at lot in the next few months. You just want to make sure people are being as sincere as you would like them to be. Be as patient as you can with coworkers around the full Moon on the 8th. Someone on the job can tell you a bald face lie and then turn around and deny that they said it! You will have to hold your temper with those you work with, as someone will test you during the week of the full Moon! War-planet Mars in your ‘communication’ sector can cause a few problems with holding your tongue and not telling a few ‘deserving’ people off after the 13th. But try to be more mental than verbal this month, meaning think before you speak and plan your tactics before you move into action. You’ll find better success in making your point know! Best Days: 6,7,14,15,24,25. Stressful Days: 4,5,10,11,17,18.










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