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Astro-Tarot Reading for
Month of June



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The Empathic Oracle Deck by

Steve Wilson & Michell Motuzas

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Reading for the Month

For the Reading of the Month I used a 3 card spread for Opportunities for the Month,

Challenges for the Month and Actions to take for the Month.

Opportunities for the Month:

Opportunities For The Month: The card that appears in the ‘opportunities’ position for the month of June is ‘Chaos.’ This card shows swirling  forms of various several cosmic forces clashing for dominance in the ethereal of space.  The spiritual meaning of this card is ‘there is a beauty found in the randomness of energetic freedom.’ Chaos is defined as ‘a condition or place of great disorder or confusion, a disorderly mass, a jumble or behavior so unpredictable as to appear random.”  In the theory of quantum gravity the Universe is believed to be created through chaos. Chaos can also be defined as the presence of instability or having a 

lack of control. This month opens at the beginning of a Mercury retrograde which is notorious for creating small amounts of chaos in conversations, perception, planning, short distance travel and mechanical functions. With Mercury ruling the 3rd house of communication in astrology and also transiting the ‘mental’ sign of Gemini you can expect snafus in verbal interactions and thinking clearly. There can be some sort of confusion over the next 3 weeks. The spiritual meaning of the card Chaos highlights ‘energetic freedom’ which is what happens once the logic left side of the brain goes on ‘vacation’ allowing the creative right side of the brain to step up and exert more influence. Your opportunity this month is to allow  situations to reveal themselves without resistance or having the fear of not being in charge, and letting the creative, intuitive forces enlighten why a certain matter or a ‘chaotic’ issue has surfaced. You’ll also have the opportunity to listen more to what is being said during this Mercury retrograde letting the information sink in and answer a few questions you might have. This transit is often so unpredictable that you’ll only have your instincts and your faith to lead you in the best direction. If there is any truth that the Universe was created through chaos, what new Universe might be forming in your life this Mercury retrograde? Keep the faith and you’ll soon see! Look below to see how the Mercury retrograde might affect you this month…

Aries: Time to slow down and enjoy the view! You’ll have a chance to pace your activities and be more involved with your neighbors or with your neighborhood this Mercury retrograde. If you’re the type of person who is always on the go and not stopping to relax, you’ll have ample opportunities this month. Being present in the here and now feels good. Knowing what is happening with those you live with or around brings much needed information. What and who you don’t know makes a real difference in your living experience. Best Days:  7,8,9,18,19,26,27. Most Stressful Days: 1,2,15,16,22,23,28,29.

Taurus: You are blessed with incredible instincts regarding your money this Mercury RX. Don’t pass up on any new ideas that can add money to your wallet even if it involves forming a partnership with another person. The exchange of ideas and resources come easily and you won’t waste any time sharing what you know and feel. Be tight with your cash in anticipation of investing for a new avenue of revenue. Best Days: 6,7,8,16,17,24.  Most Stressful Days: 14,15,20,21,26,27. 

Gemini: Your words flow like ‘magic’ this Mercury RX. You have the gift of persuasion. People listen to your every word and find you to be convincing. This is an excellent time in engage in conversations with new associates or join different online groups. The information you’ll receive can be eye opening and able to plant new ideas in your future. Be prepared to listen to individuals from the past and hear what revelations they also have for you. Best Days: 9,10,18,19,26,27. Most Stressful Days: 1,2,3,16,17,23,29,30.

Cancer: The truth ‘bubbles up’ in your spirit and you can’t help but to let it go. A few thoughts you’ve been holding to yourself will be released this Mercury RX and you’ll feel all the better for it. It is not your intention to hurt anyone’s feelings but if something has occurred lately that you can’t get over you’ll voice your opinion on the matter. Conversations can very enlightening. Venting brings understanding. Best Days: 1,2,3,11,12,13,20,21,29,30. Most Stressful Days: 4,5,18,19,24.


Leo: Long time friends return this Mercury RX. A couple of people you haven’t spoken to in a while surface and you are happy to reconnect. Take this transit to reestablish ties with those you’ve been missing and talk about ‘good times.’ It is good to remember where you were and what you were thinking at a previous moment. You’ll have a chance to judge your accomplishments by aspirations from before to now. Your friends will remind you! Best Days: 7,8,9,18,19,26,27. Most Stressful Days: 3,4,10,11,24,25,30,31.

Virgo: Don’t expect too much rest this Mercury RX. Your thoughts and hopes for the future can keep you up late at night as you try to figure what is going wrong and what your next move should be. Career issues can be the main focus, and if you’re feeling stuck or passed over feelings of resentment continue to grow. Allow your mind to dig deep and find the answers you’re looking for. You’ll make big changes soon. Best Days:  6,7,8,16,17,24. Most Stressful Days: 1,2,3,9,10,23,29,30.

