Astro-Tarot Reading for Nov.


The Emperor

The Star

The Gill Deck  by Elizabeth Gill

Reading for the Month:

For the Reading of the Month I use a Three Card spread which indicates, the opportunities of the month to come, the challenges of the month ahead and the best actions to take to meet your goals. 

Opportunities For The Month:

'Opportunities For The Month':  New opportunities available for the month of Nov reveal the card of The 3 of Cups/Joy. This card depicts 3 wine glasses being filled to the brink. The middle cup has the most abundance of wine. It's over flow fills the smaller 2 cups. This card embraces the biblical verse, of "…my cup runneth over…" The wine is the color red which suggests passion and is  also the color of red blood cells that carry oxygen to different organs of the body. This is a card of celebration, good fortune, prosperity and affluence.  The 3 of Cups is defined as 'inner peace, balance and harmony. In numerology, the number 3 channels Venus, the planet of love, attraction, social activities and growth. This card signals of period of growth and adding more to what you currently have. The 3 of Cups directs you to be open to strive in order to get what you want, because the

 moment has arrived to rise to a gravitate to a higher position on the job, in  business or in a present partnership. This card also signals some sort of birth…the birth of a child, idea, business or different stage of personal development. On the 12th, there is a full Moon in the sign of Taurus. The energy of Taurus represents financial attainment. This sign rules the 2nd astrological house of income and cash flow. The full Moon brings awareness and the completion of a cycle. The message this month is to be assertive in obtaining greater cash flow and to realize your dreams and goals for financial stability. Look below to see how the full Moon in Taurus might influence your month...

Aries: The good times continue! This full Moon in Taurus creates a magnetic effect for prosperity. Monies you didn't expect flow your way and if you've been seeking ways of increasing your finances, anticipate the reworking of an idea or the formation of a different kind of partnership to activate matters. Of course you'll have to be careful until the Mercury RX is over on the 20th, but go ahead and do your homework attracting abundance. Best Days: 8,9,10,18,19,26,27. Most Stressful Days: 1,2,16,17,22,23,28,29,30.

Taurus: The full Moon in your sign causes you to reach for higher goals and better situations. You've had some strong benefits around your career and now is the time to restructure your path for success. Don't be afraid to reach out and ask questions or get pertinent information from those who are living your dream. Major progress is in your near future. Best Days: 1,2,11,12,20,21,28,29,30. Most Stressful Days: 3,4,5,18,19,24,25.

Gemini: Get away from the crowds and start spending quality time with the person you love this full Moon. Not everyone wishes you the best in love and it's up to you to make sure your partnership is on solid ground. Don't assume everything is fine in love, do your research and put in the effort to assure you have a close and supportive relationship with your chosen one. Best Days: 3,4,13,14,22,23. Most Stressful Days: 6,7,20,21,26,27.

Cancer: Be pleasant with difficult family situations around the full Moon. A love one attempts to get under your skin and create stress. Being neglected or not feeling loved can be the real issue why certain problems keep surfacing. Spend more time addressing their issues and very soon matters will improve. They just need a little more of your attention. Best Days: 6,7,16,17,24,25. Most Stressful Days: 1,2,8,9,10,22,23,28,29,30.

Leo: Positive developments regarding your work put a smile on your face around the full Moon. All the previous hard work bring the results you've been looking for! There is a strong indication of greater financial rewards this month. Continue to strive to reach your goals. With dedication you'll reap with benefits you deserve and then some! Best Days:  8,9,10,18,19,26,27.Most Stressful Days: 3,4,5,11,12,24,25.

Virgo: Keep in touch with your loyal friends. Being able to trust people has become more difficult in recent months. Having the blessing of talking with those who have your best interest in mind is something you're beginning to really appreciate. Don't hesitate to reach out to those you haven't spoken with…they need to know that you appreciate them as well! Best Days:1,2,11,12,20,21,28,29,30. Most Stressful Days: 6,7,13,14,26,27.

Libra: Be flexible with your finances around the full Moon. An unforeseen situation can throw your money into confusion if you're not able to handle it better. Avoid over spending for any reason. The Moon requires determination to be disciplined. Stay away from loaning money to family members. You won't get it back and you know it! Best Days:  3,4,5,13,14,22,23. Most Stressful Days: 1,2,8,9,10,16,17,28,29,30.

Scorpio: Refuse to have conflicting conversations with a loved one around the full Moon. Words can get heated and saying the wrong thing can end a relationship instead of healing one. If saying anything positive is impossible to a certain person, avoid them until the full Moon is over and then handle things in an appropriate and peaceful way. Best Days:  6,7,16,17,24,25. Most Stressful Days: 3,4,11,12,18,19,24.

Sagittarius: Once the Mercury RX is over you should consider changing your work position for one that offers more…more money, more opportunities and more ways to grow. The full Moon turns your attention on what you do for a living and whether you're happy doing it? Don't get comfortable and afraid to change. If you need something better…you can have it! Best Days:  8,9,10,18,26,27. Most Stressful Days: 6,7,13,14,20,21.

