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Reading for the Month

For the Reading of the Month I used a 3 card spread for Opportunities for the Month,

Challenges for the Month and Actions to take for the Month.

Opportunities for the Month:

Opportunities For The Month: The card that appears in the ‘opportunities’ position for the month of April is Calchiuhtlicue. This card reveals a bear chested woman  wearing  vibrant head dress and a skirt of various shades of green which represents fresh water. Her skirt is made of Jade. Calchiuhtlicue is the Mexican Goddess of blessings, perseverance and balance. She presides over fresh waters in rivers and lakes, she is the protector of childbirth and new born babies. Calchiuhtlicue is called upon for blessings of all kinds, for spiritual cleansing, casting out evil spirits and navigation. With Spring now here is this an excellent time of

the year to draw up fresh plans or the future and navigate a new direction. This Goddess will assist you in finding a different path to achieve your goals. On the 11th there is a new Moon in the sign of Aries.  New Moon’s always signal a new direction or the option of beginning over. The Moon rules the emotions. It indicates your capacity to feel what is required to feel safe and protected. It points to how we nourish others. Aries is the sign of new beginnings and it marks the start of the astrological new year as well as independence, warriors and mavericks. It is ruled by Mars the planet of forcefulness, vitality, heat, energy, eroticism and war. Whenever this card appears in a reading she is there to bring optimism, restore health and reestablish flow in your life. You have the opportunity of changing the course of your life, career path, direction in love or friendships this month. Calchiuhtlicue arrives bringing a blessing to your endeavors. Use the fearless nature of the new Moon in Aries to have the courage for making a deep and serious change wherever needed.  Look below to review how the new Moon  in Aries might influence you this month…

Aries: The new Moon empowers you with a great deal of passion which enables you to take things to a new level. With cosmic help from the Sun, Moon and planet Venus you’ve been ‘give’ a type of ‘golden touch’ when it comes to starting fresh projects or initiating something totally different in your life. Expect to attract enormous amounts of positive attention. Certain people won’t be able to keep their eyes off you! This is your time to glow…so glow! Best Days:  1,2,10,11,12,20,21,29,30. Most Stressful Days: 3,4,18,19,25,26.

Taurus: Keep your financial activities secret. There is a very strong chance of improving your income and you don’t need the watchful eyes of others.

Some things are better kept to yourself especially when you’re doing things on your own. Once noticed that you’re doing well will come the questions and the inquires for loans and hand outs from those who are standing by observing. Don’t blow your luck with the interference of another’s energy. They may not be wishing you well. Best Days:  3,4,13,14, 23,24. Most Stressful Days: 6,7,20,21,27,28.

Gemini: You have free range to reach your goals. A boost of cosmic help assists you this new Moon if you’re trying to change your future direction or alter a current plan you’ve been working hard on. The new Moon in ‘dynamic’ Aries provides an extra surge of encouragement for nailing your achievements. This is an excellent time to share your thoughts and actions with those who have similar aspirations. The synergy in sharing ideas is powerful! Best Days:  6,7,15,16,25,26. Most Stressful Days: 1,2,8,9,23,24,29,30.

Cancer: Turn your doubters into believers. There are people around you who don’t really believe you can accomplish your goals. They sit around and feed off your disappointments and secretly enjoy the fact that you’re not where you’d like to be. A greater sense of bravely is required this month by taking chances and attempting to create a new place for yourself in the world. Ignore what people have been saying to you…trust in yourself. Best Days:  8,9,18,19,27,28. Most Stressful Days: 3,4,10,11,12,25,26.

Leo: Your desire to socialize can get the best of you. You’re in a cycle of creating new friendships and the new Moon totally encourages your steps to make it happen. Whether you reach out to individuals in person or online, it doesn’t matter because the push for great connection will keep you searching for wider connections and associations. There is an indication that people in other countries can also appeal to you. Your influence can be felt world wide this month. Best Days: 1,2,10,11,12,20,21,29,30. Most Stressful Days: 6,7,13,14,27,28.

Virgo: There are fresh opportunities opening for elevating your financial resources. This new Moon steers you in a direction to be assertive in getting the monetary security you crave. There are strong indicators that forming some sort of partnership with another person to do a project or creating a financial alliance such as a small business will attract more money. Be open to new ideas and financial suggestions this month. Best Days:  3,4,13,14, 23,24. Most Stressful Days: 1,2,8,9,15,16,17,29,30.

Libra: It’s going to be hard to keep a low profile this month. With ‘social’ planet Venus lighting up your friendship sector people can’t help but to gravitate towards you. Seeking new avenues of meeting and greeting others will satisfy  your cosmic direction this new Moon. Joining organizations that meet your social needs serve you well. If there is a group of individuals or an organization with a purpose you’re aligned with, reach out and make contact. Your social circle widens enormously and you’ll feel good about it. Best Days: 6,7,15,16,17,25,26.  Most Stressful Days: 3,4,10,11,12,18,19.

