Astro-Tarot Reading for June

The Wanderers


The Amazon

Daughters off the Moon Tarot
 by Ffiona Morgan

Reading for the Month:

For the Reading of the Month I use a Three Card spread which indicates, the opportunities of the month to come, the challenges of the month ahead and the best actions to take to meet your goals. 

Opportunities For The Month:

Opportunities For The Month: The card the Nine of Flames/The Wanderer appears. This card depicts a gypsy type caravan filled with pots, pans and other items for comfort. The caravan with 8 flame torches lite is being led by a woman also holding a torch. She is following a road towards a Sun rise. According to the definition, "This is a card of comings and goings." It appears that the woman has started a new journey as she searches for a different set of circumstances, a new life. This card suggests that there is a change of residence or that the person has been forced to move from one undesirable situation in order to grow. Whenever this card appears in a reading there is a need for a new, more desirable situation. On the 5th there is a full Moon lunar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the sign of the adventurer, it is also the sign of being a seeker and of the future. The full Moon sensitizes your awareness to your current situation and allows you to seek something 

better for your present and for your future. Eclipses are very powerful, they allow us to purge and let go of things from your life that are useless and no longer serve your higher self. The opportunity for you this month is to set your sites for a new direction and have no fear of letting go of the past. This eclipse is accompanied by 'war' planet Mars which creates a strong urgency to move past something that is obstructing your movement or prevent your future progress. This month you have the opportunity to shift your present course of direction for something much more desirable. Don't be locked into old plans if they are not working in your best interest. Look below to see how the full Moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius might influence you…

Aries: Your mental recall is remarkable during the full Moon. You'll think of things once forgotten for good reasons. Remembering those who have been kind to you in moments of need or sadness come back to your mind. Your ancestors inspire acts of kindness to those in your past and anyone who might not be doing well right now. Your time to give back is now. Best Days: 5,6,14,15,24,30. Most Stressful Days: 1,7,8,21,22.

Taurus: Bright ideals about securing your prosperity arrive this full Moon. Money can be a major concern right now and with so much confusion with employment and job security you might be feeling the crunch. Spend some time sitting back and clearing your mind this full Moon to allow psychic messages to come thru. Don't ignore any ideas that surface regardless of how insignificant they might feel. You just never know how a vision can turn into a reality with determination. Best Days:  7,8, 16, 17, 18,26, 27. Most Stressful Days: 3, 4, 9, 10,24,28,29. 


Gemini: Anger issues can bubble up and cause some real problems in your life this full Moon. You are not going to hold your tongue if someone says something insulting. With a retrograde Venus now in your sign, you might be experiencing some serious romantic or self worth issues which causes you emotional hurt only adds fire to gasoline. Separate yourself from insensitive and harmful people this full Moon. If not, a war can be started. Best Days: 1,9,10,19,20. Most Stressful Days: 5,6,11,12,13,26,27,3

 Cancer: Pay attention to your health issues. Your body can be very sensitive to  stressful situations that cause physical disturbances. You have the opportunity to engage in 'mindful living' by being alert about what you put into your body and what activities you consciously participate in. Meditation and rest is extremely useful at this time. Be good to yourself. Best Days:  3,4,11,12,13,21,22,28,29. Most Stressful Days: 1,7,8,14,15.

Leo: Your flaky friends are revealed this full Moon! Those people you once felt were loyalty to you have fallen in a different light. Situations have surfaced to let you know that the moment has come to cleanse them off your social media  and stop taking calls altogether. Don't worry…when you 'lose baggage' you fly higher.

Consider these folks as old baggage you no longer need! Best Days: 5,6,14.15.24,30. Most Stressful Days: 3,4,9,10,16,17,18,28,29.


Virgo: You'll have to try harder to keep your relationship issues positive during the full Moon. Every little mistake done in the past with a certain person can surface, and attempting to maintain the peace can be extremely trying. It's not going to take you much to tune off and tune out of any difficult partnership. If the person is worth it, try a bit harder. Best Days: 7,8,16,17,18,26,27. Most Stressful Days: 5,6,11,12,13,19,20,30. 

