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Energy Readings

This is a psychic reading to help you pinpoint your problems and help find energy imbalances. Kim Allen uses aromatherapy and unique cosmic herbal blends to help balance and remove blockages from your energy centers. You will receive a spiritual bath to reduce the vibrational problems that exist around you.

This reading is only for those who feel stuck with persistent problems and reoccurring situations. This is a serious reading.

This reading has a three step process:

1.  Kim Allen will give you a psychic spiritual reading to pinpoint the issues in your life.

2.  Kim Allen will assess the current planetary transits and their effect on your state of well being.

3.  Based on your internal energy issues and the external planetary pressures, Kim Allen will custom design an aromatherapy herbal bath to sooth, balance and align your spirit.

A total cost: $100

- If you have left relationship months ago and you are still holding on waiting for them to call, this is a reading for you.

- If you have been unfairly fired from a job and still carry a lot of resentment, this is a reading for you.

- If you have experienced betrayal and having problems forgiving, this is a reading for you.

The body baths are designed with the intention of getting rid of, eliminating and restoring balance to mind, body and spirit. All baths are created in alignment with the Sun, Moon and stars. Wading Water Vibrational Body Baths are  delightful! Once your body eases into a tub full of fragrant, soothing, all natural herbal blends with healing essences, you will instantly feel better!  The body baths are wonderful and this is what you need if you need relief.

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