Astro-Tarot Reading for

Month of March

Sophia/Black Madonna

Goddess Freyja

Goddess Kali
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Reading for the Month

For the Reading of the Month I used a 3 card spread for Opportunities for the Month,

Challenges for the Month and Actions to take for the Month.

Opportunities for the Month:

Opportunities For The Month: The card that appears in the ‘opportunities’ position for the month of March is Sophia/The Black Madonna. This card reveals a female figure surrounded by fields of roses, wheat and various other flowering plants. She represents enlightenment, insight and female intuition and is considered the female personification of Divine wisdom. Sophia is said to express the feminine aspects of God. She is a healer, a messenger of truth, guidance and is often referred to as “light.” Her appearance in a reading suggests that this is the time to become introspective and to go within to allow Divine 


information to reveal itself. There is a spiritual direction to create quiet time, meditate and engage in spiritual studies. With Sophia’s symbol being the dove there is a need for peace and quiet this month. On the 3rd the planet Mars enters the sign of Gemini. Mars is the planet of desire, aggressiveness, heat and action. Mars gives courage, passion and a sense of adventure. Gemini is  an air the sign that rules words, language and ideas. With Mars entering this sign  your brain cells are thirsty for information. You’ll be empowered to explore your thoughts and to do more mental explorations. This month you’re given the opportunity to search for answers, to look for Divine insight in situations that are troubling and to study spiritual subjects to grow in knowledge. This is also a good month to align yourself with other ‘seekers’ who are also searching for Divine connection. If you’ve been a bit sluggish and not one to normally read or do research just know that Mars in Gemini can keep you up at night by interrupting your usual sleep pattern…so having something to read will use the extra energy in a constructive way. Look below to see how Mars in Gemini might influence your month…

Aries: Your mind is alert and filled will all sorts of new ideas. This is an excellent time to investigate possible new projects or do research. You’ll soon discover how valuable your opinion is as your advice is sought by a few curious admirers. Don’t be afraid to plan for the future.  You’re fortunate to be in a progressive cycle so don’t hesitate to make different contacts. Clear up paperwork and get more organized. Something unexpected is about to arrive. Best Days:  5,6,14,15,24,25. Most Stressful Days: 1,2,7,8,22,23,28,29.

Taurus: Waste no effort in getting your finances in order. Energetic planet Mars inspires you to focus on your money and be more of a risk taker in opening new avenues of financial resources. Nothing is blocking your way to increase your wealth! With the behind the scene assistance of planets Saturn and Jupiter there is a strong indication that situations can go extremely well. There can be a up surge of financial opportunities available…take advantage! Best Days: 7,8,16,17,18,26,27. Most Stressful Days: 3,4,9,10,24,25,30,31.

Gemini: Your ability to make progress is enormous! Prepare yourself to do a lot of running around as ‘dynamic’ planet Mars enters your sign. You’ll have to balance your work responsibilities with home matters as things quickly surface.  Your impatience to push  slow moving situations faster will create unnecessary arguments. An old enemy is hoping to confront you about an unresolved problem.  This is not a good month to socialize. Focus on making money. Best Days:  1,2,9,10,19,20,28,29. Most Stressful Days: 5,6,12,13,26,27.

Cancer: Keep your thoughts peaceful! Being angry about something that has hurt you in the past can consume your mind and make you extremely agitated. If someone has done you wrong and you still have not  adequately voiced your feelings you can be tempted to pick up the phone and tell them off one last time. This will only create a bigger problem and cause other hurtful things to happen. Overcome your enemies mentally by staying strong, positive and calm. Best Days: 3,4,12,13,22,23,30,31. Most Stressful Days: 1,2,7,8,14,15,28, 29.


Leo: Waste no time in sharing ideas with your associates. The planet Mars boosts your ability to communicate and think fast. Diving into new projects turn out well and connecting with different faces and fresh voices add to your inner group of ‘people to go to’ in moments of indecision. You’ll be driven to do a great deal of socializing this month and take assertive actions. The forces of accomplishment are on your side. Best Days:  5,6,14,15,24,25. Most Stressful Days: 3,4,9,10,16,17,18,30,31.

Virgo: Changing the direction of your career or improving your job status can be an excellent use of the abundance of Mars energy this month. If you’re currently working be sure not to be overly anxious with coworkers or supervisors. You might create a situation where it is necessary to find another job sooner than later. You’ll have the determination to change things for the better. If things feel right, go after what you want!  Best Days:  7,8,16,17,18,26,27. Most Stressful Days: 5,6,12,13,19,20.