Libra: Speak little and listen much this full Moon. Secrets come from the most unexpectedly places. People suddenly open out and reveal things that you would never consider and tell you about a few situations you've been quietly curious of. Don't avoid speaking to anyone during the week of the full Moon. Important information that you'd never find, falls in your lap. Best Days: 1,9,10,19,20. Most Stressful Days: 7,8,14,15,21,22.

 Scorpio: Don't feel obligated to be nice to someone you're having problems with. If a person is making you feel unloved or unappreciated forget about being pleasant and let them know how you feel. The full Moon empowers you to protect yourself and guard your feelings. Refrain from being nasty, but speak your truth straight forward and with no fear. The time has come to get a certain understanding with a certain person. Best Days: 3,4,11,12,13,21,22,28,29. Most Stressful Days: 9,10,16,17,18,24.

 Sagittarius: This is no time to be a war with yourself if there are things you can't seem to change. Forgive yourself for any procrastination and  get moving on those situations that cause you concern. The full Moon assists you in being kind to your aspirations and allows you a 'pass' if you have not fulfilled your goals. Spend some time alone this full Moon to embrace self love and self appreciation. Be prepare to reboot your dreams. Best Days: 2,3,11,12,21,29,30. Most Stressful Days: 9,10,16,17,23,24.

 Capricorn: Ignore all negative communications this full Moon. People who mean you well can bring information that's upsetting. You'll soon discover those who are trying to sabotage your happiness from those who are not. Don't trust everything that is revealed to you this full Moon. The energy of deception is very strong. Best Days: 7,8,16,17,26,27. Most Stressful Days: 1,14,15,21,22.

Aquarius: The full Moon allows you to build stronger dreams to aspire to. If you've been in a 'dark place' because of all the confusion happening in the world, the one place you can surely go to find refuge is in your mind. Visualize a different reality for your future. Talk with others who are encouraging and hopeful. Remember, faith is believing in things unseen. Embrace an attitude of faith this full Moon. Best Days: 1,9,10,19,20. Most Stressful Days: 3,4,16,17,18,24,28,29. 

 Pisces: Employment concerns can really wear you down this full Moon. Figuring out your next future move might create enormous stress at the moment.  Quietly sort out your thoughts so that your actions are precise and clear. The full Moon provides the clarity needed to get things right on your career path. Best Days: 3,4,11,12,13,21,22,28,29. Most Stressful Days: 5,6,19,20,26,27,30.


Challenges For The Month:

Challenge of the Month: The card that appears in the 'challenging' position is Nammu/ The Mother of Cups/Cancer. This card depicts a Goddess in a sea pouring water from a vessel. All around her are sea mammals of whales and porpoises. The sea if full of life and the atmosphere is very inviting. She is Nammu the Summerian Goddess of the Sea. She represents nurturing without dependency. According to the definition she is a protector of children and has a mothering energy. There is also an indication of having a desire for a deeper relationship with your mother. Whenever this card appears in a reading, 'sometimes we long for the protected and carefree state of childhood.' On the 18th, Mercury the planet of communication and mental awareness goes retrograde in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is an intuitive sign, it represents the image of motherhood. It is a

sign of protection and nurturing. Mercury retrogrades allow an internal look at what's been happening in your life and this retrograde is more powerful than usual as it joins 4 other planets that are also retrograde this month…Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Mercury going retrograde now makes it 5 planets in a backward mode. With 5 planets 'on vacation' there is a strong sense of 'things standing still.' Currently situations are difficult to navigate with the current pandemic, finding ways of fulfilling your needs and protecting yourself and the people you love becomes of a greater importance. During this 4 week period, (from 6/18 until 7/12) emotions are raw and very sensitive. Conversations should be handled with care. Your challenge this month is to be compassionate and understanding with those who need to feel secure and  to do with it an open heart. Look below to find out how the Mercury retrograde might influence you…

 Aries: Find ways of insulating your feelings this Mercury RX. The people who have the strongest affect on your emotions can be the very ones who irritate the hell of out you over the next 3 weeks. Stay away from touchy conversations,  avoid arguments even if you're right, refrain from bringing up old issues that have been bothering you. Walk in silence and remain in peace is the only way to go this Mercury RX.