Scorpio: Trust your gut this month. Your instincts are amazing and your inner voice can urge you to consider a new avenue on your career path. If you’ve been a bit laid back and not sure when was the best time to initiate change, the new Moon inspires you to act. If you’re in a job you consider worthy of your energy, look into what your future chances are for promotion. If you’re unfilled with your work, get aggressive and find a job. Opportunities are ripe. Best Days: 8,9,18,19,27,28.  Most Stressful Days: 6,7,13,14,20,21.

Sagittarius: Love is calling your name this new Moon. The chance of discovering someone new who entices you or uncovering activities that cause  more social appearances occur as 6 heavenly bodies (Mercury, Sun,Venus, and astroids Ceres, Chiron, and Eris) ‘heat up’ your romance sector. Anticipate a great deal of busyness in your daily routine. Your ability to attract other love possibilities sparks your curiosity. If you currently have a partner and you’re satisfied…more passionate encounters to heighten your love experience will happen. Enjoy. Best Days:  1,2,10,11,12,20,21,29,30. Most Stressful Days: 5,6,13,14,20,21.

Capricorn: Don’t keep ignoring problems that won’t go away. If there is someone in your life and they seem to constantly argue about the same issue the new Moon stimulates you to calmly talk about their concerns and hear them out. The real problem might be that they feel neglected or disrespected in some way. Addressing their issue regardless of how irritating or minor it might seem  to you will help to put this problem to bed and create a way of establishing peace. Best Days: 3,4,13,14,23,24. Most Stressful Days: 10,11,12,18,19,25,26.

Aquarius: Speaking too fast causes big problems. Your words can move faster than your long ranging thinking and can put you in a situation where you’re making commitments you might not be able to keep. Your brain power is stimulated by all the great plans you fore see in your future. It is best to think in private and discuss your visions with people you can bounce your ideas off to get feedback. You stand the chance of ruining your reputation without thinking first and talking second. Best Days:  6,7,15,16,17,25,26. Most Stressful Days: 13,14,20,21,27,28. 

Pisces: There can be good news concerning money this month. Some idea or project you’ve had on the back burner proves to be fruitful if you work on it. The planets are in your favor for financial increase and with the new Moon adding more energy to your ‘cash flow’ sector things can be better than expected. Search your mind and don’t be afraid of starting a new monetary venture. You’ll be glad you did. Best Days:  8,9,18,19,27,28. Most Stressful Days: 1,2,15,16,17,23,24,29,30.


Challenges of the Month:

Challenge of the Month: The card appearing in the 'challenging' position for the month of April is Gaia. This card is depicted as a naked female figure that has trees growing from her bosom, wind blowing through her hair and rivers flowing  around her body. Gaia is consider the Goddess of Earth…she is the personification of Mother Earth. Gaia represents regeneration, purity, restoration, order over chaos and stability. She is the Goddess of nourishment. Whenever she appears in a reading there is an indication of a chance to recharge and regenerate. On the 23rd the planet Mars arrives in the sign of Cancer. Mars is the planet of raw uncontrolled

energy. As a fire planet it represents action and forcefulness. Cancer is the sign of nurturing, home, the mother, emotional security and protection. Once Mars moves into the water sign of Cancer the momentum changes. The aggressive energy shifts to being more intuitive with your actions. Instead of striking out and taking chances, there will be a shift in being more sensitive and emotionally aware of the affect of your actions. More focus will be given to domestic situations…your home, your relationship, children, family issues, nutrition, diets and caring for the body. Your challenge is to take more care of what is happening in your private life and turn your attention on bettering your relationship with loved ones. With so much stress in the atmosphere these days, having a place of protection and solitude is extremely important to rest and recharge. Take a look at your situation and decide if you’re living in a situation where peace of mind is possible and if not, the forcefulness of the warrior planet Mars will give you the determination to make it happen.  Look below to review how Mars in Cancer might influence you this month…

 Aries: Stay on top of your diet. With the change of season the body makes internal adjustments to provide the life force you need with nutrition, but it needs your assistance. Your stomach can be a bit sensitive with planet Mars causing irritations to your digestion. Try to make more healthy food choices, eat your food away from stress and aggravation and  take your time to enjoy your meals. Venus in your Sun sign until the 24th increases your personal magnetism. Feel good and look good!

Taurus: You’ll feel the need to defend yourself. Certain people who have been disregarding your feelings will get an earful this month. Once a person steps over the line and disrespects you, you’ll waste no time in calling them out on their behavior. Be ready to gain an enemy as you speak your mind. But the truth is this person wasn’t a friend in the first place, so what’s the difference. Call things as you see them. 