Libra: Whether you know it or not people really like your company. And, of course meeting in person to join up with friends or making new acquaintances is impossible due to current conditions. But you can certainly meet online and expand your presence on social media. Your spirit is hungry for fresh faces and sharing different information. This is a great month to join interesting online groups or connect with someone who is appealing. You have nothing to lose. Best Days: 1,2,9,10,19,20,28,29.  Most Stressful Days: 7,8,14,15,22,23.

Scorpio: Conversations with your loved one can test your nerves. The sharing of responsibilities in a partnership might need to be re-negotiated. Expect a degree of irritation if you’re speaking with someone who is negligent or not doing their fair share. Unfair handling of finances can be a real problem. Addressing this issue will lead to conflict especially if you’re carrying all the weight. War-planet Mars warns that if matters are not handled delicately that a major argument will occur. Best days: 3,4,12,13,22,23,30,31. Most Stressful Days: 9,10,16,17,18,24,25.


Sagittarius: Conflicts in love can catch you by surprise. If you thought things were going well and all of a sudden an issue creates static just know that the situation was slowly brewing for a long time. Communications between you and the other person must change for the better, if not stuff will keep turning up sooner or later. And if you’re not in a committed relationship and trying to make it work, careful listening will tell you exactly with the issue is for you to resolve. Best Days:  14,15,24,25. Most Stressful Days: 12,13,19,20,26,27.

Capricorn: Improving your work conditions weigh heavy on your mind. There is a planetary incentive to look for something more suitable or find greater stability. People are willing to share information that can open the way for finding a new employment situation. This is the month to search and do your research. Contacts over the Internet will come in handy. Don’t hesitate to reach out. If you have a job you like, ‘play nice’ with your coworkers at this time. Best Days:  7,8,16,17,18,26,27. Most Stressful Days: 1,2,14,15,22,23,28,29.

Aquarius: Your creative juices are abundant. Your imagination is at its peak performance and diving into a new project or taking up a hobby works well for you. An increase in romantic vibrations stimulate you to seek more love and affectionate with a certain someone. A feeling of freedom surrounds your days this month and trying different avenues of pleasure is appealing. Someone from the past has you on their mind. Expect a phone call soon. Best Days:  1,2,9,10,19,20,28,29. Most Stressful Days: 3,4,16,17,18,24,25,30,31.

Pisces: You’ll have lively conversations with your family members this month. Issues that have been difficult to discuss will have a chance to air. There will be a few topics that can be extremely sensitive to speak on, but it is best to talk about them and get them out of the way to have a deeper understanding of the motives of certain loved ones. Don’t hesitate to clear the path for a stronger family bond. Work out your problems with love. Best Days: 3,4,12,13,22,23,30,31.  Most Stressful Days: 5,6,19,20,26,27.


Challenges of the Month:

Challenge of the Month: The card appearing in the 'challenging' position for the month of March is Freyja. This card depicts a naked female figure riding a chariot driven by cats. Freyja is the goddess of love, fertility, sex and beauty. She oversees battles and is associated with the number 13. Whenever there is a Friday the 13th it is considered Freyja’s Day. The English word Friday comes from the Scandinavian names for days of the week, and Friday is Frejya’s Day. In Astrology,  Friday is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Freyja’s appearance in a reading suggests that you will have a battle of some kind and will 

be victorious. There may be a battle in love and you win over the heart of the person you’ve chosen to be with. The power of seduction is strongly implied. On the 13th there is a new Moon in the sign of Pisces. New Moon’s always signal a new direction or the option of beginning over. The Moon rules the emotions. It indicates your capacity to feel what is required to feel safe and protected. It points to how we nourish others.  Pisces is a water sign that rules intuition, dreams, visions, the imagination, illusion and spiritual awakening. Your challenge this month will be to allow your psychic nature and not your mind to direct your actions…especially those regarding love and romance. If you’ve had many problems misreading the intentions of partners, family and friends turn off your thoughts and tap into your inner voice which speaks to you all the time, but you might not be sensitive enough to hear it. When confronted with a dilemma of love or friendship don’t hesitate to remove yourself and review what has been happening and allow your intuition to choose your next step. Look below to review how the new Moon in Pisces might influence you this month…

Aries: Seek truth and honesty this month and avoid anyone who surrounds themselves with liars or spreads gossip and falsehoods. The new Moon makes you more absorbent to the energy of other’s and staying away from certain people will spare you from confusion and negativity. Clearing your calendar for lone time and moments of meditation and reflection helps to purge your mind and spirit. Choose your company carefully.


Taurus: It’s never too late to hold on to a dream. As the saying goes, ‘a slow boat is better than no boat at all,’ and if you’ve been hesitant to think about changing your life or  pursing a dream you’ve been holding in your heart, the new Moon provides the courage to say yes to taking a chance on your goal. Surround yourself positive people who are also in pursuit of changing their lives and continue to believe that you have what it takes!

