Astro-Tarot Reading for August

The Sixth House

Great Comet

Gigantic Alignment

Shamanic Astrology Divination Manual Deck
by Daniel Giamario and Roy Purcell

Reading for the Month:

For the Reading of the Month I use a Three Card spread which indicates, the opportunities of the month to come, the challenges of the month ahead and the best actions to take to meet your goals. 

Opportunities For The Month:


Opportunities For The Month: The astrological card for the Sixth House appears in the position of opportunities for the month. In astrology the sixth house represents work, health, service and known enemies. This card depicts creativity expressed through artwork, and is defined as a physical expression of what you do through work and service.  It is equivalent as having a ‘calling’ to some activity that love to do. And there is a deep sense that this is what you were born to do. The sixth house represents your ‘daily affairs,’ your habits, your rituals, your sense of life’s meaning and purpose. On the August

3rd, there is a full Moon in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of ‘community service.’ Aquarius  is an air sign which emphasizes the mind and the way you think. Your thoughts this full Moon can turn towards stepping outside of your own concerns and looking for ways to help those who are less fortunate than yourself. This month you have the opportunity to be ‘of service’ to someone in need. You can be ‘driven’ to give goods, volunteer time or donate money to an organization that provides services to the needy. On a smaller scale, you might help assist a homeless person in your neighborhood. Full Moons always reveal hidden or important information. Turn your attention towards your health needs to see if you’re the one who needs personal assistance. You could  come across information regarding someone and is given the choice of keeping it to yourself or run around and gossip with others. Your daily employment is strongly featured. If you have the good fortunate of having a job, creating a support system with your coworkers is important. Look below to view how the full Moon in Aquarius might influence you…

  Aries:  Believe your instincts this full Moon. A hidden talent or calling is awakened in your soul that’s been waiting to come to the surface for a while. The key to making major accomplishments this lunar cycle is to network and surround yourself with people who are living your dream and doing the work you desire to do. Normally you’re not a shy person and now is not the time to change your straightforward personality. Being direct and friendly works in your favor this month.  Follow your hunches. Best Days: 8,9,17,18,25,26,27. Most Stressful Days: 1,2,15,16,21,22,28,29.

Taurus: The full Moon is a great help with career matters this month. If you’ve been feeling stuck and frustrated because of a lack of improvement, the full Moon brings additional motivation. Knowing what you want and having a solid plan makes a big difference to your success or failure. But all things change in time and your time for progress has arrived…you just have to know exactly what you’re doing and do it! Best Days: 1,2,10,11,19,20,28,29.  Most Stressful Days: 3,4,17,18,23,24,30,31. 

Gemini: you might be in need of a deeper meditation practice. If you’ve found yourself more stressed out than usual and not able to think clearly or function without anxiety embracing daily prayer or meditation would greatly help to calm you down and defog your mind. Designate a private place to think quietly at a specific time of the day brings better discipline into your life. Prayers aid in channeling your thoughts and intentions. Consider utilizing something new. Best Days: 3,4,13,14,21,22,30,31. Most Stressful Days: 5,6,19,20,25,26.27.

Cancer: Money is even more precious these days. The full Moon makes you sensitive of how you use your dollars and cash. If you’ve gotten caught up in buying things on line out of boredom because you have nothing else to do, the full Moon alerts you to change your behavior. An emergency situation can catch you off guard and you’ll need every dime to save the day. Embrace a healthier attitude about your finances. Learn to live with less materialism. Best Days:  5,6,15,16,23,24. Most Stressful Days: 1,2,8,9,21,22,28,29.

Leo: A more abundant love life surfaces during this full Moon. The feelings you have for a special person is highlighted and you don’t mind following your heart to find more love. If you’re in a partnership be bold, do fun and surprising things to spark the vibrations of passion. And if you’re currently looking for romance, a totally unexpected person stumbles into your life and brings plenty of  physical attraction with them. Best Days: 8,9,17,18,25,26,27. Most Stressful Days: 3,4,10,11,23,24,30,31.

Virgo: You could wear yourself thin by trying too hard make money this full Moon. If situations have been tough for you regarding employment it is best to pace yourself and come up with a strategy to get more income. The planets indicate that contacting old friends, work associates and previous bosses you’ve had a good relationship with is a more confident way to secure a job position. It’s not what you know, but who you know at this time that counts. Best Days: 1,2,10,11,19,20,28,29. Most Stressful Days: 5,6,13,14,25,26,27.

