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Nov. 2016



Sagittarius: You get an enormous break this month! Being that it's the beginning of your birthday season, the Sun arrives with 'a gift' of increased personal chemistry as it joins 'talkative' planet Mercury in your sign by the 21st, and the extra prize is a special visit from the new Moon on the 29th, opening the choice of a new direction for yourself this year. Without a doubt you have enormous vitality at this time, as you can certainly use it while 'somber' planet Saturn continues its journey in your Sun sign for another year. You gain a lot of attention this month…and people will listen more intently to your words. 'Dynamic' planet Mars sparks up lots of conversations in your 'communication' zone after the 9th and speaking your mind and exchanging information comes easy. After the 12th you'll have a lot to say, but try to keep your comments brief or you'll end up burning yourself out from all the extra energy you have available this month.


Don't forget that Thanksgiving arrives on the 24th and you can be 'crazy' busy with visiting or entertaining family and  friends…in fact your planets indicate that more people than usual will be searching you out this holiday, so expect hours of catching up and listening to juicy family gossip. You can be called out to help sought out a problem with a loved one. Being that Mars is activating your 'mental abilities' after the 9th you'll be full of all sorts of remedies for situations. If you need to cram for an exam or study for a test, this is an excellent month to set some time aside and do so! Although, staying off the phone might be an issue as everyone seems to be reaching out to you all month long. There is a strong suggestion that your work matters can create a new avenue of revenue after the 14th. The full Moon 'opens your eyes' to an unrealized way to increase your income and you won't have to leave your current job to do so. Also with the beginning of the holiday's now happening, if you're looking for some extra work, seasonal jobs are now available to add more to your pockets!


You'll get the support of 'attraction' planet Venus 'visiting' your 'financial' zone after the 11th…and the indication is that a friend or a past coworker will inform you of a place now hiring for during holidays. Be careful not to 'step on the wrong toes' at work this month. A very stubborn coworker can create problems by insisting that you do things differently. Maintain your composure and keep your cool…it is too close to the end of the year to start having problems with negative people. In regard to love…this is a good time to show some self love by splurging on yourself, buying a few new outfits and maybe getting a make over. Your efforts won't go to waste, there are a few people eyeing your activities and watching you extremely close to see  what your next move will be. A chance meeting with a new person during the week of the 15th might prove to be favorable in romance. And if you're in a stable relationship, you'll have extra stamina for passionate activities after the 13th. Make some special time in your schedule! Best Days: 2,3,11,12,19,20,29,30. Stressful Days: 9,10,15,16,21,22,23.





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