Libra: Curiosity could get the best of you. Restlessness emerges as you feel the need to get out and explore new territories or meet new people. Making future travel plans are high on your list this Mercury RX, but don’t be surprised if you circle back and decide to revisit a place you’ve been to before but didn’t take advantage of seeing everything you wanted to see or do. Sitting still is hard at the moment, but forging new connections with different people come easily right now. Best Days:  9,10,18,19,26,27. Most Stressful Days: 4,5,11,12,13,24.


Scorpio: Your inner voice takes a ‘passenger seat’ this month. Mercury the ‘planet of reason’  highlights one of your intuitive sectors and encourages taking a more mental approach to resolving your issues. Being a water sign your psychic sense is always in first gear, but during the Mercury RX you’ll have the choice of more ‘fine tuned’ thinking and being able to logically point out issues that have been plaguing you. Best Days:  1,2,3,11,12,13,20,21,29,30. Most Stressful Days: 6,7,11,12,21.

Sagittarius: Getting to the bottom of  issues you’re having in your relationship takes up a lot of mental space this Mercury RX. You won’t be able to control your need to discuss matters and make sure certain things are being spoken on and aired out. The need to find out what is the reason for certain problems will keep you engaging in trying to have reasonable conversations. You’re not going to stop asking questions until you get the answers. Best Days: 4,5,14,15,23. Most Stressful Days: 1,2,3,9,10,16,17,29,30.

Capricorn: Worry can be a big issue this Mercury RX. If you’re dealing with certain problems that won’t seem to disappear use the energy of the planet Mercury to bring solutions. Meditation and spending quiet moments alone allows answers to surface from within. Avoid being in the presence of someone who constantly talks or communicates too often with nothing important to say at this time. Listen to your inner voice  and block out the noise. Best Days:  6,7,8,16,17,24. Most Stressful Days: 4,5,11,12,13,18,19.

Aquarius: Someone just can’t get enough of you. Either you keep running into the same person or group of people who want to get close to you or your phone continuously rings with an admirer. If you were lonely in the past this new found love for you seems confusing. Your power of attraction is extremely strong this Mercury RX but don’t let it fool you. Once you take a closer look at who is calling and their reasons for reaching out, you could find yourself totally turned off. Best Days: 9,10,18,19,26,27.  Most Stressful Days: 6,7,8,14,15,20,21.

Pisces: Sweeping changes can occur in a primary love relationship. The Mercury RX has freed to you consider your feelings and not sacrifice them for the comfort of others. Your normally calm and peaceful approach to problem solving can dramatically change due to not being heard or your emotions not being respected. You will not be able to ignore the way someone is mistreating you and you address it with assertiveness. Best Days: 1,2,3,11,12,13,20,21,29,30. Most Stressful Days: 9,10,16,17,23.

Challenges of the Month:

Challenge of the Month: The card appearing in the 'challenging' position for the month of June is ‘Gaslighting.” This card depicts a street light casting a small amount of light against a dark background. The spiritual meaning of this card is to protect yourself against those who are attracted to you because of the bright and positive energy you give off. They come with the intention of draining your inner light  or extinguish it all together. The definition of ‘gaslighting’ is  to manipulate a person or group by sowing seeds of doubt and making them question their own memory, perception, or 

judgment. Attracting narcissist, underhanded or spiritually draining individuals is a major component of being ‘gaslighted.’ People are drawn to steal, chip away or diminish the light that dwells within you. There is a spiritual lesson attached to this card and that is to guard yourself against anyone who attempts to take advantage of you. On the 10th, there is a new Moon solar eclipse in the sign of Gemini. An eclipse is equivalent to a super Moon and because it is a new Moon it represents starting over, beginning a new path or heading in a different direction, but in this case, because of its union with the Mercury retrograde the focus is on looking deeper into your heart to think and consider making brave and bolder plans once the Mercury retrograde is over. The new Moon solar eclipse makes room for letting the old go and opening the door for something brand new. Your challenge will be to let go of those people in your life no matter  how close or significant the relationship or connect if they have proven to make you feel lesser about yourself. Pay attention to how certain individuals treat you this new Moon…you’ll know intuitively what is the best action for the empowerment of your life. Look below to see how the new Moon solar eclipse might affect you this month…

Aries: A deep secret can be released this new Moon. Something that has been holding you back from progressing in your life will now be uncovered. The news might cause a few daggers in your heart but just know it is urgently important that you receive it…painful or not. Not all change is easy, often there is some price that has to be made to move forward. The price you pay will be well worth your future growth. Trust and believe.