  Libra: Actions to reinvigorate your love life proves to be quite lovely this full Moon. The energy of romance can intensify between you and a special someone if that is what you desire. If you’re looking for love you’ll make your intentions known that you’re ready for a more heated situation. Your search for affection won’t be wasted, the person you’ve got your heart set on is also in the mood to enjoy more loving get togethers. Don’t be shy. Best Days:  3,4,13,14,21,22,30,31. Most Stressful Days: 1,2,8,9,15,16,28,29.

Scorpio: A change in your home might be necessary. If you’re uncomfortable or feel that you’re not getting the quality that you’re paying for, there is a strong push to find a new location or make a radical adjustment in your living arrangements this full Moon. If moving is not an option you can totally adjust the movable things in your home. Buy new furniture covers, paint the walls, add a few plants, upgrade and revitalize your space. Opportunities to invite friends and family for a visit appeals more to you everyday. Best Days: 5,6,15,16,23,24. Most Stressful Days: 3,4,10,11,17,18,30,31.

Sagittarius: Conversations with loved ones can be enjoyable this full Moon. If you ask questions, you’ll get honest answers that can delight and bring  needed insight in a relationship. Just finding out how a person thinks can be worthwhile to talk on a certain topic. The full Moon inspires constructive communications with those who are important to you. Share your opinion and get some feedback. You’ll soon know how compatible you are with that person. Best Days:  8,9,17,18,25,26,27. Most Stressful Days: 5,6,13,14,19,20.

Capricorn: Be aggressive to uncover different ways of earning income. The full Moon highlights problems with your finances and finding new avenues of money prevents issues of cash shortage. If you have clothes or items no longer used or wanted you might consider starting an Ebay account to sale them online and pick up some extra cash. Innovative ideas will keep you financially afloat this full Moon. Best Days: 1,2,10,11,19,20,28,29. Most Stressful Days: 8,9,15,16,21,22.

Aquarius: This full Moon enables you to change directions in some area of your life with no fear. A couple of things have been bothering you and you’ve been waiting for the right moment to shift gears. There can be a constant battle brewing between being independent and doing things your way or being part of a group and going along with the crowd. This full Moon allows you to choose the path that is embedded in your spirit. And once you make a decision you won’t give the opinions of others another thought. Best Days: 3,4,13,14,21,22,30,21. Most Stressful Days: 10,11,17,18,23,24.

Pisces: A intense cleaning of your home will uncover a few lost treasures. Family photos, old letters, family jewelry that has been passed down, beloved pieces of clothing that you misplaced can all quickly appear during the full Moon. Lost items find their way back into your possession if you look carefully. Memories from the past follow you everywhere this full Moon. Be prepared to smile if an old lost friend suddenly calls you as well. Best Days: 5,6,15,16,23,24.  Most Stressful Days: 13,14,19,20,25,26,27.


Challenges For The Month:

Challenge of the Month: The card that appears in the 'challenging' position is ‘The Great Comet.’ In astrology historically comets are considered cosmic messengers from the heavens, or they mark the beginning of an important event. Comets are rare and they appear suddenly.  They are often thought to be a sign of any impending change. The presence of this card in a reading suggests that something amazing can happen, there can be a turn around or a radical change that is totally unexpected. On the 18th, there is a new Moon in Leo. Leo is the sign of dignity, self respect. It is the sign that takes charge and rules. It also emphasizes the heart, warmth and the appreciation of affection. The new Moon always encourages following a new path or choosing a different direction. Your challenge this month can be do you believe in your sense of destiny? Have you 

been getting signs that a change is coming? And if so, will you have the courage to embrace change? Leo is also the ruler of the astrological house of romance, creativity, fun, relaxation, youthfulness and children. You are challenged to find that ‘fun spot’ in your life and revive it. In spite of what might be happening in your daily existence it is important to seek and find joy. Let the little joys in your life become the big events you build your happiness around. Look below to view how the new Moon in Leo might influence you over the next 30 days….

Aries: Relations can get quite heated between you and a certain someone. The vibes of passion grow, and being in the right situation with the right person causes a rise in your romantic capabilities. A powerful sense of adventure is added to how you enjoy the situations of love. Trying some new activity or a different location to get closer to a loved one proves successful. If you’re looking for love, avoid visiting your regular spots and strive to meet fresh new faces this month.  


 Taurus: The saying, ‘the more you’re given, the greater the responsibilities,’ precisely fits what’s happening between you and family members. The new Moon compels you to take the lead in ending any family arguments or disagreements. If there has been an over due and unnecessary issue that needs healing between you and your loved ones, don’t hesitate to step up and try to find a solution. Time is short and having close family ties are important.


