Dec. 2014



Libra:  Expect great vision! Lots of odd things have been happening to you and with the full Moon on the 6th giving you stronger insight into what has been happening around you, things begin to make sense!  All the power struggles and the personal challenges you’ve under gone in the past begin to make sense this month. It all starts during the full Moon on the 6th when the Moon with the cooperation of ‘expansive’ planet Jupiter opens your inner sight for more awareness of your situations.  The issue of who to trust regarding your friends can be a big concern. And, yes it is true that you attract lots of people due to your ‘likeability’ and your inner gift of being very personable with others.


But in recent weeks you might have notice that some people are not who they say they are and have raised your awareness of being ‘fraudulent.’ Libra, you have little time for phony people! And once ‘motivational’ Mars steps into your ‘social’ sector on the 4th  you’ll have the drive to get some folks out of your life and get closer to a few others who have proven their loyalty to you! Ruler Venus turns your attention toward home and family matters after the 10th.  Libra…could this be a good time to change the surroundings of your environment? If you haven’t been comfortable in your living arrangements, this is the month to make improvements!  Beautify, cleanse, change, rearrange and if you’re living with someone or with family members, go out of your way to strengthen your relationship. Dealing with aging family members can also increase this month.


  Someone could need more care and more of your assistance. Do it lovingly Libra…you’ll never know when you’ll need help. The energy of karma is very strong for you this month, so do be consciously aware of the consequences of your actions.  The new Moon on the 21st stimulates you to make big changes, whether those changes are in the quality of your living arrangements, or the quality of your personal relationships.  Your vision for the future gets a major adjustment as ‘expansive’ planet Jupiter goes retrograde on the 8th.  Have your goals been met or do they need to be fine-tuned?  


With Jupiter adding to your creative process over the next few months, you’ll be able to rework or redesign your future plans for the better!  But your plans will have ‘muscle’ with the help of ‘discipline’ planet Saturn easing into your ‘mental’ sector after the 23rd.  Saturn brings realism to everything it touches and with its influence affecting your thinking; you’ll be able to get rid of unrealistic ideas in exchange for situations that can work!


Your Christmas celebration can have more family focus. Your celebration might be larger than normal this year and include some family members you haven’t seen in years. Also there can be more children included, so make sure you have games and activities on hand to keep them busy! On New Year’s Eve, you can get caught off guard by running into an ex during your evening’s celebration or get text messages during the night. Confusion in love can create big problems during your last day of the year.  Don’t get emotional and make bad decisions. Anyone who contacts you on this day will have to wait for you to get your thoughts in order before you respond in the best way! Best Days:  5,6,15,16,24,25. Stressful Days: 1,2,8,9,22,23,28,29.










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Soap Of The Month:

St. Michael


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