Taurus: How a person speaks to you will on your list to correct this new Moon. If you’re constantly feeling undermined or belittled by someone at home or on the job about their manner of communicating with you, you won’t hesitate to put them in their place. Because Venus is your ruler and you normally are not a war mongering person does not mean you are a push over. Those who offend you will soon experience the power of  your back bone.


Gemini: You’re given a critical decision making period this new Moon solar eclipse. If you’ve always been on the edge of making choices and continuous go back and forth not sure what to do, the new Moon will aid in bringing clearer more decisive thinking. A birds eye view of your past actions is reveal and you might not like what you envision…you’re more stable than people think. Your innovative personality is more visible this Mercury retrograde. Solid decision making feels good.


Cancer: The way you feel about others can get in the way of your thinking. In the past you’ve operated on instincts and not really thought if you where doing the best thing for the situation because of your protective nature. But the new Moon encourages more introspection before acting on situations that pop up between you and loved ones. Using your head and your heart brings greater empowerment.

Leo: Time to revamp your goals. If a dream hasn’t happened it doesn’t mean it wasn’t meant to be, it may just needs to be reworked or retweeted. Your mind is flooded with new ideas to reformulate a dream during the new Moon in order to bring it back to life or add more momentum to it. Be open to conversations with others regarding what their goals are this transit. Something said can stimulate a new direction.


Virgo: Certain information will expand your mind this new Moon. Someone imparts news that you had no way on knowing. But because the new Moon opens a door to receive what you need, the information charges  your spirit. What you hear doesn’t have to be negative, but it definitely fortifies you to make choices you would never make in the past. Courage is the gift offered this transit. Embrace it. 


Libra: Feed your mind…fulfill your spirit. Your brain cells are incredible ‘hungry’ for information this new Moon and catching up on paperwork, reading or doing research is an excellent way of using this transit. You have a great boost in ‘mind energy’ if you need to study material such as preparing for a test or being a student. The new Moon provides an extra ‘mental’ glue in holding and remembering details. 


Scorpio: Honoring your ancestors appeals to you. Looking at the pictures of deceased loved ones and researching their life stories gives you a stronger foundation of your family history and possibly a clue into your personality. This is an excellent time to call the elders in the family and ask what they might know about a certain person. The new Moon provides a bridge from the past to the present. Precious information is passed along to you for safe keeping.


Sagittarius: A message from an ex catches you off guard. Someone you’ve been emotionally involved with attempts to get in touch. They feel that this new Moon provides a new chance of reconciliation or making a fresh connection. How you feel about this is totally up to you, but remember that relationships that begin during a Mercury RX tend to be short lived and possibly end once the RX is over. This is a good time to get some answers about a previous issue and maybe to catch up for the fun of it.


Capricorn: Hostiles on the job can turn tragic. Allowing someone to push your buttons or get under your skin will not end well. Having to put up with unstoppable annoyances from coworkers can lead to losing your temper and telling a few people off, but once this happens the consequences might be too great to pay. If your skin is extremely thin while at work, consider taking a couple of days off for your mental health.

Aquarius: You’re thinking hard about revealing a few hidden talents this new Moon. Over the past year you may have taken up a side interest or started some new past time that can actually end up being a money making. Keep a note pad close, you’ll want to jot down all the innovate ideas that swirl in your brain. Don’t be afraid of trying something new, especially if you can’t get the urge out of your head. Your gut instincts speak to you. There is something dormant that needs to be uncovered.

Pisces: Being still and not being able to shift into fast motion can be hard for you this new Moon. You’re ready to travel and visit a few new places either by car or plane. Of course you’ll have to wait until after the 23rd to put any travel plans in motion. But in the mean time your social media is busy connecting with different people who are full of advice on where to go and what to do…You can’t wait to get started…have fun!

Actions To Take:

In the 3rd position of which 'Actions To Take,' is the card of ‘Strength.’ This card reveals  acorn seeds being protected by the roots of a giant oak tree. The spiritual meaning of this card is that ‘huge oak trees come from the smallest of seeds.’ This card acts as a reminder that even humble beginnings can lead to magnificent futures and to never forget where your inner strength comes from. The word  'strength' is defined as ‘the capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure.’ What positive thoughts

 about yourself keeps you strong?  Your strength can  from deep family ties, your ancestors, faith, close friends, the belief in yourself  and knowing that you can rise to greatness in your life.  It’s not about what others think or feel about you, or what negative situation has occurred in your past. It’s not where you come from, but where you’re going when it comes to being strong…but to always remember small beginnings greatness can emerge. On the 24th there is a full Moon in the sign of Capricorn. Full Moons adds light to dark situations and enlightenment to secrets and hidden matters. The sign of Capricorn is an earth sign that rules reputation, ‘your standing’ in the world, career, responsibility and duty. Capricorn is considered one of the toughest and most persistent of the earth signs. It is known for its endurance and inner strength. During this full Moon take time to review where your talents and inner strengths are and begin to nourish them. Look below to see how the full Moon in Capricorn might affect you this month…

Aries: The vision you have for yourself might not be the same vision others have for you. Not everyone is cheering for you to ascend higher in your career. A major correction of judgment regarding a person you hold dearly will arrive this full Moon for you to see what their real thoughts are about you. Be prepared for a let down and a break up for your highest good.