Gemini: The flood gates open regarding the frequency of your conversations. Now is the time to catch up with people you’ve been longing to talk with and return those messages you missed during the last Mercury retrograde. The new Moon has a bunch of surprises for you when you decide to reach out and contact  certain missing people. Unknown information is disclosed and hidden facts released. If you’re curious about a certain matter, this is the cycle to find it out! 


Cancer:  Don’t think twice about eliminating a couple of self absorb friends. Setting boundaries will be necessary this new Moon. Certain people seem to think they can ask for favors and you shouldn’t have any problem fulfilling them. Don’t hesitate to limit the access of a few selfish people. Your time is valuable and knowing when to say no will save you lots of headaches. Avoid feeling obligated to be nice when it is not deserved by others. 


Leo: You’re on top of your mental game when it comes to creating new ways of increasing your income. With both the Sun and Mercury energizing your ‘mental sector’ you’re more meticulous with plans for monetary gain. There is a strong suggestion of a new job or a part time alternative job surfacing this month. If you have a detailed plan,  the planets encourage you to follow it and increase your financial possibilities.


Virgo: Virgo: Embrace the notion of peace and quiet this new Moon. Block out all the stressful encounters with certain people and create quality time with only select friends. This month being the beginning of your birthday season inspires you to think intently about the year that lies ahead. With ‘expansive’ planet Jupiter still being a silent ‘helper’ you can still make very strong gains in some area of your life before the end of year. Work quickly and quietly!

Libra: You gain a lot of respect from your peers. The way you’ve held yourself and the manner you’ve conducted your public affairs are constantly being admired. If possible, this is a good time to meet (safely) with friends and associates to enjoy some pleasant social gathering. You’ll soon see how others appreciate your deeds and actions. This is an excellent time to seriously think about expanding your social circle this new Moon. 


Scorpio: Career dissatisfaction can be a big possibility at the moment. The new Moon empowers you to take a deeper look at your job status to determine if you should go or stay. Yes, the employment situation is difficult, but the truth is that there are still a lot of companies hiring in spite of the pandemic. And if you have had enough of your present work situation, don’t think twice about finding something new. Have faith in your abilities.


Sagittarius: Your faith transforms your point of view this new Moon. Experiences you’ve had in the past that weren’t so great begin to make sense from a spiritual slant and you’re better able to accept them. This is an excellent time to get reconnected with church services, spiritual worshipping or meditation groups that are online. Words of inspiration help to heal internal pain this new Moon. Be receptive to different ways of obtaining uplifting and positive messages.

Capricorn: Heart to heart conversations with your partner can stabilize a shaky relationship. The new Moon in the ‘affectionate’ sign of Leo helps to mend issues that are causing problems between you and your loved one. Approach all conversations with compassion and a desire to understanding the feelings of the other person. Holding grudges and not expressing your opinion only makes matters worse. If you want a real change you have to be open to discussion. 


Aquarius: If you’re in love and having problems give your partner another chance to make things right. The new Moon can erase the past of a troubled relationship if this is what you desire. Getting what you want from others might not be so easy especially if you’re not clearly communicating your needs. Be mindful of critical conversations between you and your loved one. You want to get positive feedback not resentment to be the basis of your partnership. 


Pisces: Negative work conditions should be dealt with this new Moon. If you’re still employed  and are stuck with an awful boss or unfair job situation you’re given the free will to change your status. Because of the work climate a few supervisors find reasons to take advantage of their workers, but this new Moon in the ‘take charge’ sign of Leo encourages you to get busy and look for more fair employment conditions. Have faith, there is something better for you.


Actions To Take:

In the 3rd position of which 'Actions To Take,' is the card of Galactic alignment. This card suggests a maximum renewal and refers to something major occurring in your life that doesn’t happen often. The Galactic alignment is defined as ‘times that represent the greatest possibilities and necessity for a grand renewal, an ending and beginning of pretty much everything..similar to New Year’s Day. This card inspires a total change. Whenever this card shows up in a reading, it suggests letting go of old issues and being open to something brand new. From the 19th to the 22nd, both the planet Mercury and the Sun enters the sign of Virgo. The planet Mercury rules thinking, communication, planning and the Sun represents growth, vitality, a stronger life force. Virgo rules work, daily employment and health. There is an enormous

emphasis on paying attention to the way you make money and deciding is this the right path or position for your future. With some many changes happening to the economy the chance of losing a job or your employment being altered is great. This card wants you to take action in looking for ways to change your career, find another job sources or create a way of being financially independent. The Galactic alignment urges you to think into the future and plot a new path for financial income. Be open to getting more education, or holding down part time and temporary work to get the training you need in a certain field, or don’t hesitate to change career direction altogether. Look below to see how Mercury and Sun in Virgo might influence your actions this month…

Aries: Not seeing the whole picture can be a major reason why certain projects are not progressing the way you’d like. Getting advice from someone you respect can put your situation in better perspective. If you’ve been working hard to make a specific project happen without success, Get the opinion of someone who is good at what they do to give you the insight you need to strive forward. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.