Gemini: Don’t hesitate to question answers that have made you uncomfortable. If you’re in a relationship, have friends that communicate poorly or give censored information, the new Moon requires that you dig deeper to find the truth. There are reasons why certain answers are being kept from you and a few people are going to great lengths not to reveal their secrets. Your intuition is very aware of hidden activities. Keep probing until the matters are uncovered.


Cancer: The psychic impressions you’ve been getting lately are so on point that they may be scary. The fact is that you’re in a very intuitive period where important messages are coming more often and bringing up valuable information. Urges to get in touch with people you haven’t heard from in a while should be obeyed as your gut instincts take charge. Someone has something they need to reveal to you that will put a mystery to rest. 


Leo: Money can be slippery. Stay aware of how you’re spending it and on what you’re spending on. There is a warning about over indulging in a dream or a scheme which proves to be disastrous without doing your research. And if you’re entertaining friends and constantly picking up the check just know that you can be over doing without paying attention. Being generous with a kind heart is one thing, but don’t take the risk of being wasteful.

Virgo: The conditions of your love life deserves more understanding.  A pattern of difficult circumstances has you thinking things are impossible regardless of what you do. The new Moon offers a new view on love. Have the courage to make changes or even go it alone for a while until you decide on what the real problem is. Meditation and deeper introspection of your situation uncover secrets. Be compassionate with yourself…you can use it!


Libra: Hyper sensitive feelings can be overwhelming this new Moon. Being high jacked by stressful situations such as work issues can be the number one touchy area. If you are  presently employed try hard to avoid conflicts with coworkers. Chances are you won’t be so easy to ignore their negativity and things can go ‘left’ quickly. If looking for work and finding things hard, take a lot of deep breathes and don’t be afraid of starting over. There’s lots of planetary support to back you up.


Scorpio: Refrain from doing daring activities this new Moon. If you’re a person who likes to take chances or be a bit risky, the new Moon cautions you against faulty thinking. Making bad decisions in romance might happen during this time. If you’re in a solid relationship and feel that you’re ready for a change, your timing can be off. Avoid allowing old partnerships to come back on the scene. The Moon in Pisces causes you to be overly trusting and not fully remember the past.


Sagittarius: Quietness around your home is required this new Moon. There is a real need to center yourself and find peacefulness in your own space. Settle in and settle down by making your home a bit more comfortable. The cosmic vibrations might be too active for your spirit and finding a calm place to rest and relax will keep you in balance. Carefully pick the people you share your time with. They too should have a sense of peacefulness within.


Capricorn: Be bold enough to use more of your imagination. Your creative mind is alive and growing this month. Problem solving comes easy and pin pointing issues that you’ve been neglecting becomes clearer. You’ll gain a lot of details if you’re involved in digging for information or doing any type of studies. Hidden information will turn up and surface under the new Moon if you don’t give up. If you need to know something be determined to find it!


Aquarius: Ingenious ways of increasing your cash flow materialize under the new Moon. Be sensitive to psychic messages that suggest trying a new project or applying for a new job. Allow the vibes of abundance to flow to and through you. Stay receptive to what others are doing to grow more prosperity and don’t be too shy to ask questions. You’re in a power cycle and it is important that you take advantage of every opportunity available.


 Pisces: You get a chance to shift direction. Any ambivalent feelings you’ve had about not making right decisions settle this lunar cycle. The new Moon awakens your intuition and you’re able to use it to make wiser choices. Putting a pause on engaging with your circle of friends helps in bringing awareness of who is supportive and those who are not. Spend more personal moment away from the influence of others to gage which is the better direction to follow.

Actions To Take:

In the 3rd position of which 'Actions To Take,' is the card of Kali. Kali is shown as a fierce female figure holding a sword and wearing a necklace of skulls around her neck. Kali’s name means “she who is black,” and is considered to be the most powerful of all the Dark Goddesses, originally worshipped as a warrior goddess.  Her followers consider her greatest strength to be that of a protector.  It is believed that she goes into the darkness with you,  to swallow your worries and concerns. Kali can show you how to change 

your life by embracing your own darkness, rather than fearing and fleeing from that which haunts and holds you back. She can spiritually  free you from that which shackles you to the the past. Kali has the healing power to remove obstacles and bring you back cleansed, transformed and whole. On the 28th there is a full Moon in the sign of Libra. The full Moon’s always bring insight, revelation and indicates a time to complete and finish your affairs. Libra is an air sign which rules decision making and discernment. Libra represents balance…balance in work, love and play. The ‘action for you to take’ this month is to remove any situation that causes you any imbalance or mental unrest.  The Goddess Kali comes to free, remove and destroy your obstacles and opposition’s. This is the month to bravely face your fears, addictions and insecurities and have to courage to let them go. Review your personal and professional life and determine what elements should go and what should stay. Look below to see how the full Moon in Libra might affect your month…

Aries: Situations in love might not go as well as anticipated. The full Moon causes to you explore your needs and come up with a few different romantic requirements. If you’re in a relationship there can also be a sudden change of heart on the part of your partner. A diminished flow of love can interrupt your feelings. If you’re currently seeking  a relationship don’t be surprised if a totally different type of person starts to appeal to you. 


