Oct. 2014


Libra: You are in a fickle cycle this month my dear Libra! Because of the planet Pluto insisting that you go deeper into your psyche to work out hidden issues and the addition of being caught in the mist of a Mercury retrograde after the 10th, you might feel the strong need to run, hide and don’t tell anyone where you are this month…but, oh no you don’t! Straighten up Libra, you’re no one’s push over and that includes the planets, the planetary cycles…retrogrades or not… you’re stronger than first assumed! Why? Because you can think yourself out of box in the middle of the desert with both hands tied behind your back…that’s why?  Oh yes, this is the month to claim your internal strength, your enormous ability to brainstorm and problem solve! So what problems will fall in your lap this month?  


The questions of what to do with your money and what path will you embark on this fall! The Mercury retrograde on the 4th begins in your money sector, but back slides into your house of appearance after the 10th leaving you to take long and hard looks at your life, your choices, your direction and your intentions! But in spite of every thing you’re attempting to do…all roads lead back to the quality of your finances and the way you spend your money! Yes, it is true that you’re ruled by ‘dollar Diva’ Venus and you might have the attitude that you’ll forever have enough resources to do what you want to do, but this is not true and the planets arriving after the 23rd  to  enlighten you! This is the time to stop all monetary foolishness! The Sun and ruler Venus comes to bring you positive news about increases in your finances that may appear due to a new job or extra work hours, and the new Moon solar eclipse arrives to inspire to you to do new things with your money such as invest, save or use it to better your future with schooling.


Based on the events during the full Moon on the 8th you’ll need to keep yourself busy due to unexpected problems in your relationship or love life. Things can get real difficult after the 8th…some one from the past can turn up and cause problems with your heart. Don’t be fooled by a smiling face or compliments. Avoid all communications until after the 25th to allow your mind to be clear from passionate influences.  Energy-planet Mars urges you to spend more time at home and get your affairs in order.  This month the rule of thumb is; if in doubt…hide and try to work them out! Best Days: 3,4,12,13,21,22,23,31. Stressful Days: 1,2,7,8,14,15,28,29.







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