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Nov. 2016





Capricorn: This is a great month for finding romance!  The energy of 'abundance' surrounds! You can't help but to notice several people being aggressively motivated to get closer or try to spend more time with you. They are helpless when it comes to your charm as 'charismatic' planet Venus enters your sign on the 11th, and suddenly everyone finds it hard to stay away! This is encouraging…normally you tend to be a loner or a person who doesn't have a lot of friends due to your high standards for people. But with the assistance of Venus situations can work to your advantage in many ways! Let's face it Capricorn, the more sincere complements you get…the better! And having an energetic 'advantage' in relationships, including work relationships keeps the 'chips' of good luck stacked in your favor! And it's no doubt that your career situation has been 'expanding' ever since 'prosperity' planet Jupiter's 'plucked down' itself in your 'career' zone these past few months, and matters will continue to grow in a  positive direction for a while in order to make better employment choices for yourself. 


The 'Universe' clears away major interference to gain career progress. And at this point, its more about utilizing and maximizing your time wisely as things are better at work you won't be able to resist the opportunities to socializing and networking. And honestly, when was the last time you enjoyed being out in the public and being with friends? The full Moon on the 14th strengthens your options in love! And if you're seeking a special someone make sure you're out in the public during the week of the full Moon…and if need be, bring a friend along for courage!  If you're in a stable relationship, you'll have the chance to 'renew' romantic feelings with your partner. Expect lots of company during the Thanksgiving holiday! If you hosting dinner you can go all out to impress your friends and family! With the planet Venus 'sweetening' your vibrations during the opening of the holiday season, you might notice certain people being unusually pleasant or that you'll have happier moments with friends and family than normal. 


Your attitude towards others can take a turn later in the month. After the holiday you might soon tire of the 'mindless' pursuit of social interactions and decide being away from the crowds feels  more like the thing to do. Don't worry, there will be lots of interested individuals who can't wait to talk to you when you 'surface' again, but the planets urge you to prepare for the future and making plans is important to choosing the next move! The new Moon on the 29th 'deepens' your intuition. The Moon aligning with 'inspirational' planet Neptune allows you to break down the mental barriers blocking your 'psychic' abilities. There can be powerful messages in your dreams this month. Try to keep track of them. There might be warnings to be on guard for an enemy attempting to undermine you after the 12th. Avoid engaging in gossip with coworkers…everything you say will get back to the person and cause unneeded conflict. With so many great things happening around you…why mess them up by engaging in negative behavior! Best Days: 4,5,13,14,21,22,23. Stressful Days: 11,12,17,18,24,25. 


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