Capricorn: A certain person won't be able to hide their emotions this full Moon. Someone who has strong feelings for you will show you through their deeds and actions. And just in case you're not paying attention, they will become a bit more aggressive to let you know they're interested in getting closer before the end of the month. Pay better attention! Best Days:  1,2,11,12,20,21,28,29,30. Most Stressful Days: 8,9,10,16,17,22,23. 


Aquarius: Be prepared to have visitors! The planets indicate that someone will be arriving in your area soon and opening your doors of hospitality feels right. The full Moon brings all sorts of unexpected friends and family your way. If you're in the mood for good company, brace yourself…a pleasant someone is headed in your direction! Best Days: 3,4,5,13,14,22,23. Most Stressful Days: 11,12,18,19,24,25.

Pisces: You can have the most charming conversations around the full Moon. For some reason people find you enchanting and enjoy having you around. This is an excellent time to make new friends or join a group of people who have similar interest. Make it a point to meet lots of new people and see what exciting situations develop. Best Days: 6,7,17,24,25. Most Stressful Days: 13,14,20,21,26,27.


Challenges For The Month:

Challenge of the Month: The position of 'Challenges' suggest that something  arises that could prevent your progress or might block your plans for improvement. Appearing in this card position is The Emperor. It depicts a king or warrior who is ready to face a battle. This card points to energy, vigilance and having the ability to judge and exert control.The 'Challenge' this month can be the act of being brave enough to face that which challenges you, to have the ability to make good decisions and to exert control regarding matters where you might be mentally or physically weak. The Emperor suggests being able to 'come to grips' with situations in a bold and forthright manner. On the 18th, the planet Mars enters the sign of Scorpio. Mars is the planet of war, courage, passion, desire and dynamism. It is the planet of action and aggressiveness, with this fiery 

this planet in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is considered the sharpest, shrewdest and most investigative intelligence of the all the 12 signs. It rules the acts of procreation, death, exploring hidden matters and the manifestation of power. After the 18th you'll be more willing to take a look at your 'skeletons' and find a way to rid the power the hold in your life. You will have the desire to gain more power over those things that hold you back or limit the success in your life. Look below to see how Mars in Scorpio might influence your month…

Aries: Situations are touchy in romance this month! You're a person of deep emotions and very little conversation as war-planet Mars oversees your love life. You'll watch carefully how you're being treated and will have an abrupt, not so gentle reaction to matters if they are not right. Very little patience will be given to anyone who mistreats your feelings…and if they don't like it…too bad!


Taurus: You could lose your patience when it comes to romance this month. You need a person who can keep up with you physically and mentally. Energy-planet Mars allows you to attract someone who meets both these requirements, and if you're in a current situation, making a few suggestions to your loved one bring positive results. Ask for what you want!


Gemini: Avoid being too pushy with your coworkers this month. The desire to make progress creates irritability and impatience with those who might be in the way of your success. Be mindful of your actions and tactful with your conversations. Major issues explode with someone who is threatened by your focus. Move quietly and stay away from unnecessary problems.


 Cancer: A more assertive attitude is powerful in romance! Not indicating to that 

special person what you want in love causes confusion and becomes a waste of time. Speaking on what bring you joy makes an enormous difference in how you feel in romance. Go ahead and enlighten your love with a few suggestions and get what you want!


 Leo: Pay attention to the needs of your body. The change of season might have brought on a few unexpected changes physically. Don't ignore the aches and pains if you have any. The planets suggest that more care is required to keep you functioning well. A visit to your doctor or acupuncturist can be what is needed to keep you in great shape and feeling good.


Virgo: Think before you speak! The Mercury RX cautions you to be mindful of your conversations. And with 'war' planet Mars also in your communication sector frictions between you and others can ignite quickly. This is an excellent time to brain storm and focus on  a few difficult problems. With so much cosmic assistance the answers to your issues are not far away!


Libra: Be more picky with your social behavior this month. In spite of certain people insisting to be in your company doesn't mean you have to comply. How you feel about your self worth makes a big deal about who you share your energy with. Draw the line on wasting your time on those who don't add anything to your mental wellness. You can be bored by yourself!


Scorpio: An incredible amount of energy embraces you mid month. 'Assertive' planet Mars in your sign quickens you to make strong and straight forward decisions. You'll be prepared to make powerful moves before the end of the year and get the results you're looking for. Surround yourself with people who you agree with and push towards accomplishment.


Sagittarius: The annoyances of others can be a down fall. Your temper will be tested as you interact with people who are cold and careless. Removing yourself away from potential stressful is a good decision. With 'war' planet Mars in your 'secrets' sector, controlling negative energy and gaining strength over your enemies is powerful.


 Capricorn: Gatherings with friends go well! People you haven't seen for a while are real interested in finding out what you've been doing. 'Energy' planet Mars encourages networking and socializing around mid month. If there is someone you need to be in touch with, don't think twice about reaching out to make a connection!


Aquarius: Stay away from drama on the job this month. A nasty disagreement between you and a coworker can upset the energy at work. The power of aggression will work against you, if you're not careful. Handle everything with a calm head until things cool off. You'll soon discover that the situation wasn't worth your attention in the first place. 