Taurus: There’s power in numbers! And if you’re trying to get another job or change your career path there’s an urgent indication to utilize the support of those you know. Check with your friends about updating you when work is available on their job and stay in touch with old old workers from past employment situations that you had a good relationship with. The fastest way to secure work is through word of mouth.  It takes a village!


Gemini: This is the perfect month to change habits. If you’ve been attached to doing certain activities that are no good for your mind, body or soul, the full Moon empowers to you release and eliminate them. The full Moon in ‘balance-oriented’ Libra insists you having peace and calmness in some areas of your life and you have the urge to seek this. Take a look at how you spend your free time and consider if you are wasting your energy and need to find something more constructive to boost and build you up. 


Cancer: Stop being obligated to go out of your way for a certain person. Demands on your time should be avoided by someone who takes you for granted. Whether this person is a family member or loved one they don’t have the right to take advantage of your sense of responsibility. Be brave enough to say ‘no’ this full Moon about going out of your way.  Not feeling guilty about your decision saves you stress and other tense situations in the future.


Leo: Setting the record straight about a past incident will settle a problem you’ve been worrying about. The full Moon loosens your tongue and causes you to speak your mind in order to get clarity. This full Moon encourages putting a certain misunderstanding away. The other person involved  might be ready to agree to listen in order to resolve the issue as well. Approach all unfinished business with the mindset of completion and resolution.


Virgo: Money is a top priority this full Moon. Making sure you have enough to cover your bills keeps you busy as one financial situation pops up one after another. You might want to skip doing any major shopping during this time as emotional spending can happen without notice. There is a need for self discipline with your resources. Avoid creating any monetary crisis by holding on your resources a lot tighter this month.


Libra: Keep your distance from anyone who threatens your inner peace this full Moon. Why certain people assume you’ll keep tolerating their nonsense is puzzling? But the trick is to ignore them and not allow them to get under your skin.  Creating down time and moments of solitude serve you well this full Moon. Do what you can to remove yourself from the presence of thoughtless people to get your mind right and insulate from the aggravation.


Scorpio: Calm down and slow down during the full Moon. A few matters in your personal live can have you on edge. Whatever the situation is that you’re facing now will eventually go away, but dealing with it without hurting your nervous system is going to take patience. Shut yourself off from the annoyances as much as possible to do a few things to uplift your spirit. The best thing to do with irritations is to get as far away from them as you can.


Sagittarius: All the tough decisions you were avoiding are now coming back your way. The full Moon uncovers those things you’ve been dreading to face. A few different avenues of opportunity are starting to open and you’ll have to be ready to make a quick move. Look for clarity in your choices for the future. The full Moon will highlight those issues that have been holding you back. Be prepared to view them with truth and honesty.


Capricorn: Finding balance in relationships can be complicated. The full Moon alerts you to situations in your partnership that you might not be aware of. Quiet observation of the actions of the other person will direct you to what should be addressed. Heated conversations will only make matters worse.  Actions will speak louder than words. What you see will fill you in on what you need to know. 


Aquarius: Someone you love is missing you. Long distance family members long to reconnect with you. When was the last time you reached out and checked on family members you haven’t seen in a while. Covid has caused major interruptions in seeing and visiting loved ones, but a phone call keeps the connection strong. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Check on someone you haven’t spoken with. Your heart will thank you! 


Pisces: Concentrate on paying your debts this month. There is a need to focus on straightening up financial confusion. Something happens during the full Moon that can spark a crisis with your money, so be more diligent about what is occurring with your cash flow. The good news is that once you begin to notice what is going on you can turn things in your favor. But don’t be caught off guard. Put some reserve cash away…just in case!

Monthly Planetary Moves:

March 3: Mars enters the sign of Gemini.

March 13: There is a new Moon in the sign of Pisces.

March 15: Mercury enters the sign of Pisces.

March 20: The Sun enters the sign of Aries. Spring Equinox.

March 21: Venus enters the sign of Aries.

March 28: There is a full Moon in the sign of Libra.