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Nov. 2016




Cancer: Your time is at a premium! With so many things happening, don't expect to have a lot of it for yourself this month! And the reason is, that you'll be called on to be of service to others…and that includes at home and on the job. Yes, Cancer you'll have a lot going on and it begins on the 9th as 'restless' planet Mars enters your 'partnership' zone. Loved ones and those you share a common bond with will need a lot of your assistance during the early portion of this month and it can be in the way of financial assistance. Be prepared for a partner or a family member to contact you with an emergency regarding money. Stuff happens and you are often thought to be a 'super hero' of some kind…someone who always comes to rescue of others. I don't know how 'deep' your pockets are, but stand by for a phone call from someone in need. And in regard to your finances, you should take some time to really go over what is happening with your finances.


If you have a joint bank account or a credit card with another person there can be big concerns with the balance this month. Mars the 'warrior' planet might 'spark up' an argument regarding their irresponsible behavior. Be pro-active and take steps to keep the peace and develop a plan to keep things fair…because you'll have other things you have to turn your attention to, especially on the job after the 12th as work issues become important. 'Communication' planet Mercury keeps conversations flowing with coworkers and supervision after the 12th and if there is something you need to straighten out on the job, this is a good time to do so. Your chances of promotion and getting positive recognition is great after the Sun 'ups' your potential for growth after the 21st. Stay away from emotional dramas with irritating coworkers around the new Moon on the 29th. A 'chatty' coworker can set your teeth on edge and cause you to lose your temper. The new Moon offers new options to resolve issues…such as ignoring them and going into deep prayer under your breath to gain spiritual strength!


Back to love…with 'romance' planet Venus adding lots of affection to your 'relationship' zone after the 11th, matters can improve greatly between you and someone special. If you have a loving partnership, this is the time to shower them with lots of hugs and kisses and if you're trying to get something started with a new person, try being a bit more affectionate and see what happens. You'll need steady nerves during the Thanksgiving holiday. If you're celebrating with family and loved ones brace yourself for receiving a bunch of complaints from someone who is very difficult to please. Surround yourself with pleasant people if you can…and if you doomed to go to a family members home where things are always stressful…come late and leave early…and do it with a smile! Pay careful attention to your dreams after the 19th. 'Intuitive' planet Neptune goes direct and can empower your dream state. Look for messages! Best Days: 1,9,10,17,18,26,27,28. Stressful Days: 4,5,11,12,24,25.



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