August 2014



Libra: Getting your career in order will be your top priority this month! A few opportunities may have come and gone leaving you with the impression that you need to get serious about choosing a better career direction, but work issues shouldn’t be too hard to maneuver with Venus at the top of your chart this month! Yes, Venus may be the planet of love, but it is also your ruler, the planet of financial cash flow and the planet of attraction! Getting what you want shouldn’t be too hard! The cosmic indicators suggest that quality work and not necessarily quantity is much needed now. Yes extra income is great, but if you’re too stressed out and unhappy about what you do for a living, the stress kills the excitement of having extra money, and it won’t make up for the discontentment of your employment situation. It’s about doing what you love Libra! 


But focusing on work can be hard when you’re having issues in your love situation. A difficult ‘union’ with your romance planet and your job situation warns that your energy can be divided, causing inconsistency about changing your career situation or changing your love issues. Get focused and move forward! Your loved ones are just going to have to wait to get the attention they need, because the planetary push is toward creating a better work conditions now. The full Moon on the 10th brings a revelation about love and gives you the permission to shift your focus. Expect some confusion in romance once Venus enters your social domain after the 12th. 


You’ll run into all sorts of compliments with new people wanting to know you better, but you’ll need lots of time for yourself after the 15th, when 2 planets in addition to the new Moon urges you to ‘run and hide,’ and get away from the crowds. You’ll need time to meditate, contemplate and formulate different plans for your future. The fact that ‘transformational’ planet Pluto is causing a ‘deepening’ of thought and a strong desire to get back to the basics of life that truly count allows you to appreciate being alone and listening to your own thoughts. Avoid arguments over money with loved ones around the 27th. A discussion about finances can cause someone to say some pretty bitter words. It is in your best interest to stay away from all money talks this month, but especially toward the end of the month! Best Days:  1,2,10,18,19,28,29. Stressful Days: 8,13,14,20,21,22.


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Soap Of The Month:

St. Michael Soap


A heavenly scented soap blended with the essential oil of Angelic Archangelica, named after the Guardian Angel St. Michael. This essential oil was so prized in the middle Ages that it was grown in the courtyards of churches and was thought to rid negative spirits. This wonderful soap is blended with Frankincense and other protective essential oils in addition to olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, layered in this amazingly luxurious aromatic soap.!bath-soaps/ccpx