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Nov. 2016


Virgo: Much is expected of you this month! Family responsibilities can pile up and you're expected to handle them with few complaints. Don't worry Virgo, anything you do now will be remembered and in the near future you'll have your chance to sit back and make a few demands, but for right now, accept your duties with humility…and as the Chinese say, "Chop wood, carry water." It's not all bad this month…after you spend lots of energy taking care of family members or dealing with the issues of loved one, you'll get time to focus on upgrading your home and making into a secure atmosphere to be! Virgo, you know you like a nice place to 'lay your head,' and with ruler Mercury entering your 'residence' after the 12th you'll give great thought into what it needs to create greater comfortable and a place to entertain your closest of friends…as someone arrives by surprise around the week of 21st. And talk about 'entertaining'…the Thanksgiving holiday can be extremely busy.


If you're not prepared to have dinner at home, you can anticipate getting a couple of invites from friends and relatives who insist that you show up! You can be very picky when it comes to eating, so enjoy what you can…but keep it light!  People like to be in your company because you've probably been so good to them in the past, so eat and smile this Thanksgiving! Don't concern yourself with gaining too much weight, the new Moon on the 29th will encourage you to keep yourself in shape to look good for the remaining of the holiday season. Your demands on the job keep coming! For some reason there seems to be extra work available and with 'passionate' planet Mars entering your 'employment' zone you'll be able to manage it and do it well. Be watchful for stressful situations to explode between you and a coworker over the smallest of matters. With 'prosperity' planet Jupiter 'visiting' your 'cash flow' zone, you don't need any interruptions with your resources, so avoid the little things and keep your money coming!


Your love life is surprising this month! 'Attraction' planet Venus causes someone to shower you with a few gifts and dinners. Because Venus is in the 'materialistic' sign of Capricorn, there is a strong need for the person you love to 'show' you the depth of their feelings and getting some very thoughtful gifts is doing things the right way! You might have a chance to travel to see family or friends after the 14th. The full Moon 'moves' certain people to seek your company and invite you to come for a visit! This can create more excitement in your love life as well. If you have a love, a new environment is great for a change of energy and if you're looking for romance, someone has a new conversation for you! 'Inspirational' planet Neptune gives you greater hope for a positive love life after the 19th. Best Days: 4,5,13,14,21,22,23. Stressful Days: 2,3,9,10,15,16,29,30.











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