June 2016


Libra: It's going to be hard to sit still this month! Your desire to travel, visit new places, favorite places, friends or family members is strong as your 'adventure' zone is packed with great cosmic energy!  It doesn't matter if you take a weekend off, or take 2 entire weeks off for some much needed rest and relaxation! Yes, Libra this will be the month where people who know you won't see very much of you because you're on a quest for excitement! It begins with the new Moon on the 4th as it 'urges' you to see different places and new faces! Chances are you won't be alone…with 'communication' planet Mercury also in your 'adventure' zone you'll have a friend or family member or two who is just as eager to get away to see different locations.Oh don't think that you won't be missed! Your phone stays busy and your emails multiply as abandoned friends try to locate you.


Ruler Venus keeps you busy all month long…especially when it joins forces with the new Moon on the 4th! Romance keeps you on your toes after the 17th. If you can afford the time to do a little socializing around this time you might get a major pay off in love! You can meet a very nice person during this week and if you have a love, making a date night during the week of the 17th proves to be romantically rewarding! Your attitude is up beat as long as you stay away from people who constantly drain your energy. In fact, the planets warn that a conversation around the 22nd can change your entire demeanor as someone starts to tell you their problems and soon have you just as upset as they are…oh well…there goes your relaxing time off! Don't let it happen Libra…let certain people leave messages and you respond to them once you land…if not, your trip or mini vacation can be ruined. Skip spending a lot of money on your adventures this month! Look for bargain trips, deals and taking road trips if you can…just to save money and not be financially in the hole once you get back home. 'Motivational' Mars retrogrades into your 'financial' zone after the 29th and cautions you about excessive spending.


Work situations show major improvement after the 17th when ruler Venus 'adds' good luck to your career ambitions and the Sun sheds enormous growth energy to work matters on the 20th. The end of the month is best for work issues. If you have a problem on the job it might be best to wait and address it towards the end of the month as 'mental' Mercury joins your 'career' zone after the 29th. Confusion with a coworker could be something you need to deal with as 'delusional' Neptune goes retrograde after the 13th. Stay away from conversations with coworkers that are awkward around the 17th. You could be accused of saying something negative that you didn't say. Follow your intuition during the full Moon on the 20th. Your instincts will be stronger than usual and paying attention to the actions of others will tell you everything you need to know about certain people. Best Days: 4,5,13,14,23,24. Stressful Days: 1,6,7,20,21,22,27,28.