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Nov. 2016




Taurus: There's lot of cosmic back up for you this month! You begin November with ruler Venus stabilizing your 'mental' zone on the 11th and maybe because in past weeks you may have had a little difficulty keeping your thoughts clear, but Venus uniting with your lunar ally during the week of the 11th provides greater mental focus. This is an important month for you! The full Moon on the 14th inspires more creative avenues to make money!  Money is good! And big money is even better! Being that the full Moon is in your Sun sign causes a strong desire to create financial security…especially if a lack of money has been an on going issue for you lately. 'Working smart and not working hard' is your motto this month! Too often you've been taken for granted on the job and not really getting the appreciation you deserve, but with the determination of 'restless' Mars at the highest point of your chart nothing can stop you from achieving your goals…especially in your career.


Avoid having personality clashes with your coworkers and supervisors. Taurus, everyone knows that you're not one to back down from a challenge, but honestly not all challenges are worth your time. Pick your battles carefully and save your energy for the important stuff…such as being over looked for a promotion when you know that you've been putting in most of the 'sweat equity' in a work project and none of the credit goes to you! Or when you're staying late on the job to finish piles of work…even though you're not getting paid for it…and no one seems to notice! Now these are real issues, not such things as somebody on the job took your favorite seat and you're mad about it, or that a certain person is getting more over time than everyone else and you're angry. Let the little stuff roll off your back, because you have bigger things to concentrate on and this is the month to use your energy wisely…why you ask? Because 'prosperity' planet Jupiter is still very active in your employment zone and you can't afford to waste any time on petty things.


On the 22nd when Jupiter 'meets up' with 'communication' planet Mercury you can plan talks about obtaining better money at work. The 'cosmic' vibrations will be favorable for increased income or getting a better work position. Too bad you might not be feeling this same way during the Thanksgiving holiday…in fact you could be a bit touchy about seeing certain family members or being invited to dinner and not really wanting to be there. Open your heart and be patient with certain loved one. It's only one day a year and with your 'persistent nature' you can make it through. The new Moon on the 29th is extremely encouraging for your love life! More adventure and more spontaneity is needed to keep things 'spicy' with your partner or 'spice' things up with a new person. Avoid conversations with your ex's about the 19th. 'Delusional' planet Neptune opens the way for romantic confusion. If your heart gets in the way of your thinking, steer clear of conversations about your romantic past! Don't answer the phone! Best Days: 4,5,13,14,21,22,23.  Stressful Days: 1,6,7,8,19,20,26,27,28.

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