Pisces: Your brain cells are amazing this month! This is an ideal time to study for a test, focus on getting better grades if in school, or focusing on some self study. Doing research proves to be successful. You'll discover tat information will surface quickly. Engaging in conversations with experts or people in the know also provides necessary knowledge. You're extremely mentally aware.

Actions To Take:

In the 3rd position of 'Actions To Take' during the month of November appears The Star. On this card is depicted a kneeling figure looking down at its own reflection in a pool of water. Over head is a bright star that radiate beams of starlight upon the figure. There are mountains in the background with the Egyptian bird, the ibis flying over head. The ibis is sacred to Thoth, the Egyptian deity of higher wisdom. It is also a 'fisher' bird, a bird that draws fish from the water. The bird represents 'fishing for a higher way of thinking' and the star light shows things the way there are…a person seeking truth. Numerically the number 8 is ruled by Mercury, the planet of mental activities, thinking and communication. The 'Action To Take' this month is to take time to think and sort out recent decisions. You now have a chance to realign yourself with your Spirit Guides and Divine forces…now is time 

to find connection with your inner self. On the 26th, the new Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius. A new Moon opens a new direction to take regarding your actions and decisions. You have a chance to start all over. The sign of Sagittarius rules the astrological house of inquiry, expansion and spirituality. Sagittarius is considered the sign of the philosopher, the explorer, the seeker, the one who is curious. This is an excellent month is seek different ways of thinking and to communicate and explore other methods of problem solving and figuring things out. Look below to see how the new Moon in Sagittarius might influence your month...

Aries: Once you've figured out the direction of your love life, you'll begin to have fun with the one you're with, or with someone brand new. The new Moon urges you to seek fun, meet new people and start making plans to visit new destinations. The feeling of freedom is strong in your life during the new Moon. No one or no situation is going to hold you back from enjoying it!


Taurus: Just because the end of the year is closing in doesn't mean you should stop working on making a dream come true. The new Moon in 'inspiration' planet Sagittarius stimulates you to keep focused and striving. A better financial situation comes to light and you'll be ready to reap the benefits if you maintain your a progressive stride!


Gemini: The new Moon stimulates the need for excitement in romance. Do what you can to eliminate boredom and bring greater adventure between you and your special someone. Don't be afraid to try new things or visit different places that might activate greater passion. Your love life satisfies your expectations. 


Cancer: Stay one step ahead of the negative forces on your job. Someone is planning to create big problems between you and your coworkers. Stay away from gossip and leave the instigators alone. By creating distance between you and others at work you will avoid being dragged into a lot of messiness this month.


Leo: There is a strong sense of vibrance in your love life. Someone really has deep feelings for you and are not afraid to show you. This is the break in romance you've  been looking for…a person who is fearlessly in love and not deterred by what others think. Move forward with confidence with the person who stimulates your heart.

Virgo: Sticky matters between you and a room mate will have to be dealt with to bring peace in your home life. The new Moon suggests that being there to hear what is really bothering them will help get to the bottom of issues quickly. The more effort you bring to clear up a matter will assure you having peaceful holiday situations this time around!


: Libra: The new Moon wants you to reconnect with those you've been longing to speak with. Now that the Mercury RX is over you can reach out and make a positive impression with different people. Get togethers with interesting folks go well. The new Moon is excellent for increasing your social circle for the better!


Scorpio: Anticipate a new way to increase your income. The new Moon favors fresh ways to allow your money to grow. Be receptive to making a few changes and not getting stuck in doing the some old thing regarding securing your income. Take advantage of the few remaining weeks of financial cosmic assistance. Follow your intuition!


Sagittarius: Great optimism surrounds you this new Moon. Consider this as a preview of what's to come in the next few months. There is an enormous chance of greater prosperity seeping into your life if you're receptive to it. Now is the time to count your blessings and make sure you've taken advantage of every positive situations that is open for you!


Capricorn: Your prayers open doors! The power of manifestation is strong around the new Moon. If you're seeking something different to appear in your life, the new Moon provides insightful instruction of which course of action to take. Stay positive and stay in prayers. Your angels are listening carefully!


 Aquarius: Avoid keeping company with people you're not sure about. If you have old friends and not sure about their loyalty, stop spending your time in their company…chances are they may not be such a great friend in the first place. The new Moon directs you to take a new course when it comes to socializing and networking. Let go of the old and gravitate towards the new!


Pisces: The pressure is on regarding your job this new Moon. You're expected to perform at a higher level whether you're ready or not. Don't let the risk of failure cause you not to do your best. Just know that you're in a great cycle and anything you do will turn out well! If necessary walk with self confidence and fake it to make it through!

Planetary Movements

On the 1st, the planet Venus enters the sign of Sagittarius.

On the 12th, there is a full Moon in the sign of Taurus.

On the 18th, the planet Mars enters the sign of Scorpio.

On the 20th, the planet Mercury ends being retrograde.

On the 22nd, the Sun enters the sign of Sagittarius...happy birthday Sag!

On the 25th, the planet Venus enters the sign of Capricorn.

On the 26th, there is a new Moon in the sign of Sagittarius.

On the 27th, the planet Neptune ends being retrograde.