 Taurus: The blockages on your intuition are lifted this Mercury RX  and you're free to visualize and discern. Keep a pencil and pad close by over the next 3 weeks as you'll want to write down psychic impressions as you receive them. Your dreams can be extremely powerful as your spirit guides send you information. Someone who you've lost connect with can surface. Be prepared to have an unexpected surprise.

 Gemini: You have a chance to see yourself from a different perspective. Now that the 'determiners' of self worth are being changed. How good you look or how popular you are is no longer as important as how you value yourself and treat others in times of crisis. The spiritual law of giving and sharing is strong in your charts this Mercury RX. Share with others who are in need allows greater prosperity to flow to you.

 Cancer: Tell your friends and family that your mind will be on a hiatus for the next 3 weeks. The Mercury RX in your sign inspires you to shift into a lower gear of activity and rest your brain whenever possible. If you're the person whom others are always looking to for answers, just let people know you're on a mental vacation and you'll speak with them after July 12th. Use this 'down period' to put personal things in perspective and enjoy the rest.

 Leo: Avoid taking phone calls from people you don't really trust this Mercury RX. The planets warn that some very nasty information will be revealed to you and it won't be in your best interest. If a person suddenly calls who you don't normally keep in  touch, be careful. Revenge and negativity can be their real reason for trying to make contact!

 Virgo: If you get a strong urge to socially connect to new people during the Mercury RX…do so! Your ruler Mercury inspires you to strike up acquaintances with different people, organizations and causes. Of course, this will have to be mostly on line. But if a certain cause or group is attracting your attention, find out why? Make contact and expect the best.

Libra: Goals for your future capture most your thoughts during the Mercury RX. 

Avoid being stressed about those things you can't control and focus on the ones you can. Job and employment choices are matters that you can control and make personal choices about. If you need to go back to an old work situation in order to make stronger plans, go ahead. Don't worry about what others might think.

Scorpio: Share some love Scorpio! A few of your older relatives could really use a phone call or a visit to check and see how they are doing. The Mercury RX is really good for reconnecting situations and relationships. In this time of crisis you never know when you might hear and see someone again. Don't have regrets. Fill the next few weeks with happy conversations and laughter.

 Sagittarius: You've certainly gained more respect for your money these days. With all the financial decline going on around you, the one thing you have learned is to use your money wisely and to hold on to it for a crisis or a rainy day. The Mercury Rx helps you to review ways of increasing your finances and stretching the monies that you have available a bit more. You will recycle an old money making idea this retrograde, don't hesitate to act on it.

 Capricorn: Trying to hold a relationship together can be extremely difficult at this time. The Mercury RX uncovers a few issues that need to be explored between you and your love. Love-planet Venus being RX doesn't help romantic matters much. If you're in a partnership and love is strong over the next few weeks, you're probably with the right person. 

 Aquarius: Change your normal routine to get rid of any nerve energy you might have. If you normally walk a certain path, walk a different one.  Don't become obsessive with situations that are not working out your way. The Mercury RX instills patience when it comes to dealing with personal issues. Make sure you're keeping up with your health regime. Allowing your body to fall apart is the last thing you need.


 Pisces: If you have some extra time on your hands use it well. The Mercury RX encourages rediscovering a talent or some hobby you've enjoyed in the past. Filling up the extra minutes in the day  might not feel like a blessing, but when was the last time you had a chance to  focus on something you really like to do and actually like doing it? Again use your extra time wisely!

Actions To Take:

In the 3rd position of which 'Actions To Take,' is the card of the Amazon. This card reveals a female warrior riding in a chariot driven by  white and black horses. The female warrior holds an ax in one hand and a shield shaped like a crescent Moon in the other. Her hair is blowing in the wind, she is on a mission. According to the definition, 'the Amazons were great huntresses and warriors.' She is strong willed and in control. She is able to focus, concentrate, balance and create her own reality. Whenever this card appears in a reading there can be conflict in your life that need to be faced. There is a suggestion that once you face your battles with courage they will be won, and  long standing destructive habit patterns will be broken. Progress and victory is yours through determination and right action. On the 21st, there is a new Moon solar eclipse in Cancer. With a new Moon there is 

always a chance for a new beginning, but in order for newness to happen something has to be released. Situations that have been lagging or stagnant must be freed. New Moon eclipses act as a 'pruning process' to cut away the old growth to allow for new growth. It’s a time of recalibration when we can release old ways of thinking and incorporate new beliefs. Avoid being stubborn and be willing to let go of anything that blocks a new path of growth. Look below to see how the new Moon in Cancer might influence your life…

