August 2016


Libra: The quest for spiritual alignment brings greater balance! This is the month where you question the reasons for your decisions and whether you should stay on their designated paths. With ruler Venus spending a lot of time in your 'hopes wishes and dreams' zone, you'll have amply chance to surmise your actions to see if they have a real chance to come true or if you need to seek a change. 'Having a little chat with God,' won't hurt! In fact your chart indicates that if you've been feeling a bit out  of sorts or maybe somewhat lost in terms of what your next choice should be, that you might be looking for a 'sign'. Lucky for you, the planets come to your rescue! With 4 planets in your 'privacy' zone, you'll have the quiet space needed to carefully analyze your decisions and question your options. Prayer and meditation are powerful tools! Being in line with your spiritual intentions and making your desires known to the 'Almighty' places you in a very receptive state of mind.


Some times the answers you need can't be found from others. This will be the month were you'll go within to find the direction you're looking for and you'll be assured of the path you need to follow. Do you get the feeling that something good is about to happen? Or do you ever have the  sensation that a luck is right around the corner? It's all true! Something big and  lucky is headed in your direction… and not to far off, the arrival of 'prosperity' planet Jupiter lands in your sign next month. Yes, Libra the vibrations of 'expansion' are blowing your way…and as a result of all the nervous intuitive energy you might start having sleeping issues as you sense a change. So why not be proactive and consider what you really want to achieve and the steps you need to make them happen!  And talking about not getting enough sleep… Libra, a good nights sleep might be hard to come by this month! Your mind will be in over drive as there are a lot of important issues you need to sort out. It is no secret that you tend to be a careful decision maker and might require more time than usual to make the best decisions possible…everyone around you understands.


So be prepared to make room for private time. 'Restless' Mars in your mental zone keeps your mind extremely busy! The good thing is Mars will share its spiritual space with 'discipline' planet Saturn after the 13th. Expect to get a lot of mental work done! A few unexpected adjustments in your love life during the full Moon lunar eclipse can shake up the peace and quiet of a loving relationship because of some  secret being uncovered. You might discover that your love one has mixed emotions about the commitment necessary to have a long lasting union…or the person you're with could be pushing you to take things to the next level and you're not ready. 'Attraction' planet Venus adding more to your personal charisma after the 29th, great attention is given to every move you make. Discernment regarding love will be applied after the 18th. Be on watch for the Mercury retrograde to surface old enemies out of nowhere by the end of the month. Be careful of the company you keep. Best Days: 7,8,16,17,18,25,26. Stressful Days: 1,14,15,21,22,27,28.