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Nov. 2016


Leo: The subject of love will be unescapable this month! And based on what's been happening in your 'romance' zone lately, you might actually need some sort of 'love resurrection.' Meaning that situations in romance need to be taken to a different level because they are either too serious or not serious enough, and you can spend lots of energy trying to make things work. The good news is that you'll have plenty of cosmic back up to get matters moving on a much smoother note this month. Starting on the 12th when 'strategy' planet Mercury enters your 'romance' zone you'll be more willing to take your time to apply a plan of action to a present problem in your love life. Let's not forget 'somber' planet Saturn has been 'planted' in this location for the past year and will stay put for another year to come…so it's not about trying to avoid your issues in love…you'll be forced to face and manage them. The planet Mercury brings uplifting and progressive ideas to the 'love table.' If you're the type of person who's not very expressive or find it hard to say the things in the right moment, Mercury will assist your ability to express yourself more clearer.


This planet of 'communication' is joined by the Sun on the 21st and the new Moon on the 29th. What dynamic cosmic support you have and you are assisted by both of the 'universal lights' guiding your intentions…the Sun and the Moon. Expect something truly marvelous to occur before the end of the month in romance…like attracting someone new, reconnecting with someone old or finding a few good friends to join you on your escapades to have fun while you're out surveying your chances at new love. On the 29th you can find more passion with a special person than usual. The 'connection' can be remarkably strong at this time! If you're currently in a relationship this is the month to do more fun activities with your loved one. 'Active' planet Mars urges you to try new events and situations with partner…like planning dinner reservations at a restaurant you've both been longing to go to, or trying out a new hobby such as skating or going to movie marathons to keep things interesting in your relationship.


Your career accomplishments look solid around the new Moon on the 14th. A 'light' of interest will be focused on you by your supervisor in terms of considering you for a different position. Of course as always the full Moon can try unexpected stresses from those around you, avoid engaging at length with any one who is self centered or pushy. You might not be in the mood to be very forgiving and create other problems in the future. Spend your Thanksgiving holiday talking with family members and finding out about your family history. Your planets suggest that lots of great conversations will be the real blessing during this Thanksgiving. Ask questions and get answers about family members you're not to sure about! Keep a tight fist with your money this month. 'Delusional' planet Neptune can cause you to buy things you do really need. This is the beginning of the holiday season and if you're not careful…debt will catch up with you fast! Best Days: 2,3,11,12,19,20,29,30. Stressful Days: 1,6,7,8,13,14,26,27,28.









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