Taurus: Don’t allow anyone to make you uncomfortable about your decisions this full Moon. Everyone has an opinion and there are certain people more vocal than others. You might have to tell a person or two to mind their own business and leave yours alone. No one has the right to criticize or interfere with the direction of your life. Live your life in peace and without unwanted advice. Get them straight.

Gemini: Don’t think twice about getting rid of ‘ball and chain’ type relationships. The full Moon causes ‘nastiness’ to be exposed in your situations to the point where you’re not able to ignore it. If you’re in a partnership and there is no feeling of fairness or you feel that most responsibilities are falling in your lap, expect an emotional explosion to occur at any time.


Cancer: Think clearly before you choose your battles. A loved one knows that you’re there for them regardless of what the situation calls for. Be sure you’re not be used to support matters that are frivolous or a waste of your energy. Not everything that is important to someone else is important to you. Insist that your time is being used in the right manner. A situation occurs during the full Moon that reveals true motives. Accept it for what it is.


Leo: If your job is exhausting then you should consider looking for other work after the the 23rd. A revelation around the full Moon alerts you to whether you should stay where you are or seek something better. If you’re dealing with unreasonably difficult coworkers or dislike what you do for a living you’ll be stimulate to research your options and plan for a future employment adjustment. New job or new position…consider your direction.


Virgo: Don’t be so flattered if a certain person gives you compliments. The full Moon warns that they have a hidden agenda and it requires get closer to you. If a situation between you and another person escalates for no real reason be skeptical. Ask yourself what is causing this person to be so interested at this time. Spiritually close your eyes and open your ears to hear what the real motive is. They’ll soon find out that you’re not easy to fool.


Libra: Try not to allow stubborn family members drive you up the wall. Domestic dramas can unravel this full Moon as individuals became frustrated or stressed out. You’ll need the ‘balance’ that your sign represents to get pass the annoyances a loved one can inflict on your nerves. Focus on improving your physical home such of straighten out clutter or rid unwanted clothes and furniture. Avoid conflict with family members at all cost.


Scorpio: Conversations with coworkers should be limited and edited this full Moon. The thinking of those on the job can be twisted and negative. It might be necessary to use more emails or text messages to communicate clearly during this transit. And of course there are those individuals on the job that take everything in a negative way. Guard yourself against their actions and avoid all personal forms of communication if possible.


Sagittarius: Keep your financial dealings to yourself. You might feel comfortable revealing the status of your resources by thinking that the people you’re speaking with are working in your best interest. But the truth is you are planting seeds of conspiracy and betrayal by letting them know how much you’re worth or how much is in your wallet. Refrain from disclosing monetary information and creating hidden motives among your friends. Best Days: Most Stressful Days:


Capricorn: Your health is important and it’s necessary to you turn your attention toward your own physical well being. Doing too much and not pacing yourself can end in burn out. Because you’re in a cycle of attraction this new Moon your aggressiveness might cause you to avoid relaxing and to grab every chance you receive to improve your finances and stabilize your cash flow. De-stress yourself and realize that getting the rest you need is critical to your progress. 

 Aquarius: Friction in your relationship creates a huge upset this full Moon. The changes you require in love are not happening and you’re getting tired of waiting. Aggression is not the best way to resolve issues that deal with the emotions. You’ve had plenty of time to consider your next move and after the 23rd you’re free to make adjustments. Just be sure this is truly what you want to happen.


Pisces: The word ‘no’ means little to you this full Moon. Determination leads your steps and you are hell bent on trying to make a certain accomplishment or get satisfaction from a project you’ve put a lot of energy into. There is no need for anyone to get in your way or try to deter your actions…your focus is greater than ever before. Just keep your clarity in your vision and watch the progress as it comes.

Monthly Planetary Moves:

June 2nd: Venus enters the sign of Cancer.

June 10th: There is a new Moon solar eclipse in the sign of Gemini.

June 11th: Mars enters the sign of Leo.

June 20th: Jupiter goes retrograde.

June 20th: The Sun enters the sign of Cancer

June 20th: On Father’s Day the Moon is in the sign of Scorpio.

June 22nd: The Mercury RX ends.

June 24th: There is a full Moon in the sign of Capricorn.

June 25th: Neptune goes retrograde.

June 27th: Venus enters the sign of Libra.