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Here are the answers for your Crystal Ball Reading



Here are the answers for your crystal ball Reading. Look below to find out the answer for the crystal ball you've choosen...


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Crystal Ball #1:  If you chose Crystal Ball #1, you chose the Tarot card of the 7 of Wands in the Gill Deck. This is a card of bravery and there is a suggestion that this is the week to boldly move forward on your plans and not allow small things to prevent your progress. Make careful decisions this week, but be prepared to work harder to follow them through. If you want something positive to happen, you'll have to be the one to make them materialize. Determination is needed!


Crystal Ball #2: If you chose this Crystal Ball, you chose the Star Tarot card of the Gill Deck.  This card has brings a positive message. It suggests that your angels are watching out for you and that something very nice is on its way to you. This card is ruled by the sign of Aquarius, which represents dreams coming true. This is a card of inspiration. Listen to your inner voice and have faith that things are going to get better for this. Follow all hunches this week and see where they lead.


Crystal Ball #3:  If you chose Crystal Ball #3, you picked the Strength Tarot card from the Gill Deck. This is a card of leadership and inner strength. If you are faced with difficulties this week, maintain a strong attitude and not allow anything to deter you from reaching your goals. Be prepared to take the lead to pursue your plans. Which fortitude you will win this week!

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