Aries: The same message keeps coming until you get it…that during this new Moon that you must prioritize the people in your life. Regardless of how much you adore and enjoy the company of certain individuals doesn't mean they should have unlimited contact. You're in a growth period of personal connections and those you keep in your inner circle have to be sincere, consciously aware and positively moving forward. 

Taurus: Based on the circumstances you're currently experiencing, you've promised yourself never to be a victim of financial control by others anymore. Regardless if you're working or not working you've realized that you don't like to have your money controlled by others and you plan to do something about it. Plans for side work, a new job or career, or a part time business are beginning to take root in your spirit. The new Moon has opened the desire for financial wellness.

Gemini: Set your sites on fresh ways of strengthening your employment. The new Moon allows the restructuring of financial situations for the future. If you're on a job and feel the need to do something more worth while or have been furloughed and not very happy about the possibility of going back. Be bold to see a new employment situation in your future and go about trying to take steps to make it happen!

Cancer: Work to separate your emotions from your financial situation this new Moon. If you're in a relationship where monies are being shared be aware that stress can develop between you two. Power struggles regarding how finances are managed can be destructive in your partnership unless fairness is used. The new Moon helps you figure out different ways of keeping your finances balanced.

Leo: Trying keep peace with loved ones will take up a lot of your focus this new Moon. If you've found yourself in difficult situations with family or lovers and everything keeps falling on your shoulders, maybe you should stop trying for a while. Let other people put in more effort to strengthen relationships and not always depend on you. The new Moon could guide the direction of your heart in a  whole new way.

Virgo: Don't allow work matters to get you down. If the thought of dealing with certain people causes dread, or if you're working at home and hate the idea of going back to the same set of circumstances, the new Moon stimulates better employment. Want a better job? This is the month to do your research. After July 12th you're free to accept new opportunities.

Libra: You have 2 planets that insist on you looking good and feeling good. Turn your attention on getting your body in better shape this new Moon. Use the outlets and choices you have to either exercise at home with help online training or get out doors (safely) and do more physical workouts. 'Beauty' planet Venus inspires you to eat healthier and treat your body with the personal love it deserves. 

Scorpio: Key in on a few issues around your home that need immediate attention. If your home is not fitting your needs of space or having the peace and quiet you require the new Moon encourages seeking a new environment with a much better vibe. If issues are with live-ins or family members, don't avoid bringing up critical topics. You'll get to the heart of matters…the truth will be heard.

Sagittarius: Tune into your intuition and don't be afraid of what it has to reveal. The new Moon will 'psychically stream' lots of powerfully information your way and you'll have to be ready to accept its benefits for your well-being. Be receptive and stay open minded. Keep all impressions to yourself. Certain people don't need to know what know. 

Capricorn: Stop being in the company of someone who is hard to please. It doesn't matter if this person is a lover, friend or family member, going over board to keep someone happy has to stop. It is not your responsibility to entertain and maintain the emotional needs of others. Give yourself a break this new Moon and work on your own happiness.


Aquarius: Don't be afraid to look on the brighter side of things. If situations are stagnant and standing still it is only a matter of time before they will change. Mean while keep your focus on important goals and resist the urge to give them up…situations can shift in a moments notice. Always keep yourself ready for the change! 


Pisces: Seeking out past relationships could be a mistake. If you have the desire to reconnect with an old love ask yourself why? Time has a remarkable way of letting you forget certain things, both good and bad. Make sure you're remembering past events accurately before walking back into the past.

Planetary Movements

June 5th: Full Moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius

June 18th: Mercury Retrograde in sign of Cancer (ends 7/12)

June 20th: Sun enters Cancer. First day of Summer

June 21st: New Moon solar eclipse in Cancer

June 23rd: Neptune Retrograde in sign of Pisces

June 25th: Venus goes Direct

June 27th Mars enters Aries