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999 Aromatic Ritual Bath Salts

999 Aromatic Ritual Bath Salts


This aromatic cleansing salt bath is created with the angelic inspiration of the triple number 999. The sea salt is energized with Selenite and Black Tourmaline crystals and saturated with herbs and essential oils used to harness the rays of Pluto, the planet of transformation, determination and will power and by using such herbs and oils as Toad Lily flower essence (tricystis hart), a proprietary essential oil blend of Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens), Sage Damatian (salvia officials), Dragons Blood herb ( Daemonorops draco), Black Mustard Seeds (Sinapis Alba), Black Malva flowers, Vegetable glycerin, French clay.




  • Remove Negative Energies

    These bath salts can  be used as a bath or as a shower scrub by placing a small amount on a damp face towel and use to massage the body to cleanse off negative vibrations. These aromatic ritual salts can also anoint your candles by rubbing a pinch on the outside of the candle after it is washed or to place a pinch in the bottom of your candle glass to add greater potency to your ritual.  The 8oz bottle is $20.00 and with shipping handling the total price is $35.00. 

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