Gemini: Remain strong when it comes to your finances. Try not to get too touchy about the not having enough. If you find yourself frustrated with the state of your cash flow avoid being too focused on the lack of not having what you need and shift on the ability of financial attraction. Visualize what is required in your bank account and actively go after finding a better job, part time job or other means to increase your income. ‘Motivational’ planet Mars rides with you on this matter. You can do this.

Cancer: Get out and get active. Shake off the old vibes of the past season’s residue and embrace the fresh air of a new beginning. You’re currently in a cycle of liberation so take advantage of every opportunity to turn situations in your favor. The feeling of stagnation leaves you as you start to initiate ideas for the future. Don’t be hesitate to try something different with different people. You could use a change of appearance. The old look no longer suits you. 

Leo: Securing your family and closing ranks on outside forces leads to protective actions. Situations that are causing irritation to the peaceful existence of your home environment will be addressed and eliminated. Whether it is problems with a troublesome neighbor, landlord or unhappy living space you will spend quality time on improving matters. Making sure your home is safe will be your major objective.

Virgo: What is going on with certain family members? The planets urge you to check in on loved ones that you’ve lost touch with or those you haven’t heard a lot from recently. Looking in on and making sure everyone is doing fine will keep you aware of what is happening in their lives. Why risk any unexpected surprises with a loved one? If you’ve been missing communicating with a family member, the cosmic forces direct you to be aware and find out how they are doing? 

Libra: Stay aware of the demands that others are requiring of  you. A strong sense of resentment can result if you consider situations as being unfair or unrealistic. This will be the month is draw a line regarding what is expected of you in your primary relationships and what is feasible for you to do. There can be a clash with authority figures by mid month. Be prepared to speak up and defend your feelings. If not, things won’t get better.

Scorpio: The desire to be creative is extremely fulfilling. Lots of momentum ‘lands’ in your ‘mental’ sector and doing activities that involve using your imagination feels good. Thinking about doing more blogging or starting a podcast of some sort? Or is your creativity more with projects such as baking or planting seeds for the beginnings of a home based business? Your mind is ready for a creative challenge. Don’t miss the opportunity of seeing just how successful your ideas can be.

Sagittarius: Slow down in your spending this month. The need to get your home in shape or focus on buying things for greater personal comfort can backfire. The planets warn that impulse buying creates a big hole in your finances. Carefully buy what you need and save other items for later in the season. The irritation of not having enough money to cover an emergency bill out weights the need of getting what you want. Be selective in your purchases at this time. 

Capricorn: A surge of loving vibrations stimulate moves in your ‘relationship’ sector. If you’ve been dragging your feet and not being aggressive enough to show a special someone your feelings, expect for the tables to turn as they display to you how to take ‘romance’ to the next level. You might actually delight in finding out just how much they enjoy being in your company. This the month to try harder to develop more depth in your love life.

Aquarius:  Anger issues can reveal themselves. Try to keep the peace with those around you even if you feel they deserve to feel your wrath. There is a warning that people in those sensitive areas in your life could become upset and over touchy with you in the future if you display any anger with them this month. Losing your temper is not worth the aggravation that’s coming way if that happens. Maintain your peace and find a better way to resolve things.


Pisces: You get the affection you need from someone who bold enough to show you. ‘Passion’ planet Mars stirs up matters in your ‘romance’ sector and people from the past can be entice to give you a call for another attempt at love. If you’re in a good  partnership take the first step in displaying more of your physical needs. The planet Mars is a warrior in love and you’ll be greatly rewarded.


Actions To Take:

In the 3rd position of which 'Actions To Take,' is the card of  Kwan Yin. This card reveals female figure wearing a flowing silk outfit standing on stream of water with a full Moon and flower blossoms in the background. Kwan Yin is the Chinese Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. Her name means ‘one who sees and hears the cry from the world’ and ‘she who hears prayers.’ Kwan Yin is the goddess that comforts the troubled, the sick, the lost and the unfortunate. Whenever she appears in a reading there is a need to put an end to 

worries, anxieties and gain a mental break through of what is happening and what need to take place. On the 26th there is a full Moon in the sign of Scorpio.  Full Moon’s are wonderful for pin pointing hidden situations and bringing enlightenment on matters that have been buried and forgotten. Scorpio is a water sign that rules regeneration, power, sex, death and the psychic realm. Scorpio allows deep investigative insights and psychic revelations. The ‘action for you to take’ this month is set aside time for prayer and meditation on those issues that have been troublesome to you. This is an ideal period to spend alone in deep thought and solitude, without the interference of others and allow messages to come through from your angels. Often to hear the answers to your prayers aloneness might be necessary. Kwan Yin is the Goddess who hears prayers and brings an end to your worries by having a stronger understanding and awareness. Look below to review how the full Moon in Scorpio might influence you this month…

Aries: The same old thing or the same old situations are not good enough for you this full Moon. You’ve come to the conclusion that something has to change in order for you to be happier or more stable in your life. Money can be a major issue. The full Moon encourages taking charge of your finances, getting them organized and seeking other ways of increasing your prosperity. You’re given deeper insight into your cash flow situation. Don’t be afraid to try something new or change an old habit pattern that holds you back.