Taurus: You’ll  be doing some serious ‘cleaning up’ in your love life this month. If romance is unsatisfactory or you’re with a person who is not affectionate enough, you’re going to voice your opinion because being quiet  is no longer is acceptable. Or if you find yourself holding on to having  the chance of being with someone and it's not happening, the planets give you the strength to let go and let something new and much better appear in your love life.


Gemini: you get a sudden urge to clean the clutter. With both the Sun and Mercury in Virgo your thoughts turn towards becoming more organized. The chances of spending increased time at home is greater than before and being home makes you more aware of the limitation of your space. Give in to the energy to purge and straighten up. Throw away useless stuff and donate things that can be used by the homeless. Your home needed some loving care this month.


Cancer:  A surge of mental energy keeps you up at night figuring your problems and deciding your next move. Resist the temptation of talking too much and revealing your thoughts to others. There are somethings you should keep to yourself and not share. Keeping certain people in the dark is your secret weapon this month. Some folks shouldn’t know your every step. You just never know when someone might try to quietly prevent your success. 

Leo: You’re mental astute when it comes to creating new ways of increasing your income. With both the Sun and Mercury energizing your ‘mental sector’ you’re more meticulous with plans for monetary gain. There is a strong suggestion of a new job or a part time alternative job surfacing this month. If you have a detailed plan,  the planets encourage you to follow it and increase your financial possibilities.

Virgo: The cosmic message for you is, ‘there is nothing too hard you can’t accomplish or too large you can’t over come this  month.’ As both the Sun and Mercury enters your Sun sign you have added assistance to out think difficult situations or out last your challenges. This is the time to devise big dreams and put great momentum behind making them manifest this birthday season.


Libra: Try not to over think everything that is troubling you. Some times it is better to let your intuition lead the way in figuring out problems that you find particularly hard. If you have matters that seem too difficult to resolve or a situation that has too many moving factors, turn your mind off and let your instincts uncover a solution. Being quiet and allowing your instincts to take over proves to be extremely rewarding.



Scorpio: The moment has come to rid yourself of nit picky friends. If you’ve suddenly realized that the people you’ve surrounded yourself with are judgmental and critical  the planets inspire you receive the discernment necessary to give them space. There is nothing worse than having people pick apart your ideas or criticize your plans. This is the month to make room for people who are open minded and supportive to show up in your life.


Sagittarius: Having a firm direction aids in your career advancement this month.  We are living in stressful days and not seizing available opportunities to find security is such a waste. There might be a need to get more education to further your career and guarantee a better job. If more knowledge is what you need, enroll in classes and online seminars. An improved career future is in your hands.

Capricorn: Be mindful of letting anyone new in your circle of friends. There is a warning that someone who comes to you as a potential associate might be a potential enemy in disguise. Listen to your inner voice when it comes to analyzing new faces, and pay attention to first impressions. Be prepared to stick with your feelings even if someone says you might be wrong. Your angels always have your best interest in mind…they know things that others don’t know.


Aquarius: Let others laugh as they watch you ‘squirrel’ your money away this month. You have an inner vision about some situation that could occur and you want to be financially ready for it. Dig out your paperwork and find out what is going on with your 401K and any other investment plans you’ve had in the past. It best to stay on top of financial matters and handle them with a tight fist before any of your money slips through your hand by not looking!

Pisces: Whatever you want in romance you can possibly have this month. Your charisma in love is strong and people are drawn to you. If you’re in a partnership you’ll discover that your loved one will be very cooperative with attempting to make you happy. If you’re looking for romance, waste no time and let love sites and social media bring you the attention you crave. The chance of creating a real and long lasting love life can begin this month.

Planetary Movements

August 3: There is a full Moon in Aquarius.

August 18: There is a new Moon in Leo.

August 4: Mercury enters Leo.

August 7: Venus into Cancer

August 15: Uranus in Taurus goes retrograde.

August 19: Mercury enters Virgo.

August 22: Sun enters Virgo.