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Nov.  2016


Gemini: Your negotiation skills are going to be put to good use this month! With ruler Mercury stimulating your 'psychic' abilities until the 12th, you'll have an active sense of what needs your attention and what doesn't. Maintaining your concentration can always be an issue…as you enjoying 'picking up' bits and pieces of information from here and there and sharing them with others. Ever since 'expansive' Jupiter added more 'inspiration' to your personal goals your creativity has grown. You're  in less need of seeking the opinions or advice from others, and you've been more confident of going with your deep instincts. Actually this can be an incredible creative period for you…but on that same note, too much daydreaming or being 'mentally' distracted can cause other problems…such as spending too much time trying to work matters out in a love relationship that can be on the verge of collapsing.


There's been a lot of pressure in love these days…and with the additional support of 'mental' planet Mercury, in addition to the 'growth providing' Sun and the new Moon all working on the same purpose by the 29th, a great deal of your focus will be given toward keeping things together in your partnership, or getting out of a situation with a person you no longer love. Clearly communicating your feelings is important as 'motivational' planet Mars stimulates your 'mental' zone after the 9th. Distant friends or family members will probably hear more from you this month. You have a strong need to reconnect with those you trust who won't be too judgmental regarding your actions…and someone who will be truthful without having a hidden motive. There's lots of concern about the status of your employment this month. Secrets and hidden issues have been surfacing regarding certain employment practices or the way your supervisor has been handle certain situations and you might not like the findings. Refrain from making any job changes at this time.


Too much deception makes a job change risky. Unexpected power struggles or personality battles makes your job overly stressful if you decide to ignore your intuition take chance at something new being successful. This is the month to plan and survey your next move! And talk about stress…your finances can be stretched to the limit during the Thanksgiving holiday celebration. Surprise expenditures can pop up and you'll be faced with handling them without warning. Or a situation emergences over a family member and you're expected to help financially contribute to the solution. Keep some extra money on hand for the holiday. Wanting to be alone or take time out for yourself can surface around the full Moon on the 14th. The weekend before the full Moon can be extremely busy taking care of the needs of others and by the time the 14th rolls around you desire nothing but quietness and solitude. Although conversations with a loved one will be hard to escape. Find a reason to get away and collect your thoughts…you're going to have a very busy month! Best Days: 6,7,8,15,16,24,25.   Stressful Days: 2,3,9,10,21,22,23,29,30.














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