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Nov.  2016


Pisces: A clearer direction into your future is what awaits you this month! Now that ruler Neptune shifts forward on the 19th all the 'cob webs' and confusion lifts and you're able to 'see' further. This has been an incredible period for you as the 'glow' from experiencing the recent past support of the planet Jupiter… creating an 'abundance' in your social life. There is nothing wrong with having a few extra acquaintances. And because you tend to be extra sensitive to the energies of others you need to choose your associates carefully. A strong path to success awaits you! With 3 cosmic bodies in your 'career' zone you'll have easy assess to situations that push you to the top. 'Communication' planet Mercury gives you extra 'discernment' as you interface with supervisors and higher ups after the 12th.  Your ability to 'read between the lines' is good and you'll be able to tell exactly what they're thinking ahead of time. The possibility of a new position developing after the 21st looks good. Anticipate some sort of conversation with your boss as they ask questions about your availability for extra work or extra hours.


Yes! The new Moon on the 29th  can encourage you to take your chances and look for new work! But of course this is all up to you…you might have other ideas for spending your time, such as the benefits of a solid love life! And Pisces you couldn't have  predicted things more accurately as 'romance' planet Venus enters your 'social' zone after the 11th. Work is great, but love is enormous this month! A 'deal changing' union between planet Venus and Pluto can reveal so very important facts about someone you're in love with or the person who trying to create a loving situation with you! If you're looking for a love…socialize and meet new people! With 'expansion' planet Jupiter now in your 'intimacy' zone, the sky's the limit when it comes to attracting different suitors. In fact, there is an indication that people who are very different from yourself, such as a being from a different culture, different religion or different country will make determined moves to get your attention!


The full Moon on the 14th will prepare you for getting a phone call from an ex who is still in love with you! Your Thanksgiving table can be very crowded! Family members might decide that you're the person they want to spend time with this holiday. Your planet suggests that you can go way over budge with the 'feast' you plan on preparing! So expect everyone to have a great time! Be careful of the feelings of others this month! With so many things happening around you, you might not be as sensitive to the needs of those around you as normal. War-planet Mars warns that a very insensitive confrontation with someone can lead to very stressful things in the future. People don't take kindly to being over looked or mistreated. Be considerate of everyone this month! Best Days: 1,9,10,17,18,26,27,28. Stressful Days: 2,3,15,16,21,22,23,29,30.

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