Taurus: Love comes with a few pitfalls. The full Moon alerts your attention to something odd that might be happening with a person you’re enamored with. Your requirements for love are beginning to change and the situation you’re currently in might not be fulfilling enough for you. You could have a sudden change of heart when it comes to romance. You want the attraction, the excitement, but most of all you want the truth.



Gemini: Job conditions can get under your skin this full Moon. If you’re currently working be aware that the ’trolls’ at your place of employment are very active and being extremely deceitful. Refrain from speaking too fast without thinking about what the real reason is behind their actions. If you’re not working and having problems finding a descent job, this is a good time to reboot and start over. Resubmit your work applications…the cosmic energies are better now.


Cancer: No one enjoys affection any more than you do. In fact, having people in your inner circle who are not sensitive to your emotional needs shouldn’t be part of your support group. The full Moon adds more vibrance to your love situation and whatever you’re not getting in love you can luck up and either meet a person who totally understands your requirements or your current partner gets enlightened to figure things out to make you feel more loved. Expect a lot of sweetness in romance this month.


Leo: Keep your movements quiet this month. Someone who doesn’t mean you well could be aggressively trying to sabotage your progress. If you’re involved in trying to change your career path or elevate your work situation do so privately without the advice of others. A person you normally trust could now prove to be untrustworthy. Watch all actions and opinions of those around you.


Virgo: Regardless of what comes to mind this is the perfect time to honor the messages from your intuition. The full Moon sparks a deep insight into the motives of people around you and if you’ve been having trouble trying to figure a situation out, you’ll gain added assistance by the full Moon. Conversations can be invaluable. Be receptive to speaking to someone who has something to reveal to you. The answer to a hidden situation emerges. 

Libra: You are more than ready to put financial insecurity behind you. Constant worry about bills and income causes you to take a different course of action this full Moon. If you have to adjust the manner in which you handle your day to day money or get a grip on your bills go ahead and do so. A turn around in the way money is attracted into your life will change very soon in a positive way.


Scorpio: If current events and situations have had you ‘walking in circles’ you’ll be able to find clarity this full Moon. Try to schedule some down time during the week of the full Moon. Revelations that surface might create some stress as you realize what has been going on under your nose without your knowledge. Avoid over reacting once truth is revealed. You’ll get a chance to resolve issues at a later date when matters are more on your side. Sit, watch and learn.


Sagittarius: How you handle your enemies will be very important this full Moon. Someone who wants to cause you distress seeks ways to pick at you and cause aggravation. Choosing not to react will strengthen your ability of self control. Be aware of the people surrounding you. Someone could be a hidden friend of the person trying to bring you down. Analyze everyone’s move as your instincts uncover how a dirty secret will unfold.

Capricorn: Watch your actions. Someone is quietly monitoring you or observing your every move. This person is very interested in what is happening in your personal affairs and will not go away until they find out what is happening in a certain area of your life. Consider changing passwords and stay alert to see if some strange person keeps popping up on several of your social media platforms. If anyone looks out of place do your own research. Stop a problem before it begins.

Aquarius: Making some changes in your home might not be such a bad thing. If you’re not feeling settled about being comfortable or not being to find  the quietness needed the planets encourage enacting an adjustment. Don’t procrastinate if you believe that a change will bring about a positive result. The full Moon gives you the incentive to live better. Act fast to find the relief you require relax.


Pisces: Your dreams are full of messages this full Moon. Keep a pen and paper by your bedside to write down any information you receive during the night. All images mean something and everything needs to be give attention too if you dream about it. Your ancestors will speak to you loudly about a move you are currently planning. Messages from your angels can occur during the day. Make sure you take notes on everything.

Monthly Planetary Moves:

April 3:  The planet Mercury enters the sign of Aries.

April 11: There is a new Moon in the sign of Aries.

April 14: The planet  Venus enters the sign ofTaurus.

April 19: The Sun enters the sign of Taurus.

April 19: The planet Mercury enters the sign of Taurus.

April 23: The planet Mars enters the sign of Cancer.

April 26:  There is a Super Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio.

April 27: Pluto goes retrograde.